This page features the interview of Sonic and the Steel of Darkness, which was featured article of the month in January, 2018. JamesTechno998 was interviewed on January 3, 2018 by Juely.

The Interview

Q1: How did everything with this fan project start?

A) Sonic and the Steel of Darkness was created in the early 2012. It wasn't taken much consideration, and it was originally named as Sonic 2013. It was supposed to have a scifi setting, until it got a proper reboot in 2016. Back then, it was just a spark of a simple idea, coming from a sheet of scratch paper

# Q2: Without revealing any spoilers, what is the meaning of the game’s title?

A) From its own meaning, Project SatSoD is more of a story-driven game that focuses on the 'darker' aspect of machinery in the world of the blue hedgehog. However, not just the robots, but also the characters themselves. Let's just say, seeing can be deceiving...

# Q3: Can you tell us a few words about the world of Sonic and the Steel of Darkness?

A) It is a civilized world, full of iron and steaming machinery.

# Q4: What do you enjoy most in creating this game? The characters, the artwork, the story, the level design?

A) The characters and the story are what I enjoy when I made this game.

# Q5: What is the theme of the game?

A) The theme is more of a "mystery adventure" under the steampunk aspect.

# Q6: The artwork of the game looks fascinating. Tell us a few words about it.

A) I want to make the game a bit unique from others and fit the style that the game is going for.

# Q7: Which Sonic game would you say influenced you the most in the making of this game?

A) Sonic Rush Adventure. Actually, there are also a portion of non-Sonic games that influenced this project even more.

# Q8: You seem to have put a really huge effort in this game. Are you programming it by yourself or do you work as a team?

A) I did the programming and the artwork by myself.

# Q9: I think the two most interesting characters in the game for me have to be TiDi and Metal Sonic. Who are they?

A) TiDi and Metal Sonic are still unfinished. Although, they already have a background. TiDi is the leader of an unknown gang of rogue robots, in which I won't spoil its name yet. Metal Sonic is a part of a personal character arc for the main character, which I won't spoil as well.

# Q10: Are we going to see any more familiar characters in the game?

A) Apparently, yes. It is possible.
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