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Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic and the Twilight Ghost
Sonic twilight
Sonic Team, Nimes
Nikki Team
Wii/PS2, PS3, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360
Release Date(s)
Jaguar European April 7, 2013

Jaguar american April 7, 2013
Jaguar flagen April 7, 2013

Jaguar Australian April 7, 2013
PEGI: E 10+ (some scenes may be intense for kids)
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Sonic and the Twilight Ghost Is the third game in the Sonic Storybook Series and sequel to Sonic and the Black Knight. This is the first storybook game Nikki the Hedgehog is featured in, and she is a main character. While Sonic is reading a book called The Haunted World, whish is supposed to resemble Ghost Busters, he is summoned in by the village protector Acira. Sonic must then save people by defeating all villains, which lead up to the final battle.


All cutscenes will be in a storybook version like Sonic and the Black Knight and Sonic and the Secret Rings. The only cutscenes that won't be in storybook version is the opening, the final boss cutscene, and the ending, which will be in 3D.



The controls are very similar to the previous Sonic game Sonic Colors. Use the nunchuk control stick to move, and the A button to jump. Shake the wii remote to do a homing attack on ghost and other things that can be hit. The Z button is to drift/slide, and the B button is to boost. You gain boost power by defeating enemies and collecting rings. You boost gauge will get longer the higher the skill level you are.


The character has to go through different places in the book to complete several missions. The missions are:

  • Reach the Goal- Reach the goal.
  • Ring Challenge- Get a certain amount of rings and reach the goal.
  • Defeat the minions- Defeat a certain amount of ghostly minions.
  • Time attack- Reach the goal within a certain amount of time.
  • Race off- Beat the ghost in a race.
  • Boss Battle- Defeat the boss.


  • Gold starGold starGold starGold starGold star- Getting a score above 10,000 points
  • Gold starGold starGold starGold star- Getting a score between 8,000 and 10,000 points
  • Gold starGold starGold star- Getting a score between 6,000 and 8,000 points
  • Gold starGold star- Getting a score between 4,000 and 6,000 points
  • Gold star- Getting a score below 4,000 points


Fog Forest
Twilight Road
Ghostly Manor
Topaz Cave
Abandoned Graveyard
The Blackout

Level Gameplay

Stage Gameplay Boss

Fog Forest

  • Mission 1
  • Mission 2
  • Mission 3
  • Mission 4
  • Mission 5
  • Single Player
  • Two players
Donovan the Hedgehog

Twilight Road

  • Mission 1
  • Mission 2
  • Mission 3
  • Mission 4
  • Single Player
  • Two Players

Ghoustly Manor

  • Mission 1
  • Mission 2
  • Mission 3
  • Mission 4
  • Mission 5
  • Mission 6
  • Mission 7
  • Single Player
  • Two Players



Sonic the Hedgehog
Fira/Amy Rose
Aldred/Miles "Tails" Prower


The Unknown Enemy
King Twilight/Scourge the Hedgehog
Twilight Ghosts
Ghostly Minions

Names of Twilight Ghost

Donovan/Shadow the Hedgehog
Vesta/Blaze the Cat
Jedrek/Knuckles the Echidna
Kuro/Espio the Chameleon
Zivar/Rouge the Bat

Buro/Jet the Hawk

Zedrek/Silver the Hedgehog

Meanings of names

Acira- Bright, intelligent, clear.
Aldred- Wise.
Donovan- Dark
Vesta: Fire, flame.
Jedrek: Strong.
Kuro- Night, unnoticed
Zivar- Jewel

Buro-Darkness,Unnoticed Jewel



  • Story Mode

Up to 2 players can play as Sonic and Acira only. If there is only one player, they are automatically set to Sonic.

  • Party Mode

Up to 4 players in party mode. 40 different minigames to choose from, and 10 players to pick.

  • Practice Mode

Practice different skills and fight against a practice dummy.

  • Gallery

This is where you can find photos, videos, and music.

  • Options

Where you can pick to erase the data, or switch which controller to use.

Characters in Minigames

Sonic (Automatically available)
Acira (Automatically available)
Fira (Automatically available)
Aldred (Automatically available)
Donovan (Unlocked after being defeated)
Vesta (Unlocked after being defeated)
Jedrek (Unlocked after being defeated)
Kuro (Unlocked after being defeated)

Buro (Unlocked after being defeated)

Zedrek (Unlocked after being defeated)
Zivar (Unlocked after being defeated)
King Twilight (Unlocked after finishing game)

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