Soldier of Misfortune is the secound chapter of Sonic the Hedgehog: Crystals of Soleanna.


Following the incident of the strange thunderstorm, Team Sonic investigates the entire city of Mobius until they get encountered by a dangerous and scary creature that threatens to dominate the kingdom of Soleanna.


Once early in the morning, the entire cast of Team Sonic wake up until they hear a strange noise outside their window. When Tails looks out, he sees a giant man attacking the inhabitants with one of his military weapons. The Secret House later gets it's doors and windows closed and they find out that today is "Disaster Week", an event that happens every 10 years on only one week. Ready to jump into the portal, everybody uses their Spin Dash moves to travel faster so nobody can catch them. In Soleanna, they end up in an abandoned temple occupied with ghosts of previous members who died in there. Later on, they see Mephiles and Iblis appear once again. It turns out that they were the one who created the Soldier of Misfortune. And then, out of nowhere, SoM appears and threatens to explode Soleanna if he doesn't find the Infernal Crystals so he can give it to Doctor Eggman to dominate the worlds. TS refuses to tell him where they are, and Tails throws a Chaos Emerald to Sonic so he can turn into Super Sonic. Misfortune, shocked in terror, starts crying like a baby as S. Sonic blasts him with Chaos Blast and he dies. Back in Mobius, the Team promises that neither something bad happens again. However, a new notification gets received by Lizzy that the public is in danger again, as a duo of buildings are about to collapse after a massive airstrike in Moebius.

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