Thorunchav Kimball/Rames Machiavelli/Jim Adams
3 ft. 7 in.
Murderer (formerly), Former mercenary for the Eggman Empire, Founder and CEO of L. Ron Kimball Investments, Lead Enforcer of the Chess Pound, extortion artist
former interests
world domination, money, committing crimes, weapons of mass destruction, illegal substances, and Machiavellian pyramid schemes leading to catastrophic results
Anyone who constantly meddles into his plans, being arrested, solitary confinement, Sonic the Hedgehog, being undermined on his plans, being told to back away
Voice Actor
Episode Appearances
Episode 1: "A Super Sonic Hero"
Final Appearance
Episode 5: The Diabolical And The Murderous

Thoron Kimball TK

Thoron Kimball, a master manipulator and a psychopath who changes names and jobs to seek to take over the world, and has an unquenchable thirst for treasure-and Sonic's blood.

The Thorun Kimball Saga is the fifth chapter of Sonic: Final Draft. The story revolved around a conflict between world renowned hero Sonic the Hedgehog, this time finding himself face-to-face with the ruthless 17 year-old Thorunchav Kimball, on what would be at the center of one of the most diabolical and murderous storylines in Sonic universe. A stranger with a criminal past and secret motives, Thoron Kimball managed to wangle an occupation as the hot new henchman for The Egg Carrier/Fokboy Corporation merger under the unsuspecting Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, and Crystalline the Echidna, former wife of tabloid tycoon Bobby Blabby.

At a first glance impression, Thorun was content with aiding Eggman on his schemes of contemplating Sonic's capture in order to build the Eggman Empire for a chance at world domination, therefore his kind and good-hearted behavior and intelligence became apparent. However in time, the blue hedgehog would expose him for what he was, a master of manipulation, closeted extortion artist; two-faced murderous psychopath, convicted felon and criminal mastermind with an unquenchable thirst for ground zero just as much as he loved cold blood and profit gain.

Character Information


The appearance of Thoron Kimball did not look menacing in the slightest, as he had brown fur and orange eyes, and orange bat wings. He donned a pair of yellow sunglasses. His attire consisted of a purple hooded coat and a red cape, red and blue shoes, brown pants, and a black & red double belt strap with a skull buckle on the bottom. Under his bandana, the henchman also wore a red hat with the gothic style C on it. His place of residence was a money vault, which would later become his base of operations as an adult.


Thoron Kimball was presented as a former tyrant, closeted gangster, arsonist, mass murderer, racketeer, murderous psychopath and criminal mastermind with an unquenchable thirst for weapons of mass destruction, illegal substances, and machiavellian pyramid schemes. Thoron Kimball was also slated to have had a extremely childlike impression of his surroundings and started to think that society was conspiring to deprive him of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, despite his fabrication of what very little intelligence he had during his lifetime. He showed no mercy for the weak, and was addicted to the thrill of pouring salt into the wound. He was also very stupid granted the way he carried out his assaults and his aformentioned lackluster grammar.

He was a very skilled architect and a well trained mechanic as far a warfare was concerned, much to the courtesy of Eggman. His specialties consisted of constructing doomsday devices, headquarters complexes and firing laser cannon for the purposes of wreaking havoc upon the world, or perhaps as a method of revenge, or murderous intentions. His best weapon of choice was the Thermonuclear Barrel Mechanization.


Thorun Kimball's sordid and turbulent childhood consisted of numerous punishments and having to be pushed into the real world at the age of three after enduring the fact that his mother had become pregnant with another child. However, his immediate family began rapidly declining. As a preteen, Thorun Kimball forced himself to know when to go to school on time. He knew very little about the real world or his studies, and focused too much on video games and convulting master plans for world domination when he was supposed to accomplish the work provided for him. After many major incidents and refusals (and straight failing grades), he was subject to referrals and was forced to repeat the ninth grade.

Thorun Kimball had no desire for leaving anything to chance thus he pursued to seek revenge on the school that expelled him throughout the usage of a nuclear weapon. However, he had to find a way to pay fines for the wreckage or face execution, so he decided to get an application for four jobs at once, but was rejected from each one of them because of his infamous reputation as a confidence artist.

Before Lunacy: Killing Spree

He pursued an occupation at the Eggman Empire and seemed content to following orders. TK had commenced development of extreme irresponsibility, and began slacking on the job, but seemed to be an intelligent and cunning individual, as his drive to do evil and exaggerated lies about his past in order to make up for his laziness, and he was accepted as the man for the job as a result. On the day of Sonic's successful career, he was among the few people to have started a dispute with Sonic the Hedgehog and challenged Sonic to a duel, but just like his predecessors he was ultimately defeated.

Thoron Kimball then began his womanizing career as he romanced a tall female anthropomorphic bear who identified herself as Rachael Tabitha Kaplan, an adolescent wealthy heiress with a thick New-York accent. The womanizing process was successful, but he was due in for a long-time relationship. Rachall seemed very loyal to TK, despite being unaware about his sketchy way; his efforts to end her life and get his hands on her money. Unfortunately, she had finalized the end of their relationship with him shortly after finding out about the diabolical plan orchestrated by her boyfriend. After the breakup, TK had taken her out to the woods and off to Emerald Coast by plane ride and killed her anyway. By the time of her death, TK then clenched an orange chaos emerald, and tossed it into the lake where it would be forever submerged.

TK then killed Ryan McKipland, better known in the community as Kip throughout the duration of his 12-step redemption course while at a nightclub to put an end to an altercation between Kip and Kevin Odami, one of the Odami brothers from The Leisure Suit Movement . After the brawl, he then proceeded to summon his hordes of hired goons who accept the offer to desecrate Kip's corpse. He then gunned down Leisure Suit GamerZ attendant and emerald dealer, Renegade Vasquez in a dark alley. The same process went along with many others he had murdered because he was paid to do so, or so he thought.

