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"In another time, another place, let's not make the same mistake..." ---Tagline
Sonic and the mayhem Master
James Lising (Trinitroid)
Release Date
Current Version
-0.01 (Alpha)
Sonic Storybook (Series)
Role-Playing Game
Single Player

Sonic and the Mayhem Master is a fan-made RPG series made by James Lising (Trinitroid). You'll be entering the world of steampunk, controlling as a different Sonic with his own story. Unlike from others, this one is a little bit slower.


Sonic has lost his super-speed and now, he uses mechanical gauntlets to work himself back into action. He can now grapple, cling, stretch, and so much more. Solve a mystery with the sassy Amy Rose, and find out the truth of this mechanical nightmare.


  1. A game development video was showcased for Alpha -0.01. This includes the title screen and player-testing of the game.
  2. The opening video for the animation series is made as a prototype.
  3. Project SatSoD will be planning on moving to Game Jolt for releasing the playertest version in the later time. 
  4. Alpha -1.01 Dev-Teaser was released to show the expectations on the current version of the build. At the same time, the mechanics and gameplay has been changed into a RPG state.
  5. Project SatSoD is hosting a voice audition for the narrator and the main characters. For more information; click the link to the website (Voice Audition )
  6. Alpha -1.01 is now available in the Steam Workshop  for testing purposes.
  7. Version -1.01 is now available in GameJolt .
  8. Version -0.55 is now available as part of the SAGE 2018 event.
  9. Version -0.01 is now available for the SAGE 2020 event.
  10. This fangame will be changed into an indie game, as it will be announced in the SAGE 2021 event.


This section will be changed in the future.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic is a young, kind hedgehog who works as a security enforcer. He was the fastest to his work mates, until one day when everything changed. After an incident, he lost his amazing speed. He lost all hope of his main identity. However, they found a substitution. After trial and error, they have found a way to match out his speed and agility. They gave him a mechanical gauntlet which allows him to stretch, cling and so much more. He can propel himself with its hydraulic grappling claws and can work his way back in action.
  • Amy Rose - Amy is Sonic's childhood friend. She is a tomboyish gal who is known for her destructive nature. Amy is very successful in her studies and aims to be an archaeologist. However, she has a very difficult time in finding leads, thus backing out on her work. She decided to take some part-time jobs as a filing organizer until she is needed. Fortunately, Sonic was able to find her one and she decided to team up with him on their exploration.
  • Chipper - Modeled from a mobian squirrel, Chipper is a mechanical automaton who is specialize in healing or repairing. He is the third party member of the team. He is a trained battle medic and a mender who can even repair anything that you have. Fortunately, Chipper seems satisfied, even though he lacks expressions.
  • Madame Sonata Sprocket - Despite being an expert in vocal and audio effects, Sonata knows a lot in mechanical engineering and robotics. She helps in calibrating voice recognition for robots. She even develops better communication devices and advanced instruments in the field of music. Back in the old days, she always want to entertain people. However, as years passed, she had a different perspective with people. She had trust issues, especially with her colleagues. No one knows what she is thinking right now. Her only response is a smile.
  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik - the antagonist of the story. Once working in CogWork Labs, this doctor knows how to construct machines in full efficiency. He is currently after the 7 Chaos Shards around the continent. His true motives are yet to be known and he'll be very defensive if you get in his way.




Sonic and the Mayhem Master Dev Diary Update Progress - Part B

Players can interact the world around them, by pressing the (E). They can interact with characters, objects, or other instances. They can buy items in shops when needed. Enemies will come into contact with the player. Once done, the player will enter a fight with the enemy. Some may even damaged you from range before starting the fight. Traps are present during this case, and may even damage you. 

Battle System

The game offers a different style of battle system, known as the Pressure System. During battle sequences, players can't pause the game. Battles are under time-sequences. The player can build up MP as they dodged enemy attacks. To dodge, they can either jump with (W), or cancel some attacks with the (LMB). Enemies will attack relentless until they overheat. Once overheat, it is the player's turn. They can either attack, heal, boost, or even run during this phase. Each selection cost MP during the process. Their turn will be over once the enemy completely cooled down. They can skip this phase if needed, doing so will reward more MP. The battle is over if either side has no more health. 


These stages are the ones available for public information.

