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Sonic the Fighters 2


Sonic the Fighters 2 Is a fighting game where players battle each other and the new Team Control should make it a lot easier.

The new Team Control allows you to switch between players. For example if your teammate is in trouble you can switch with the

computer or your friend and get yourself out of that situation. There are bonus characters that can be unlocked by completing

different missions. You can add your Fan Characters to the Bonus Character List, Just let me know on my Talk Page and tell me

the Voice Actor you want to voice your character.


Wii Remote Sideways

2 Button- Punch, Double Punch, Special Action.

1 Button- Special side Move

Control- Jump, Double Jump, Move

A Button- Taunt

Side A Button- Taunt 2

Down A Button- Taunt 3

Down Control- Duck

Down 1 Button- Special Spin Action

Up 1 Button- Recovery Attack

Side 1 Button- Sheild


A Button- Punch, Double Punch, Special Action

B Button- Jump, Double Jump,

Up B Button- Recovery Attack

Down B Button- Special Spin Action

Side B Button- Sheild

X Button- Taunt

Y Button- Taunt 2

L and R Buttons Camera Control

Control- Move, Duck, Look Up

Gamecube Controller

Control Stick- Jump, Double Jump, Move

A Button- Punch, Double Punch, Special Action

B Button- Special Side Move

C Stick- Taunt

L and R Buttons- Camera Control

Down B- Special Spin Action

Up B- Recovery Attack

Side B- Sheild


Team Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog- Main Character of the game and Leader of team Sonic.

Miles Tails Prower- Sonic's best friend and great sidekick.

Knuckles the Echidna- Sonic's friend and rival is the musle on the team.

Flash the Hedgehog- Sonic's Oldest Friend and the world's second fastest hedgehog.

Team Rose

Amy Rose- A Girl who loves Sonic and the leader of team Rose.

Cream the Rabbit- A sweet young girl who really loves Hy.

Big the Cat- A strong cat and talented Fisher.

E-124 Hyperdrive- Eggman's new Robot goes by the name Hy

Team Dark

Shadow the Hedgehog- The Ultimate Lifeform who has skills similar to Sonic.

Rouge the Bat- A very skilled Treasure Hunter who loves Gems.

E-123 Omega- One of Dr. Eggman's Robots who wants to destroy Hy.

Wreck the Weasel- A bank robber and talented Mechanic.

Team Chaotix

Espio the Chameleon- A chameleon who posses ninja skills.

Charmy Bee- A funny Bee who likes to mess with Vector.

Vector the Crocodile- The Leader of Team Chaotix and a great detective.

Mighty the Armadillo- A former member of the Chaotix and a great fighter.

Team Babylon

Jet the Hawk- Known as the Legendary Wind Master uses his Control Box to Copy Skills.

Wave the Swallow- The Brains behind the Babylonians and sees Flash as a familar figure.

Storm the Albatross- The musle behind the Babylonians and Jet's right hand man.

Dash the Falcon- A hyper falcon and Flash's Rival.

Team Future

Silver the Hedgehog- A rival to Sonic and has telekinetic powers

Blaze the Cat- A girl who posses Fire like abilities and great skills.

Marine the Racoon- The Captain of the Coconut Crew recently learned how to fly.

Shade the Echidna- A powerful person and the new member of Team Future.

Team Boom

Bean the Dynamite- A quick bird who loves bombs.

Ray the Flying Squirrel- A calm character who fights to the finish.

Bark the Polarbear- A strong guy who has the power of Storm and Vector.

Fang the Sniper- A guy who loves his popgun along with the things he steals.

Team Metal

Metal Sonic- A robot created for destroying Sonic.

Tails 3000- A robot who was made because Metal Sonic looked pretty lonely.

Robo Knuckles- A highly trained robot who can dig at fast speeds.

E 102 Gamma- A robot who is skiled at shooting and can fly

Team Super

Super Sonic- Sonic's Super Form allows him to use Super Fusion Dash.

Super Flash- Flash's Super Form allows him to use Lightining Fusion Blast.

Super Shadow- Shadow's Super Form allows him to use Chaos Fusion Blast.

Super Silver- Silver's Super Form allows him to use Tele Fusion Techinique.

Team Super can be unlocked once you complete every story.

