Sonic and the Knights of Avalon is part of the Sonic Storybook Expansion series, expanding upon Sonic and the Black Knight.

The song`s main theme is Fight the Knight, the Black Knight's theme from the first King Arthur game.


In a distant canyon, Lancelot rushes by. He is closely followed by Galahad, one of the Multiplayer-only knights from the previous game. In an attempt to lose them, Lancelot warps away with Chaos Control. He appears in a forest, where he sees Merlina cornered by Lamorak, the other MP-only knight from SBK, and a swordsman that looks like Metal Sonic, holding a similar blade to Caliburn, but without the face on the hilt. She knows she is no match for them, and activates a teleportation spell which has her glow white. However, Lamorak spreads a fanblade and tosses it at her, striking just as she vanishes, causing her to drop her staff as she vanishes. Lamorak smiles and simply leaves.

Lancelot angrily mouths 'beasts' and rushes to the fallen staff, which he hopes will work in response to his Chaos powers (although he doesn't exactly refer to them as 'Chaos'). "Ifalas zaraz i iz arak. Ifalaz zaraz I iz arak. Bearer of Caliburn, Knight of the Wind! Return to this world!" Sonic falls once again, this time without the Chili Dogs, and looks around before Galahad's voice shouts "In here! The light came from here!" and the three Knights appear. However, Lancelot takes care of it and grabs Sonic's arm before vanishing with Chaos Control.

Galahad stares at the remnants of Chaos energy as though remembering something, then turns to the other two. "You know what to do. Take care of them. On second thought, you take care of them, Lamorak. Get Percival and Gawain to, as well. Mordred, come with me to Golden Canyon. We'll need to take care of things."

The knight who looks like Metal Sonic, Mordred, smirks. "And if I don't want to come with you? You're no higher than we are, Galahad." Galahad angrily pulls out the Scabbard of Excalibur and brings it to Mordred's neck, as his sword comes around and draws near.

"You'll come with me whether you want to or not. I'm the one who got this scabbard, not you blundering idiots!" At blundering idiots, his dagger-like sword actually nicks his neck, drawing a bit of blood. (Wow. He drew blood from a robot. He's good. Or angry. One of the two...) He turns around and leaves, and Mordred falls as Galahad no longer holds him with psychokenesis. Lamorak shakes his head and walks into the trees. "See, Mordred? That's why I don't mess with him."

Story 1

Sonic and Lancelot are at the Misty Lake, where Sonic asks what just happened back there. Lancelot replies that those were the Knights of Avalon, three of the Round Table's Knights sent to Distant Avalon for training. Sonic asks 'Isn't Avalon where I took care of the Black Knight last time?' but Lancelot replies that a distant island, also known as Avalon, and that that is where the three knights were sent. Lancelot gets Sonic to 'reaccustom to this world' and reobtain Caliburn, who reminices the events of the last game, and learns what happened. The three of them head to Avalon, and Lancelot states to Sonic that he would give Sonic Arondight, but that he must be able to defend himself.

Sonic and Caliburn continue through a ghost town known as Silent Village, but as they leave, a voice calls ``Hey! Thought you might need out help!`` Sonic turns to see the Blacksmith flying after them, with Nimune walking slowly through the village. Sonic smiles, and the Blacksmith offers to set up shop in the Silent Village. Sonic agrees. However, inside the smithy, it turns out the burner isn`t working - there`s something jammed in the hold. Sonic fixes the jam, and before long, the burner is lit again (with some help from Nimune).

Sonic proceeds through Angry Desert, a burning field of sand with a sandstorm 24/7. Sonic encounters Lancelot there, but the sandstorm muffles his voice, and Lancelot is convinced that it`s one of the Avalon Knights. He fights, with the sandstorm slowly sapping both of their energy. As Sonic ends the fight, Arondight is sent flying skyward, and Lancelot makes no attempt to escape it. Sonic, aremd with the wind, leaps over Caliburn and grabs the blade, saving Lancelot`s life. Lancelot hears him fly.

``Only one knight would dissallow their opponent`s death, and only one knight can rush with the wind. Sir Sonic.`` Lancelot turns and see Sonic, flipping Arondight in his hand. Lancelot joins their journey, glad to hear that the smithy has moved to Avalon.

