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|"Rock And Roll All Nite"
|"Rock And Roll All Nite"
|Glam metal
|Hard rock
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|Crowded House
|Crowded House
|No Remorse
|Thrash metal
|Basket Case
|Green Day
|Pop punk
|Give Yourself A Chance
|Agnes Strange
|Punk rock
|Move It On Over
|George Thorogood & The Destroyers
|Hard rock
|Grand Prix
|Hair metal
|Rock disco
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Sonic rock band
Sonic the Hedgehog: Rock Band


The Impossible Paradoxes

Fight For Freedom

Sonic the Hedgehog: Guitar and Vocals

Sally Acorn: Additional Guitars and Female Vocals

Manic the Hedgehog: Drums

Sonia the Hedgehog: Keyboard

Miles "Tails" Prower: Bass Guitar

Forget Me Khots

Mina Mongoose: Female Vocals

Ash Mongoose: Male Vocals

Sharps the Chicken: Bassist

Max the Monkey: Guitarist

Mach the Rabbit: Drummer

Mobians Without Shirts

Chandler the Hedgehog: Vocals

Rotor Walrus: Keyboard

NICOLE: Bass Guitar

Cyrus the Lion: Guitar

Monkey Khan: Drums

The Danger Dynimos

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100): Guitar & Male Vocals

Patricia the Skunk: Keyboard & Female Vocals

Bada the Gorilla: Drummer

Bing the Gorilla: Base Guitar

Planet Earth

Myesha the Echidna: Guitar

Carmmen the Fox: Keyboard and Female Vocals

D-Loc the HedgeFox: Drums and Male Vocals

Vyne the Arctic Wolf: Bass Guitar

Fennec Fox Singers

Kaytlin Fence the fox:Guitar and Female Vocal

Rosa Fence the Leopard Gecko:Keyboard

Gale Fence the Cat:Drums

Farnes the Armidillo:Male Vocal

Storm Chasers

Slip 'n' Sliders

  • Dena the Hedgehog: Lead vocals
  • Dean the Hedgehog: Guitar
  • Robot Nick: Keyboard, vocals
  • Turbb "Roxy" Oh: Vocals
  • Lumms the Frog: Drums
  • Sarah the Cat: Vocals
  • Sketchy the Squirrel: Bass

The Deam Team

  • Speedy the Porcupine: Lead guitar and Lead vocals
  • Ruby the Porcupine: Female Vocals
  • Jim the Doggaby: Drums,Second male vocals.
  • Jake the Echidna: Keyboard,Third male vocals.


  • Darkstorm the Halfbreed-Lead vocal and Guitar
  • Bakuu-Second Guitar
  • Xenorahk-Base
  • Blaze the Hedgecat- Drums
  • Vitani the Lioness-Third Guitar

The Next Generation

  • Lead Vocal: Silver The Hedgehog
  • Second Male Lead Vocal and Gutiar: Apallo The Hedgehog
  • Drums: Diana The Hedgehog
  • Electric Gutiar: Lunas The Hedgehog
  • Keybord: Violet Rich The Hedgehog
  • Secondary Keybord, and Head Female Vocal: Minta The Hedgehog
  • Violin: Liza the Hedgrabbit
  • Second Female Lead Vocal: Samantha The Hedgehog
  • Second Electric Gituar and Base: Neos The Hedgehog


  • Manik Needlemouse: Electric Guitar and Lead Male Vocals
  • Mari-Lu the Echidna: Lead Female Vocals
  • Jewel the Acrobat: Bass
  • Gear the Gizoid: Keyboard and Back-up Male Vocals
  • Momentum the Armadillo: Drums
  • Carly Racoon: Synthesizer and Back-up Female Vocals


Year Song Artist(s) Genre Quest Mode setlist
1986 "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party!)" Beastie Boys Hard rock The Danger Dynimos
1983 "All Night Long (All Night)" Lionel Richie Pop Planet Earth
1999 "All Star" Smash Mouth Alternative rock

