Sonic and the Steel of Darkness2
Sonic and the Steel of Darkness

A fan made game created by JamesTechno998 in 2012. The game wasn't sure to continue it but the creator needs the help of anyone by giving tips and instructions to construct the game. Mostly the entire game is in the Xbox 360 version. It has a same graphics to Sonic 4 Episode 1 & 2 (not literally but the game can be in 8, 16, 32-Bit Style). The animated and comic versions will be coming soon at 2012


After the failures of Dr. Eggman, he thinks a better way to eliminate Sonic and found a way to destroy him: by creating personalize and elite E-Series with powerful kinds of elements. Sonic and Tails are repairing the Tornado for a relaxing vacation at Seaside Hill. However, the E-Series attack them and send them a holographic message about Eggman latest scheme. The E-Series even kidnapped all of Sonic's friends to lure him to their trap. Tails gives Sonic his new Power Ring but even more mechanical and powerful enough to stop them. The robots are spreading around the world and creating chaos and destruction. Everytime that Sonic defeats one E-Series, he acquire a strange chip that was used to powered up their attacks. With this, Sonic can use the chip to beat the other E-Series with no haste. After stopping all of them, Sonic heads to Eggman's fortress to put a stop of his destruction. However, Eggman has revived the E-Series to stop Sonic before unleashing his invention. Sonic manage to handle those but his machine, EGG Nightmare, can't even put a single scratch on him. One of Sonic's friends gave him the 7 Chaos Emerals to finished him. After the battle, the damage of their attacks force to self-destruct the entire fortress. All of them manage to escape but Eggman still hates that hedgehog and another adventure starts again.


Sonic the Hedgehog- the main character of the game. With his new ring, he can able to do combat moves and uses the power of the E-Series.

Miles "Tails" Prower- a two-tailed fox who helps Sonic along the way. He helps Sonic by upgrading his Power Ring and tells information during the levels.

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik- the main antagonists in the game and he's the one who created the E-Series. He's invention, Egg Nightmare, can help him take over the world using the power of fear.

E-Series- Their the guardians of each zone and trying to stop Sonic from ruining Eggman's scheme. They have all different personalities but sometimes they aren't getting along because of their lack of different abilities. They are all loyal to their creator and trying to serve everything he wants.


The entire gameplay is in 16-Bit but the characters can still talk with their voice. The hazards are more deadly however the Ring Lost never went down to zero but reduce it by 20 instead. The background music is been remixed from the other games mostly on Megaman Series. The upgrades can be seen on the pause menu and Tails Workshop. The Element Chips can be used but it has limited supplies. Upgrades like the Speed, Attacks, and Energy can unlock more moves and effects by acquire a specific level. The subtitles are shown when interact from a character or a boss. The information of the characters can be shown on the Galleries at Tails Workshop. We even add a stage select and a mission select for the story.



Full Plot

Chapter 1: The Robots Rise- Eggman was thinking and reviewing all of his failures from his monitor. A shot of his mind giving him another better plan however its even more deadly than before. Eggman creates powerful and elite E-Series that anyone can imagine. One morning, Sonic was busy helping Tails so that they can have a relaxing vacation on Seaside Hill. One moment, a blast was hit near to their house. They both investigate but they've been ambushed one of the E- Series. Sonic was badly injured but the robots showed about Eggman latest scheme instead of killing him. It is said that Eggman was given him a week before he unleashed an attack from their homes. It even shows one of Sonic's friends were kidnapped and begging for help. Sonic was disappointed about the battle but Tails was able to help him out by giving him a mechanical and powerful Ring. With this, Sonic is now upgraded with a chaos energy around him that powered up his moves by twice. Sonic is now ready and the adventure begins.

Chapter 2: Bubble Trouble- Sonic and Tails are busy searching the E- Series in their Tornado. Sonic was enjoying the sight at Seaside Hill but Tails asks him that they must look for them. Sonic comments Tails that he musn't be serious all the time. Suddenly, a shot made by the robots and knock out their plane. Sonic and Tails are looking at the beach, seeing that the robots already populated the area. Tails saw Marine that she was captured by the one of the Series named Tidal Clanger, a robot who has a double personality. Sonic stops him but he was caught in a bubble with a dynamite inside. Sonic can't able to destroy it but Tails is able to sneak behind. Tails releases Marine and ask if he can borrow her S.S. Super Marine. Tidal Clanger was pretty amazed that he will be promoted as a top Eggman robot. Suddenly, Tails crashes at Tidal Clanger and breaks the bubble. Tails says that use the Ring in order to defeat him. Sonic uses the Ring and hit the dynamite with a powerful kick at the robot. The dynamite went inside the broken window on his shell and exploded. After the battle, he found a strange chip with a water symbol on it. He decided to keep the chip for more information. Tails was asking that what is she doing in Sonic's world. Marine answered that she and Blaze were visiting Cream but attacked and got separate. Sonic was able to rescue Marine and mastered the power of his Ring.

