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Sonic the Hedgehog: Lost Chapters is a fancomic written and illustrated by the figure known as "Panic the Wolf" or "Dr. Hector J. MacHines". Its storyline is rather restricted, as it is written so that it never condradicts Archieverse canon. For this reason, almost all of the comics after the Radiation the Hedgehog story arc are set in Mobius A. To date, no issues have been completed, as they went missing for some time. There will also be a novelized version of the story. The project is currently shelved indefinitely.


The comics drop in at various points in the storyline, and usually focus on the standard characters, but the plot itself is usually based on a few characters introduced by the writer. The comics are best if read alongside the Archie Sonic comics, but this is not necessary. They can be considered canon or non-canon, it doesn't matter. Length of each comic varies greatly, and there have never been any without at least one appearance by Radiation the Hedgehog.

Confirmed Issues and Key Details

The Six Million Dollar Hedgehog- First in the series. Radiation arrives with Robotnik A. Robotnik A dies, and Radiation seems to.

Sprite reproduction of the cover.

The Bionic Mobian- Radiation survives and turns evil. Sonic fights parodies of Crash Bandicoot villains. Radiation loses all sanity.

Jig- The Freedom Fighters and Eggman try to stop Radiation, who tries to kill them with strange traps. Eggman clones himself repeatedly and all but the original are killed by the contraptions. After a confrontation, Radiation is seemingly obliterated in an explosion from a rocket in his head.

Rossum's Universal Hedgehog- Radiation is totally rebuilt as a massive, dark cyborg and becomes Eggman's second-in-command. He is ambushed when he visits the planet from space and is stabbed, seemingly fatally. Sonic mourns his former friend.

Ashes to Ashes, Bolts to Bolts- Radiation survives-again-and returns to his space station. He snaps back to good for reasons unknown, and is ready to talk when Sonic and co. arrive. They plan to defeat Eggman together, but Eggman overhears and activates the self-destruct. After a massive explosion, Radiation saves an injured Antoine and Sonic, but dies in the process. Sonic retrieves his cyborg arm.

From the Ground Up- Rotor and Tails retrieve Radiation's consciousness, though he is alive only as his arm. After doing a lot of talking and rejoining his friends, what is left of him manages to reconstruct the rest.

A Place to Call Home- Radiation returns to the public, and a few days later returns to his own dimension through a wormhole.

I, Robian- Special issue. Details of Radiation's various forms. Included is a sneak peek at Radiation's clone...

Recall of Duty- First appearance of Knux. Robotnik A's prisoners are rescued, but Maria is not among them. Knux has an episode, but is stopped before anyone is seriously hurt. In an off-panel, Dismal the Hedgehog appears in Mobius A, where he is promptly killed by a rampaging Knux.

The Green Hill Zone- Knux is sentenced to death for mass murder. While in prison, the Freedom Fighters, acting as guards, fail to believe he's capable of such an act. Kyle O'Meter is imprisoned for the same crime but has no remorse. Knux realizes Kyle made him do it and ends up killing him, "returning what he was given." Despite being innocent, he is to be executed anyway. It is then revealed that everything that happened was just a movie being filmed.

Entwickelt- Radiation & co. visit what was once Germany to visit the October Mountain Freedom Fighters and discover a series of recent murders. After much investigation, one of the October Mountain group is revealed to be Adalwulf, a genocidal, immortal murderer and the only survivor of Mobius A Colin Kintobor's experiments. After a struggle with Radiation, Adalwulf is hit in the chest by a laser blast and falls down a well. However, no body is found.

Knallefekt- Adalwulf is alive but very sick due to NIDS. He attempts to steal the blue entropy emerald while being pursued. The Freedom Fighters and Adalwulf get there at the same time, but the emerald shocks Adalwulf the second he touches it and he falls to the floor motionless. Everyone leaves after the screaming ghost of Adalwulf falls through the ground in flames. After they leave, Adaluwlf's eyes open, visible in them the laughing visage of Surge the Hedgehog.

Be All His Sins Remember'd- Radiation, suffering from nightmares about Surge, seeks counselling. He recalls everything that happened with Surge, and is horrified when he learns that not only is Adalwulf still alive, if terminally ill, but also possessed by Surge himself.

In the Name of Science- The Freedom Fighters successfully infiltrate The Unknown Enemy's fortress, but he/she is not there. Instead, MACk the AI holds them and provides a challenge. If they can solve a series of trials, he will release them before his master comes back. They succeed and leave. The Unknown Enemy returns from an unknown location in the desert, and immediately begins barking orders. MACk officially decides he has had enough.

Rerun for your Life!- Radiation realizes that Robotnik A is needed to defeat The Unknown Enemy. With a lot of help, he takes the team through time and space to retrieve Robotnik before he burned up in the Sun. There is a malfunction with the ship, but disaster is averted and Robotnik is returned to Mobius A as a prisoner.

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  • It was recently revealed that the incident that traumatized Knux was the same one that cost Radiation so much of himself.
  • The absence of various characters is explained in Mobius Prime by the fact that the group is in a temporary base for the purpose of a mission. On Mobius A, The Unknown Enemy is stated to have imprisoned the majority of the population in an unknown location. Also, due to the alternate timeline, several probably were simply never born.
  • The author says that none of the characters are supposed to be him, although each represents a different aspect of his personality.
  • The author's friends liked the general story of Entwickelt, but it was criticized for being EXTREMELY dark and likely too much for younger readers. He is currently considering making it exclusive to the novel version.
  • The series is considered quasi-canon, as no official timelines or details are contradicted.
  • A recurring theme is that the only reason the characters differ from their counterparts is because they each had one bad day.
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