He struck two goldmines - The Jessica McPherson Murder and the Maria Robotnik Assassination/Space Colony ARK Raid. He gunned down Maria as circumstances with this murder was to pin a criminal offense on the GUN, the very people who took him to custody. Jessica McPherson however had been given orders by Eggman to sit in a prison cell located at his PAC base after failing to capture Sonic. But TK had convinced Eggman to simply let her rot after giving bad information to him. After becoming a recipient of false hopes as her condition only continued to worsen, the adolescent girl succumbed to a pulmonary embolism at the age of fourteen.

TK was finally apprehended after trying to escape the cops, only to realize he was running on a treadmill (which became a running gag in the saga). TK was then sentenced to life in solitary confinement on his conviction. TK then got out on bail after jumping a turnstile at the parking lot where he found Jessica's corpse.

Psychopathic Episode

Criminal Thought Process: Aleena's Ordeal/Thoron Kimball's Dismissal

After years in solitary confinement, Thoron Kimball then sought solace on Queen Aleena of Knothole (and Sonic's biological mother) after being urged into another part of Eggman's plan. Shadow, Silver, Metal Sonic, and Omega catch onto TK's plan and commence an investigation regarding Sonic’s whereabouts. The heroes then talk it over on Shadow’s next meet and then they formulate a plan with Tails and Knuckles to track him, until Kaiser and Azap announce his imprisonment in Riker’s Island and his wait there before his impending banishment from the Station Square area. Meanwhile, In Sonic’s last moments at Riker’s Island, he sits in a cell right near the hotbox. He sparks a conversation through his cell with Sonic tried to talk him out of his plan for a luxurious tyranny over Mobius, but TK insisted, inciting an argument between them that lasted until Sonic’s release. Sonic returns home and conversed with Amy about the punishment he was about to receive and then the conversation concludes they both go to sleep together for what would seem like the final time. The next day (Thursday), Amy wakes up and dashes downstairs to see her blue savior escorted out of the house in handcuffs again. The banishment consisted of the guards committing the act of degrading Sonic’s intelligence and then going through the liberty of ejecting the hedgehog from overgrown cannon, and watching idle by as he plummets into the sea below.

He reaches his hand up as he latches onto a rail, knowing he has reached land and sleeps in a nearby stadium. The next day (Friday), the Section 8 residents that Station Square residents had mocked and ridiculed have now stepped into Sonic’s presence en masse. They bring out the fiercest gang in Mobius, The Corner GamerZ, who kidnap him and toss him in a vacant lot. By then Sonic is faced with the realization that he is no longer in Station Square. As he tells them his background and rough upbringing, his interests, etc. The gangsters introduce themselves to him by beating him senseless and introduce him to their leader, James MacDonnell. After he announces his quest to defeat Eggman, the gangsters actually befriend him. Sonic tells Tails and the others to move over to the complex, but they begin to protest the idea.

While on pursuit of the Chaos Treasure and world domination, Dr. Eggman secretly plotted to get Queen Aleena banished from Mobius, in an attempt to smuggle the treasure. Amidst all these conflicts, Eggman had discovered that Sonic was befriending Station Square's toughest street gang. Meanwhile, Eggman is angry that he had lost his election with Queen Aleena, so he plans to frame her for a serious offense just to have her banished. The Chess Disciples, Thoron Kimball's group tend to agree with him. Arthur's Knights had become exposed to cheating but it had become obvious in their playoff events. They are knocked out at the divisional playoffs by Sonic and co. Because of their true colors having been revealed, the knights joined alongside the Chess Disciples. They stop by after their victory against Station Square, who have been forcing curfews and closing down schools, thus confirming their lengthy corruption and their downward spiral.

The Knights spot the criminally thought processed henchman identified as Kimball, who injects steroids inside of their biceps for their outrageously celebrated event, The World Trade Championship. At nighttime, TK set up a couple of criminal acts such as to shoot her congressman in her sleep. Then he attacks her senator via a crowbar, while his henchmen ready the bubble bath and drag her unconscious body in the bathtub. She awakens to confront her assailant, only to die by electrocution. Following that incident, TK encounters a windmill and detonates it. After each those criminal offenses, he pulls out a can and spray paints ALEENA DID THIS on the walls (and city floor) in the boldest of red in an attempt to forge evidence at the scene of each criminal offense.

The next day, Queen Aleena has taken the bait for the frame-jobs and is impeached, and her exile from Knothole Village was broadcasted by her former knights, who had been working for Dr. Eggman for their accusation of her alleged corruption. Thoron Kimball was the leader of the pack that began to carry out his assignment, but he had another selfish agenda unbeknownst to the knights. The true reason being as to why he wanted to cause trouble at Knothole was because she was connected to the Chaos Treasure, so he makes various attempts to extort the treasure. Aleena refuses in a reasonable manner: she exclaims that as the mother of Sonic the Hedgehog who along with the people of the village had entrusted her with care to keep the treasure hidden from anyone who could harm it and or use it for fulfillment of their diabolical ambitions.

Unfortunately for Aleena, TK was not the brand of individual that could listen to reason, so he domestically abuses Aleena and broadcasted his cruel and despicable actions towards the general public, thus thoroughly defeating the purpose of Eggman's sinister plot. After the assault, Aleena became unstable. She had barely left her home, always vomited out whether she ate, rendering herself unable to eat anything, and she barely slept throughout the ordeal. She just could not stop thinking about all the criminal charges pinned on her by Dr. Eggman and the assault from Thoron Kimball. At night, Sonic and the Corner GamerZ are at a party in their neighborhood. He gets a call from Knuckles, who tells Sonic that he found out that Aleena (Sonic’s mom) had been carted off on a boat to a rainforest and stood near a tree, where she had collapsed due to blood loss and untreated cuts and bruises.

Meanwhile, Black Knight had invaded Corner Central, accompanied by the Chess Disciples. Sonic spots TK (Eggman’s mercenary), who bragged about his actions regarding Aleena. This leads to a high speed hover board race around the town between Sonic and TK, and the best 3 out of 4 would become victorious. Both racers tie with 4 laps and pursue a tiebreaker that ended with TK being severely mutilated by runaway railroad transport, giving Sonic the win. Shortly after losing the race, TK walks over to Aleena’s hospital room and feigns an apology, but the former queen cries domestic abuse and tosses a vase aimed at him in a fit of rage.

