Superstar Diva is the fifth chapter of Sonic the Hedgehog: Crystals of Soleanna.


An (in)famous popstar comes to Mobius, but things won't go as it seems.


A radio announcement says that a new girl is coming to town to build up a concert in Mobius this weekend. Sonic gets eratically excited and jumps and screams in happiness. Amy later get upset, seeing that Sonic now has a crush on that "Beaver-girl". Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman and Pink Sakura team up to create a large army of robots in attempting to destroy Earth as a purpose. However, the robots just explode when they get told to raid the planet. Back at Team Sonic's house, Sonic just wants to see Justina Beaver right now and has a dream to marry her. Everybody gets upset about it and Tails builds a memory reader and placing it on his forehead of what happened. During the past scene, Sonic was walking out of the Inventory Store and got shot by the Affection Machine fired by Beaver herself. The team gets shocked to see that and sees her again and they fight until she disappears into the shadow. At the concert at night, Justina is about to perform a song called "Pretty Boys on the Run". Sonic, again, gets lovesick and tries to go too close for her, but anyways outbreaks a large army of fans raiding Mobius City. Eggman, trying to fix the Attraction Machine, afterwards backfires at him and Pink Sakura laughs over it. He later gets angry at him for not helping out fixing the "darn gun". Justina Beaver reveals her true form as a henchwoman of the Humanoid Evil, and attempts to rule the world. However, her plan fails as she is being defeated by Sonic Team, and everyone including Sonic is turned normal again, hoping that it will never happen again. An Infernal Crystal later appears out of nowhere, but flies into an alternate dimension.

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