Sonic the Hedgehog/BtR
Age 47
Gender Male
Species Mobian Hedgehog
Alleigance Good
  • Blue Fur
  • Green Eyes
  • Pale caucasian skin
  • Golden Crown
  • White Gloves
  • Red and White Sneakers

  • Knothole Freedom Fighters (disbanded)
Nicknames and Titles
  • Blue Blur

  • Sneak

  • Your Highness

  • King Sonic
  • "Shove off, you rusty Steel Girl!"
Romantic Interests
  • Sword of Acorns
  • Spin Dash
  • Homing Attack
  • Super Speed and Reflexes
  • Agility
Ability Type Speed

Sonic the Hedgehog is the King of Mobius who rules alongside his wife, Sally Acorn. He has two children, Sonia and Manik and is currently at war with Regina Ferrum, the Iron Queen, after defeating Dr. Eggman. After foiling one of Regina's many schemes, King Sonic disappeared and was assumed dead by some, but Sally is hopeful that he will return, as he had vanished once before.


Early Life

Sonic was born on day 162 of year 3220 during the early days of the Great War to the loving couple Jules and Bernadette Hedgehog in Mobotropolis. While his parents originally named him after his grandfathers, Sonic quickly picked up his nickname due to his incredible speed which he would use to run everywhere.

As a toddler, both of Sonic's parents fell victim to the roboticizer, forcing his uncle to raise him. Sonic first met Sally Acorn during one of his uncle's many visits to King Maxmillian. When the King realized the Great War was going badly for the Mobians, he ordered a large number of the children in the city, including his daughter and Sonic, to the sanctuary in Knothole Village under the protection of Rosie Woodchuck and Julayla Chipmunk. Only a few months after the Great War's end, Warlord Julian launched a full scale coup d'etat and took over the city, renaming it Robotropolis. During his takeover, Sonic's uncle Charles "Chuck" Hedgehog and pet dog Muttski were captured and roboticized as well, effectively making Sonic an orphan.

Over the years, Sonic struck back against Robotnik's growing empire, assisted by his friends Sally, Rotor, Antoine D'Coolette, NICOLE and Tails. Modeling their group after the Original Freedom Fighters, Sonic and his group of Knothole Freedom Fighters used guerilla tactics and espionage to ruin many of Robotnik's schemes, including the release of Krudzu into the Great Forest and the partial roboticization of Bunnie Rabbot.

Freedom Fighter

Ten years into Robotnik's tyrannical reign, Sonic and his group of Freedom Fighters had begun to increase their attacks against the evil despot. Up to this point, Robotnik did not consider the Freedom Fighters an appreciable threat, and as such merely let it exist within the Great Forest, relatively untouched. However, by this point, he realized that the Knothole Freedom Fighters were not only older and more organized, but had years of experience as guerilla fighters under their belt. He now made it a priority to locate the secret location of Knothole Village so that he could crush the Freedom Fighters quickly. Time and time again however, he plans were foiled by Sonic the Hedgehog and his crew.

While most of his time was spent combating Robotnik and his hordes of SWATbots and Badniks, Sonic encountered other villains, many of whom would later return to fight Sonic and his friends again. At one point, while on the other side of Mobius, Sonic attempted to get to Robotropolis quickly using the Cosmic Interstate, which lead him to the parallel universe of Anti-Mobius (now called Moebius). During his brief time in this realm, Sonic encountered his alternative self, Scourge. Although he quickly defeated his evil double, and was able to get back to his home realm, Scourge would continue to pose a threat to his reality in the future.

During one of his missions with his young friend Tails, Sonic encountered the Angel Island, home of Knuckles the Echidna, while flying in their plane "The Tornado". At the time, Knuckles had been coerced by Robotnik to assume Sonic and Tails were after the Chaos Emerald. While Knuckles was distracted trying to apprehend Sonic and Tails, Robotnik was able to briefly take the Chaos Emerald for himself. Upon realizing he had been tricked, Knuckles, Sonic and Tails teamed up and retook the Emerald from Robotnik.

Some time later, another reality's version of Sonic, called Cyborg Sonic, came in his universe using the Cosmic Interstate, trying to gain help from Sonic the Hedgehog to stop his own version of Robotnik, called Robo-Robotnik. With the help of numerous reality's Sonics, and the unexpected assistance of the original Dr. Robotnik, Robo-Robotnik was stopped from taking over the Multiverse.

Robotnik later planned a trap for Sonic, capturing the hedgehog's number one fan, Amy Rose. Using her as a hostage, Robotnik was able to lure Sonic into the Collision Chaos Zone where he would be forced to race against Robotnik's newest creation, Metal Sonic. Although the overweight despot had numerous traps hidden throughout the race course, Sonic was able to survive, and caused Metal Sonic to overheat, destroying his legs and causing him to crash. The rest of the Freedom Fighters went on the free Amy and Tails, who had also been captured.