Shortly thereafter the argument, TK plots an unsuccessful terrorist attack on Corner Central, but the residents were prepared for war, much to the dismay of TK. Sonic aims his Spartan Laser at TK’s jet engine, and it makes a perfect hit. The jet engine crashes into the Death Egg, which landed into a volcano along with the plane. Meanwhile, Eggman was not at all pleased with how TK orchestrated the plot, and how he had broadcasted his rape of Aleena toward the general public. So Eggman walks over to Aleena’s bedside awaiting an answer regarding the co-beneficiary part of the plot that would be held in the event of Sonic’s intended capture. Unfortunately for Eggman, Aleena rejects the offer not only because of his past tyranny over Mobius, but because he had ushered in a new form of treachery and evil towards her, her son, and her people (reference to TK's present actions inflicted towards her). Eggman overhears this and seeing the news was going to ruin his plans, sets out to stand up to TK once and for all.

With this in mind,Eggman had dismissed TK from the Eggman Empire as a result of his actions toward Aleena and how he carried out his assault. Thinking that Eggman would not get away with giving him the cold shoulder, he adds him to his list of murder targets. TK begins his psychotic rampage through the process of sending threatening crank calls to a laboratory inhabited by an unsuspecting Eggman. However, by the time of the plan’s implementation, he reveals his face to Eggman. TK then pulls out an AK and starts shooting blindly, but stops as he sees Aleena again. He loads his weapon and points it at her with murderous intention, however the GUN Commander caught him red-handed by pointing his pistol in his direction in the midst of TK’s scathing rampage and subsequently apprehended him.

The Chess Disciples Formation: Prison Island/A New Couple Blossoms

After being tossed back into the solitary confinement, TK complains about the lack of air conditioning and food. Other jailbirds in a neighboring cell agree with him and and carry out their escape attempt. After that successful escape attempt, one of the prison escape artists lends a hand to help break TK out of his cell, turned out to be a very close confidant of TK, who gives him countlss ideas for schemes. TK then forms a gang called The Leading Chess Disciples, who consist of himself as the gang leader, fellow criminal enforcers Izzy Adams, Donald Fane and Raymond Cannon. After quite some confusion of TK's mug shot with a famous painting, the escaped convicts find land to construct their own a base of operations: an overgrown money vault with a built-in lookout window that looked similar to a drive thru. He attracts an entire population of unsuspecting individual civilians taking the form of a single file line to exchange money for a defective product and that was where the platinum bars began to roll in. However, that was only the beginning of his Ultimate Ponzi scheme.

TK was also known for his successful maintenance of his womanizing ability and career. As Eggman moved on to find another method to his plan, and TK sought interest in jewel thief, treasure hunter, Rouge the Bat, and pursues her at a local park. TK pretended he did not show interest in Rouge’s possessions (when in actually he does) and after hours of incessant courting, the white bat would eventually fall for him despite being informed otherwise by Shadow, E-123 Omega, Metal Sonic, Amy Rose and Knuckles, who are all demonstrating signals of complete suspicion of Thoron's motivations. By the time of Rouge's arrival at Thoron Kimball's bomb store, Izzy nearly blows their cover at the store by informing her that this was TK's bomb factory. TK counters this by thinking up a quick lie and Rouge leaves with the bomb. However, Sonic arrives on his quest to confront TK about his machavellian demeanor.

Rouge even backed a company name for TK to run with: L. Ron Kimball Investments to keep her new boyfriend occupied. He was scheduled to go to a party hosted by Shadow the Hedgehog and Maria Robotnik (who came back from the dead as a hedgehog, although that was already thought up by many masses of the Sonic fanbase on countless occasions). Rouge gets him dressed up and ready as they had arrived. Whist everyone was partying, There was a triple-date between him and Rouge, the former married couple Sonic/Amy, Silver/Blaze and Shadow/Maria. TK smugly looked on as he mentioned his nefarious plot in his thoughts. After a violent altercation with Team Sonic, he lied about his business plan just to go to the bathroom, but he was pulled out of the party by Izzy and the gang, and he tells TK to give the money back to the drug dealer they stole the narcotics from as Izzy had discovered the drug dealer remained imprisoned. Despite the orders given to them, TK grudgingly takes out his wallet and slams a $1000 gold bar on the table, and says he does not want them to return there until Sonic and the Chaos Emeralds are found. After the party ended, Izzy and the gang then began espionage on Sonic throughout the use of credit card receipts under orders of TK. The next day, TK refused his friends the money to give the drug dealer, until Izzy revealed that he was released on bail.

TK then began espionage towards Sonic while he is trying to thwart another one of Eggman's plans. TK threatened to fatally mutilate Sonic if he did not stop meddling into his plans. But another source, the Leisure Suit GamerZ, accompanied by the Babylon Rogues (bar Jet) are also looking up true and accurate information on Thoron Kimball’s sordid past. As a result, he devised a plan to steal narcotics from a drug dealer and an explosive device from the black market and plant them in the Leisure Suit headquarters in a pathetic attempt to get them of his tail. However, as Rouge's former rival, Wave the Swallow of the Babylon Rogues was intent on exposing TK's true nature, and to confront Rouge about her new husband. Upon hearing this, TK knew that one mention of the emerald would make him crack under pressure, so he had to act fast.

Meanwhile Izzy, Cannon and Fane devise a plan at the Cinema Café to sneak into an R-rated film for a celebration, only to be reprimanded by TK. But Izzy easily talks TK into going into the movie theater to see “Grand Theft Auto XLV: The Motion Picture” and orders the following such as pizza, hamburger w/ fries, hot dogs chili-cheese nachos, etc. They begin to watch the action-packed flick with 3d glasses. The waiter returned to TK's table and the gang received their check, only to have read that they had to pay $400 bill for the food ordered. This had bothered TK to an extent, as he told Fane to pay the tip, which he agreed to do so as their celebration party was on the cusp of being ruined. However, Cannon had formulated a master plan: his scheme consisted of preferring the group to sit throughout the rest of the movie like civilized people, and by the time the movie ends, they sneak out of the theater and steal the check and the waiter is left without a tip. The movie ends and they carry out their fraudulent plan, but they leave a big mess on their table during their departure from the theater.