Fight For Freedom

1980 "Another One Bites The Dust" Queen Rock Futureshock
1980 "Any Way You Want It" Journey Hard rock Fennec Fox Singers
1992 "Baby Don't Cry" INXS Alternative rock TBA
1985 "Back In Time" Huey Lewis and the News Rock The Danger Dynimos
1987 "Bad" Michael Jackson Funk Slip 'n' Sliders
2005 "Bat Country'" Avenged Sevenfold Hard rock The Danger Dynimos
1981 "Beautiful World" Devo New Wave Mobians Without Shirts
2007 "Believe" The Bravery Alternative rock TBA
1997 "Bitter Sweet Symphony" The Verve Alternative rock TBA
2005 "Black and White Town" Doves Indie rock TBA
1975 "Bohemian Rhapsody" Queen Classic rock Planet Earth
1990 "Bound For Glory" Angry Anderson Hard rock TBA
1994 "Breakfast At Tiffany's" Deep Blue Something Alternative rock

Mobians Without Shirts

2004 "C'mon C'mon" The Von Bondies Alternative rock The Danger Dynimos
1999 "Canned Heat" Jamiroquai Funk Forget Me Khots
1981 "Centerfold" J. Geils Band Rock TBA
1983 "Cum On Feel The Noize" Quiet Riot Heavy metal The Dream Team
2005 "Dance, Dance" Fall Out Boy Pop rock The Danger Dynimos
2008 "Devour" Shinedown Hard rock Forget Me Khots
1976 "Do You Feel Like We Do" Peter Frampton Rock Mobians Without Shirts
1982 "Don't Pay the Ferryman" Chris de Burgh Rock TBA
1978 "Don't Stop Me Now" Queen Rock The Dream Team
1985 "Don't You (Forget About Me)" Simple Minds New Wave Fennec Fox Singers
1989 "Dr. Feelgood" Mötley Crüe Heavy Metal TBA
1987 "Dreamworld" Midnight Oil Alternative TBA
2002 "Everyday" Bon Jovi Hard rock Planet Earth
1993 "Fastest Thing Alive" Noisy Neighbors Rock

Fight For Freedom

1975 "Get Down Tonight" KC and the Sunshine Band Funk

Fight For Freedom

2004 "Got You On My Radar" Peabody Alternative rock TBA
1978 "Hit Me with Your Rhythm Stick" Ian Dury and the Blockheads Rock TBA
1992 "Holy Grail" Hunters & Collectors Australian rock Storm Chasers
1982 "House of Fun" Madness Pop TBA
2003 "I Get Up" INXS Rock Mobians Without Shirts
1978 "I Wanna Be Sedated" The Ramones Punk rock Futureshock
1983 "I Want A New Drug" Huey Lewis and the News Blues Rock TBA
1992 "I Will Always Love You" Whitney Houston R&B Fennec Fox Singers
1995 "I'll Be There for You" The Rembrandts Pop rock Fennec Fox Singers
1993 "Intergalactic" Beastie Boys Alternative rock TBA
1999 "It's Only Us" Robbie Williams Pop rock TBA
2004 "Just Tonight..." Jimmy Eat World Alternative rock

Fight For Freedom

1987 "Kick" INXS Alternative rock Mobians Without Shirts
2002 "Lost Control" Grinspoon Alternative metal Forget Me Khots
1975 "Love Machine" The Miracles Disco Fennec Fox Singers
1970 "Lucky Man" Emerson, Lake & Palmer Prog rock Mobians Without Shirts
1970 "Maybe I'm Amazed" Paul McCartney Rock TBA
2007 "Misery Business" Paramore Pop punk Forget Me Khots
1979 "My Sharona" The Knack New Wave Futureshock
1987 "Need You Tonight" INXS Alternative rock

Fight For Freedom

2009 "Never Wanted To Dance" Mindless Self Indulgence Alternative TBA
1987 "New Sensation" INXS Alternative rock

Fight For Freedom

1973 "No More Mr. Nice Guy" Alice Cooper Classic rock

Fight For Freedom

1982 "Power and the Passion" Midnight Oil Rock Storm Chasers
1984 "Pride (In the Name of Love)" U2 Rock The Danger Dynimos
1973 "Radar Love" Golden Earring Hard rock Forget Me Khots
1969 "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head" B. J. Thomas Pop rock The Dream Team
2006 "Real Gone" Sheryl Crow Country rock Fennec Fox Singers
1975 "Rock And Roll All Nite" Kiss Glam metal TBA
1984 "Rock You Like A Hurricane" The Scorpions Heavy metal The Next Generation
2007 "Runnin' Wild" Airbourne Hard rock TBA
2004 "Shake That Bush Again" The Mooney Suzuki Garage Rock