At one point, Sonic proposed a plan to undergo roboticization while using Rotor's invention, the Neuro-Overrider, to maintain his free will so that he could destroy Robotnik and Robotropolis with his enhanced abilities. The plan was denied by Sally, much to Sonic's dismay. However, Sonic was captured by the bounty hunter Nack the Weasel and roboticized by Robotnik anyways. With his free will almost completely gone, Mecha Sonic was sent on a mission to destroy Knothole Village entirely. Although he succeeded in damaging a large part of the village, he was unable to transmit the coordinates of its location, as he was engaged in combat with Bunnie Rabbot. While he managed to overcome his former cybernetic friend, the assistance of Knuckles, who had roboticized himself and became Mecha Knuckles, proved too much. The two had crashed into Robotropolis and badly damaged much of the city, but Mecha Knuckles, having come out with less damage, took Sonic back to Knothole to be healed and de-roboticized before Robotnik could recapture him. Sonic was restored to his former self when Sally used the magical powers of Sonic's one billionth Power Ring. Afterwards, Sonic was tried in court by Antoine for treason, but was proven innocent once it was revealed Nack the Weasel was responsible for capturing the hedgehog.


Sonic and Robotnik fighting

Some time after the failure of Mecha Sonic, Robotnik finally decided to enact his ultimate plan to destroy Knothole Village and the Freedom Fighters - Operation: EndGame. Robotnik's secret agent Drago Wolf (a former member of the Wolf Pack) was able to fool Hershey the Cat into killing Princess Sally, while the other Freedom Fighters believed it to be Sonic who did it. Additionally, Robotnik had replaced the recently rescued King Max with a robotic duplicate, who would be used to misdirect the Freedom Fighters. With the Freedom Fighters believing Sonic to be a traitor and ordered to arrest him, Robotnik would be able to prepare his super weapon, the Ultimate Annihilator, which would erase Knothole from existence. When the Freedom Fighters discovered Sonic was innocent, they allowed him to attack Robotnik while they attempted to combat the swarms of SWATbots and COMbots now within Knothole. Once in Robotropolis, Sonic and Robotnik engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Due to Snively's treachery, the Ultimate Annihilator was reprogrammed to only target the war room and Robotnik's DNA signature, erasing him from existence, thus finishing the battle and ending the ten year reign of the evil dictator.

With Robotnik's reign of terror now over, Sonic the Hedgehog and the rest of the Freedom Fighters were able to retake Robotropolis. Although Snively Kintobor attempted to maintain control of the city and combat the Freedom Fighters using a DYNAMAC, he was quickly defeated by Sonic and company. With the city completely under control once again, Sonic was able to search the city for his uncle Chuck and the other Robians. Upon locating his uncle, Sonic soon realized his parents were alive when he met them for the first time since his early childhood years. In order to prevent having to tell his nephew that the roboticization was his fault, Chuck had told Sonic his parents had died during the Great War. Angered at the discovery, Sonic left, unwilling to speak to either his uncle or his parents for some time.

Now that the real King Max was located and had returned to power (although still suffering from the crystallization effects he suffered from leaving the Zone of Silence), he had begun leading the free Mobians once again. Two of his first orders however was disbanding of the Freedom Fighters and later the dismantling of all the Robians, who wished to start their own colony and civilization outside of Mobotropolis due to feelings of disdain from their Mobian counterparts. It was soon discovered that Max was being controlled by the wizard Ixis Naugus, who had been attempting to take control of Mobotropolis upon his own escape from the Zone of Silence. With his plans foiled, Naugus escaped from the city and King Max was finally restored to full health.

Sonic and the Freedom Fighters were briefly sent to Angel Island, upon receiving a call from Locke the Echidna, Knuckles' father. Almost immediately after arriving, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were transported to another zone by the now all-powerful Mammoth Mogul, who became virtually omnipotent after stealing the powers from Enerjak using the Sword of Acorns. Although his powers were great, the combined might of Super Sonic, Hyper Knuckles and Turbo Tails, as well as assistance from Athair, proved too much, and he was imprisoned within the newly formed Master Emerald.

With Naugus freed and plotting his revenge, Sonic and Tails were ordered to search the planet, track him down, and reseal him within the Zone of Silence. Over the next few months, the two went from the lush lands of the Great Forest, to the outback of Downunda, to the desert lands and Sand Blast City, to the Kingdom of Mercia and finally to the frozen lands of the Southern Tundra. Eventually, Sonic and Tails, with the help of over a billion power rings, defeated a also super powered Naugus and trapped him within the Zone of Silence once again with the help of Nate Morgan and Eddy the Yeti, the latter sacrificing his life to save Sonic, Tails, and Nate from Nate's collapsing castle.

With Naugus trapped away, Sonic and Tails returned to Mobotropolis. While the Mobians were able to enjoy a short time of peace, they soon realized another threat was looming over them. For months, the planet had been plagued with a variety of events which seemed too random to be normal acts of nature. It became apparent that someone was responsible for these when a broadcasted message from King Max was interrupted and replaced by a history of the life of Robotnik. It was discovered by NICOLE, Sally's hand-held computer A.I. that the message was delivered from a number of satellites orbiting the planet. While everyone assumed them to be abandoned projects of Robotnik and no real threat at first, they soon realized this was not the case when all of the Robians disappeared overnight.

