Sonic and the Lord of the Nazgul is a title within the Sonic the Hedgehog Series, aswell as the third installment of the Story Book Series, following on from Sonic and the Black Knight. Set in the world of the Lord of the Rings, the game combines Sonic's trademark speed with the swordfighting system which first appeared in Sonic and the Black Knight. It is the first appearance of the Babylon Rogues outside of the Sonic Riders games (other than Jet the Hawk who appeared as an unlockable character in the previous game). It is also the first not hand-held game to feature Eggman Nega as a character.


A wizard named Alatar the Blue (portrayed by Eggman) summons Sonic to help free Middle-Earth from the Witch-King of Angmar (Eggman Nega), who had been brought back to life mysteriously. Sonic's speed alone will not end the Witch-King's reign, so he must take up the sword Pallatar in order to break the Nazgul's curse and save Middle-Earth.

Part One

While on the run from the Witch-King of Angmar and his Orc minions, Alatar the Blue is cornered and, before he was slain, began a summoning spell that summoned Sonic to his world. Sonic defeats the Orcs before Alatar retreated and dragged him with him. The Witch-King then sent out four of the Nazgul to find and slay Sonic and Alatar. Alatar explained to Sonic that the Nine Rings of Power, possessed by the Nazgul, somehow survived the destruction of the Rings and their power returned the Witch-King and the Nazgul to life. After training Sonic in swordfighting, Alatar gave him his sacred sword; Pallatar. Alatar also gave him a small crystal which enabled them to communicate with each other. Sonic put this into the hilt of his sword. Sonic then set off on his quest while Radagast went into hiding. They first found Legolas the Elf in Mirkwood and he taught Sonic the art of Elven magic. Legolas also said that he should beware of his sword, as it was full of powerful and unknown abilities.

Sonic heads off to Galadriel, the Elf Queen of Lothlorien and wisest of all in Middle-Earth, to ask how to defeat the Witch-King without him being reborn again. On the way, Sonic defeats two Nazgul and took their Rings. Before Galadriel could reveal how to kill the Witch, the two were interrupted by three Nazgul. Sonic defeated them and took their Rings. Galadriel then said that the way to kill the Witch-King was to use the power of the Nazgul's Rings to cancel out the power of his Ring, rendering him un-immortal. Finally, Sonic encountered the final three Nazgul and defeated them, taking their Rings aswell. But as one Nazgul was about to fall from a cliff, Sonic saved her before dashing off again. Alatar then told Sonic that the Witch-King was at The Undying Lands, and was about to slay the Valar. Sonic then pursued and defeated the Witch.

Part Two

Having fought and defeated the Witch-King with the Nine Rings, Alatar revealed that it was he that revived the Witch and the Nazgul. He then took the Witch-Kings Ring and became even more powerful than it's previous wearer, so he could become King of Middle-Earth. Sonic and the Nazgul are forced to flee and, with Galadriel's help, set off with the Rings to defeat Alatar and create a shield around Middle-Earth, so the wizards evil wouldn't spread too far. After the Rings formed a barrier around the continent, Sonic confronts Alatar, who explains that without proper leadership, Middle-Earth would be extinct of magic and he couldn't let that happen. Sonic battles him, but is outmatched; in the process, Pallatar is broken in half, and Sonic takes a severe beating. Galadriel and the Nazgul watch Sonic's efforts, and shout at him to run; Sonic refuses, resolving to stop Alatar no matter what. Sonic's determination repairs Pallatar, and he transforms into Nazgul Sonic - Super Sonic in a black robe - while Alatar transforms into a monstrous creature known as "the Dark Lord". After a long battle, Sonic manages to defeat Alatar. Afterwards, the Nazgul need to disband due to the absence of a true King. Galadriel then reminds everyone that she is the wisest and has the right to choose the King, and that it is she who will decide who the true King Arthur is. She then goes to Sonic's side, proclaiming him the true King. The Nazgul then bow down to Sonic, and the credits begin to roll. After the credits roll, Sonic, who has been taken back to his world, explains his journey to Cream the Rabbit. The game then shows a book titled "The Lord of the Rings" change into "Sonic and the Lord of the Nazgul", akin to what happened in the previous game, Sonic and the Black Knight.


Withered Heath: Orc Storm: Defeat all of the Orcs and protect the Wizard!

Rhosgobel Area: Swordcraft: Learn how to use a basic sword!

Sacred Swordcraft: Learn to use Pallatar, the sacred sword!

See ya gardens: Leave the Rhosgobel Area

Mirkwood: To the Capital: Reach the capital of the forest!

Magicraft: Learn how to use Elf magic!

Goodbye Mirk: Leave Mirkwood!

The Brown Lands: Dark Creatures: Defeat the Nazgul!

Lothlorien: The Lady of the Wood: Find Galadriel!

Malice in the Wood: Defeat the [[Nazgul]

Leaving Lorien: Make for the mountains!

The Misty Mountains: Up we go: Get to the other side of the mountains!

More Malice: Defeat the last of the Nazgul!

From Mist to Grey: Leave for the Grey Havens!

Grey Havens: Go, go, go to the boat: Reach the boat before it sets sail!

The Great Sea: Row, row, row the boat: Reach the Undying Lands!

Aman (The Undying Lands): Race for your race: Reach the palace as quickly as possible!

Face off: Defeat the Witch-King of Angmar

Flee for the Sea: Reach the bay before you get squished!

Evendim Lake: The Altar: Reach the altar!

Anfalas: The Altar: Reach the altar!

Iron Hills: The Altar: Reach the altar!

Mountains of Shadow: The Altar: Reach the altar!

Weathertop: The Final Battle: Defeat The Dark Lord!


Sonic the Hedgehog

Amy Rose/Galadriel

Rouge the Bat/Elrond

Blaze the Cat/Cirdan

Dr Eggman/Alatar the Blue

Dr Eggman Nega/Witch-King of Angmar

Scourge the Hedgehog/Aragorn

Miles 'Tails' Prower/Legolas

Shadow the Hedgehog/Nazgul

Knuckles the Echidna/Nazgul

Jet the Hawk/Nazgul

Wave the Swallow/Nazgul

Storm the Albatross/Nazgul

Silver the Hedgehog/Nazgul

Espio the Chameleon/Nazgul

Charmy Bee/Nazgul

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