  • Mindscape Zone - After a day of hardwork, Sonic can enter the Mindscape Zone, once he fall asleep. It acts differently from an ordinary dreamworld, where it connects to his memories and reality. It contains a series of sublevels in which it can show him the path to his recollection. However, they also contained otherworldly robots that will stop in his way. Each level can only be unlocked by completing a chapter of the main story.
  • Mangrove Forest - An overgrown forest with thick and populated vegetation. Nature rests along the peaceful side of the world of machinery. Some establishments were found working their way on liberating most of the area, transforming it into a research facility. Use the environment in getting to your goal faster and take advantage of the hazardous terrains to your clanking enemies.
  • Ironbrim City - The capital city of advanced engineering. This entire place runs down to simple pistons to complex automatons. The entire island is run with infinite hydro energy, thanks to the large axle rims that keeps the island floating from water. The security tightens in all angles and you better keep your guard down, otherwise; it's no mercy for you.
  • Frigid Wasteland - A deserted iceland from the unknown. It was once an ocean many years ago, until time has passed to halt the blue calm waves. Abandoned oil rigs and wrecked ships were found within the icy territory. After many findings by researchers, a Chaos Shard was buried down the depths of an old station near the oil rigs. Ivo was one of the researchers. Can you race against him in the arctic battleground?
  • Dustorm Valley - The raging zone of the mechanical driveway. This valley is accompanied by a multitude of rails and iron bullet trains, using them for transport and traveling around the center part of the continent. Additionally, sandstorms occur at a daily basis. There are mine shafts that are completely hidden due to the buried sand from the storm. However, people began using these conditions in establishing an underground facility for storing weapons and machines. Dr. Robotnik located the facility and he starts a transport of an old military robot. However, due to trafficking, multiple blockades were made in the railway. Endure the heat and battle through the deadly storm.
  • Gigatomic Factory - The automated district of Ironbrim City is known to have the most abundant power source. From its source, this district is in its first line of the flow before anywhere else. However, it is slightly polluted with its dark atmosphere of smoke and gas. It is also the home of the city's recycling center, alongside a large junkyard which is entirely run by a mechanical custodian. Any protocols and orders will be executed with no delay, so prepare for the worse and don't judge its unearthly appearance. 
  • Aqua Plant - The gigafactory of water treatment. Ever wonder how water is supplied on an island with no springs or lakes? The Aqua Plant takes that job in processing saltwater into your everyday drink. Water treatment is a delicate process but be weary when a single concoction can lead to a disastrous result. Take note that floods and other areas may occur due to careless leakage from robots. Also note: DO NOT DROWN. 
  • Mausoleum Server - A robotic graveyard of the dead. Not in a direct approach, the entire network is abandoned a long time ago, where advanced engineering is at its first development. For some reason, it has an equal level of superiority on today's technology, despite its early installment. Rusted robots and malfunctioned machinery are now the only ones who live in this place. Find what you're looking for and don't stay too long in the dark.
  • Dynamo Metropolis - An empty city of the unknown. It is discovered by Dr. Gerald Robotnik during one of his expeditions. Fortunately, it can be seen in the magnetic map of any ship. Unfortunately, due to rough waves and heavy continuous storms, it is hard to tell its routes and precise coordinates when traveling near its aquatic territory. Because of this, it is forgotten by many people. The island is barren and quiet, there is nothing that can considered itself to be unique from anywhere else. Many years later, it is now the base of Ivo Robotnik after his exile. It became a defensive metropolis, where machines live to perform their daily functions to survive everyday from the harsh weather conditions. Be prepare from your ultimatum, as this is not just any rough zone to face.


These are the only ones available as information for right now.

  1. Lantern of the Mist (DEMO) - The two stumbled upon another predicament with the city's power supply. They must travel to Smoggleberg and enter the Gigatomic Factory. Apparently, the factory is overrun with malfunctioned machines, and the custodian himself has lost control to this situation. It is now your job to fix this mess, and find out who started it.

Animated Series

This section is considered to be cancelled or postponed in the meantime.



The animated series follows the same principle from the game. Although, the only difference is that the art style is slightly different for some characters. The story focuses a lot on the everyday life on the character and the plot. The show is under the genre of comedy. The series will be posted and uploaded in Youtube in segments or episodes. In the current development, sketch segments were made for the preview. 

So far, only a cut episode segment is shown in the episode: The Little Doll of Horrors. This episode introduces, TiDi (Tails Doll).


The comic follows the same principle to the animated series. The comic was cancelled or postponed in the meantime.





"Please comment or criticize the project for future improvements and revisions." --Trinitroid


  • Sonic and the Steel of Darkness has been under development since 2011. Because of this, there are many changes in the concept;
    • The setting was originally in the futuristic era.
    • The mechanical structure of the robots has been changed to fit the timeline and setting. 
    • Tails was going to be playable as a second character with a supporting role.
    • The story originally focused on a simple formula of the Sonic series. 
  • The fangame will be planned to become an indie game after the SAGE 2019, under name Mekaniko.