Enraged by the disappearance of his family, Sonic took it upon himself to discover what was going on with the satellites. Despite her father's orders, Sally chose to help Sonic go through with his plan by reforming the Freedom Fighters. With the discovery of a space shuttle within Mobotropolis by Nate Morgan and Rotor the Walrus, which was originally created by Robotnik prior to his death in order to expand his empire beyond the planet, the Freedom Fighters used a Power Ring to power it enough to get into orbit. Once inside the massive satellite structure, which was formed when all of the satellites merged together, Sonic and his friends discovered a horrifying sight - Doctor Robotnik was still alive!

Return of Robo-Robotnik

After a brief fight between Sonic and the evil dictator, it was discovered that this was not the late Dr. Robotnik who had been erased by the Ultimate Annihilator, but rather the roboticized version from another reality, Robo-Robotnik. Having barely survived his confrontation with the various Sonics nearly a year ago, Robo-Robotnik had managed to rebuild his body using a part from the Giant Borg machine. He then went on to nuke the city of Mobotropolis in his reality and destroy Cyborg Sonic and the Freedom Fighters. With no opposition in his own reality, and discovering that Dr. Robotnik had died in the prime zone, Robo-Robotnik traveled through space and time to replace his deceased alternative self in that reality.

When the Freedom Fighters confronted Robo-Robotnik, they soon discovered that their coming to the satellite base had been a trap, designed to lure them away from Mobotropolis to allow Robo-Robotnik's Shadowbots to reclaim the city and capture its population for roboticization. While many were still able to escape the city, all of the Robians, with the exception of Sonic's parents, whose wedding bands consisting of Power Rings prevented them from losing their free will, were now under Robo-Robotnik's control. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters were able to destroy the satellite base with the help of Snively, and escaped on the space shuttle back to Mobius. Robo-Robotnik however simply downloaded his consciousness into a new robotic body, located in a secret sub basement located a half mile under the former Castle Acorn in the re-christened Robotropolis.

With Robotropolis now in control of Robo-Robotnik, the Mobians fled the city to Knothole Village. With his new body, Robotnik renamed himself Dr. Eggman, and planned on downloading the location of Knothole Village into his mind. Before he was able to however, Sally, NICOLE and Snively deleted its location from Robotropolis' computer memory banks, preventing its location from being discovered by the new despot. Meanwhile, Sonic located the remaining Mobians who were trapped in the city during its evacuation, and helped them escape.

When Dr. Eggman released Chaos from the confines of the Black Emerald, which was then sent to the human city of Station Square, Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters were sent to stop it. While Sonic and Knuckles seemingly killed Chaos onboard the Egg Carrier, the water-created being managed to survive and obtain the last of the seven Chaos Emeralds, using the negative energy to becoming Perfect Chaos. With the creature wreaking havoc in Station Square, Sonic was forced to use the remaining positive energies of the Emeralds to become Super Sonic to combat the new threat. He successfully defeated Perfect Chaos, who then returned to his confines in the Black Emerald along side Tikal. The humans in Station Square thanked the Freedom Fighters for their help.

Before they could return to Knothole, Dr. Eggman launched another mechanical duplicate of Sonic, known as Silver Sonic II, to destroy Station Square once and for all. While Silver Sonic II was able to outmatch the other Freedom Fighters with ease, his injuring of Tails pushed Sonic over the edge, allowing him to defeat the robo-duplicate by knocking its head off. When Eggman went to recover his machine, he found himself being attacked and chased out of Station Square by it, as Nate Morgan had reprogrammed Silver Sonic II to act as protector of the city against the mad scientist.

With Station Square safe and with a permanent protector there, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters bid the humans farewell. Shortly after their departure in the Freedom Fighter Special however, the ship experienced a malfunction and was forced to land. Little did they know that the one responsible for this was none other than the original Metal Sonic. During their reconnaissance of the area, Tails was captured and taken hostage by the metallic duplicate. Sonic, angered as the capture of his young friend, attempted to defeat Metal Sonic alone. However, the self-rebuilt robot proved far too powerful, cunning and advanced, due to the Power Gem embedded in his chest. After defeating Sonic, Metal Sonic offered the blue blur the chance to save Tails, which turned out to be a trap to lure him into Mount Mobius just before it erupted. Just as the volcano began to spew lava, Metal Sonic had a change of heart, after witnessing Tails willing to stay with Sonic and sacrifice himself. The robot then held the lava back while the two could escape before being overwhelmed by lava.

Dr Eggman and Other Foes

Shortly thereafter, Sonic returned home only to aid King Max in rescuing Prince Elias Acorn from Dr. Eggman. During the fight, Sonic saw the king use the Sword of Acorns to unintentionally restore free will to his uncle Chuck and Muttski. The distraction of the sight was enough to keep Sonic from protecting King Max from a sneaky punch from a Shadowbot, leaving King Max wheelchair bound for months. Feeling guilty from his lapse in judgment. Sonic took the Sword (unauthorized) in an attempt to restore the other Robians, only for Mina Mongoose to follow with a similar plan to rescue her mother. During a subsequent battle with upgraded Combots, the Sword was lost.