Team Introductions

Team Sonic: It was a dark night and pretty much noisy. Dr. Eggman had his new Egg Fleet fly over the houses of many. Only one decided to stop all of the noise. Sonic the Hedgehog

ran close to the ship and used Triangle Jump on some huge Boulders and made his way on the Egg Fleet. This is the beginning of the first mission. Sonic defeats all of the Egg Pawns on

the ship and destroys every weapon. Sonic is confronted by Dr. Eggman and his new E series robot E-124 Hyperdrive. Dr. Eggman tells Hyperdrive to fight Sonic, this is the second mission

Sonic defeats Hyperdrive and knocks him off the ship. Sonic searches for Dr. Eggman unaware of his new Spear Cannon. Dr. Eggman puts a Chaos Emerald inside the cannon and shoots

Sonic with it. Sonic gets drowsy and falls asleep giving Dr. Eggman a chance to destroy him. Dr.Eggman Throws a bomb right by Sonic which is set to 40 seconds Then a plane appears

and out jumps Flash the Hedgehog and Miles Tails Prower. Flash destroys the Spear Cannon and takes the Chaos Emerald. Flash runs right into Dr. Eggman's Capsule and using the

power of Flash's Chaos Emerald Dr. Eggman shocks Flash with tons of Electricity Flash starts getting really tired and falls asleep. Tails was still trying to stop the Bomb when

Dr. Eggman told him it cannot be fixed Tails had 20 seconds to get Sonic and Flash out of there. Dr. Eggman flies away and gets 30 of his Egg Pawns to destroy Tails which starts mission

number 3. One of the Robots hit Tails on the head hurting him. Tails now had 5 seconds to save them, Tails saw Flash being shocked by tons of electricity and suffering. Tails grabbed a

strange ring and tried to use the Diamond on it to cut the capsule but instead a strange power came from the ring and destroyed the capsule. Tails grabbed Flash and Sonic and jumped into

the Tornado and flew off watching the Explosions. The next day Sonic, Flash, and Tails walked through the city So that really happened?

Yeah I think the Power Eggman used on you two is the same power within this Ring. The Trio saw their friend Knuckles the Echidna fighting a group of Egg Fighter Bots and Knuckles

was losing. This is starting mission number 4. Knuckles tells the group that Dr. Eggman is using the power of the Master Emerald for different weapons. So the group starts their adventure

unaware that rings just appeared on Sonic and Flash's finger just like Tails.

Opening Missions: 1. Defeat the 20 Egg Pawns and destroy 4 Cannons. - Sonic the Hedgehog

2. Defeat E-124 Hyperdrive- Sonic the Hedgehog

3. Defeat 30 Egg Pawns in 20 seconds.- Miles Tails Prower

4. Keep Knuckles' HP above zero and defeat the Egg Fighter Bots.- Sonic the Hedgehog, Flash the Hedgehog, and Miles Tails Prower

Team Rose: It was a bright sunny day and Amy Rose ran to Sonic's House to see if he would marry her but then a strange ring falls down and hits Amy on the head. Amy sees a robot and challenges him to a fight starting mission number 1. Amy hits the robot in the head with her hammer and damages it. Amy looked at the ring and claimed it was beautiful and put it on her

finger unaware of it's strange power. The Robot Amy defeated lost his memory and was confused on who his target was. The Robot ran right into a little rabbit and a small Chao. The rabbit

went by the name Cream and the Chao was named Chesse. Cream looked at the robot and said Hi and the Robot kept that word in his memory banks, but due to Amy's beating the Robot

spelled the word wrong and said Hy. Cream did'nt understand and she thought that was his name. Cream and Hy walk over to Amy when Hey Cream watch out it's that Robot Again!

Miss I am not going to hurt her or you. I am called... Hy. Well okay Hy if Cream trusts you I do to. From now on I am your new mother. I just hope you're nothing like Dr. Eggman.

Hy repeated that word in his memory banks and started to mutter some words. my Mas...ter...I...I was built to... Before Hy could finish he found himself confronting Dr. Eggman in his Memory Banks. Hello Hyperdrive, I hope you know that I am waiting for your return so you can destroy Sonic! Just like all of my Robots you decided to turn against me.

Doctor I did not yet make the decicion to join these girls I'm just... Silence! Lets see how good you are against me. Hy and Doctor Eggman battle starting mission number 2. Hy defeats

Dr. Eggman but the Egg missle from the Egg Tank smashed into Hy's Memory Bank. Hy woke up and found himself still with the girls. Doctor, I...I...I only serve Cream and my Mother.

