"Sonic the Hedgehog: Crystals of Soleanna" is a fanfiction created and written by FlowerOfTheWind and came out in February 6, 2016. It was announced in late January 2014 as "Daniel X", and has characters' desgins usually changed ever since from the start. However, it got cancelled after 7 episodes.


The series takes place in 23rd century Mobius, were everyone are living in peace. However, when a massive thunderstorm appears, the cloudy sky opens and there is a mysterious light that has never been seen before. The planet laters splits into two pieces, and the Imperial Crystals are lost from Soleanna, with Princess Elise III imprisoned. There is one way Sonic and co. will collect them all and seal them back to the kingdom. But to do it, they need to seek help from all people and have to beat difficult bosses.






Development all started in 2014, when I was going to work on a fanfiction formerly titled "Daniel X", that took place after Sonic X, which starred Daniel as the main character and Chris is now 18 years old. However, I changed the idea and made the plot more interesting and inspiring.


Chapter 1: Brand New World

Chapter 2: Soldier of Misfortune

Chapter 3: Immigration Destination

Chapter 4: From the Present to the Future

Chapter 5: Superstar Diva

Chapter 6: Cherry Blossoms at a Full Bloom!¨

Chapter 7: The Return of Shadow

Chapter 8: Religion of Soleanna

Chapter 9: Mephiles Strikes Back (part 1)

Chapter 10: Mephiles Strikes Back (part 2)

Chapter 11: Yoshino's Fate

Chapter 12: Prankster Teens

Chapter 13: Worst Egg Job...EVER!

Chapter 14: End-of-the-Year Celebration

Chapter 15: Elise's Message

Chapter 16: Seedrians United

Chapter 17: No More Merchandise

Chapter 18: Dealin' with a Componist

Chapter 19: Dont't Look It Up...

Chapter 20: Serious Fatality

Chapter 21: I Told You, Don't Push That Button!

Chapter 22: Prankster Teens...Again.

Chapter 23: Cheese the Genius

Chapter 24: Forever Into Darkness

Chapter 25: Under the Sign of Sonic

Chapter 26: Chris Thorndyke's Hate

Chapter 27: Virtual Stalker

Chapter 28: Defeating the Virtual Stalker

Chapter 29: Wow! I Didn't Knew That We Are Soon Finished!

Chapter 30: Almost There...

Chapter 31: The Final Battle (part 1)

Chapter 32: The Final Battle (part 2)


  • Alana, a human character, was originally supposed to appear in this fanfiction as a companion and partner to Sonic. However, she got scrapped/removed for unknown reasons.
  • The reason for the fanfiction's cancelling was because that I was too lazy to make a long plot for it and that I ran out of ideas.
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