Racing through the mountains, Sonic sees obvious marks of Gawain's passing. The Ocean of Mountains have been burrowed through, and Galatine markings ar everywhere. At the peak of the highest mountain, we see Gawain, resting in the sun. Sonic smirks and asks ``Well, if it isn`t the knucklehead.`` Gawain refuses to believe that Sonic has returned, saying that ``Lancelot`s ghostly illusion can`t decieve me. Sonic defeats him, and Gawain is shocked to find defeat, saying that ``A ghost couldn't summon the wind... and no illusion can counter attacks so well.`` Gawain throws his swords to the ground, asking the two to forgive his misguidance.

Continuing onward, Lancelot reminds Sonic that only one sacred sword remains. Sonic replies ``Don't talk to me for a second, I`m thinking. Last time, Percival was at the peak of the mine`s volcano, so this time...`` Before he can finish, a huge magma rock flies at him, and Gawain leaps up off his shoulders and buzzsaws, slicing the rock in half. Sonic pick himself up and sees burning dust kicking around at the volcano`s peak, and finishes ``...she`ll be at the volcano`s cone. Come on, guys!`` Acending Volcanic Mountain, Sonic is thrown around by burning dust, and isn`t surprised to see Percival`s pyrokenesis being magnified by the volcano, which everyone aggrees is a bit extreme. Sonic takes on Percival, and as the battle ends, Lavietein strikes the narrow stip of rock, causing Percival to fall. Sonic dashes down the side of the mountain, grabs Percival`s hand, and u-turns, but doesn`t have enough momentum and stabs Caliburn into the rock. Percival is speechless, and Sonic remarks ``Why is it that every time I defeat you, I end up saving you?`` Percival blushes, and the other knights form a ladder of the swords, including Percival`s dropped Lavietein. The two climb up, retrieving the swords along the way.

At they reach the top, Lamorak has ascended the mountain, but is surprised to see that not only is Sonic alive, but the others have joined him. Lamorak takes him on, but after being defeated, he dashes through a canyon known as Golden Canyon. At the end of the canyon, Lamorak is cornered, but Mordred tunnels through the canyon wall, and Sonic (calling him by remarking ``Hah. If it isn`t iron-face.``) challenges him to a battle. Sonic takes him out, but kicks Nrubilac out of Mordred`s hands and sticks it in the rock wall. Galahad emerges from the rock tunnelling, saying ``Do you see now? This is why I bear the scabbard.`` Sonic remarks that ``Things are the same, but different, no matter where I go.`` Galahad flips his blade and smirks, holding it with his fingers against the flat spread and remarking, ``You fancy your chances, knave?``

Sonic defeats him, but as he falls, he draws power from the scabbard. Sonic shouts to the other three, ``Now! Your swords!`` and they surround Galahad: Lancelot knocks him down, the back of Arondight holding his neck, and Arondight shines. Gawain catches his arms with the blunt sides of his Galatine, and the Galatine glow. Percival ignites Lavietein, holding it near his neck, and the flame emits a white light. Sonic dashes between the three of them and leaps over Galahad, grabbing the scabbard, and Galahad screams as immortality leaves him. The three other knights back off, and Mordred and Lamorak hide in the tunnel. Sonic holds still, the scabbard in his hands. Caliburn shouts at him, ``What are you waiting for? Finish the job off!``

``Why cause him more pain than losing the scabbard already has caused him? I`m not a killer, Caliburn. You can`t make me into one.``

Story 2

Sonic, Lancelot, Gawain, and Percival are at the cone of Volcanic Mountain. Sonic comes forward and drops the scabbard into the volcano. However, as it nears the magma, it seems to slow to a stop, then rise. Galahad appears in a blur of silver energy lines, and grabs the scabbard. Sonic sees several wounds around his body, as they fade from him taking power from the scabbard. Galahad sighs in releif, then vanishes in the same blur of lines, but slower.

"You can't stop me, knave. We shall meet again, but next time, I will be in control!"

All four knights watch helplessly as he fades, but then Mordred and Lamorak come out, calling for him, only to see the last of the lines fading away. Mordred screams angrily, and Lamorak asks "He asks us to come with, then vanishes. We come to where he wants, and he's already gone. I hate that guy." As they turn away, Sonic see's Galahad's blade reappearing, and leaps in front of it, parrying the slashes. Lamorak sees it, and then remarks "Right... the other knights are here. Run, Mordred!" Sonic and the others chase after them through the Black Cliffside, but Sonic meets them as they enter a hole below. Sonic tells the others to wait above, and drops down to see Galahad placing the scabbard in a shrine and placing his, Mordred's, and Lamorak's swords in pedestals. He mutters something, and Sonic watches as the scabbard shines, creating a huge energy boost.

