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Sonic the Hedgehog picks up 5 years after "Sonic SatAM" and "Sonic CD". Sonic and his pals the Freedom Fighters live a peaceful life on their home planet Mobius. That's until the evil scientist Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik arrives to emerald beach with the help of Metal Sonic his nephew Snively and his minions Cubot, Orbot, and Coconuts. They try to steal their emerald but instead kidnapping Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit. Sonic and his pals infiltrate Eggman's new base on his new "Eggman Islands" While Sonic squares off with Metal he accidentally hits Eggman's machine with 2 chaos emeralds in it. It activates Chaos Control. Everything on the Eggman Island including the island itself teleports them to a parallel universe similar to their planet called Earth. Sonic is then chased by police escaped into a mansion pool and was rescued by 12 year old Chris Thorndyke. The next Sonic and Chris find their friends which also led to a battle with Metal Sonic. Chris's grandfather Chuck Thorndyke makes a discovery that Earth and Mobius were once the Same planet but drifted when a asteroid with the first ever master emerald caused it to drift. Since they used chaos control they made the time rift unstable to where it can cause time to stop. They battle against Eggman and his mechs to find the 7 Chaos emeralds to cause the 2 planets to fuse like they did before. After causing the planets to fuse making Mobius the official planet, they're able to travel through zones and dimensions. Sonic does this where he encounters a dimension called Moebius the opposite of Mobius. He meets a doppelganger named Anti Sonic who leads the Suppression Squad the anti Freedom Fighters. They also made the void more accessible leading Ixis Naugus and Mammoth Mogul to return from the Zone of Silence. They then unleash the black water mist upon Mobius turning Mobians and Humans into mindless zombies. Sonic Tails Chris and Sally must head the Sky sanctuary to use the god Athair to rain with holy water to heal everyone. They succeed with this plan trapping Ixis back into the void with Mammoth Mogul escaping. Eggman meets another scientist named Dr. Gero. They both decide to work together and create a army of robots to kidnap mobians and humans with his red ribbon army. Eggman rebuilds the death egg ii with plans of roboticizing the whole planet. Sonic and his pals call this invasion operation endgame ti infiltrate the death egg and destroy the world roboticizer. They eventually destroy the red ribbon army and destroy the death egg as well. While the emeralds transport back to the planet a spark of chaos energy hits Chris making him the, first chaos bionic human. Then the emeralds fall a drift in deep space. Weeks later they find the emeralds are on a planet 3.5 light-years away called Green Cap. Sonic Tails Knuckles Chris Sally and Amy board the blue typhoon on a 6 hour journey. Eggman sends a chip on the blue typhoon and follows them to the planet with his new rebuilt Metal Sonic named Shard. But what they didn't know that Eggman's former tyrant Lord Mewtwo is after the emeralds to gain more power and deem the strongest in the universe. While having several altercations with The Mewtwo force and his army, Mewtwo eventually gets all emeralds and gains the negative energy. After battling Sonic and his friends, threw Eggman and his crew to the other side of the planet, and kills Shard who has a change if heart, Sonic uses a Sonic Boom attack which was thought to have killed Mewtwo. After the explosion Mewtwo survived and mortally wounds Knuckles. He kills Chris sending him in the air and exploding him. With Sonic's love for Chris he repowers the chaos emeralds and transforms into Super Sonic. After a long intense battle Mewtwo explodes the planets core causing the planet to explode in 20 minutes. Luckily Athair brings back everyone who died back to life, and takes everyone but Sonic and Mewtwo back to Mobius. After more fighting Mewtwo accidentally cuts himself in half with his own attack. Sonic then looks for the damaged blue typhoon which still had the master emerald with it inside. He uses chaos control to teleport back to Mobius as the Planet explodes leaving Mewtwo dead. Upon 6 months after the explosion on Green Cap were the events of Sonic Adventure. After defeating Perfect Chaos Knuckles and the Chaotix encounter the Dark Legion, a