Immigration Destination is the 3rd chapter of Sonic the Hedgehog: Crystals of Soleanna.


Sticks has doubts about moving from Bygone Island.


The episode starts with the entire team being bored on their secret house. When they once again receive a message from Alana, they hear that Dr. Eggman is banning Bygone Islanders from entering Mobius. The team rather get shocked than surprised, as they travel to Bygone Island so save the inhabitants from getting their country banished forever. When they come to the island, they see an orange badger girl resembling Marine sitting there practising her boomerang. Sonic asks her who she is, and she replies "my name is Sticks, Sticks the Badger". She says that we are banned from Mobius because they think they cheered on Chris leaving Sonic behind. Back in Mobius, the people boo on Eggman for stating the idea on-air. And then out of nowhere Sonic and co. have a new member who is actually Sticks. Eggman gets defeated by Super Sonic and now Bygone Islanders are happily immigrating to the city.

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