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Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog is the hero of his self-titled video game series. Naturally, he's still the main protagonist in BearfootTruck's stories, where he leads the Knothole Freedom Fighters. For the most part, he's the same as his canon counterpart. Or, for portals to other universes, you can click here.


Sonic was born in the Kingdom of Mobius to unknown parents and was adopted by his uncle, a chili dog salesman/part-time inventor named Sir Charles T. Hedgehog, a.k.a. "Uncle Chuck". The two of them lived in Emerald City. Originally, Sonic was named "Sonny" and was colored brown. Growing up, young Sonny had poor eyesight and would often bump into things. Nevertheless, that didn't stop him from doing his favorite thing: running. He would run and run and run - all day, every day. Then, one day, Sonny ended up running so fast that he broke the sound barrier. This turned his quills blue and made them more streamlined. From that day forward, Uncle Chuck would call him "Sonic".

Life was good for Sonic & his uncle. Then, one day, a mad scientist named Dr. Ivo Robotnik staged a coup and overthrew the king & queen of Mobius. After taking over, Robotnik also roboticized most of Mobius' population. Sonic escaped, but he failed to save Uncle Chuck from being roboticized, so he went to the Great Forest. However, he had no friends, so all of his time was spent either running around, eating, drinking, or laying on the ground crying. Finally, he decided to stop feeling sorry for himself and fight, which set off the events in the first three Sonic games. Then, he met Sally Acorn and some Freedom Fighters, and the rest is history.


For the most part, Sonic's personality is the same as his canon counterpart: He's brave, bold, reckless, and a real joker. However, like his canon counterpart, he still believes in doing what's right and helping people out when they're feeling down. There's just one difference: Unlike in the games, Sonic doesn't mind chilling out and relaxing every now and then — as long as nobody's holding him involuntarily, anyways. On a lesser note, Sonic's brand of cockiness seems to reflect his AoStH & SatAM portrayals. Parallel to this, Sonic also sports a unique trait: He uses 70's slang such as "far out" or "jive".


Sonic's appearance hasn't been changed one bit. However, given that BearfootTruck's stories use elements from the classic & modern games, the stories were written such that Sonic could either look like his classic self or modern self, depending on the reader's point of view.


Well...he wouldn't be Sonic if he didn't have super speed now, would he? Aside from that, and from his usual abilities, Sonic is also quite artistic, and can paint a masterpiece in only a matter of seconds. He also has good martial arts skills.

Items & weapons

Like his game counterpart, Sonic shies away from the use of weapons (barring swords). While he can get the Chaos Emeralds, he hasn't actually used them in any of BearfootTruck's stories, but he has used Power Rings before. For stealth operations, Sonic also carries a bottomless bag of disguises just as he did in AoStH. On certain occasions, he may use vehicles. So far, he's owned the Tornado biplane and a Yamaha YZ400 "Whirlwind" motocross bike.



Two Kinds of Heroes

Sonic heads to Eggopolis with Miles "Tails" Prower & Knuckles, aiming to destroy a mech factory that Dr. Robotnik is constructing. However, due to a trap planted by Scratch & Grounder, plus a freak electromagnetic storm, he and his gang end up in Stalag 13. Here, they meet up with Colonel Robert Hogan and his Heroes. Sonic learns that Hogan has a similar mission: To take out a factory that makes E-75 heavy tanks. At first, Sonic doesn’t want to go on this mission; he wants to go straight home. However, after some prodding from Sally, he reluctantly agrees to stay for the mission.

Though Hogan's men are accepting of Sonic & co., the Blue Blur & friends will have to stay hidden from the rest of the German Army. In the meantime, Sonic plays some cards and tries to keep himself entertained. Disguised as "Colonel Sonicheimer the Hedgehog", he obtains the necessary components to build a teleporter machine to get the Freedom Fighters back home. When LeBeau cooks dinner, Sonic is disappointed that there are no chili dogs, but he chows down anyways.

Sonic is surprised when Shadow shows up as a member of the Gestapo. Here, Shadow warns Sonic not to try anything funny and threatens to kill him if he does so. Nevertheless, Sonic isn’t deterred from taking part in Hogan's mission. During the attack on the tank factory, he attempts to bust through a door using a spin attack, but fails, so Bunnie & [{Rouge the Bat (BearfootTruck's Universe)|Rouge]] take care of it instead. Once inside, he uses his super speed to draw the guards' fire and almost gets shot, catching a bullet in his teeth. He also takes down some of the defenses so Hogan & the others can escape. With the factory destroyed, Sonic & his friends go back home and destroy Robotnik’s mech factory like they were originally supposed to.

In the "Sonic Says" segment, Sonic warns everyone about the dangers of playing with unexploded ordnance.

The Fakest Things Alive

When Sonic brings home a 1978 Yamaha YZ400, Rotor asks him to bring home some batteries for a laser cannon he’s working on, while Miles "Tails" Prower agrees to modify his bike. On the way, Sonic accidentally bumps into Shadow, prompting Shadow to chase after him. However, Sonic evades him in a junkyard, and after this, he gets the parts that Tails & Rotor need. However, due to an unforeseen consequence of Dr. Robotnik's Inter-Dimensional Molecular Relocation Device, Sonic gets sent back in time and (unbeknownst to his friends) replaced with two impostor hedgehogs.

