Brand New World is the first chapter of Sonic the Hedgehog: Crystals of Soleanna


A strange beam of light  appears in the night sky in a cold winter day.


Team Sonic


The chapter starts with a February day in Mobius, where everybody are living happily ever after. However, a thunderstorm appears out of nowhere and in the cloudy sky it opens a portal-like gate which appears to be two human legs. Any people try to run away from the disaster, but end up falling into large pits like the world is going to end or something. Two days later, Sonic recieves a newspaper called the "Mobius Today" describing a weather no one else has had been seen before. He gets shocked and tells Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream and Cosmo about it. Suddenly, a hologram shows up and it appears to be a young girl reporting that the world is in danger, and that they are the chosen one to save it. The group later teams up and enters the portal that transports them to Soleanna. There, we see that all the buildings are ruined now and there are no more people left, except for Lizzy herself. A duo of demons later appear out of nowhere and wanted to fight with them, and Cream telling Cheese to activate the Battle Arena. Now in a "less-colder-place-than-in-the-outside", the villains want to fight the team. Sonic uses his Spin Dash and Amy the Piko Piko Hammer. Right after to make the battle finished, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic and blasts Mephiles and Iblis into dust. Back at Mobius, Team Sonic cheer (and you gotta find out in the next episode what is going to happen).


  • Justin Bieber was originally supposed to voice Tails in this episode back when the show was in production. However, he got removed and replaced by Zach Callison because they didn't want to have massive outrage from fans.
  • It was supposed to air in January 29, 2014, but bot delayed for two years because more characters were going to be made.
  • It is the first chapter of Sth:CoS.
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