Attempting to retrieve the Sword from Dr. Eggman (unaware that Uma Arachnis had taken it during the battle), Sonic witnessed the return of the Overlanders. Attempting to reason with them, Sonic unsuccessfully protected the Overlanders from Monkey Khan and failed to stop the Overlanders from fleeing into Robotropolis. To make matters worse, Sonic had to answer for his actions regarding the sword, lost his knighthood, and was temporarily restricted to Knothole.

Weeks later, he took another unauthorized trip to Robotropolis, saw that Eggman had done nothing to them, then had to intervene in a battle between Arachnis and Kodos. After Arachnis curiously saved Sonic from Kodos and departed, Sonic secretly delivered Kodos to the Knothole hospital. The next morning, a Shadowbot delivered a message for Sonic: Sir Charles had regained his free will, and knew that Eggman had lost the sword to Arachnis. Adopting a disguise, and going by the alias, "The Sneak" of Sand Blast City, Sonic attempted to track down Arachnis, only for Geoffry St. John and the Royal Secret Service to head to Robotropolis, thinking that the sword was still there. Sonic had to rescue them from Dr. Eggman, and head back to Knothole before anyone recognized him. 0archie_actionsonic.jpg 0archie_actionsonic.jpg

Sonic's escape from G.U.N.

Just as Sonic stashed his disguise, he was apprehended by Station Square's defense force G.U.N., when they believed it was Sonic who destroyed Silver Sonic II and stole the city's only Chaos Emerald from their bank. It turned out that the real thief was Shadow the Hedgehog, a being created by Dr. Robotnik's maternal grandfather Professor Gerald Robotnik. Sonic eventually found Shadow on Prison Island on a mission to steal the six Chaos Emeralds. As the two fought, Eggman soon informed Shadow that he had set the charges on the island and it was set to blow. Shadows partner Rouge the Bat then called saying that she was trapped in the vault where the Chaos Emeralds where being held. Eggman then informed Shadow to meet him at the rondevouz point and that they would dig the emeralds out of the ashes later. Sonic, overhearing this, offered a temporary truce with Shadow in order to save Rouge. The two proceed break into the base and Shadow transports them all to Eggman's pyramid base using Chaos Control and then teleports himself away. Sonic and Rouge, after introducing themselves, formed a alliance to brake into the base and steal a shuttle to take up the ARK. Once there, Sonic then confronts Shadow yet again before he could activate the Eclipse Cannon. Just after Shadow managed to land a Chaos Spear attack on Sonic, Rouge informed him that she had found a video he needed to see. After teaming up again, Sonic and Shadow raced to a shrine area aboard the ARK where the Chaos Emeralds were being kept that was guarded by a huge monster. The monster then merged itself with the ARK's Eclipse Cannon using Chaos Control. The two hedgehogs then used the emeralds to transform into Super Sonic and Super Shadow and defeated the beast. After which, they used Chaos Control to send the ARK back into orbit, butSonic then realized that Shadow used up too much energy, and could only watch as he fell toward the planet's surface.

Eventually returning home, Sonic acted as a tutor for Mina, before making one more attempt at retrieving the sword. With help from the other Freedom Fighters, the sword was finally retrieved. Almost immediately, it was discovered that Nate Morgan had learned of the Overlanders, and the toxic waste poisoning in the city, forcing a few rescue attempts. The Sword was able to restore free will to the Robians, including the High Sheriff, who was returned to Knothole by Antoine, but Nate Morgan was captured and roboticized, and Sonic was unable to rescue him. Instead, he was forced to stop a treasonous Heavy and Bomb from killing the Royal Family, before convincing the Overlanders that they can't stay in Robotropolis.

Some time after this, Sonic would be called back to Station Square to save them from Zan the Dragon, in exchange for letting a group of Overlanders move into the city from Robotropolis. Further problems included the temporary return of Dr. Robotnik, who attempted to betray the Freedom Fighters to Eggman before perishing for good. He also helped free the Walrus Herd from Eggman's control, protected Knothole from a nuclear strike launched against Robotropolis by O.T.I.S., fought the Arachne to protect the Sword of Acorns, helped Zonic after he was attacked by Evil Sonic, persuaded Uncle Chuck of his innocence for actions he had taken while under Eggman's control, and battled Mammoth Mogul after learning that the villain had replaced Tails with a magical duplicate. Sonic would then deal with a genie who gave Muttski his speed, join Bunnie and Rouge the Bat in stopping Eggman from creating a new and more dangerous robotic body, reunite with his old friend Tommy Turtle before losing him again, be Roboticized by the Bem alongside Tails to battle a De-Roboticized Eggman and Snively, thwart a new model of Caterkiller, stop Eggman from capturing Elias, defeat Nack the Weasel's gang to save Sally, and admit his feelings for her. This resolved her previous fears that he was more attracted to Mina Mongoose, whom he helped start a singing career.