group of terrorist scientist led by their overlord Dmitri and his second in command Dr. Finitevus. After battling with them and rescuing a dark legion member turned hero Julie-Su they reclaim Echidnaopolis as the once extinct echidna race begins to rebuild their civilization. Mammoth Mogul plots on taking stealing the emeralds by hiring a team if thieves Team Hooligan led by Fang the Sniper and his assistants Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite. Grandpa chuck, uncle Charles and Boomer create a portal called the Genesis Wave to make easier access to go through dimensions. Sonic and his pals end up in Maginaryworld were they must stop Void from destroying the preciousstone. After arriving back Eggman steals the portal and comes upon his self from another dimension named Robo Robotnik. His plan is to take over Mobius and kill every Sonic from each dimension wiping his existence. Sonic teams up with many other Sonics from his dimension and Destroy Robo Robotnik. Weeks later Snively and Eggman discover Gerald Robotnik's diary which says he has a top secret military weapon locked away on prison island. 3 months after the events of Sonic Adventure 2, Rouge the bat learns that Eggman has a secret treasure locked away in the vaults of abandoned Robotropolis. Sneaking through there she then discovers that Shadow is alive put into stasis. Then a lost e-series robot E-123 Omega awakens and starts shooting the whole area. Shadow awakens which Rouge learns that he has amnesia. They decide to go after Eggman. Meanwhile Sonic, The Freedom Fighters along with Knuckles go on a journey to stop Eggman's latest plan. The Chaotix detective agency go on a mission across the world as well and search for Knuckles on the way. After making journey, having several altercations with Eggman and Team Dark, all the Sonic Heroes arrive in Megaopolis Dr. Eggman's new base locked up in a vault with Snively. They tell the group that Metal Sonic was behind all this. He gained his free will and locked Eggman and his minions away so they wouldn't interfere. He then collected data from Sonic Shadow Chris and Perfect Chaos turning into a huge robotic beast named Metal Overlord. After battling with his Sonic Tails and Knuckles turn Super with the 7 Chaos emeralds and defeat him. Eggman begins plotting his new plan when he comes upon a gizoid. He awakens it and orders him to attack. After refusing Eggman leaves him in Emerald Town were Sonic sees him for the first time. He takes him back to Tails lab. Sonic names him Emerl and he begins to become a good ally of theirs along with Shard. But Eggman uses a weapon to destabilize his core. Due to his own personality and his corruption he goes rampant and starts attacking. Sonic tries to use the Master Emerald to gain back his will but later is left with no choice but to kill him. Months later Shadow wants to know his past. Once a alien invasion in Central City by the Black arms race arrives, their leader Black Doom tells Shadow to find him the 7 Chaos emeralds and he will tell him his past. After travelling through Mobius going against G.U.N and Sonic and his friends Shadow eventually collects all 7 emeralds. The Black Comet lands on Mobius using the humans as a energy source for their ritual if salvation. He tells Shadow that he gave Professor Gerald his DNA in exchange for 7 Chaos emeralds with a agreement that in 50 years Shadow will work for Black Doom. Remembering Maria's promise, he uses the 7 emeralds turns Super and defeats Devil Doom and destroys the Black Comet. Months later Metal Sonic returns using a new alias called Metallix. He also gets a new look to after the Eclipse cannon to zap him changing his appearance. He begins to use a army of Swat bots to attack Mobius. After the group confronts him after several altercations, He begins ti transform with the 7 emeralds leaving Sonic so called dead. But Sonic comes back turning Hyper Sonic for the first time defeating Metallix. 1 year after Green Caps explosion, Mewtwo is alive and heading to Mobius for revenge. After landing on Angel Island's Sandopolis, a mysterious grey hedgehog arrives and destroys Mewtwo his father and his small army. The grey hedgehog appears later after he was in front of Chris's house. He explains to them that his name is Silver and he is from 14 years into the future. He tells Sonic that in his timeline Sonic dies of a heart disease which led the Freedom Fighters and Chaotix to be killed by Mewtwo. He warns them that in 2 1/2 months 2 androids from his timeline will cause tyranny and destruction on Mobius. Silver gives Sonic a antidote from his timeline for the disease. 