However, Psychon, J-Twin and Nrubilac aren't enough to control the enrergy, and are rejected, flying out blade first. J-Twin both go in seperate directions, missing the pushed-back Mordred and Lamorak by inches. Psychon flies straight at Galahad, and he manages to warp short-range away as it hits the wall and is pushed flat against it. Nrubilac is flies at Sonic, who parries it, sliding it under the energy. Sonic watches as the energy threatens to envelop and destroy the other two knights and embeds Caliburn in the wall as he dashes around the energy with the narrowest of spaces as he grabs the Knights of Avalon and their blades. He drags all three and their blades out of the cave, then drops them as he dashes away with the other knights.

Lamorak recovers and dashes with them. Mordred recovers and sees Lamorak dashing away, then turns to Galahad, who picks up Psychon and prepares to combat the energy. Mordred picks up Nrubilac, which absorbed some of the energy, then turns with Galahad to... what the hell is that? The energy orb rises and fades, revealing a giant bipedal dragon in it's place with the scabbard, now enlarged, in it's hand. It sees Galahad and swipes at him, but in a scene similar to the Pokemon Lucario in Super Smash Bros Brawl, Galahad vanishes in a blur of his silver lines and burrows his sword in the dragon's hand. The dragon screams and flings him off, but Galahad keeps fighting with warps and stabs. Mordred tries to help Galahad, but is trapped in a straining state.

Sonic and the other knights reach the Silent Village, and Nimune asks what happened. Sonic explains what did, with help from Lancelot, Gawain, and Percival, but Lamorak is against the wall of the smithy. He doesn't know if he should help Sonic, or go back and support Galahad.

Meanwhile, Nimune tells them they need to form a barrier around the DuskDawn Dragon, but the four blades aren't going to be enough. Sonic says that they'll have to do the best they can, and the four of them dash off. Nimune wishes them good luck softly, and Lamorak sighs. "Yeah. Good luck. Like that'll do anything." He walks into the smithy and asks to get his blades sharpened, but when Nimune sees them, she gasps, saying that J-Twin could be what they need. Lamorak stares at his blades.

After placing the three sacred swords around their respective areas (as the respective knight for the respective blade, manditorily for the first time), Lamorak dashes off, then strikes J-Twin down into the fourth shrine. Sonic was somehow blocked by the incomplete barrier, but now dashes onward. As he approaches the dragon, Mordred stops him, straining against the new power in Nrubilac.

"No, Knave. I will not allow you to stop Galahad. He will control the DuskDawn Dragon!"

"Why don't you see it, Mordred? Galahad won't be able to control it! He'll only die in the attempt! I have to stop him from trying and defeat the dragon!"

"SILENCE! You've defeated me before, but now I will take victory!"

Mordred cries out as he transforms into Neo Mordred from the extra power in his blade. Even Nrubilac changes, enlarging and redesigning. Sonic takes on Sir Neo Mordred, and defeats him with somewhat difficulty. Neo Mordred dashes away as the transformation starts to fade. Sonic ascends the DuskDawn Dragon while Galahad still has it distracted. Sonic watches as Galahad embeds Psychon in the DuskDawn Dragon's neck, but the dragon launches him off, and he is unconscious; away from the scabbard and he again falls limp. Psychon, like him is sent flying, but Mordred catches it as he finally deactivates, right at the entrance to Silent Village. Galahad falls in Silent Village, but Nimune saves him with her magic.

Sonic, meanwhile, is descending the DuskDawn Dragon, however, now it's main focus is the blue hedgehog descending it. As he drops off the knee, a bolt of energy flies at him. He air-dodges it, but another one aims at him. He is unable to airdodge a second time, and is struck. Sonic hits the ground as the dragon fires a third, stronger energy bolt, but this time aims for Caliburn, splitting the blade in half. Sonic, half-conscious, picks himself up, and is enveloped in an awakening light. Galahad is shocked, but Nimune, watching it with the knights in her reflecting pool, tells them all to drop their swords in. Unexpectedly, she gets the Knights of Avalon to as well.

Lancelot: Arondight!

Gawain: Galatine!

Percival: Lavietein!

Lamorak: J-Twin!