Fight For Freedom

1971 "She's a Lady" Tom Jones Pop TBA
2003 "Spitting Games" Snow Patrol Alternative rock TBA
1990 "Suicide Blonde" INXS Alternative rock Mobians Without Shirts
2004 "Take Me Out" Franz Ferdinand Alternative rock Storm Chasers
2002 "The Anthem" Good Charlotte Pop punk Storm Chasers
2006 "The Diary Of Jane" Breaking Benjamin Nu metal


1997 "The Impression That I Get" The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Ska punk

Fight For Freedom


"The Loco-Motion"

Kylie Minogue Pop The Dream Team
1985 "The Power of Love" Huey Lewis and the News Rock

Fight For Freedom

1969 "The Real Thing" Russell Morris Psychedelic rock Mobians Without Shirts
1987 "The Way You Make Me Feel" Michael Jackson Funk-rock

Fight For Freedom

1982 "Theme from Cheers (Where Everybody Knows Your Name)" Gary Portnoy Pop Slip 'n' Sliders
1995 "They Don't Care About Us" Michael Jackson Heavy Metal Slip 'n' Sliders
1982 "Thriller" Michael Jackson Funk Slip 'n' Sliders
1981 "Through Being Cool" Devo New Wave Mobians Without Shirts
1990 "Thunderstruck" AC/DC Hard rock Planet Earth
2004 "Time and Time Again" Chronic Future Alternative rock The Danger Dynimos
1997 "Tubthumping" Chumbawamba Alternative rock Mobians Without Shirts
1982 "TV Party" Black Flag Hardcore punk TBA
1990 "U Can't Touch This" MC Hammer Hip hop The Dream Team
1975 "Walk This Way" Aerosmith Hard rock TBA
1985 "We Built This City" Starship Pop rock Forget Me Khots
2009 "We Made It" Busta Rhymes feat. Linkin Park Metal


1987 "Welcome To The Jungle" Gun N' Roses Heavy metal Planet Earth
1985 "What You Need" INXS New Wave Mobians Without Shirts
1987 "What's My Scene?" Hoodoo Gurus Rock TBA
1980 "Whip It" Devo New Wave Mobians Without Shirts
1984 "You're the Best" Joe Esposito Pop Rock The Dream Team
1986 "You're The Voice" John Farnham Rock The Danger Dynimos
1989 "Young Lust" Aerosmith Hard rock