The rest of the story focuses on Sonic's trip through time & space, in addition to his friends' search for him. Sonic's journey takes him all over the place: The "caveman era", Ancient Greece, the Middle Ages, the Italian Renaissance, the Salem Witch Hunts, the Battle of Gettysburg, and finally to New York City, 1977. It is here that he befriends a woman named Sharon St. Martin, an aspiring singer who works at a bakery. In addition to exploring the city on his own time, Sonic goes out with Sharon and attends a gig of hers at the Village Vanguard. Here, she is offered a recording contract, but gets a major case of butterflies in her stomach. After some encouragement from Sonic, though, she accepts the offer. Sonic & Sharon finish the night by dancing at Infinity Disco, where Sonic defeats a gang of muggers. Thus, the two go home safe & sound.

While sleeping that night, Sonic ends up in a mysterious void, where he encounters the Keeper of Time and Space. Here, it's revealed that because of Sonic's meddling, he must answer three questions before he can go home. The Blue Blur passes this test and gets back just in time to stop an attack on the Great Forest. He’s about to try out his newly-modified YZ400, but then he’s confronted by Shadow, Amy, Antoine, Rouge & Sally, who blame him for the things the impostors did, so he runs away. In the epilogue, it's shown that Sonic left a message for Sharon, along with some money & a gun. The message reveals that Sonic wouldn’t have wanted a relationship with her because of the incident with Princess Elise, but that he still loves her and will never forget her.

In the "Sonic Says" segment for this episode, Sonic says that you shouldn’t impersonate people unless you’re on an undercover mission.

And Down Will Come Sonic – Cradle and All

Sonic & Shadow respond to a distress call at Kinto Village. However, it was a trap set up by Dr. Robotnik, and during the battle, Sonic hurts his foot when he steps on a spike. Miles "Tails" Prower brings him back to Knothole, where Rotor & Sally tend to his injury. After eating a platter of chili dogs brought to him by Antoine & Bunnie, Sonic falls asleep early. While Sonic's asleep, he has a dream that he's at a schoolhouse, where a clone of Sonic shows him around. However, this clone turns out to be evil and is bent on tormenting Sonic. Despite his best attempts to escape, his evil clone follows him and eventually gives him a frightening bus ride. Afterwards, Sonic blacks out and ends up in a void, thinking he's escaped, but Nightmare Sonic is still there.

Sonic wakes up from this dream and goes back to sleep. The next morning, he says hello to all his friends, but Sally turns out to be Nightmare Sonic instead, which means Sonic's still dreaming. He wakes up from this dream and watches a movie the next morning. However, the movie is interrupted by a news announcement – delivered by Nightmare Sonic, of all people. The real Sonic wakes up from this, but when he goes back to sleep, he's awoken in the middle of the night by Tails, who has an urgent message. At first, the Blue Blur thinks it’s a trick, but after some more prodding from Tails, he gives in and checks it out. He spots one of Robotnik's machines cutting down the Great Forest. Knuckles is already there, but it’s merely Nightmare Sonic disguised as him.

From then on, Sonic is trapped in a never-ending series of nightmares, trying to escape his evil clone. In one such nightmare, he goes back to New York City and meets Sharon, who is really the clone Sonic. Then, while running away from the NYPD, he is "killed" by Shadow. Eventually, Sonic confronts his clone, who has taken the form of a Tails Doll. He proceeds to punch the doll in the face, and despite the doll's head changing to those of his friends, he keeps punching it and wakes up for real. As it turns out, Sonic had been poisoned with sodium barboxide and had been cured by his friends.

After a tearful reunion with his friends & a group hug, Sonic & the gang head for Eggopolis, where Dr. Robotnik has constructed a planet-killing weapon. They’re temporarily held up by a Richard Nixon impersonator, but they move on. On the way, they meet Shadow, who draws the attention of Robotnik's badniks so Sonic & the others can destroy the megaweapon. Back home, Sonic & Tails hug each other.

In the "Sonic Says" segment, Sonic explains that bullying is a bad thing and gives tips on how to deal with it.

Mighty Sonic

After one of his daily runs, Sonic decides to watch The Amazing Adventures of Edgar Eagle, only for Tails to run in & start watching Super Changin' Muscle Rangers (an obvious takeoff of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers). Sonic hates the show, so he gets into a fight with Tails over the TV remote, causing it to break. Sonic gives up and lets Tails watch the show.

Outside, he finds that all of his other friends are into the show, which causes tension between them. Sonic's hatred for the show stems from the fact that it beat his own show in the ratings race (a reference to Sonic SatAM being beaten by Power Rangers). After running around, this tension comes to a head when Rouge teases Sonic for being jealous of Super Changin' Muscle Rangers. For him, this proves to be the last straw, so he loses his temper and insults Rouge. After this outburst, he meets up with Cream & Cheese. To his relief, he finds out that they’re not Muscle Rangers fans, so he decides to stay at their house and cool off.

