Sonic boomhog FIGHT! cover

Box art!

Sonic Boomhog: FIGHT! is a Sonic Boomhog fighting game. It incorporates elements from the Marvel vs Capcom series, such as team ups and such.

Along with Super Smash Bros. Rage, it is part of the Hogdouken fighting range.

It is rated PEGI 18+ for strong language, strong violence, drug use, gore, and alcohol usage.

Fight screenshot 1

Sonic boomhog vs Abbo!

Fight! screen 2

SB vs Cam on Heart's stage! Get the right slots for rings to heal you!

Fight screen

The first team battle pic! Showing Matt and Sonic boomhog vs Clawz and Tails Flydude! Also, I extended Rainbow Hill. Then, of course, splattered blood all over it.

Fight screen 4

Sonic boomhog VS Mecha Sonic on the final stage of Arcade, Death Egg boosters! Throw you're foe into the boosters before they throw you in them!


Sonic Boomhog was bored. There was nothing to do. Suddenly, he had an idea! He decided to stage a fighting tournament to see who was the strongest! Word soon got to others though...


Just add yourself to the list. No need to ask me.

Sonic Boomhog

Tails Flydude

Cam the Hedgehog


Matt the Hedgehog




Mecha Sonic Boomhog ver. 2

Mecha Sonic

Zant the Hedgehog

Hearts the Cheetah

Kyle the Raccoon

Chance "Clawz" Cat

Nova The Hedgehog

Windos "Arias" Negon

Gold The Hedgehog

Rapid The Hedgehog

Shahooter the Owl

Theme song

The theme song is by the band known as Hogwai, a mix between Hedgehog and Mogwai. The band actually consists of two members: That's Me (Sonic boomhog) and Tails Flydude. It is a side project to the other band that SB and TF will be in, Maximum Impact. The song-called Dark Hearts-was actually fully done by SB-Tails Flydude is due to direct the video. Also, Tails Flydude chose the drums for the song, as they did not have drums, so selected them on Garagebands selection of drums.

Expect a download soon.

Special moves

NOTE: If you add your character(s) to the list, also jot down their special moves.

Sonic Boomhog: Super Flare.

Slowly progresses across the screen as Super Sonic boomhog, dealing lots of damage.

Matt the Hedgehog: Chaos explosion

Matt blasts out a fiery blast covering the whole feild no matter how big it is

(NOTE: You may know chaos explosion is matts energy taking move well since this is a game he dosent die)

Tails Flydude: Blastout

Whips out Sadie and shoots his opponent repeatedly. If the opponent doesnt have much life left, he will perform a headshot.

Zant- Darkness Portal

Opens up a portal of darkness and a beam shoots out at the other players from it.

Hearts the Cheetah: Hearts' Secret Attack

Hearts uses her sex appeal to suduce everyone and then rapidly attacks everyone with a combonation of punches and kicks.

Kyle the Raccoon: Crazy Bombs

Kyle sets off tons of little bombs and a giant one. Then all the bombs go off and KO's everyone except Kyle.

Chance "Clawz" Cat: Electric Tornado

Clawz spins around at hypersonic speed and releases lightning bolts that freeze all of the enemies, similar to Thunder Shoot from Sonic Heroes.

Harrison "Hornz" Prower: Tele-Break

Hornz breaks the battle stage in half, making an abyss, sucking in all his enemies.

Neo the Hedgehog (Sonic Brawlers, not Sonic Boomhog's): Chaos Crater

Neo uses one of his most powerful attacks to wipe out half his enemies's damage.

Will the Echidna: Chaos Firestorm

Will combines his abilitys of Fire and Chaos Manipulation to create a massive meteor shower of fireballs, dealing a tonne of damage.

Sam: Sun rain

Sam gets rays from the sun and drops them down to hit other players (Kind of like ness and lucas' final smash from SSBB)

Striker/Anti-Will: Hyper Rail Cannon

Striker charges up energy into his hands, then unleashes it in a blast similar to a Rail Gun out of C&C 3.

Nova The Hedgehog: Nova Distort-Thundara

Nova distorts reality so that his opponents are even weaker than normal, then strike with a series of powerful lightning bolts from above.

Windos "Arias" Negon: Snowstorm OverDrive

Arias hops in his favorite plane, the Snowstorm, and activates it's OverDrive Cannon, doing massive damage and covering the entire screen with the laser.

Gold The Hedgehog:Lightning Strike

Gold does a smal chant to send a giant flash of lightning that hurts any one in a 20 foot range.

Rapid The Hedgehog:Double Hand Wave

Rapid has two balls of all elements and creates a kamehameha like attack and then does it twice.

Shahooter: The Feathers of Eternity

Shahooter turns into a Whirlwind, multiple Enchanted (All the Enchantments combined, which give multiple effects, such as Poison, Burn, Frostbite, and Wound) Feathers are flung from his Body and hits all near him, in this form his speed is increased greatly. If multiple enemies try to run from him, they are pulled back towards him. This move deals High Damage due to all of the Damage Over Time, Moving Impairment, and lastly Shahooter's High Speed Increase..

Bob the Hedgehog: Doughnut buzzsaw

Bob turns his doughnut into a buzzsaw and cuts the nearest persons arms and legs off. Players have the chance to kick the (limbless) player around.


