From the Present to the Future is the fourth chapter of Sonic the Hedgehog: Crystals of Soleanna.


The Sonic Team discovers a hedgehog who appears to come from the future.


The episode starts with everybody having a good time since it's Valentine's Day. However, when a massive portal opens in the sky, it comes out a silver hedgehog trying to look after Solaris. Team Sonic wonders who he is, replying that his name is Silver the Hedgehog, who comes from the future to capture Solaris and seal it away from Soleanna. The scene later cuts to Pink Sakura, angry because that he keeps failing to dominate the universe, and that the royal election is going to be over by November. The team later travel to the future to see how their everyday lives look like in the next 6 years. Sonic and Amy are now married, Cosmo is pregnant with an another child, Knuckles passes away after a serious accident, ect. And because of this, they promise that this will never happen to them in the next 6 years later, but it doesn't work when they find out that it's unpredictable and rather get embarrassed by the audience. They later go back to the past between the time Sonic X was still running and after episode 78. Chris forgot to say goodbye to Sonic and the Egg Pod crashes near Station Square and it burns, heavily implying that he never successfully landed on Earth and instead died of head trauma. Again, they go back 6 more years back in the past; but when the time machine blows up, they get stranded on the Sonic X saga, and is impossible to get out of this "successful show that got ruined by an immature 12 year old brat". Eventually, when they see their past selves attempting to stop Dr. Eggman, they try hiding into bushes and dress up like statues without people knowing about it. However, when they get caught by their past version, they get shocked and try to ask them questions where they come from and why they are here. They answer that the time portal was violently unstable and exploded into dust. Past Tails has got an idea that he can build up a new portal so they can come back. The future team agrees with this statement, as they say goodbye to their past forms. As they go back to the present, Silver is seen angry at the team for being out so long.

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