After the successful movie theater scam, TK then constructs a game board for his Ponzi game and rigs the game to fit his specifications. With the game board (I mean, groundwork) in place, TK began the second phase of his plan. While on the hunt for the 7 Chaos Emeralds, he learns from a rogue guru about the Chaos Treasure. Once TK hears of their majestic ability of each gem, he claims he could rule the world and even go as far as to surpass the gods themselves. The guru then gives TK the artificial treasure. TK joyfully accepts the offer although he was very unaware that he was being tricked.

The Catastrophic Pyramid Scheme

TK arrives at the Government Building and plans a hostile takeover. After the raid, he then steals the land to pave way for his ultimate corporate supercity: L. Ron Kimball Investments And Corporation. In the midst of all this, Eggman is in a much anticipated mood regarding his nefarious plot for The Eggman Empire since he had finally managed to become a co-beneficiary with the former queen. Just in case they announce his name, he activates the television to watch the Global Domination Broadcast with glee. But the entire plot in general would be rendered meaningless as the president of Station Sqaure was shot to death before achieving his goal (suspected to be TK). TK tracks the cash money down and steals it by gunpoint (as usual). He then unleashed his secret weapon: a battle mechanization referred to as the Thermonuclear Barrel Dragon. Once activated, and drew out his cannon, conjured up a nuclear ball of energy and fires, simultaneously obliterating both the Government Building and the Eggman Empire structure. This meant the throne would be given to TK, who pressured Rouge to draft out a whole new will in order to become the sole heir and reign supreme. His new kingdom had taken the form of a complex of 8 supertall skyscrapers, the tallest structure being the Kimball Compound which centered as the home of L. Ron Kimball Investments.

Eggman goes into a fit of rage and could not believe that his former employee had betrayed him in this kind of fashion, so he transitions to the Kimball Compound, and proceeded to confront TK (or Maxamillion Kimball), who bites back with a statement regarding that he should have thought twice before terminating his employment and permanently cutting ties with him. Eggman grudgingly came to terms with the fact that his master plan is ruined completely, and marked this failure as the first time Sonic the Hedgehog was not held responsible. As a result of this, the mad scientist had to sit idle by and watch as his former bloodthirsty errand boy celebrated his sudden luck.

It had become very impossible to infiltrate TK’s facility at that point in time (for example, Amy & Cream attempted to infiltrate his base, but TK catches both of the girls red-handed by a trap door filled with boiling quicksand, and fed them to enlarged mutant scorpions as a consequence). Throughout his tenure he wages war on The Freedom Fighters after they refuse to do his bidding, and they wind up prisoners of war. The Egg Pawns, Black Arms, Knights and Gun Troops are being shipped as cargo and are forced to undergo hard labor without pay (now he begins to curb-stomp them while they were down by refusing civilians payment with an actual check). In the midst of his relentless tyranny, TK arrived in with his consolation prize: 20 bags chock full of cash from the Ponzi scheme and brags about it to Colleen Glouchester, who has acquired an occupation as a mailroom attendant. He would then sell the gold bars to a blacksmith, who would construct three more cannons out of them – which gave him another idea!

Colleen makes TK a gamble to activate the television and listen to the local radio station in order to prove that his reign of terror gained a considerable amount of attention and recognition. But TK also has a contrary to the bet that turned out to be a backup plot. So he activated the television to see if he gained popularity for the murderous scheme and its implementation, only to wind up surfing through channel after channel. TK even turned the radio station and even typed up internet blogs and articles regarding his plans, but to no avail. But the backup plot about the Friday morning newsletter shot an idea into his head. He wakes up early as four and spotted a newspaper in the middle of the window. He retrieves it and looks through pages and still nothing in regards to his reign of terror he unleashed upon the city and its residents. Then he looked out of his company window and was extremely astonished to see that they were all still alive. Colleen then burst through TK's door again knowing she won the bet, and for the fact that he powered up his satellite cannon throughout the use of fool's gold.

TK then speaks to the government through a high-definition screen. He wholeheartedly agrees with the government that The Eggman Empire would have done much irreparable damage to Mobius. However, he blatantly decieves them about his “peaceful” and “just” reign and they easily buy into his lies, much to his explosive amusement. While the GUN reach Kimball Investments, the entire Mobian territory had completed its crisis which consisted of numerous oil spills, and the wildlife was completely devastated by a ball of nuclear energy which expanded into a 500 meter radius, proving that the peaceful reign of Kimball Investments was a total lie which explains the catastrophic condition that Mobius was in at the time. More educational facilities have closed, unemployment and crime rates are sky high, and TK’s goons had taken Aleena hostage along with the rest of the inhabitants. Sonic stated that they need a win to stop Kimball Investments. TK overhears a plan and frames Sonic for his crimes as well. TK then rigs the case to his specifications and Sonic is plead guilty for all of the criminal charges and is thereby sentenced to death by guillotine.

Shadow had formulated a plan to save Sonic: to infiltrate the vault where the Chaos Royalty is located. Shadow uses Chaos Control to teleport to Kimball Tower. Whilst there, Tails uses his scanner to confirm that the bag on the left hand side has the legitimate content. So they push the vault as it descends. With such success, J-Mac’s truck breaks the vault’s fall, and the Sonic Heroes leave the tower with the legitimate treasure while the unsuspecting TK was fast asleep on his throne. After that, Tails and Knuckles went over to Eggman’s lair in search for true and accurate information regarding the Thoron Kimball report, but Eggman refused to talk. He was still vexed about his plan being intercepted by TK’s reign of “cheating the system”. Knuckles then began to sell out the information to the people in an attempt to break through the brain washing.