The Trio walk over to the Beach and see their old friend Big the Cat fishing. Big joined the team as they watched the ocean water move they spot a shark. Amy jumps in the water and gets

captured by a giant hand. Hello Amy I see you've met my old E Series Hyperdrive. Now hand over the Nova Ring! I don't know what you're talking about Eggman.

Hy sees his mother trapped and then looked at the ring on her finger.. Scanning Ring Power...Scan Complete! Hy jumped in to battle Dr. Eggman. starting mission number 3 Hy defeats

Dr. Eggman again and saves his mother. I'm not finished yet!' Dr. Eggman's Egg Shark spits out 30 Egg Pawns leaving Team Rose to battle them starting mission number 4. The team of

four defeats the Egg Pawns and watches Dr. Eggman fly away. The Egg Shark spit out a ring right in front of Cream. Cream saw that Amy had one so she put it on her finger. The team ran after Eggman in the jungle. Amy was determined to find Sonic. As they ran deeper and deeper in the jungle a Ring appeared in Hy's System.

Opening Missions 1. Defeat the Annoying Robot. - Amy Rose

2. Destroy Dr. Eggman - E-124 Hyperdrive

3. Defeat the Egg Shark- E-124 Hyperdrive

4. Destroy all 30 Egg Pawns working as a team.- Amy Rose, Cream the Rabbit, Big the Cat, and E-124 Hyperdrive

Team Dark: Shadow the Hedgehog sits and watches stars fall. Falling... Stars? I remember when Maria told me about that. Look at the stars Shadow, aren't the beautiful?

Yes, I hear you can make wishes from them. Maria gave Shadow a strange ring and told him to test it in the Training Room. Shadow walked in and saw punching bags. This will start Mission Number 1. Shadow wakes up from his dream and says to himself, I lost that ring, but I still remember the power it gave me. The Ultimate Lifeform saw Dr. Eggman's Base and decided to destroy everything there. This will Start mission number 2. Shadow walks into a room and finds a chest and inside was the Nova Ring and... Maria!

Maria! how are you alive! Shadow, I put my power into this ring, I hope you can use it. Don't worry Maria, I will and I.... Love You. Shadow ran out of the room and went to destroy the rest of the Robots. When Shadow got to the Second Floor all of the robots we're gone except for one. E-123 Omega turned from the corner and shook Shadow's hand.

I destroyed all of the robots in this area. Now we have to go to the Final Floor. Alright, I'm ready to test my skills on Dr. Eggman. Meanwhile The G.U.N commander told Rouge to infiltrate Dr. Eggman's Base, So Rouge flies to the base and breaks a window, Well while I'm here I might as well find something useful. Rouge looks in a glass case and spots a beautiful ring. Rouge attempts to grab it but she is stopped by a robot. You should stay away from that ring. Who says so? Dr. Eggman does, Now I E-125 Rockex! will defeat you! This will start mission number 3. Rockex shoots blasters at Rouge but then Wreck the Weasel hits Rockex in the head. Are you okay? Yeah, thanks I'm trying to get that ring.

Wreck cuts the case with his ring and gives it to Rouge. G.U.N asked me to keep an eye on you, just in case you got in trouble. Thanks, that was very sweet of you.

I'm you're friend Rouge. From what I learned Dr. Eggman created four new E series robots, I also got his Diary. Rouge was impressed by Wreck's skills, later they find Shadow and Omega and reunite Team Dark. The Four walk inside a room and find Dr. Eggman. So I see you four found Nova Rings, but you won't be able to defeat me! Dr. Eggman hops in his Egg Wheel and calls for his E-1000 Robots to defeat them. This will start mission number four. Whew! Act...Activate the..Egg...Bomb! Dr. Eggman and his E-1000 Robots run away. Rockex follows them and they seal all of the Doors. How are we going to get out of here? Rockex comes back for a Chaos Emerald but is beat up by Shadow. Give me that Chaos Emerald!

Rockex and Shadow keep fighting with only 19 seconds left on the bomb Shadow uses Maria's power and knocks Rockex out of the window. Shadow uses Chaos Control and teleports his team to G.U.N Headquarters. They take a break and then try to find out what Dr. Eggman was up to using his Diary.

Opening Missions 1. Practice Battle Tactics.- Shadow the Hedgehog

2. Destroy everything in you're path.- Shadow the Hedgehog

3. Defeat E-125 Rockex- Rouge the Bat

4. Defeat Dr. Eggman and E-1000- Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, E-123 Omega, and Wreck the Weasel

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