Chapter 3: The Raging Storm- The duo continues their search of the E- Series. As they found out, they were caught by a sandstorm. Sonic and Tails were looking for shelter so that they can wait until sandstorm is out. They find an opened pyramid with nobody inside. As they enter, Sonic tries to explore the pyramid and found a strange tablet. Tails saw another tablet but its incomplete. They solved the puzzle by transferring the pieces to their original places. As they continue, the room became even darker and the floor is covered with heavy sand. Along their progress, traps were encountered but able to escaped. However, they found a room that was full of statues in it. They even found Knuckles as he trying to warn them. Suddenly, a wall was being smashed and ambushed them with a wrecking ball. The robot appeared and he's named Desert Commando, a robot that he's entire body was made of manufactured hard-sand elements. Sonic can't break his armor but he decided to uses the chip from Tidal Clanger. As he installed it, a parade of bubbles was blasted from him. The armor starts to weaken and collapse. Sonic finished it with another bubble attack and blasted him out of the pyramid. Knuckles is free but still getting a payback on Sonic on what he did last time. Sonic now learned Element Use and found Deserts Commando's chip.

Chapter 4: Tails's Shocking Theraphy- Sonic and Tails head over to Mad Gear Zone. As they travel, lightning strucks from the clouds made Tails freaked out. Sonic calms him down. However he was so scared and got hit by a lightning bolt. Sonic faints after the crash but Tails was able to help Sonic. One moment, the robots attacks them and captured Sonic. Tails was very sorry for himself from letting this happen. He decided to remain alone for a while and explore the area. As he found, a robot named Thunder Megawatt runs the entire place. Tails was shocked that the lightning was struck on the glass of the robot. He even saw Sonic locked inside the cage and still unconscious. Tails figured a plan to rescue Sonic. As Sonic regain recovery, the robot challenges Sonic to a duel. After Sonic defeats him, a lightning struck on the helmet and recover Thunder Megawatt. He was still injured but Tails jumps out and attacks the robot's head. As a result, Thunder Megawatt can't heal himself from electricity but Tails was electrocuted by the shocks of the robot. Sonic finished it by using Desert Commando's chip: throwing a wrecking ball straight on the head. Tails was recovered and Sonic decided to let him rest while he drives the Tornado. He even tell Tails that how bravely he is by sacrificing himself and overcomes his fear. Tails was happy and fell asleep.

Chapter 5: The Gas Force- Tails was awake and decided to let him drive the plane for a while. Sonic became so bored and allowed Tails to drive it. As they saw, a mysterious blimp that creates different types of clouds. The robots attack them and captured their Tornado with a giant magnet. Tails grabs Sonic and flew through an open pipe. Tails complains about the stink of the place but Sonic says that they must find the Tornado. As they across, they found several unusual gas containers. Amy was found in a container with a strong knockout gas. Sonic tries to break it but the gas went all over the room and stunned them. The robots found them but Sonic is too dizzy to battle them. He became unconscious after a while. As he awake, a robot named E-Steam Tanker, wants him to turn into a robot. He said if Sonic don't wants to, then their friends will die from suffocation. Amy shouts and begs at Sonic. However, he's already in the machine. Suddenly, Sonic starts to glow and produced a large electric blast. He rescued them but another knockout gas flowing everywhere. Sonic uses Thunder Megawatt's final attack, Lightning Overdrive, and electrocuted the entire blimp. Everything is falling from the sky and they must find the Tornado. Tails deactivate the magnet and jump aboard. Tails rescued them and got out from the catastrophe. Amy was so amazed and decided to give Sonic a kiss. Sonic was scared and ran away from her... again.

