Sonic the Hedgehog: Stranded Revelations is an action-adventure open-world fictional stealth game for PS3, PS4 and PS Vita within the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It's a prequel to the series depicting Sonic with a history comparible to Oliver Queen's in Arrow and Barry Allen's in The Flash (2014 TV series), also detailing the truth about Sonic meeting Tails. It is probably the most violent of all.


The game mainly takes place on Rocky Island, an island run by an army of bounty hunters. To survive, Sonic uses abilities similar and comparible to stealth-combat games like Assassin's Creed and Prince of Persia. Stealth plays a major role in this game; you can hide in dense vegetation, haystacks, supply trucks and more, stealth-killing enemies from these hiding spots. You can also climb buildings and trees to reach objectives. For combat, Sonic uses a metal pole that can beat-up enemies with ease, while from stealth-killing, Sonic uses his fists or dual knives. For long-range assassination, the player can use a "Hidden Crossbow" equipped on Sonic's arms, basically as a dual copy of Assassin's Creed: Unity's Phantom Blade weapon.

As with similar games, you can use "Sonic-Sense", which can detect enemies, climbing-objects and other points of interest. You can "tag" enemies so you can see them even when view is obstructed. As an open-world game, special treasures can be found around Rocky Island that can get you weapons and other things. These objectives are ideal and a certain amount must be completed before progressing to certain missions. When enemies detect you, hiding-spots are ideal. The main "hub" area is a plane that crashed a while back, with an armory for changing weapons and other features.

The Death Edition features blood and such, along with different weapon choices.


The game starts with flashbacks. The first one shows Sonic as a kid witnessing a man in a mask killing his mother, with his father being wrongly accused. Sonic was raised by his uncle, who was an explorer and often took Sonic on his adventures. While using a yacht to reach an island apparently possessing treasures, it heads through a storm and sinks, with Sonic and his uncle as the only survivors. On the raft, there weren't enough supplies for both of them, so Sonic sees his uncle kill himself. Sonic makes it to a supposedly-uncharted island, Rocky Island. Sonic finds a tiny knife upon arrival and hears screams coming from in the jungle. He runs to find Tails being chased by a mercenary, so he kills the mercenary and introduces himself. Tails thanks him and takes him to his home, a crashed plane. While wondering to find food, Sonic is captured by mercenaries and brought to a camp in the jungle. Sonic is shocked to find a killer there with the same look as the one who cost him his mother. Sonic was tortured by the man with his sword, unwilling to reveal where Tails is. Just then, Tails arrives with archery equipment and rescues Sonic, helping him escape with a metal rod (sword in Death Edition) found there.

Back at the plane, Tails says that the island is infested with bounty hunters, led by a Captain who shot down Tails' plane and stranded him there. He knew of one particular man who was imprisoned by the Captain; Rodrigo Tyro, a former G.U.N. agent imprisoned on the island for disobeying direct orders against the Captain. Sonic is given mini-crossbows, "Phantom Blades", and a second knife and hopes to have Sonic rescue the man. This is accomplished and several other prisoners are recruited. Rodrigo mentors Sonic, teaching him of stealth and combat, ideal for taking down villains. 2 months later, Sonic prepares to kidnap the Captain, Killian Fredson, the leader of the "Bounty Guild". He explains that the island's various military features were left behind by G.U.N., who used the island as a prison. After leaving (due to dangerous herbs found there), the prison was intact and taken over by the Bounty Guild as an island fortress of sorts. He is after the illegal herbs on the island that are capable of fast-healing and making people go crazy, apparently needed by his unknown employer. Mercenaries rescue Killian, but Sonic had learned all he needed.