TK then readies the guillotine so he could fatally mutilate Sonic. Sonic arrives to his gurney donning a red-hooded cape (the same cape his mother had) and his signature spinning rim medallion, which was very small in terms of size. He tells Sonic not to fret about his mother having to bury him for he shows two cremation chambers with both their names on them. Sonic’s execution begins, but before they began, Sonic had pulled up the heart and bravery to have finally exposed Thoron Kimball’s past and his actions in it, therefore destroying his reputation completely. He then broadcasted the speech on television to the general public, concluding that the public civilians need to stop cheering for him. The general public opened their eyes and came to grips with the realization that they welcomed an escaped convict and his drug dealer cronies into their hometown and blindly crowned them to be overlords only to be subject to slavery and exploitation for profit gain.

TK then announces his plans to destroy the sun and Mobius as part of the Ponzi game that would bring about an early Armageddon in no less than 10 days. But his goons are convinced that they are going along for the ride, but TK no longer permitted this. As soon as Mobius is destroyed, he will make another planet to increase his profits, and by doing so he steals a satellite base for himself and activates it in order to destroy the sun along with Mobius, with Queen Aleena being held hostage. However Shadow, Colleen, Omega, and Metal Sonic had intercepted him, saying that it will be his base that would collide into the sun, not Mobius. Shadow holds TK at gunpoint, realizing whatever that happened in his past was a get-over planned by TK, as told by Sonic himself. Much to the chagrin of Team Dark, TK admitted to all of his actions in both of the past and present, for if he didn’t invoke his commision of criminal offenses he would not have made a profit. TK then carried out his attempts to destroy the sun and Mobius simultaneously. Sonic had finally obtained the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic and makes his timely arrival to successfully defend both his sun and his home planet. Sonic aimed for the entire headquarters complex that was constructed to represent TK's tenure.

TK plotted to retaliate throughout the use of heavy artillery, but all of his attacks were powerless to punch through. Then by the time he realizes that Mobius had returned to its original state, Sonic uses up his chaos energy, causing it to expand at a unknown centimeter radius and close in on his opponent. Izzy had busted a glass window in the satellite base in pursuit of an escape pod, and although he had found it, the escape pod had malfunctioned. TK had finally discovered that his laziness and irresponsibility had cost him dearly as he forgot to place a built-in exit for the mechanization's cockpit (let alone a doorway), meaning their attempts for escape the crumbling fortress were rendered futile. It didn't take long for Sonic to take shape of a tornado and engulf the area in flames.

TK's satellite spaceship, his hordes of hired goons, his doomsday device and his Armageddon clock had all been consumed by Sonic's razor phoenix assault, and Sonic returns to his original form and informs TK that this was the end of the line for him. TK was unwilling to hear Sonic's victory speech so he disappeared from the radar again and retreated to his compound due to complications with massive third-degree burns.</p>

By the time he returns after the complete failure of an "Armageddon", whatever that was left of the infrastructure of TK's headquarters complex looked irreparably damaged to the point that it had become vacant for months, and its controlled demolition was past due. The landlords finally managed to have accomplished their goal of completing the inside job despite TK’s efforts to tell them off. TK breaks down and cries in failure as his reign of tyranny had been torn from him and then swore revenge on Sonic for exposing his true colors and his criminal offenses to the masses.

Chapter 4/5: The Line Of Fire: Slipping Into Darkness

After the successful conference with Izzy and co regarding his failed evil plan, an intense chase began, ending when TK runs out of the courtroom and retreats to his vault hoping it would be a secure place to hide. He then grabs a communication device to give his legion of robed goons an assignment: One half of his goons will steal the Chaos Royalty, whilst the other half will go face to face with the angry mob to fend them off. However, things do not go his way at all as the GUN get closer to his location, he reprimands his minions to complete their assignment and announces his evil ambitions to commit further irreparable atrocities. In the meantime, TK plotted his second attempt to shoot Sonic dead, for the fact that Colleen removed his ammunition and left wax bullets in place on his first attempt. However, unbeknownst to him, the angry mob still set out to apprehend him, so the intense chase continued as TK tossed his gun on the middle of the street, where it was subsequently reduced to smithereens by transport and the remains of the gun swept away into the sewage. He was thus trampled by the angry mob as a result and was subsequently apprehended once again.

The court case of People vs. Thoron Kimball had begun, as he is being charged with pimping, assault, robbery, embezzlement, arson, terrorism, sexual assault, reckless endangerment, false execution, and attempted assassination, as the commission of these criminal offenses were around the time of his tyranny (before his headquarters had undergone its inside job) and he will be sentenced to death on his next conviction. The evidence was very clear as to the crime scene, although TK tried using his sketchy tactics to convert the system and turn the tables of the court case in his favor and by doing so he attempted to forge evidence for a second time. But the original evidence the witnesses had given out were proven true and accurate due to forensics, and TK's attempts failed as Sonic would affront him with a case reminiscent of the Special Victims Unit. Queen Aleena had taken the stand once again and explained the numerous frame jobs, the unfair banishment after that resulted, and TK’s unwarranted assault that shed new light into the case. TK had run out of ideas to defend himself and is sentenced to death by lethal injection.

In a long ride home after a long relaxing day at the beach, Rouge had began contemplating her departure from Station Square after being bothered by warnings from Sonic and the gang that TK would kill her for her money. What she had also managed to discover failed attempts of monthly espionage from TK. Rouge began to fear for her life as she overheard these messages, so she goes into TK’s office to search for clues, with Sonic to aid her for a heads up. The curious bat looked down on the floor and saw a red button attachment that indicated that her boyfriend had feigned telephone conferences, an empty filing cabinet, a book filled with mostly blank pages, and the lack of clientele. Rouge then began to sneak into the closet and forces herself to listen to the terrible statements being said about her to Colleen: how he was going to kill Sonic and overthrow the government, his dislike for Rouge and her newborn daughter, even confessing responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of people - most specifically Maria Robotnik and planting bombs near the Leisure Suit apartment, and not to mention he once framed Sonic for coke possession!