Chapter 6: Life as a Computer- Sonic and Tails were sleeping at their house. Suddenly, a strange light from Tails's computer showered at Sonic. Tails woke up and suprisingly thinks Sonic woke up first. As Sonic wokes up, he was sleeping on a strange floor. He was also wondering why he's body acting in a unsual way like he was just a walking pixelated hedgehog. Sonic saw some pictures in the sky and figured out that he was stuck inside the computer. He shouts at Tails but he can't hear him. Tails went to a caffe shop full of computers. Sonic went to the internet and tracks down Tails. Suddenly, the same light from before caught him and put him to another desktop which suprisingly it was Eggman's. He found a video gallery full of Eggman's defeated plans. Eggman opens his desktop and tells Sonic that he tries to trap him in a computer so that he can't stop his plans. However, to get out, he needs to defeat a firewall program named Photon Nebula, a cyber robot. Sonic battles the robot but he's body was slowing down for every minute. Sonic sends an email to Tails. Tails found an email and reads about what's happening. Silver was talking to Tails that where's Sonic. Tails answered and suprised. Tails was given Silver his Power Ring to deliver for Sonic. He joins the fight and gave Sonic his Ring. However, the robot move very quick that every attack was missed. Tails was able to hack Eggman's computer and send Sonic a chip came from E-Steam Tanker. Sonic uses the chip and suddenly a burst of clouds covers the screen. Photon Nebula starts to weaken and can't produce another attack. Sonic finished it with a Knockout Gas Combo. Tails log them out. Sonic thanks both of them and impressed on what its life to be in a computer.

Chapter 7: Magma Guardian- Tails found the last E- Series and its inside the volcano. They landed on the crater and found Blaze. Sonic was impressed on seeing her again. Blaze was asking the same thing but she needs a favor. Blaze's Sol Emeralds was missing and it was taken from a robot named Nova Corona. Sonic helps her and they began exploring. They saw a volcanic base hidden under the volcano. They invaded the base's defenses but Nova Corona blast them away. Blaze was getting mad and she wants the emeralds back. The robot challenges in a 2 on 1 match. The robot was so strong that no one can ever touch its armor. However Sonic tries to use Photon Nebula's chip and slows down the time in the entire battlefield. Blaze finished it but the robot tries to break the wall and unleashed a deadly lava. Blaze collects the emeralds and race back to the top. They jump aboard the Tornado and escapes the island. Blaze thanks them and ask them how its happen. She and Marine were visiting their friend, Cream. They were attacked by the robots before she went to their house. Sonic and Tails were asking that if they want to join. Blaze allowed them and all went to Vanilla's house. When they entered, Marine and Cream were waiting and already prepared a party for them. They all have a great time and Sonic finally stops the E-Series.

Chapter 8: The Egg Fortress- Sonic defeats all the E- Series and heads to Eggman's new base, the Egg Fortress. Sonic enters the base with Eggman new designed robots. Tails was taken to the sky to take care of the defense. Sonic encounters all of the defenses of Eggman and defeats his best machines. Eggman is running out of time so he revived the E- Series. Sonic was severely injured but he uses all of the chips from the robot. As he encounters Eggman and his invention, Egg Nightmare, unleashed a black fog all around Mobius. The fog manipulated the minds and creates fear. Tails was been manipulated but the leftover power of the original ring protects him from confusion. Sonic was losing energy but his friends gives him all of the 7 Chaos Emeralds. Sonic transformed and ready to fight.

Chapter 9: Ending- After the fight, the generator that supports the fortress starts to self-destruct. They all escaped from the fortress and everyone survived. Eggman still wants him destroyed and Sonic and the others returned home. They're having a celebration on Seaside Hill as a day off for them. Sonic and Tails are now taking vacation for real and they're new adventure will be coming soon.


(Players must control the robot version of the characters including Metal Sonic)

  • Metallic Chaos- knock players out of the field similar to the Super Smash Bros.
  • Bean Machine- connect the pipes to send blue energy liquid to the robot suit before the players finish first.
  • Fortress Defense- grab the goal ring and protect the fortress before the player gets to your goal ring first.



"I'm so sorry that the game... will be nearly closed if there is no success. I have a limit, I can't go through beyond enough to create it, I need help from anyone. I just... can't do it, I mean you guys are better than me, you have all the tools you need but I lacked many. I tried to use the Game Maker but there's wasn't good results and couple of errors that I create. I can't stop if I say so, because this is my dream. Just please, just this once, I need a help.

Full Information

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