As a special token of appreciation, Rodrigo gives Sonic a crossbow (replaced with Air Rifle in the Death Edition) and has him infiltrate a camp that houses something called "Scylla". It turned out Scylla was the codename for a surface-to-air mobile missile-launcher. Tails confirms it as the weapon that shot his plane down. Finding a big brute named Rogers torturing prisoners there, Sonic kills him with his crossbow/air rifle. With that, Sonic and the prisoners march on the camp containing Scylla, killing many people and allowing Tails to steal the tank and bring it back to base. Killian wasn't pleased to learn of this. Sonic was gaining something of a reputation here. He steals a supply truck and learns of a ship delivering troops to Rocky Island, as well as the opportunity to steal it and escape. Tails confesses that his brother is the man who killed Sonic's mother and tortured him. Apparently, "Metallico" Prower wanted money and became the enforcer of the Bounty Guild, but Tails refused and was sentenced to death, explaining why he being chased in the beginning.

To prepare for a big escape, Sonic finds maps of the dock area, then he interrogates a captured trooper who reveals where guards are kept around the fort walls. Tails and Sonic both go to a supply camp and burn the majority of the island's Illegal Plants, as well as learning of a serum made from the plants capable of giving strengths. Sonic steals a vial and says he'll use it later (specifically right before the 1991 game, explaining his super-speed). Freeing more prisoners helped as well as eavesdropping on guards claiming Killian serves a man in a hood, but no-one knows who he is. Rodrigo tries the Illegal Herbs on himself, driving him crazy and forcing Sonic to kill him. Apparently, Tails' plane was shot down while leaving a vacation and his stepfather died. Suspecting that Killian did it on purpose, Sonic gets a trooper to confess that Tails' stepfather was going to destroy the island due to the herbs and mercenary activity there, so Killian shot it down.

A special plan is put together detailing how the escape will work. While everyone was doing their part, Sonic retrieves documents detailing all of Killian's crimes, including the assassination of Sonic's mother. Reaching the ship, everyone was in a super-sneaky infiltration that led to a submarine they were supposed to steal. Sonic runs into Metallico and kills him with his crossbow/air rifle. He then found Killian blocking the way to the submarine. Sonic fights Killian and then chases him through the ship until reaching the submarine. There, Sonic and Killian drop their weapons and fist-fight. During the fight, Killian says that he ordered the execution of his mother because she had evidence against him. Sonic beats Killian and kills him by shooting him multiple times with his Phantom Blade, with a shot to the eye killing him. Sonic gathers his weapons and gets into the submarine, fleeing the island with Tails and the prisoners.

During the game's credits, Sonic is shown presenting the documents he found on the island to the judge and jury at a hearing, thus allowing Sonic's father to be released. Another part of the credits shows Tails saying that he'd rather "sit out [Sonic's] next adventure", explaining why he isn't in the 1991 game. Another part shows Killian's employer (wearing a hood to conceal his identity) learning of the failure. With that, he shoots the Bounty Guild messenger and tells another man to not fail in an unknown task. The final credits scene shows Killian alive, in a hospital with robot parts and an eye-patch. As he gets up, he declares revenge and smashes the doctor attendent into the wall.



Note: The up-1 signs mean pressing directional buttons; up-1 means press up once and left-2 means press left twice

  1. Unarmed (down 2; use of plain fists to fight, but not kill an enemy)
  2. Knife (up 1; mainly for stealth assassinations; by progressing through the story, you can get a second knife to double-assassinate stealthily)
  3. Steel Bar/Short Sword (down 1; for combat like a sword; in Death Edition, Steel Bar is replaced with Short Sword)
  4. Phantom Blade (left 1; essentially a miniature mechanical crossbow that kills enemies from afar, like a gun)
  5. Poison Darts (left 2; 5 darts maximum, thrown to incapacitate enemies)
  6. Crossbow/Air Rifle (right 1; farther range than the Phantom Blade, but enemies will hear the shooting; in Death Edition, Crossbow is replaced with Air Rifle)
  7. Smoke Bombs (right 2; used to obscure enemies' vision while fighting or to lure guards away from their post)


  1. Sonic's attire (leather jacket and holsters for weapons as well as torn pants)
  2. Hooded Sonic (green sleeveless shirt with hood and dark-green pants)
  3. Pirate (pirate cloak with hat and brown gloves)
  4. Assassin (Assassin's Creed-like outfit)
  5. Hunter Outift (brown sleeveless shirt with grey pants and hood)
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