Xorda Attack and Tossed in Space

Sadly, just after Sally and Sonic announced their engagement, the xenophobic alien race known as the Xorda came to Mobius. They went on to explain that Mobius used to be called Earth, and that thousands of years ago, they sent an emissary to the human population to discuss a peace agreement, only for it to be killed and dissected. In retaliation, the Xorda attacked Earth, launching Gene Bombs on the planet, which lead to the de-evolution of humans and the evolution of the animal kingdom. They had now returned to the Earth to finish the job the Gene Bomb was supposed to do, which was to wipe out all life on the planet. Their ship's attack on Mobius was short lived, but the Xorda had one weapon left in their arsenal - the Quantum Dial. The Quantum Dial was a massive device which would open up a black hole, enveloping the planet and the entire solar system. Although almost all of the people of Mobius attacked the huge weapon together, its defenses proved too great. It was only when Knuckles, who had just returned from the afterlife, took out the weapon's entire defense systems, that Sonic was able to get into it and shut it down, saving the entire planet. However, by shutting it down, Sonic was transported billions of light years off world to another galaxy.

Realizing he was trapped on the other side of the universe, Sonic spent the next few months jumping across worlds while searching for a way home. He first found himself on the planet Thoraxia, whose population consisted of two insectoid-like races, the Blodex and the Bzzzz. Before Sonic could find a way off the planet, he found himself having to use the Red Chaos Emeralds on the planet to defend the Blodex from the invading Bzzzz. However, rather than turning Sonic into Super Sonic, the Red Emeralds manifested the power Sonic absorbed into a separate being which became Super Sonic. The new being defeated the Bzzzz, but didn't stop there. Instead, it went on a total rampage and began destroying the Blodex as well. Realizing he was responsible for the creation of this new menace, Sonic went to fight Super Sonic and stop him from causing any more harm. After stopping Super Sonic from destroying Thoraxia's two moons, Super Sonic went on to pummel Sonic. Like the Chaos Emeralds on Mobius however, the power was only temporary, causing Super Sonic to dissipate before he could finish Sonic off.

After saving the Blodex, the insect-like race contacted a neighboring species called the D'novulands to assist Sonic's trip home. The D'novulands placed a device in Sonic's ear, the "Babble Node" as Sonic referred to it, allowing him to understand almost all alien languages. On their way to Mezzo Jillion, the sector's largest trading hub, their ship was caught in an asteroid field, the remains of the planet Cemerant-16, which had just been destroyed. Forced to abandon ship, Sonic was sent into the last escape pod by the ship's captain, Oe, which descended into an uninhabited planet's atmosphere.

The planet's evolution and time was hundreds of times faster than that on Mobius, allowing Sonic to watch the planet go from uninhabitable to supporting a technologically advanced race called the Azurites. The Azurites had watched Sonic for what had been millions of years for them, believing him to be a god. When they were technologically advanced enough, they created a device known as the Temporal Decelerator, which allowed them to slow down their time so that they could communicate with Sonic. With communication now possible, the Azurites offered to make Sonic a ship which would allow him to get off the Azurites world and find his way home. Once they disabled the Temporal Decelerator, they were able to create a ship within a matter of seconds by Sonic's time. Sonic then used the ship to begin his journey home.

Sonic's journey lead him to meet up with one of the late Dr. Robotnik's earliest creations - E.V.E. Having convinced E.V.E. to go beyond her programming, Sonic managed to persuade the machine to ascend to the stars. Little did he know this would cause a chain of events leading to the destruction of numerous worlds. Now, almost two years after E.V.E. had left Mobius, her size was nearly that of a planet's, with the power to drain entire worlds of all their metallic substances within fifteen minutes. After a confrontation with Captain Bagbar Beeblebrox and the crew of the Sentelle, Sonic, realizing it was his duty to make amends to stop E.V.E., flew his ship into her hull. Fighting his way through E.V.E.'s defense units, Sonic finally came face to face with her. Sonic managed to convince E.V.E. that her actions made her no better than she was when she first left Mobius, which caused her to decide to collide with the nearest sun and destroy herself.

During his time in space, Sonic located Tails' parents on the Bem homeworld of Argentium - Amadeus and Rosemary Prower. Both had been taken by the Bem Ceneca-9009 during Robotnik's original takeover, and Amadeus was de-roboticized. Both had been taken back to the Bem homeworld where they had been living ever since. After breaking Ceneca-9009 out of prison, Sonic was provided with a ship to take him through the Bem's artificial wormhole back to Mobius. The ship however was too small to bring Ceneca-9009 or Tails' parents along, forcing Sonic to return alone.

Return to Mobius

0archie_knotholesurpirse.jpg 0archie_knotholesurpirse.jpg

Sonic sees the new Knothole.

Having finally made it back home, Sonic quickly landed. To his surprise however, much had changed in the short time he was gone. While it was mere weeks for Sonic in space, back on Mobius over a year had passed. In Sonic's absence, Dr. Eggman had declared full-scale war on both the Kingdom of Acorn and the Republic of Station Square. To make matters worse, Eggman had developed two nuclear warheads which he was preparing to launch at both cities. In addition to this, he deployed an army of new-model SWATbots to take out the shield surrounding the radioactive wasteland of Robotropolis, which would result in the waste poisoning Knothole.