2008 "Penrose" Roy Death Metal The Impossible Paradoxes


Any One Can Put There Songs Here

Year Song Artist(s) Genre
1986 "Walk This Way" Aerosmith & Run D.M.C. Hip hop
1980 "Turning Japanese" The Vapors New Wave
2008 "Viva la Vida" Coldplay Baroque pop
1980 "Back In Black" AC/DC Hard rock
1998 "Closing Time" Semisonic Rock
1982 "The Safety Dance" Men Without Hats New Wave
2010 "Get a Life" Lil Wayne Hip Hop
1984 "Ghostbusters" Ray Parker, Jr. Rock
2005 "I Like to Move it, Move it" (Madagascar) Sacha Baron Cohen Dance, Reggae, Hip Hop & Dancehall
1981 "Don't Stop Beleivin' " Journey Rock
1980 "You Shook Me All Night Long" AC/DC Hard rock
1980 "The Winner Takes It All" ABBA Pop
1972 "Back Stabbers" The O'Jays R&B
1779 Amazing Grace John Newton Hymn
1986 Livin' on a Prayer Bon Jovi Glam metal, hard rock
2003 Bring Me To Life Evanescence Rock
2011 His World Special Remix Zebrahead, Crush 40 (This was fan made and is mostlikely the most inpossable song ever)
2001 Live And Learn Crush 40 Rock
1989 Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice
Look Alike Riu Konaka
2010 INXS AFL Grand Final Medley INXS Rock
2010 Break Your Heart Taio Cruz Electropop, R&B, dance-pop
1987 Whenever You Need Somebody Rick Astley Pop
1962 Do You Hear What I Hear? Noel Regney Christian
2011 Go Sonic! Slip 'n' Sliders Fan-Made
Murmaider II: Water God Dethklok Death Metal
2006 His World Zebrahead Rock
2008 Carol of the Bells August Burns Red Metal
2010 Prom Queen Remix Lil Wanye and Drake Hip Hop and Rock
2005 Feel Good Inc. Gorrilaz Trip rock
Crazy Train Ozzy Ozbourne Rock
2008 Thunderstuck Hinder Hard rock
1973 "Takin' Care of Business" Bachman–Turner Overdrive Rock
1989 "We Didn't Start the Fire" Billy Joel Rock
2007 "Straight Lines" Silverchair Alternative rock
2010 "Just the Way You Are" Bruno Mars Pop
1987 "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" Aerosmith Hard rock
1987 "Rag Doll" Aerosmith Hard rock
1993 "Frank's 2000" TV" "Weird Al" Yankovic Alternative rock
1993 "Achy Breaky Song" "Weird Al" Yankovic Country
1993 "Jurassic Park" "Weird Al" Yankovic Comedy rock
1992 "I Can't Watch This" "Weird Al" Yankovic Comedy rap
1992 "Smells Like Nirvana" "Weird Al" Yankovic Comedy rock
1982 Don’t Change INXS Alternative rock
1987 Good Times Jimmy Barnes with INXS Rock
1989 Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) Mötley Crüe Glam metal
1985 Bittersweet Hoodoo Gurus Alternative rock
1991 Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana Grunge
1985 I Want A New Duck "Weird Al" Yankovic Pop rock
2005 Pretty Vegas INXS Alternative rock
1987 Beds Are Burning Midnight Oil Alternative rock
1985 Dare To Be Stupid "Weird Al" Yankovic New Wave
2003 Taken For A Ride AM Radio Alternative rock
2001 Party Hard Andrew W.K. Hard Rock
2011 Stand Lenny Kravitz Funk Rock
1980 Runaway Boys Stray Cats Rockabilly
2011 Jet Lag Simple Plan Pop Punk
1999 She’s So High Tal Bachman Alternative rock
1997 No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young) Queen Rock
2011 Walk Foo Fighters Alternative rock
2006 Dig Incubus Alternative rock

Dancing On The Ceiling

Lionel Richie New Wave

Livin’ La Vida Loca

Ricky Martin Pop Rock
1977 We Will Rock You Queen Rock
1984 We're Not Gonna Take It Twisted Sister Heavy Metal
1991 Enter Sandman Metallica Heavy Metal
2000 Bohemian Like You The Dandy Warhols Power pop
1981 Start Me Up The Rolling Stones Hard Rock
1995 Greg! The Stop Sign!! TISM Alternative rock
1995 (He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River TISM Alternative rock
2001 Channel Turd TISM Alternative rock
1988 Saturday Night Palsy TISM Alternative rock
1988 40 Years - Then Death TISM Alternative rock
1998 Whatareya? TISM Alternative rock
2001 TISM Club Song (Live) TISM Alternative rock
1998 Yob TISM Alternative rock
2001 Won't Get Fooled Again, Again TISM Alternative rock
2009 My Other Bumper Sticker Is Intelligent ROOT! Alternative rock
1979 I See Red Split Enz New Wave
1991 Zoo Station U2 Alternative rock
1991 Even Better Than The Real Thing U2 Alternative rock
1991 The Fly U2 Alternative rock
1991 Mysterious Ways U2 Alternative rock
2000 Beautiful Day U2 Pop
1997 Discotheque U2 Alternative
1995 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me U2 Alternative rock
1986 Throw Your Arms Around Me Hunters & Collectors Alternative rock
2012 Use-By Date Hoodoo Gurus Rock
1984 I Want You Back Hoodoo Gurus Rock
1989 Come Anytime Hoodoo Gurus Rock
1986 Don't Dream It's Over Crowded House Rock
1983 No Remorse Metallica Thrash metal
1994 Basket Case Green Day Pop punk
1975 Give Yourself A Chance Agnes Strange Punk rock
1978 Move It On Over George Thorogood & The Destroyers Hard rock
1983 Shout Grand Prix Hair metal
1979 Glitter Overdrive Rock disco
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