If your character is unlockable, unless their stage is available from the start, put the stage in the unlockable section.

Sonic boomhog: Formby dunes

Music: Blind evil by dream evil.

Tails Flydude: Death Stadium.

Music: Stand up by the prodigy.

Matt: Rainbow hill zone

Music: His world crush 40

Hearts: Casino Night Zone

Music: Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne

Kyle: Bomb Factory Zone

Music: Damn Girl by The All-American Rejects

Clawz: Megalo City

Music: Open Your Heart by Crush 40

Hornz: Same as Clawz

Music: What I'm Made of by Crush 40

Neo: Same as Clawz

Music: Never Turn Back by Crush 40

Will: New Mobotropolis

Music: Your Call by Secondhand Seronade

Striker: Oceanus Prison

Music: I Get Money by 50 Cent

Zant: Abandoned Temple

Music: Clockwork by Autopiolet Off, Endless Struggle by Throw the Fight, You Don't Know by Fighting Instinct, We Were Meant to live by Switchfoot, New Divide by Linkin Park.

Nova The Hedgehog: Tri-Citadel City

Music: Hero by Nickelback

Windos "Arias" Negon: NovArias Fleet

Music: Running in the 90's (forgot the artist, sorry.)

Gold The Hedgehog: Lightning Road

Music:Live and Learn By Crush 40

Rapid:Skate Park

Music:Beat It by Michael Jackson

Shahooter: Critical Castle

Music: Heart Of A Dragon by Dragonforce. 13th Struggle from Kingdom Hearts [Both Versions]

Bob the Hedgehog: Shopping Aisle

Music: Clown Prince by Hilltop Hoods. (aussie band)

Add you're characters stage!

Xbox Live and PSN

DLC will become available for the game. Also, you can have online battles to unlock bonus content.


Add any unlockables YOU want in the game. No need to ask me.



To unlock her, play 30 matches each with Sonic boomhog and Tails Flydude.

Sam the hedgehog:

Play as matt 50 times OR Beat arcade on insane with no continues


To unlock him, play 30 matches each with Cam and Abbo.

Mecha Sonic:

To unlock him, complete Arcade on hard difficulty with 1 continue.

Mecha Sonic boomhog:

To unlock him, complete Arcade on Very Hard difficulty with 2 continues.

Eggman (IN MECH):

To unlock him, complete Arcade on Insane difficulty with 1 continue.


Play as Clawz 50 times.


Play as Hornz 75 times.

Will the Echidna:

To unlock him, play as Sonic boomhog and Tails Flydude 100 times each.


To unlock him, play as Will 50 times.

Skateboard:Play as Rapid and beat the entire game on insane.

Shahooter the Owl:

Complete Arcade with Insane Difficulty with NO Continues..


Death Egg Boosters:

To unlock it, complete Arcade mode on any difficulty with no continues.

Death Road:

To unlock it, complete Arcade mode as Tails Flydude on Normal difficulty with 1 continue.

Kingston Falls:

To unlock it, complete Arcade mode on hard difficulty with 3 continues.

Sam's extreamley dangerouse training room:

Unlock sam

Robo Labs:

Seen in the BG of the cover. To unlock it, complete Arcade with Mecha Sonic boomhog and Sonic boomhog.

Speed Highway:

To unlock it, beat Arcade on Insane with Mecha Sonic with as many continues as wanted.

SEGA carnival:

Based on the Sonic riders stage. To unlock it, play as Clawz 100 times.

Daytona Track:

Complete with the song, ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLING STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART! To unlock it, play as Mecha Sonic 30 times.

Critical Castle

Win a Five Perfect-Streak Battle with Shahooter against a Level 9 Opponent

Achivements and Medals

Add any you want to add.

Clawz Fan: Play as Clawz 100 times. (No one would get this coz clawzis crappy)

Falcon... CLAW!!!! Use Clawz's special attack 100 times.

Hornz Fan: Play as Hornz 75 times.

Neo Fan: Play as Neo 50 times.

Sonic boomhog Fan: Play as Sonic boomhog 100 times.

Matt Fan: Play as matt 100 times

Imma Firin' mah Sadie!: Use Tails Flydude's special move 50 times.

Online Victory: Win an online match.

Sonic speed: Win a match within 20 seconds.

Falcon... PAWNCH!: Beat an opponent only using punches.

BINGONIA!: Play on Hearts Stage 20 times.

Sucessful Rescue: Will knocks someone back onto the stage. (Refrence to FF212's Fanfics, Book Three.)

Champion: Win aginst a level 9 CPU when taking no damage.

Scouter Medal: Defeat OVER NINE THOOOOOUUUUUSAND opponents.

Rail Rider: Use Striker's Hyper Rail Cannon ability to 'ride' across the map (without falling off)

Champion team: Win a team battle with all of your team membors taking no damage

Flash Master: Win 50 Battles In "Lightning Road" OR use Gold The Hedgehog 100 times

Rapid Attacker:Use Rapid's special attack 20 times in adventure mode with Matt as your teammate.

My Feathers are Sharp, As you are Dull: Win a Battle with Shahooter taking 200 Damage points, and losing no lives.

Eat dough, ya nut!: Use Bob's special attack 100 times.