This horrifies her for the fact that TK's intentions were to kill everyone (including her and her family), destroy the estate, and leave with cash in hand. Before TK's leave, she gives Colleen a ticket to Barbados and would make his triumphant return after divorcing Rouge, who makes herself known to Colleen after TK leaves. Rouge realizes that to TK, their relationship was a means to an end and nothing more.

Rouge lashes out at Colleen for foolishly going about with TK's failed plan to be rid of Rouge and her daughter in an attempt to kill a well known figure for ransom (namely Sonic) and skip town with his fortune, poison the government building and to obtain global domination. After a berating confrontation that left Colleen struggling through an emotional breakdown, Rouge gained more information on TK. Shadow and Maria had begged Rouge to return home, but the bat had ignored their warnings and waited for her two timing boyfriend with gun in hand. As TK returns home, she hides the gun in her pocket. TK attempted to feign innocent of his crimes, but Rouge worked her way up to tell him what he really planned to do, and refused to let him get away with it scot free. TK tried to convince her otherwise as he tried to escape the confrontation by talking his way out, but Rouge backed him into a corner and sends him on a guilt trip. In a bout of tears, Rouge pumped eight bullets into his chest (the first 4 bullets interrupted his sentence, while the last four bullets rendered him unconscious). A stoic Rouge retreated to Amy's house to pick up her infant daughter.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy approach TK lying in a pool of blood and Rouge was arrested and arraigned for attempted murder. Silver and Blaze step in as witnesses to the crime and Sonic informed both of them that he has to provide her a not guilty plea. and as the trial went underway, things began heating up as Sonic and his friends took the stand. TK is in his hospital bed feigning paralysis watches on, waiting for the right opportunity to make Rouge "beg for it". When Rouge finally took the stand, she had to explain why she shot TK eight times. Cracking under pressure, the bat broke down on the stand. While back in prison, Kim (LSG member and Dennis Odami's fiancee) had convinced a crying Rouge to return to Station Square to face the music.

Rouge reveals that TK's next step was to destroy civilization and escape with the considerable fortune from Sonic (clearly stated that he deserved it). she would then explain that he was a fortune hunter intending to murder her for the Chaos inheritance. The grand jury and general public outdoors found her testimony emotionally moving and Rouge was acquitted. Meanwhile, Aleena was charged with corruption, but eventually the statistics said she was unfairly banished without reasoning by forged evidence and the corruption charges were dropped. However Eggman was to take the stand and admits his involvement in the crime, and had confessed to his evil plan. The scientist instead accepts the guilty plea as a result. Eggman is sentenced to two years community service as a consequence for the Corporate Ponzi Game ran by his former goon, Thoron Kimball.

TK was at the hospital using his survival to his advantage in order to feign paralysis and catatonia while trying to avoid questioning from the GUN. However, he was desperate for fame and recognition and a quarter in an empty jar in regards for a phony donation, he would later feign a fatal illness. Everyone buys into the scheme, but Sonic swipes the jar from them as soon as they have enough money to buy the components to make a nuclear weapon, making him a major exception. After being admitted from the hospital after getting a needle jabbed in his testicles, TK also began writing and cashing in bad checks to 2 Bank of America locations (the first one did not accept his check) while Sonic and his friends observe the blueprints to TK’s gun. TK begins a habit of drinking after his corporate tower; Kimball Investments Corporation had been liquidated. However, he was 10 minutes late for a conference at his compound with Izzy after oversleeping on his couch for 4 hours in. The judge had placed TK on death row sentence, but he managed to have escaped after a few months later, and suspense inside the GUN ensues regarding his fake death. He was seen stealing a deactivated Egg Pawn, tying it to the gurney and lighting the lethal injection area on fire, thereby confirming to have staged his execution. After that, Izzy, Fane, Cannon, and Tuttles were apprehended in his place. They were first introduced to a longtime inmate and former narcotic dealer, Lazlo Stanfield.

Paul and Travis had orchestrated a search party for TK, who had recently went into hiding from the federally led angry masses of civilians, who were too preoccupied with the rustle and bustle of TK's false death at that time. Shortly thereafter, Knuckles arrived at the scene. When he sensed the shattered remnants of the Master Emerald in the vault (indication that TK smashed it with a hammer) and an intense grapple between Knuckles and TK began. He orders Izzy, Fane, Cannon and Tuttles to get their prize, only to find them knocked out cold in the midst of their argument. Sonic uses his psych-out warfare tactics against him and exposes the orange chaos emerald that ties him with the crimes committed, and the murder of his prior girlfriend Rachael Kaplan.

After gaining a sum of Sonic's money, Izzy, Stanfield, Tuttles, Fane and Cannon had nefariously plotted an illegitimate funeral service for TK, who had went into hiding and still wastes away in his compound. They invite everyone to a room with an empty coffin, as Cannon lay there in the coffin attempting to stage TK's funeral. However this plan failed was well as the coffin had a side door and Cannon accidentally rolls out of the coffin and plummets into the pit, which was intended for TK's "burial service". Tuttles attempted to rescue Cannon but it failed as he accidentally tips the coffin over into the pit; Cannon sustained crush injuries as the coffin fell on top of him. Subsequently, a tractor arrives just in time to dump a huge pile of sand into the pit, thereby burying him. Sonic approached TK in his compound, and confronted him on the rustle and bustle of his false death. TK retaliates by giving the true reason for Aleena's squalid and unstable condition; to make sure her regret ever giving sonic life in the first place.

