Sonic boomhog Extreme Formation is a Sonic boomhog game. It is simlar to Sonic riders, as you race on Extreme gear. But, there are many differences.


It is a cold, damp night in new mobotroplis. The gang are out camping. Sonic boomhog goes out to see how heavy the rain is getting, but is knocked out. The mystery assiliant then enters the tent and from screams, it's easy to tell that the others were knocked out too.

The next day, Sonic boomhog wakes up in a massive iron cage. Suddenly, the doors open, revealing Dr. Eggman holding the red chaos emerald. He tells Sonic boomhog that he has built a device for the Eclipse Cannon-when he puts one chaos emerald in, the cannon will have the effect of 3! this means he only needs 2 more emeralds for the cannon to be unstoppable! Sonic boomhog lunges at Eggman, who is on his hoverscooter, but eggman moves out of the way and SB falls down. SB is about to fall into some lava, but remembers in his bag pack-his hoverboard the Blazing Boomhog! He's pulls it out just in the nick of time. He pops on his blue sunglasses, and boarding shoes, and dashes at Eggman, only to be smashed into by Neo the hedgehog. He gets sent flying out of the base, and lands next to Cam and Tails Flydude the campers. He tells them Eggmans plan, and decide to round up as many people as they can to get to the ARK and bring down eggmans plan-and eggman himself!

Whats more, Eggman has Dart the echidna to help him...

Characters and boards.

Sonic boomhog-Blazing Boomhog
Grinder exterme!

Tails Flydude-Blasting bullet

Neo the hedgehog-Ambush


Amy-Drifting Dinosaur

Molly-Girl gear

Cam-Speedy shotgun

Eggman-Eggscooter 3000

Snivley-Eggscooter 2000

Matt the hedgehog-The White Chaos

Sam the hedgehog-The Golden Sun

Annie the hedgehog-Flower flyer

Chance "Clawz" Cat-Orange Claw

Zant-Twilight Blade

Kit the cat-Kitty crusier

Kit's artwork. By Kit.

Will-Fine line

Maddy-Life surfer

Kyan the lepoard-Robber

Mishubi the dog- True Love

On my talk page, tell me if you want to be in it! Anyone can be in it. Just come up with a board name for your character!


Sonic boomhog:

Same as the synopsis.

Tails Flydude:

Same as the synopsis.


Same as the synopsis.


Eggman: YOU IDIOT! You knocked him straight out of the base!

Neo: Hmph. I've already got my pay.

Eggman: You... I'll robotisize you!

Neo: Wha? Fine, I'll help you.

Eggman: Good... Start off by collecting the Chaos Emerald located in New Mobotroplis.

Neo: *Leaps onto Hoverboard.* 'K.

Neo dashes off.


Abbo: Damn, wheres that Chaos Emerald?

Suddenly Sonic boomhog appears coming off a ramp.

Sonic boomhog: Hey! Abbo!

Abbo: Sonic boomhog?

Sonic boomhog: Come on! Get you're hoverboard out!

Abbo: Hoverboard?

Sonic boomhog: Oh yeah, you don't have one. Well, you'll have to use hoverskates!

Abbo: Damn...


Amy: This hoverboard is cool!

Sonic boomhog: Hey there! Eggmans trying to destroy the world again! Wanna help?

Amy: Sure!

Sonic boomhog: Woah! I didn't know you had a board!

Amy: It's the drifting dinosaur, noob.

Sonic boomhog: Hey!


Molly: Woohoo!

Sonic boomhog: Hey! Mozza!

Molly: Wassup twinie dude? (It's because me and Tails Flydude are twins.)

Sonic boomhog: Eggman is trying to destroy the world. AGAIN!

Molly: Heh, I have extreme gear. It's Girl Gear.

Sonic boomhog: Real imaginative >_>.

Molly: Shut up!

The two dash off.

Matt the hedgehog:

Crusing through town with Annie and Sam on extreme gear.

???: Hey! Matt!

Matt: Huh?

Sonic boomhog: Hey there Matt!

Matt: Sonic boomhog!

Sonic boomhog: Eggmans got a new scheme! Come on! Lets stop him!

Matt, Sam and Annie: Yeah!

Sam the hedgehog:

Same as Matt.

Annie the hedgehog:

Same as Matt.

Chance "Clawz" Cat.

Clawz: Hmm... The Sonic Brawlers still haven't returned...

Suddenly Sonic boomhog smashes down on his hoverboard.

Clawz: !?

Sonic boomhog: Hello there! I'm Sonic boomhog! You are?

Clawz: Call me Clawz.

Sonic boomhog: Nice to meet you! Now are you fammiliar with Dr. Eggman?

Clawz: Yeah! I just sent out my team, The Sonic Brawlers! But that... was two hours ago.

Sonic boomhog: C'mon then!

Clawz: *Pulls out extreme gear.* Sure! Let's rock and roll!

Zant the hedgehog:

Zant: Hmm... a new scheme...

???: Hey! You!

Zant: What the...?

Sonic boomhog: No time to explain! Lets get a move on!

Zant: Err... sure?

The two dash off.


Kit: Hmm... Eggman has got a NEW scheme. The person stopping him doesn't look like Sonic...

???: Thats cause it isn't!

Kit: Huh?

Sonic boomhog: Sonic left. He has other things in mind. I'm forming an alliance with loads of guys. Wanna help?

Kit: Sure!

The two dash off.


Will is seen at a statue of Kyle the Fox.

Will: All these times, I've failed to protect people, and you ended up dying. Now all I have is the board you gave me.

???: Hey, can you help me?

Will: Pardon me?

Sonic boomhog: I'm Sonic Boomhog. Eggman in my realm has a new scheme and I need help to stop it!

Will: Ok, I guess...

Sonic boomhog: Bring your board!

Will picks up his board and follows Sonic Boomhog through a portal.


Maddy is seen at Lake Silverwind.

Maddy: The waters here are good healing for the spirit. Will should come here more often.

???: Hey, can you help me?

Maddy: Where are you?

Sonic boomhog jumps up.

Sonic boomhog: I'm Sonic Boomhog. I'm getting a team together to defeat the Eggman in my realm

Maddy: Have you gotten Will the Echidna?

Sonic boomhog: Yes.

Maddy: Count me in!

Maddy picks up her board and follows Sonic boomhog out.

Last Story

The team finnaly arrive at the ARK. Apparently, they are late- Eggman has already put the 3 emeralds in. But, the cannon overloads, as Eggman relises that 3x3 is 9, not 7! The canon becomes a black hole, and the ARK begins sucking in itself! As the team look in horror, out of nowhere, a blue ball destroys the emerald device. This turns out to be Sonic. Sonic then leaves, saying Mobius is in danger too. Sonic boomhog then uses the emeralds with Clawz and Matt to become their Super Forms. They dash off to bring down the black hole.


Lake Silverwind

A beautiful run on the waves of Lake Silverwind in Will's dimension. Just be careful of the fish.

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