This is the list of all Sonic the Fighters Reboot fan games which, all games are apart of the Archie Sonic Universe and will include Crossovers between different fighting games, mostly CAPCOM'S Street Fighter Series.

Mainline Games

Sonic the Fighters

A Complete Reboot of the Sonic Fighting Game of the same name, This includes more characters then it previous incarnation, it even includes different mechanics such as 'Transformations' and 'Chaos Bursts' while also including the usual Super Moves and specials. this is one of the first Sonic Games to be a game made by Capcom instead of companies such as Dimps and Sonic Team themselves.

Characters, Locations, and Lore are mainly from the Archie Comics Version of Sonic's Universe, Making the Games story lead up to potential Crossovers depending on the Directors Decisions.

Crossover Games

Sonic V Street Fighter

Sonic and Sega: Clash of AGES

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