How does he explain this? It dates back to 1991 where he visited Knothole when TK was at a meeting with Aleena, who was pregnant with Sonic at the time. She figured that if Sonic were to be born, a new prophecy would be fulfilled. TK thought she was smoking crack at the time, so he decided to see what was up. A stunned TK had realized that Aleena was under labor so he plotted to shoot the fetus in an attempt to stop Sonic from being born. However, by the time he busted the door and drew his gun, it was too late; Sonic had already been born. Ever since then, TK has tried to kill him. And now that he is in his presence, he thought he finally had the opportunity (that was until Sonic took off). A trigger happy Kimball drives drunk and attempts to intentionally commit vehicular manslaughter while under the influence of alcohol. The police arrive and attempt to apprehend him, but unfortunately for them, TK's retaliation had prompted them to open fire. He jumped into the line of fire and feigned invincibility, but after bullet holes inflicted onto his body, he suddenly falls to the ground realizing he had been shot again. When he got back from the hospital, TK entered the courthouse (the same courthouse where Rouge won her case) and shoves a contract notice in the face of the judge, attempting to cash in a check of $100,000, as it said in the second few sheets in the paper. Unfortunately for him, the judge begrudgingly rejects the contract notice, and TK once again leaves empty handed.

Final Stage: The Murderous Path To XL

TK then resurfaced into Mobius with a new mission: To obliterate anyone who had vanquished his tenure as a despot tyrant. Picking up where he left off and his goons infiltrate the newly-reformed Black Comet, and approaches Black Doom and Gerald Robotnik. TK requested a similar procedure known as “The Ultimate Surgery” in an attempt to resemble Shadow and frame him for his crimes, simply by asking: "can you make me look like Shadow the Hedgehog?” Their refusal resulted in TK holding both of them at gunpoint. Before the surgery, Black Doom was ready to make a speech despite TK's efforts to cut him off mid-sentence. After two weeks having awaited the procedure, Black Doom and Gerald Robotnik had heard word from Shadow that TK was his great-grandson's disgraced former mercenary and seeing him on the newspaper seemed to change their minds. Within these three weeks, Black Doom and Gerald put him under a cosmetic machine and proceeded with the surgery as a result two weeks later. Surprisingly, the machine gained a bit of knowledge about TK's nefarious intentions. When the machine completes its process, the surgery had incriminated him after having revealed horrific red scars that read the word KILLER onto his forehead instead!

This extremely angered TK to the point where he added Black Arms to his murder target chopping block and orders his goons to take him out, but Black Doom had already grabbed his spaceship and left town before they could catch up to him, thus he explained as to why he forced himself to wear a Jason Voorhees hockey mask over his head to conceal himself. But this won’t faze Thoron too much, as he goes over to a makeup artist to cover up his botched cosmetic surgery with prosthetics to begin the first phase of his scheme. Surprisingly, Thoron Kimball was thoroughgoing a more successful transformation consisting of a mustache, yellow fur and a southern accent playing the role of a former shop owner and future businessman by the name of Jim Gear. Whilst entering into the business conglomerate headquarters, he romances a female secretary and takes her out on a date, and later electrocutes her in the pool. After having heard talk of "cheating the system to destroy competition", he was stupid enough to think that meant to detonate the competitor's corporate tower with an atomic weapon. He later arrives to successfully detonate a federal bank in the process.

TK had a knack for subterfuge and cheating on sports and recreation as well, and he does this with a stolen Spy gate camera at his disposal by just simply videotaping the opposing teams and plagiarizing their strategies. What's worse is that he stole a NFL playbook, and planted motherboard chips onto his team’s helmets. For example, he cheated his way past Arthur in the Wild Card, and eliminated Aleena in the Divisional Playoffs. As Sonic and his team had defeated the Black Arms, TK and Dr. Eggman have their Conference Altercation to determine whoever would face off against Sonic at the World Trade Championship. Unfortunately, the Eggman Empire is also quickly eliminated by Thoron's cheating spree. And now he will publicly humiliate Sonic with the same equipment to win the Master Emerald. However, Dennis Odami became suspicious about TK's newfound overconfidence. When Dennis found out the equipment that TK was using to achieve victory, he had become more intent on exposing Thoron's dishonesty.

The World Trade Championship began underway, as our heroes, accompanied by Corner Squad Territory and the Leisure Suit Organization as the home team, have advanced to the Ultimate World Trade Championship Bowl to square off against TK's squad, The Chess Disciples, located at the newly built Guy Fawkes Stadium (formerly Grafix Stadium). Dennis finally worked up the courage to announce that TK was cheating the whole time, but TK caught up to him first and tranquilized him. Dennis would later be tossed into a prison cell with Aleena. The Chess Disciples win the toss (and the lead). Sonic faked a handoff and dove into the end-zone himself. There was a bit of confusion as to whether or not the blue hedgehog had scored, but he eventually signaled a touchdown, and an interception from Izzy had increased their lead. However, Fane and Cannon have the offensive pass interference call, and scored a touchdown, successfully cutting their deficit to 14-3.

Sonic still struggled to make a big play despite his 4-point lead, as every move he made was being videotaped by TK, who was lacking conflict at the time. Eventually, TK would be caught by the Guardian Units of Nations and had to go major AFK due to another arrest warrant. As Izzy overheard the conversation during the start of the second half, he was tackled into submission and critically injured (this cost them the entire game) and Sonic informed his team about what will happen now that TK had been caught cheating. Since the crowd (and the world) was now cheering for them, they believed they could still become World Trade Champions through demonstration of good sportsmanship and fair play, and they prove this by running up the score during the remainder of the game (Sonic 84, Thoron 17). The Mobian inhabitants had become wholeheartedly ecstatic the moment when Sonic and the pack celebrate their victory, while the Chess Disciples leave the stadium for early crow.

Ever since his team had won the trophy, Sonic began saving the world more often and even thwarting the latter of TK's evil plans every step of the way.While TK was reading the morning papers, he was flabbergasted as far as the World Trade Championship Bowl was concerned. After hearing from Fane and Cannon that Izzy's injury and the disastrous loss after that resulted, about his warriors about the fact that they blew the championship. This lead to the end of convoluting master plans toward him and the abusive and murderous traits dominated as a result. TK would then begin a manhunt for his ex-wife, Rouge (who was hiding in his office cabinet). TK had found Rouge and baby Sheena in the cabinet, and had ordered Izzy to inerrogate them both.

