King Sonic

The original ancestor of Neinfricat.

Sonic Maurice Hedgehog is an 1,900 year old hedgehog (including years since death). He was the ancestor to the Mesia family line, even though his last name was "Hedgehog". His descendants were great heroes, and it was over 18 centuries after his death when the first person descended from him used the last name "Mesia". He was resurrected when BAT agents reconstructed the Sword of Acorns and subsequently caused the Allies to win WWII after 58 years of fighting (1939-1997). He was elected as Chancellor of Germany after the war due to his valiant efforts and his heroic attitude.


Sonic's general appearance involves his trademark blue color, with a peach muzzle, arms, and belly/chest. He has green eyes, and his quills are slicked back. From behind, it looks like he has six quills, and two more on his back above his tail. He wears a crown infused with Geistkraft, only released when the Sword of Acorns was rebuilt.


Sonic's personality can be described as "a man of no words, just acts." He was the reason that Germany existed in the first place.

Cool, carefree, and easygoing, Sonic is able to make friends easily. His royal demeanor may seem cocky and stuck up, but he treats his subjects with respect and honesty. He's no liar, and keeps his promises no matter what.

A king who wants peace and tranquility, he doesn't meddle with the people's affairs, because he knows firsthand people get angry. He'd rather leave someone alone than be nosey and pay the price.

Possessing an ego to match his healthy self-confidence, Sonic tends to crack jokes and act snarky to lighten the mood. He always angers his political opponents to win elections. However, he can also be a gentleman when he feels like it, and never lets past events get him down. No matter what has happened, he holds no regrets, and looks forward to the next adventure. Sonic also has a heroic will made of iron, allowing him to stay steadfast even when others can't.

Incredibly loyal to his friends, Sonic often leaps into action in order to protect his allies, often without consideration. At times he may leave them hanging or even put them in harm's way due to his fast-paced attitude, but he doesn't do this intentionally. Sonic is also willing to accept help from others, and tends to show great trust in them.

Birth and Death

He was born in 0 AD, to unknown parents. He strayed closed to death many times, including nearly being squished by a rock, a arrow nearly hitting him, and drinking bad water. He died in 80 AD due to a poisoned arrow hitting him in the ankle. He was resurrected and became 21 again when the BAT agents rebuilt the Sword of Acorns (or Sword of Barbarossa). He was shocked at how fast civilization has advanced, not knowing how to use guns, or computers, or cameras.

Romance and Children

He and Amy Rose, being the exact same age in this universe, married and had kids. He was Amy Rose's husband until Amy Rose died due to Ivo Straub murdering her. His son was more famous than Sonic, but Sonic's legacy carried on in Swift.

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