After a quick welcome home reception with friends and family, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters departed immediately to stop Eggman from launching the warheads, while the Chaotix, Amy Rose and G.U.N. went to stop the robotic hordes from taking down Robotropolis' force field. In the harbor of Old Megaopolis, Sonic first encountered Eggman's robotic "daughter" Mecha, while Tails struggled to outsmart Eggman's computer-virus "son" A.D.A.M.. Shortly before the missiles launched, Bunnie successfully destroyed the aircraft carrier which was harboring them, though this was only due to the fact that Tails distracted A.D.A.M. long enough for her to act.

Shortly after this, Sonic spent time getting used to his old home of Knothole with friends. The next few days however proved just as difficult for the blue blur. Sonic and Sally suffered a heart-wrenching breakup, and Sonic's father was temporarily killed by a Tommy Turtle Auto Automaton. However, things took a better turn when Sonic and Sally found the real Tommy Turtle and rescued him from Dr. Eggman's clutches.

Fighting the Eggman Empire

When Knuckles received word that his father Locke had been captured by the Dingo Regime, which placed the location of the Master Emerald in jeopardy, Sonic accompanied him and the Chaotix to Angel Island to launch a rescue mission. Sonic's assistance resulted in the liberation of one of the many concentration camps and the successful rescue of Locke.

Shortly afterwards, Sonic found himself pursuing Shadow the Hedgehog into a mysterious underground bunker. Unbeknownst to him, Dr. Eggman was equally interested in this bunker, and sent the recreated Metal Sonic to discover its secrets as well as defeat both Sonic and Shadow. The trio went head-to-head while Tails and the other Freedom Fighters discovered the history of Mobius from the ancient robot Isaac. Eventually, Metal Sonic and Isaac allied while Sonic and Shadow formed a temporary alliance in order to stop Isaac from launching a nuclear missile. With Shadow's help, Sonic managed to prevent the missile from launching and defeated Metal Sonic.

Scourge's Mishief

Using a device created by Anti Rotor, Evil Sonic managed to transport himself to the prime zone and knock Sonic unconscious. He then dressed himself in Sonic's attire while dressing Sonic in his and dumped him in Anti Mobius while replacing Sonic in the prime zone. Upon awakening, Sonic woke up to the Anti Freedom Fighters beating on him. Shortly afterwards however he managed to subdue them and use Anti Rotor's device to return to the prime zone. However, even after his defeat, Evil Sonic managed to remain in the prime zone.

On Sonic and Anti Sonic's birthday, Anti Sonic attempted to obtain the Master Emerald with the help of Rouge the Bat. Locke fought them off, but was nearly defeated when Anti Sonic decided to fight dirty and used weapons. Locke managed to prevent the evil duplicate from using the Master Emerald to transform completely, though a partial transformation mutated Evil Sonic into the being soon to be known as Scourge. With his new powers, Scourge fought both Sonic and Shadow back at Knothole Village; despite having the upper hand, the duo proved too much for Scourge and he fled, with Rouge, into a mysterious Warp Ring.

The Darkest Storm

Following the Scourge fiasco, Sonic and the other Freedom Fighters were surprised to see Tails' uncle Merlin Prower arrive on the scene with Sir Connery. Merlin was hoping to use the powers of the Source of All from King Max's crown to ensure Mammoth Mogul remained trapped inside a Chaos Emerald. Before he could do this however, the Arachne released Ixis Naugus from the Egg Grape Chambers, the dimensional breach killed the Ancient Walkers and allowing Mammoth Mogul to escape confinement. Soon afterwards, Sonic, the Freedom Fighters, the Chaotix, Merlin and Sir Connery found themselves facing off against the Destructix, the Arachne, Ixis Naugus and Mammoth Mogul. When Sir Connery sacrificed himself to render the Sword of Acorns and the Crown of Acorns powerless and wound Mammoth Mogul, the tides seemed to shift into the allies' favor. However, Dr. Eggman's Egg Fleet soon arrived on the scene and captured Mogul, Naugus, the Destructix and the Arachne, sending them to the Egg Grape Chambers. Sonic assumed Eggman would continue his attack, but Eggman stated he would crush Sonic and the Freedom Fighters on his own terms before returning to New Megaopolis.

Battle With ADAM

Following the capture of Mammoth Mogul and his followers, Anonymous revealed himself to in fact be Dr. Eggman's computer-virus "son" ADAM Before Eggman could erase A.D.A.M.'s programming, the latter transferred his files to the nanites. A.D.A.M. then proceeded to use the nanites to control Sonic's father Jules into bringing Tails to his super beacon, while forcing Eggman to contact Shadow to arrive there as well. A.D.A.M. then had both Super Shadow and Turbo Tails locked inside the beacon and used their immense powers to pull all of the Chaos Emeralds from throughout the universe to Mobius.