2 1/2 month's later they arrive in Downunda were they discover the androids. Super Sonic battles Android 19 but the heart disease takes over on him. Shadow arrives and tells the remaining Freedom Fighters to take Sonic back and give him the medicine while Knuckles Tails Chris Espio Mighty Julie-Su and, Team Dark stayed. . Shadow turns Super without emeralds and destroys android 19. Dr. Gero tries draining Knuckles energy but was beaten severely escaping back to his base. Silver arrives with Blaze the cat "from the Sonic Rush special" and discover that the androids they defeated weren't from his future. They chase after Gero who has arrived in his lab unleashes android 17 "Aeon the Hedgehog" and Android 18" Fiona Fox" Shadow blasts down his door and they meet the androids for the first time. They then kill Gero and try to unleash the newest Android 16. Silver uses a attack that blows up his entire lab. They still are alive and awaken Android 16. They then begin to plot to kill Sonic and the heroes get beaten badly. After Sonic recovers from the virus they try to use the emeralds to stop them. But for some reason the emeralds start to release negative energy making Sonic and his pals fight each other. After neutralizing their selves the emeralds energy begins to drain. Tails and Boomer create a machine that'll give the emeralds a energy jump. Sonic visits Eggman who was imprisoned for his tyranny. Sonic believes he has something to do with the emeralds but Eggman explains his innocence. Later the machine boosts the emeralds energy but the machine then deteriorates and explodes. Not only are the emeralds powers back but a red hedgehog appears in the lab. He tells them he is the moderator of the chaos emeralds named Bedlam. He tells them that large amounts of chaos energy have been used unleashing a creature locked inside the negative emeralds. Bedlam tells them he's came to take the emeralds and eliminate Sonic and Eggman for using chaos energy the most. Sonic arrives and battles Bedlam which he was nearly killed by him. Bedlam tells them that he'll return to kill Sonic in 1 week. 1 week comes and Sonic Shadow and Silver battle Bedlam. The androids arrive and attack everyone as well. The Emeralds begin heading to Angel Island were Bedlam realizes the creature is about to be released and they must destroy Angel Island. But it's too late as they arrive to the shrine the creature reveals itself to be a bluish and grey Hedgehog with a very high power level. He then goes by the name of Nazo a hedgehog created by negative chaos energy. He kills Bedlam and goes on a search for the 7 emeralds for his purpose to achieve his perfect form. Knuckles suggest Sonic Shadow and Silver train in the hyperbolic time chamber. After training in there for a hour, Shadow and Silver go after Nazo. Nazo begins looking for the chaos emeralds which the androids have. Shadow confronts Nazo and turns Hyper for the first time. But Nazo was still stronger than Shadow. Shadow uses a final flash attack that blows up the mystic ruins killing Aeon and Android 16 but leaving Fiona injured. Nazo seemed to had no effect on Shadows attack and knocks him out. Nazo takes the emeralds and heads off for the rest. Shadow rests and they train more. While training Nazo was going around stealing Emeralds. He has 6 emeralds with 1 more left.from Tails.Sonic and his pals head to the Badlands were they find him. After fighting, Nazo steals the emeralds and head the Master Emerald shrine. He finally transforms into Perfect Nazo and deemed unstoppable. Sonic and Shadow use the technique from Master Kai called Chaos unification. They then turn into a a warrior Hyper Shadic who seals and destroys Nazo. Upon months after the battle, Sonic and his pals investigate against meteotech a company behind many robot activity. They join Team Babylon "from Sonic Riders special" to stop the companies mother computer. Fiona returns as a real fox and not a Android leading a team of criminals the Destructix. Their leader is none other than Anti Sonic who appears green going under the new alias of Scourge the Hedgehog. Sonic and Scourge both in their super forms battle in space. After beating the Destructix, Silver and Blaze encounter a time machine from Silvers Timeline. He discovers a dead