Galahad: Psychon!

Mordred: Nrubilac!

Sonic transforms into Excalibur-Sonic, but clearly has more power with the addition of the Avalon blades. Sonic now gains a physical change, his skin/fur/what the hell ever turning gold, and Excalibur-Sonic now fights the DuskDawn Dragon down. As the dragon is defeated, Sonic is sent back from the explosion, and hits the ground hard, still the golden knight. He stabs Excalibur into the ground and hoists himself up, then powers down. However, out of nowhere, a bolt of energy strikes at him, and just misses his feet. He turns to the dragon, reverting back to energy, and cries "Now!" The knights rush at the scabbard with their blades, all six of them, and form a six-pointed-star barrier. Sonic leaps up and slices the scabbard in half lengthwise with a buzzsaw. Not satisfied, he lands and slashes it in half widthwise. The knights then throw the peices into the Volcanic Mountain, with Sonic keeping the point as a souvinier of the adventures.

After returning to his own world...

Sonic: Amy! Would you calm down!


Amy: You say you`ll meet me...


Amy: You stand me up...


Amy: And now you try to misdirect me with the same garbage as last time?



Amy: That is PATHETIC!

Sonic: No! I can prove it! Here... what? Where`d it go?

Amy: Hraaah!

Sonic: Aaaaaahhhhh!

Knights of the Round Table

Knight`s Name Sonic-World Counterpart Soul Surge Form Style Theme
Lancelot Shadow Chaos Punishment: Warps with Chaos Control and slashes Knight (Balanced) style I Am... All Of Me
Gawain Knuckles Gail Meteor: Tosses blades like boomerangs Paladin (Power) Style Unknown from M.E.
Percival Blaze Burning Vortex: Spins in a tornado of fire Calavier (Speed) Style Vela Nova
Lamorak Jet J-Slice: Rushes, slashes, and spinslashes Calavier (Speed) Style Catch Me If You Can
Galahad Silver ExtraSensory Blade: Slashes from a distance, then rushes to blade with ESP Knight (Balanced) Style Dreams of an Absolution
Mordred Metal Sonic Iron Blade: Standard Soul Surge, but with increased defensive power. Paladin (Power) Style What I'm Made Of...


Knight Standard Weapon Purpose of Name Final Weapon Effects Translation, Purpose
Lancelot Arondight Same as SBK Ddraig Goch Chaos Spear during slashes; Chaos Blast during Chaos Punishment Red Dragon, the Welsh Flag (same as SBK)
Gawain Galatine Same as SBK Glas Heula Ignites blades during combo slashes; rushes to blade during Gail Meteor Blue Sun, a reference to Knuckles` rivalry with Sonic
Percival Lavietein Same as SBK Danio Llwch Ingited slashes; longer range of Burning Vortex Fire Dust, due to the fire of Burning Vortex looking like dust
Lamorak J-Twin Jet`s Extreme Gear is J-type, Lamorak is Jet`s counterpart. Eithaf Ysglisia Alows him to glide after jumping; alters J-Slice to a tornado of slashing Extreme Slice, Jet is a member of the Babylon Rouges, who use Extreme Gear
Galahad Psychon Reference of Galahad`s psychokenesis. Don`t ask about n. Dendio Chledd Flies with psychokenesis rather than runnig; changes ExtraSensory Blade to a spin slash with wide range Mind Sword, due to Galahad`s psychokenesis
Mordred Nrubilac Reverse of `Caliburn`. Pronounced 'Nroo-bill-ack' Dean Fetel Turns Mordred into 'Neo Mordred', a Neo Metal Sonic form. Neon Metal, from the 'Neo Mordred' form.
Sonic Caliburn Same as SBK Excalibur Transforms into Excalibur-Sonic at start of play Not Welsh. Excalibur.


  • All Knights of the Round Table can be fought twice, wielding their final blades. They are, in order of meeting; Neo Mordred, Lancelot Returns, Burning Gawain, Ignited Percival, Winded Lamorak, Mordred Fetel, and Galahad Returns.
    • That said, Mordred is the only knight to be fought twice manditorily; as Sir Mordred in Golden Canyon, and as Neo Mordred in DuskDawn Valley. However, he is not wielding Dean Fetel as Neo Mordred, but a powered-up Nrubilac. This makes Mordred the only knight able to be fought thrice; Sir Mordred, Neo Mordred, and Mordred Fetel.
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