Sonic had followed his father to the beacon and moved in to stop A.D.A.M. before he could complete his schemes, Sonic using the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic. Though Sonic had the upper hand against A.D.A.M. even when the latter used the Chaos Emeralds to transform as well, Sonic found himself unwilling to attack Tommy Turtle, who A.D.A.M. was using as a host body as Tommy had come into contact with the nanites. Fortunately, Tommy managed to briefly gain control of his body and tell Sonic to let him die. The Egg Fleet soon arrived on the scene and Tommy was subsequently killed in front of Sonic's eyes. Shortly before his death, Tails and Shadow used their Chaos powers to open a portal to the Zone of Silence and send all of the Chaos Emeralds into that zone, thus causing the Great Harmony.

Final Missions in Knothole

Following A.D.A.M.'s defeat, Sonic and Tails journeyed into the Zone of Silence in hopes of finding a Chaos Emerald to help the ailing King Acorn. To their surprise, they found that the Zone had been transformed into the Special Zone by Feist, a former minion of Ixis Naugus'. In return for their help in providing him with his new power, Feist gave the two one of the newly formed seven Chaos Emeralds, which was quickly used to revive King Acorn. They then accompanied Merlin Prower and Knuckles to Argentium, which had become the site of a battle between the warring Xorda and Black Arms. Sonic quickly fetched Tails' parents, and the Prower family was reunited before the whole group returned to Mobius.

Sonic then teamed up with Shadow once again when the latter arrived in Knothole, pursued by Snively and carrying the diary of Gerald Robotnik, his creator. While Knuckles held off Snively, the two Hedgehogs entered the virtual world of the diary, where Sonic was treated to Shadow's history as a joint creation of Gerald and Black Doom, leader of the Black Arms. Doom's intention was that Shadow would be his ultimate weapon when he returned in 50 years time to invade Mobius, but Gerald hoped that he would instead protect Mobius from the aliens. With Shadow's questions satisfied, the two returned to reality and Sonic set out in search of Fiona Fox. He came upon her dueling Amy Rose, and heard from Fiona's own mouth that she had fallen in love with Scourge the Hedgehog, who then appeared. The two Hedgehogs briefly battled before Scourge departed with Fiona, leaving behind Sonic and a broken-hearted Tails.

Around this time, Sonic was captured and defeated by Metal Sonic, who took him back to New Megaopolis. There, he was fitted with a motion control earpiece that allowed Eggman to manipulate his actions whilst Sonic remained capable of speaking. Dispatched to attack Knothole, he handily defeated the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix before running into Knuckles, who with a little help from Tails was able to defeat Sonic. The friends then teamed up to defeat the arriving Metal Sonic and Dr. Eggman, driving the doctor off and destroying Metal Sonic.

Not long afterwards, Sonic was witness as Antoine proposed to Bunnie, congratulating Antoine on his finally getting up the courage to act on his feelings for her. The happy moment was interrupted by a message from Knuckles, who had learned that Rouge the Bat was apparently auctioning off the Master Emerald. Teaming up with the couple and Sally, Sonic sped off to investigate, only to run into Nack the Weasel, Bark the Polar Bear, and Bean the Dynamite, all of whom were sent to investigate the auction by Dr. Eggman. Sonic and his friends defeated the trio only to run into Mammoth Mogul and Ixis Naugus, who had also come in search of the Emerald. Once they had been defeated, Rouge revealed that the auction had been a hoax designed to lure in such criminals so that she could capture them and impress Knuckles. That business over with, Sonic graciously agreed to be Antoine's best man at the upcoming wedding. At about the same time he, Tails, and Knuckles found a hidden community of Chao at the old Power Ring Grotto, even befriending one whom he nicknamed Chronic, only for it to come under attack by Eggman. The three defeated Eggman soundly and then moved the Chao to the Lake of Rings where they would be better protected. Afterwards, he happily attended Antoine and Bunnie's wedding with the other inhabitants of Knothole.

Invasion of the Eggman Empire

Not long after A.D.A.M.'s destruction, Eggman finally decided to use the Egg Fleet and destroy Knothole. When the invasion of Knothole began, Snively began by attacking Freedom HQ, sending everyone but Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy and NICOLE to the Egg Grape Chambers. While the latter four were trapped under the rubble of Freedom HQ, Sonic ran as quickly as he could to warn the others of the invasion. Just as he arrived at the front gates, the Acorn Castle exploded. Emerging from the wreckage was Dr. Eggman in his Egg Beater battle armor. Eggman proceeded to insult Sonic while utterly beating him. Sonic, pushed to the edge, attempted to take out the Egg Beater with a single attack by running at it at full speed from the other end of the continent. The attack merely dented the Egg Beater's shield, and Sonic was left bruised and beaten as Eggman left him in the ruins of Knothole.

Sonic refused to accept defeat however, and had originally intended on rescuing everyone by himself, telling Tails and the others to remain behind where they would be safe. Tails, furious at this, lashed out at Sonic. The two's bickering was interrupted by NICOLE, who stated she had a plan. The five headed out on a saucer-shaped vessel created by Tails to New Megaopolis to rescue their friends and families. Just as they arrived at the Egg Vineyard, Charmy Bee's Egg Grape Chamber was activated. However, Sonic managed to break him free just in time to prevent long-term damage. After Knuckles and Amy freed everyone from their Egg Grape Chambers, Eggman returned to the scene to prevent their escape. Unbeknownst to him, NICOLE, who had managed to take control of the former nanite city, also altered the weapons on the Egg Beater and Egg Fleet to transport the Mobians to the newly formed city of New Mobotropolis instead of back to the Egg Grapes. Sonic managed to distract Eggman long enough for NICOLE to change the programming, then allowed himself to be transported along with the others to New Mobotropolis.