Everything came to a head at an upcoming World Trade Championship block party. As soon as TK gets ready for the event, the military surrounds his place of residence. He rushed out and packed his things to move out on his quest for a hideout at Station Square, Sonic’s former place of residence. However, the police burst the door down to search for him as he breaks out of the back window and steals someone’s car with fake plane tickets on his way to the airport before the military could catch up to him. Aleena has finally rehabilitated throughout the ordeal and returned to her royal status as queen, but is still unsatisfied for the fact she has not seen her son since the whole ordeal with TK. Soon after, Aleena and Sonic reunite as his friends celebrate their victory, so they decide to get some sleep seeing as they have done enough crime fighting. After two weeks of falling victim to his own insanity, TK then attended a casino and tried to lure Sonic into the casino. When Sonic got there, TK challenged him to a violent gamble of pinball after being caught attempting to kill for a third time. He is unsuccessful at this attempt as well, and Sonic claimed his AK-47 and the Chaos Royalty Inheritance. Ater the bet, Sonic had set up a meet for all parties on how to split half of their share of the Chaos Royalty.

In a fit of murderous rage, TK tried to catch a flight back to Corner Central, but the airport is closed, and he misses the remaining flight. His griping lasted until Izzy suggested he build their own plane after the successful conference regarding his failed evil plan. While back at Corner Central, Thoron then celebrates by going on a crime spree with his friends. After much complication through failed plans Thoron sneaks into an unknown building by climbing through an open window and attempted to track down Sonic's will, with an outdated lottery ticket at his disposal, and he plans to steal the Ultimate Fortune by hacking PayPal through the government computer. He later finds out the plan was filled with such success, despite Colleen's brash attitude towards his plans (another trait he finds annoying, next to snoring). He then managed to steal the blueprints for a doomsday device of his own. He later received word that Colleen gave most of their money away to charity. By the time the mechanization is completed, he had plotted to wreak havoc upon the whole town by first sending the city people with a broadcasted message plagued with false hopes of peace and serenity. TK brought upon his unloly weapon: a high-powered tank with silencer equipment for the main cannon.

The World Trade Championship Festival event commences in just one day, and TK was given information regarding Sonic's inability to show up at the event, which single-handedly ruined his plans. Colleen becomes the main subject to TK's abuse, as she had come to grips with that realization that criminal activities, weapons of mass destruction, global domination and dollar signs were more important to him, seeing as to how he twisted his love for her. She contemplated leaving Station Square as only her most painful memories lie there. After much thinking, T.K. later ends his affair with Colleen and hires four adolescent vixens (namely The Barlee Sisters) on his quest to hunt Sonic and friends down, murder them all and take their money, but they eventually become attracted to him. When they arrive, he bit his time in hopes for the right moment and reactivated his nuclear weapon. However, Fane uses the blueprints to construct a maze outdoors without the consent of TK, who was really unfazed by his decision although he was in fact complimented for "just doing his job". While Aleena is setting up the decorations, TK enters into the presence of Amy, Kaiser and Azap, who give him an invite to the party, much to the horror of Rouge who tells them that they have made Sonic susceptible to an impending murder. Amidst the attacks, he pelted a rock at Cream and captured her, and even went as far as to attempt at devouring Froggy, much to Big's horror. Sonic wanders around at a dark alley before the party to find his friends but he answers a phone, and it's Colleen calling to warn them about TK's return.

Thoron waited for Sonic armed with a Spartan Laser and spotted him in a dark alley. He would spark a conversation with Sonic. After the conversation, Sonic begins to leave for the party, but TK fires his laser He would then lock him up in an underground basement. When the party begins, TK attended the party and is seen all dressed up as Darth Vader with murderous intention regarding his opponents. The next barrage of attacks began whilst the GUN Troops are on a search party for the treasure. TK then approaches the Commander, Black Doom, Dr. Eggman and King Arthur. He ensnared all four of his victims into Fane's maze that leads to an underground cave, where he shot them each twice. Aleena and Rouge find the four unconscious bodies sliding from the debris, and Sonic would be buried in a coffin six feet underground. They then turn their eyes towards TK, who had no qualms with firing his gun at them. he would then proceed to fire the tank and completely obliterates the vicinity where the party is held, and everyone who attended the festivity had been massacred. TK returns to his base of operations and replayed the terrorist attacks in his mind. He wakes up in joy as he is began convincing himself that he had killed all five of his opponents, but his joy came to an abrupt end as he was being held hostage with a gun again, this time by his ex-mistress, Colleen. TK ran into his compound for a final confrontation with Sonic regarding yet another incident and TK had given Sonic one last chance to give him the grand prize.

Sonic's refusal had prompted TK to attempt immediate seizure of the prize by force only to be surrounded by the supposed attempted murder victims. However he heard from Izzy that Sonic had escaped from the basement and finally has his hands on the treasure and all of the victims had survived, and Izzy and the remaining Chess Disciples have been taken back to jail. Sonic arrived just in time and managed to deactivate the bomb, and Colleen swapped the ammunition in Thorun's tank with the wax bullets. TK conceded defeat and attempted to escape with the grand prize, only to get shot in his hand. He escapes captivity anyway, and yet another intense chase began as TK attempted to pursue Sonic with Rouge as a hostage, only to wind up being pursued and cornered by Knuckles the Echidna and the angry mob in return. In a bout of desperation, TK had jumped out of a window and ran into his compound closet looking for a place to hide. He fell into a refuse truck and became subject to graphic mutilation in the inner workings of the trash compactor mechanism of the garbage disposal truck after accidentally triggering it.

He wakes up to find out that he is back in his solitary confinement cell. Sonic approaches to tell him that he had finished serving his sentence and is later released from his solitary confinement cell ("Say farewell to the hole"). He later apologizes to the world that he had truly reformed from his criminal ways after doing his time in the same solitary confinement cell, and would keep his vow to help Sonic in his endeavors. However, he is afraid to face his one-time girlfriend, Rouge.

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