If you added your fan character, then go ahead and fill out his stats and stuff. Use Sonic's profile as an guideline of how you should write your characters. Please note that you can only be rivals with other fan characters, no one can have a ten under any of their stats except super forms, and super forms have to have a nine under something. Also, when adding your character's stage, you may NOT use any vocal tracks from ANY Sonic game.One more thing, keep all content mildly appropriate! No cursing at all (Suck and crap is fine.) Twilightwizard0309 01:42, 2 September 2009 (UTC)


Sonic the Hedgehog: Ultimate Clash is a fan game designed by Twilightwizard0309. It is not a sequel to Sonic and the Fighters, however, it does have some relation with the game and Sonic Battle. The game is available on the Wii, PS3, and X-Box 360, and each version has special exclusive content.

Boom - P.O.D

Boom - P.O.D.


Game play is pretty much the same on all consoles. Generally, its fighting. Players start out with full health and energy. Health is obviously what you need to stay alive. Once the health bar depletes, the character will fall. Energy is what's required to initiate special attacks. The more special attacks the character uses, the more energy is used up. Without required energy, the character will not be able to initiate special attacks, or guard break.

Fighting- Players tap the attack button to attack opponents. This initiates the standard combo. Players can add some more damage if they move the control stick in different angles. Moving the controls stick up makes the character attack at a higher level. Not moving it at all allows players to attack their opponent's mid-section, and moving the control stick down will make the character attack low. Players can also launch opponents in the air, and off of the stage with a powerful enough combo or special attack, which will result in the fight going into what's known as a "Chase Mode". Both characters have to press a random series of buttons within 4 1/2 seconds. The player who has pressed the most out of the series will determine the outcome. If the player who knocked the other player off of the screen wins, then that player does additional damage to his foe. But if the player who got off of the stage wins, the player counters the attack, which follows up with an attack that will do twice as much damage.

Players can also initiate special attacks, which can do excessive damage to the foe. Players have four choices of special attacks, which will be determined by the directional pad on the controller. The player can move the direction pad in any direction to activate one of their four special moves. Their is one attack, however, that is known as th character's ultimate attack. The ultimate attack is the character's most powerful attack, and requires a full bar of energy. The attack will always be cinematic. To initiate the special attack, first, the player has to charge the attack, which will leave the player vulnerable to assault from the other player, or gain powerups which restore small amounts of energy. Then, the play can press up the direction pad to initiate the attack.

DefensePlayers can block attacks, which can only be broken by a special attack, or a throw. Moving the control stick in any direction will make the character side step. Player's can also jump to avoide attacks, or attack from the air. Some character's special moves can also be used to highten their defensive power or make them immune to certain attacks.



The Wii version of the game is compatible to with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, the Classic Controller, or the Gamecube Controller.

Wii Remote and Nunchuck

A- attack

B- charge energy

C- Jump

Z- Block

+Directional Pad- Initiate special move

Control Stick- Move

1- Throw

2- Taunt

Classic Controller

B- Attack

A- Charge energy

Y- Jump

L- Throw

X or R- Block

+ Directional Pad- Initiate Special Move

Left Control Stick- Move

Right Control Stick- Move in any direction to taunt.

Gamecube Controller

B- Attack

A- Charge energy

X- Jump

Y- Throw

L- Block

R- Taunt

+ Directional Pad- Initiate Special Move

Control Stick- Move

X-Box 360

Gameplay is no different, just control scheme.

A- Attack

B- Jump

X- Throw

Y- Block

L Trigger- Charge

R Trigger- Taunt

+ Directional Pad- Initiate Special Attackss

Playstaion 3

(Note, some of the shapes on the controller, I have to type out here)

O- Attack

Square- Block

X- Jump

Triangle- Charge

L1, L2, R1, R2,- Taunt

+ Directional Pad- Initiate Special Attacks


The following is a list of characters. Feel free to add your fan character, just let me know on the talk page first.

Characters on every console

  • Jewel the Cat
  • Scrapp the Echidna
  • Linkin the Hedgehog
  • Aldez the Fox
  • Keish the Raccoon
  • Sparx the Hawk
  • Dust the Echidna
  • Pain the Wolf
  • Twister the Fox
  • Justin the Golden Hedgehog

Super Forms

(Note: Super form characters can only face each other. Super form characters cannot face those who do not have a super form. The following super forms are available on every console.)

Characters Exclusive to Consoles

Wii Only Characters:

Super Forms only on Wii

  • Excalibur Sonic
  • Red Dragon Lancelot
  • Laevatein Blaze

PS3 and X-Box 360 Exclusive Characters

PS3 and X-Box 360 Exclusive Super Forms

  • Mecha Knuckles
  • Mecha Shadow
  • Mecha Silver
  • Mecha Twister

Characters differ from one another in many ways. If you want to add your fan character, please follow the guide lines below for each character.

A Character's strengths and weaknesses are determined by ratings of the following:

Attack Power

Attack Speed


Running Speed

The rating scale goes from 1 to 10. 10 being the highest, 1 being the lowest.

Special Attacks

Each character has four special attacks. They could range attacks to transformations.

Attacks- They are just attacks that do more damage then a regular combo.

There are two types of transformations:

Regular Transformation- This would increase your attack power, attack speed, durability, or running speed

Cinematic Transformation- This would change your move set entirely.

Phrases/ Taunts

Beginning Phrases

Each character has two beginning phrases. Beginning phrases play at the beginning at every match. They can be skipped by pressing start.


Each character has four random taunts. One taunt is chosen randomly when the taunt button is pressed. Note that when you taunt, you are vulnerable to attack.

Victory Phrases

Each character has a victory phrase that is said at the end of every match if they win. The loser says nothing.


Every Character has up to four costumes, and one of them is their original appearance. Some types of costume themes I came up with are




If you want to add a costume category, let me know on the talk page.


The game has 36 stages, one for every character. As with characters, there are exclusive stages per console. Stages have 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

Stages Available on every console

  • Emerald Coast
  • Tails' Lab
  • Master Emerald Alter
  • Station Square
  • Space Colony ARK
  • GUN Headquarters
  • Abandoned Egg Shelter
  • Espio's Ninja Training Grounds
  • Chaotix Detective Agency
  • Crisis City
  • Plant Kingdom
  • Volcanic Vault
  • Flying Carpet
  • Egg Palace
  • Mystic Ruins
  • Casinopolis
  • Sunshine Island
  • The Junkyard
  • Abandoned GUN Outpost
  • Crystalica
  • Infiltrator Facility
  • Nyru Field
  • Mages' Temple
  • The Assassin's Dojo
  • Storm Mountain
  • Desert of Death
  • Gate of Pain
  • Death Egg (Super Form Arena)
  • Formby Dunes (Music: Through The Fire And The Flames)
  • Skulk Stronghold
  • Dump Yard Zone
  • Dark Realm (music: Cavern of Remembrance from kingdom hearts 2 final mix+)
  • Seaside Hill
  • Gorilla Jungle
  • Dark Forest

Wii Exclusive Stages

  • Camelot Castle
  • Deep Woods
  • Titanic Plain
  • Molten Mine
  • Faraway Avalon
  • Night Palace
  • Camelot Skies (Super Arena 2)
  • Megalo City

PS3 and X-Box 360 Exclusive Stages

  • Soleanna Palace
  • Mushroom Hills
  • Battle Highway
  • Tropical Forest
  • Apaotos
  • Regal Ruin
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