Sonic gets a surprise when he learns that the stars of Super Changin' Muscle Rangers – namely, the Rangers themselves – have been kidnapped. He finds himself conflicted because he hates the show, yet he feels a duty to help out those in need. After talking with Vanilla, he concludes that he should save the Muscle Rangers stars anyways, so he heads back for Knothole. Along the way, he apologizes to Rouge for insulting her and gets into a fight with Shadow. Both times, he tells them what happens, causing them to run off to Eggopolis without a plan, which results in them getting kidnapped as well.

Back in Knothole, he explains the situation to his friends, causing Amy & Antoine to run out and get kidnapped also. With people’s lives on the line, Rotor formulates a special plan. Once Sonic & friends get to Robotnik's base, they call upon the power of some DinoVords (thinly-disguised DinoZords) that Rotor built. At first, Sonic has trouble operating his RaptorVord, but he gets the hang of it, and thanks to the MegaVord Mode, they defeat Robotnik again and rescue the Muscle Rangers.

In the end, Sonic & friends are thanked for their help. It is here that Sonic confesses his true feelings about the show and how he felt conflicted about the whole thing. Here, Johnny Austin (the actor who plays Johnny Lee, the red Muscle Ranger) reveals that he is a big SatAM fan and was sad when it was cancelled, so he gives Sonic & Tails an opportunity to guest star in an episode of Muscle Rangers. Afterwards, Sonic asks Rotor why they can't use the Vords to crush Dr. Robotnik for good, and he’s told that the Vords have poor fuel efficiency and will only work really well with a rare crystal alloy.

In the "Sonic Says" segment, Sonic tells people not to judge others by their external appearance.

Other stories

Sonic Hotcakes

Sonic decides to cook some hotcakes for Dr. Robotnik as a peace offering. However, he nearly gets killed and decides not to pursue his plan any further. When he gets back, Sally decides to try the same plan tomorrow and fails. Furthermore, this causes Sonic's other friends to try the same plan, prompting him to rush to Eggopolis before any of them get hurt. Seeing that they all got out OK, he heads back to Knothole.

In the "Sonic Says" segment, he explains the joy of giving presents to family & friends during the holidays, but he has to run away from Shadow, who is angry at Sonic for giving him Sonic '06 for Xbox 360.

Live Each Day

While Sonic doesn’t appear in the story itself, he returns for another round of "Sonic Says", explaining why it’s a bad idea to break into other people’s houses.

Sonic Hypothesis

Sonic is now a student at Daniel Griffith High School in Station Square. During science class, he decides to leave because the teacher hasn’t shown up. Then, it is revealed that the old science teacher retired and has been replaced by a new guy: Mr. Tobor. Immediately, Sonic distrusts him, so he decides to follow the guy after school. However, the trail goes cold for two days. Sonic also gets glomped twice by Amy and is unable to convince her that he doesn't want to go out on a date with her.

After meeting Amy for the second time, Sonic runs around Station Square, occasionally pausing to admire the scenery. On one such occasion, he meets a man named Douglas Carson, the founder of the Carson Institute. Initially, the Blue Blur distrusts him, but Carson assures him that he’s a friend. To prove it, he offers Sonic a job: A supercomputer known as the Quantum Transcalculator XP-6400 has been stolen from the Institute, and Carson is offering a huge reward for it. At this point, Sonic comes to the conclusion that his new science teacher and the computer thief are the same guy: Dr. Robotnik. After accepting the job, Sonic points out that Carson's bodyguards aren't so inconspicuous.

Next, Sonic meets Miles "Tails" Prower & Knuckles at a local burger joint to discuss his findings and to come up with a plan. He orders Knuckles to tell the Chaotix to investigate Mr. Tobor and Tails to find a way to transport the computer. As for The Man, he finally manages to follow Mr. Tobor on the third day, but he disappears. So, he looks around for a secret passage and breaks down a wall, only to end up in the teachers' lounge, earning him four days' detention. Furthermore, Amy is mad at Sonic for not showing up to their date. Depressed, and without a plan, Sonic goes back home. However, while watching TV, he gets a new idea…

Two days later, Sonic is rearranging things in his locker when Planar the Gecko shows up, asking for a pencil. Sonic gives him two and tells him to keep them. In detention, Sonic shoots a wad of paper into one of the sprinklers and lights it on fire with his sunglasses. Then, when some fog generators go off and create the illusion of a fire, Ol' Blue joins Tails & Knuckles. Disguised as firemen, they search the school for a secret passage and find one, which leads to an underground tunnel complex.

After fighting off some badniks, the trio discovers that Mr. Tobor really is Dr. Robotnik and that he did steal the Quantum Transcalculator XP-6400. So, Sonic goes to battle the Doctor while his friends protect the supercomputer. Initially, Sonic has trouble because the Eggmobile is protected by a special kind of armor. Luckily, he finds a bottle of vinegar and pours it into the Eggmobile's Lava Missile launcher, destroying it. After this, Sonic congratulates his friends and gets his reward from Carson: Three of the Chaos Emeralds. However, Sonic & Tails have to chase after Knuckles when Rouge steals them.

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