Sonic the Hedgehog Seeds of War is a comic book fanfic in progress. The series was originally in book format, but changed because of the author's preference.



The cover for Issue #1, featuring Sonic and Knuckles.

Issue #1-
This issue opens with a far away view of Angel Island. It panels in on the Master Emerald shrine, and five figures standing around it. These are revelaed to be the Disturbians, an alien race of humanoids. As they argue over how to extract the Emerald, Knuckles appears and takes them out, rather easily. As the aliens try to recover, Knuckles threatens to pummel them if they don't leave, which they do via teleportation. Knuckles digresses and says it's time to "get back to work".

Issue Trivia- The artwork for Angel Island is based off of the old Genesis games portrayal, yet the shrine is based on the Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut version. Knuckles' shoes also seem to slightly change color from panel to panel. The Disturbians' cracks on their skin also are random and not in any specific pattern or abundance.


The cover art for Issue #2, featuring Dr. Eggman and Jet the Hawk.

Issue #2-
This issue of the series diverts away from the previous, as Knuckles does not seem to be involved. As the Disturbians are returning to base, their leader (Captain Ycrep of the Disturbians) asks how their mission to retrieve the Master Emerald went, to which they reply they failed. He moves off the subject, and proceeds to talk about the Chaos Emeralds, and their abilities. As he finishes, he crushes a lightbulb, and Eggman, who was spying via a camera cannot see them any more. As he is thinking of a solution, Jet, Wave and Storm show up. This issue is yet to be finished, and is currently still being drawn up.

Issue Trivia- Eggman and Jet are missing several major components in their drawing on the cover. Jet is missing a few facial details, and body art. Eggman is missing his shoulder stripes, and eyebrows.

Plans and Development

This fanfic is under construction.


Captain Ycrep of the Disturbians

Melicia of the Disturbians

Hpesoj of the Disturbians

Kcalb of the Disturbians

Witnim of the Disturbians

Wodahs of the Disturbians

Sonic the Hedgehog (cameo)

Knuckles the Echidna

Dr. Eggman

Jet the Hawk

Wave the Swallow

Storm the Albatross


  • Knuckles defending the Master emerald.
  • Knuckles punching Kcalb.
  • Knuckles threatening the Disturbians.
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