scientist inside it wondering who killed him. Days later there's destruction in Westside City and Team Dark with Silver and Blaze go investigate. They then meet a super crocodile like Cyborg named Croctobot. Croctobot fights the group where Dr. Eggman Nega from Blazes timeline appears. He tells them that his super computer created a group of cyborg animal warriors led by their leader Anonymous a unknown AI. He tells them their plan is to gather energy from humans and Mobians creating powerful warriors to cause havoc. After escaping back to their dimension they tell the others about the issue. Sonic Shadow Silver decides to go to Blazes dimension to stop them. Knuckles Espio and Mighty tag along. While finding his base they come across 2 more cyborgs a Pig and a bear which they destroy. They find Eggman Negas base who was dead upon arrival. Then anon reveals himself to be named A.D.A.M. a being created by nanotechnology. His sister E.V.E is the supercomputer which the group destroys and kills the other 2 cyborgs including Croctobot. After returning a old friend of Sonics Tommy the Turtle goes missing. To make things worse Eggman begins a invasion over Mobius vaporizing millions into his Egg Grapes. Sonic and Eggman battle with Sonic losing for the first time. After Tails and Chris bring Sonic back to a broken Freedom Hq with the others, he plots for revenge. After heading to Megaopolis and freeing millions, it turns out A.D.A.M was behind the attack the whole time. After the destruction of E.V.E., he was able to transfer his nanites into the body of Tommy Turtle taking over his free will. After collecting enough energy and gathering both the Sol and Chaos emeralds, A.D.A.M. transforms and becomes even more powerful. Hyper Shadic and Silver try beating him but aren't strong enough. A.D.A.M. gets bored toying with Shadic and wants a real opponent. Shadic suggests Chris and Super Tails fight him. They agree putting up a good battle against A.D.A.M. Tommy regains consciousness and tells the others he'll pay for what he's done by lowering his defenses making it easier for him to be killed. But A.D.A.M. takes over his mind again and decides to self destruct exploding Mobius. With seconds left till explosion, Sonic makes the decision to sacrifice himself to save everyone. After embracing Sally for a final kiss he says his final goodbyes as he chaos controls A.D.A.M. and himself to Master Kai's planets. He explodes killing himself Sonic and Master Kai. The friend's begin mourning over our heroes death when A.D.A.M. returns who took over Tommy's body and gained Sonics cells. Tails decides to finish A.D.A.M. off. While battling the others try to help Tails use all his anger and pain into 1 power. Super Shadow who was knocked out hits A.D.A.M. with a chaos spear distracting him from killing Tails. Tails uses all the rest of his power as a final blow against A.D.A.M. destroying him once and for all. The battles finally over and they all return home. They go to Sky sanctuary to ask Athair to bring Sonic back to life. Sonic then speaks to them from the afterlife. He tells them that all the enemies he encountered Mewtwo Nazo the Androids etc were all due to him being reckless. He makes a decision to stay in the afterlife letting the world live in peace for a while. Sally asks and Sonic will he ever return which Sonic says Soon as he returns. The heroes live in peace and rebuild a new Freedom HQ dedicated to Sonic and Tommy the Turtle.


·Jason Griffith-Sonic the Hedgehog,Shadow the Hedgehog,Shard the Hedgehog,Scourge the Hedgehog"Anti Sonic" Jet the Hawk and many other voices.

·Colleen Villard-Sally Acorn Fiona the Fox

·Amy Palant-Miles Tails Prower

·Dan Greene-Knuckles the Echidna,Enerjak,many other voices

·Veronica Taylor-Chris Thorndyke age 13-14

·Jerry Lobozo- Chris Thorndyke age 15

·Mike Pollock-Dr.Ivo Eggman Robotnik Professor Gerald Robotnik

·Lisa Ortiz-Amy Rose

·Christine-Cavaughn-Bunnie Rabbot

·Rob Paulsen-Antoine D'Collette


Season 1: Freedom Fighters Saga · New beginning

·Chaos Control Freaks

·Missile wrists terror

·The quest for the 7 emeralds

·Chris's 13th birthday

·Sonic the grouchog

·Trouble on Emerald Beach

·Sally's date

·Spies of reminiscent

·Amy's last stand

·Out to the Arctic part 1

·Out to the Arctic part 2

·Out to the Arctic part 3

·Zoo scandal part 1

·Zoo scandal part 2

·Blast to the past

·Road to Angel Island


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