Not long after being transported to their new city, the Mobians found themselves relying on the city's shields to protect them from the attacking Egg Fleet. Sonic decided to challenge Eggman once again, this time with assistance from the Knothole Freedom Fighters and the Chaotix. Their combined might allowed them to defeat the Egg Beater, which was designed specifically to fight Sonic. Eggman then fled the scene.

Sonic vs. Tails

Sonic, having previously been dating Fiona Fox, caused a strain on his and Tails' friendship. This became even when it was revealed that she preferred the evil Scourge over the good Sonic. This stress ultimately caused the two to be on opposite sides of a political schism in the Kingdom of Acorn, Tails supporting the side led by his father and Sonic remaining loyal to the House of Acorn. When Tails helped his mother break Amadeus out of jail, long suppressed hostility was released as he and Sonic fought with each other.

Tails was quick to bring up his fury at Sonic's lack of sensitivity, and refused to explain it to the baffled Hedgehog since he felt that Sonic would probably just ignore what he was saying again. Finally, the young Fox revealed that his main dispute with Sonic was over Fiona and Sonic's seeming dismissal of his feelings for her, and Sonic admitted that he had known about Tails' feelings and apologized, explaining that he had hoped that it would help Tails get over his crush. Reconciled, the two headed off to stop a duel between Amadeus and Elias Acorn, only to find out that Sally had beaten them to it.

Enerjak's Rebirth

Following the battle with Tails and the creation of the Acorn Council, Sonic found himself facing off against Dr. Eggman's newest creation, the Egg Nautilus. Eggman had hoped to use the tentacles of his new machine to implant a virus into NICOLE and erase her. Sonic was able to stop Eggman's attempts by informing him that Enerjak was about to return. Eggman, realizing this posed a much more serious threat, formed a temporary alliance with Sonic so the two could stop the returning Enerjak. Shortly after Eggman departed, NICOLE informed Sonic there was trouble at the Acorn Airport. Racing over there, he found the Chaotix attacking the guards and demanding they be allowed to leave in order to find the missing Knuckles. After fending off against them, Sonic soon realized that the Chaotix should be free to search for Knuckles, and ended the fight. To satisfy both Sally's wishes for the Chaotix to remain within the safety of New Mobotropolis, and Julie-Su's desire to find Knuckles, Sonic and Tails were sent out on the Tornado 2 to Angel Island.

Sonic and Tails arrived at Angel Island hoping to find Knuckles. Realizing Knuckles was not at the chamber of the Master Emerald, they began searching the rest of the island. Soon they found that Enerjak had already been reborn and had not only completely removed the Dingo Regime and killed Kage Von Stryker, but had removed all of the Dark Legion's cybernetic enhancements and teleported the vast majority of surviving Echidnas to the ruins of Albion. Just before Sonic could attack him, Enerjak teleported away to New Mobotropolis. Sonic contacted New Mobotropolis before picking up Tails and racing back as fast as he could. Sonic and Tails arrived back at New Mobotropolis just in time to see Enerjak there, who had already disabled the city's shields. Scourge547.jpg Scourge547.jpg

Sonic getting hit by Scourge.

Shortly after Sonic arrived back in New Mobotropolis, he found himself beside Shadow the Hedgehog, who had responded to Sally's distress call while Sonic and Tails were on Angel Island. Both Sonic and Shadow attempted to face off against Enerjak, but were no match for the Chaos demigod. It was during this confrontation that Sonic discovered Knuckles actually was Enerjak, and was under the influence of Dr. Finitevus. After being beaten by Enerjak, Dr. Eggman arrived on the scene and transported the Chaos demigod to the Egg Grape Chambers to use as a living battery to power his city. Before Sonic and the others could come up with a plan to rescue Knuckles, he and Julie-Su were pulled onto Angel Island via Warp Ring by Knuckles' father Locke, who had recruited the two to defeat the Destructix and retrieve the Brotherhood of Guardians special weapon to stop Enerjak.

Sonic, Julie-Su and Locke managed to evade the Destructix with the help of Archimedes and located the secret weapon. Instead of allowing it to be used however, Sonic destroyed it, since its use would have not only stopped Enerjak, but caused Knuckles' death. Sonic quickly headed towards the Master Emerald and used its power to transform into Super Sonic before Enerjak had a chance to recharge. With his new invulnerability and suport powers, Super Sonic went head to head with Enerjak. While Enerjak was distracted battling Super Sonic, Locke sacrificed his own life to break the hex Dr. Finitevus placed on the Master Emerald. This resulted in Knuckles losing his powers and returning to normal.

Mogul's Rise and Schemes

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