In some of the movies, added a variety of hilarious outtakes to the end credits. Some were mostly of the characters forgetting their lines, making a mistake, or just being silly. The outtakes could either be viewed during the end credits, while others were a special feature on a DVD or Blu-ray.


Rouge and Amy (1st try)

  • Director #1: Speed.
  • Director #2: Marker.
  • Director #3: And action!
  • Rouge: Are you going to eat today, Amy?
  • Amy: Yeah… I worked up an appetite myself with that r... [laughs hysterically] I'm sorry!

Rouge and Amy (2nd try)

  • Rouge: Are you going to eat today, Amy?
  • Amy: Yeah… I worked up an appetit... [laughs hysterically] I'm sorry! I got it. No. Just do it again.

Rouge and Amy (3rd try)

  • Rouge: Are you going to eat today, Amy?
  • Amy: Yeah… I wo... [laughs hysterically]
  • Rouge: This is the 6th take. I can't do this. I'm going to my trailer.
  • Amy: Can you take a break?

Sonic talks to Tricia

  • Director: Marker.
  • Sonic: Well, I guess I could stick around to help... [he hears a hammer pounding] Is someone hammering? Can we hold the job, please? Hello?
  • Tricia: Am I in this shot? You can see me, right?

Empress Greylord

  • Director: And action!
  • Empress Greylord: Why yes, it is ring time. [she holds a ring]
  • [Crew laughing]
  • Empress Greylord: [laughs] I'm sorry. I could not resist. Really. Can you blame me? Okay. Let's go for real now.
  • Director: Okay, cut!
  • Empress Greylord: Sorry.

Draxiella and Suctor motions to the Kaiju Girls

  • Suctor: Heh, I knew you’d be pleased, Draxiella.
  • Draxiella: Yes. Because these 17 will remain here permanently.
  • Suctor: But, Draxiella. What happens when yo...
  • Director: Watch it! Watch it!
  • Suctor: [he accidentally knocking over the camera] I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Is the camera broke?
  • [The kaiju girls confused]
  • Suctor: Oh! Oh! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Did I spoil the take?

Empress Greylord thanked the others

  • Empress Greylord: You did a good job stopping the malicious monsters.
  • [the bats flew]
  • Empress Greylord: What? Is that a bat in my shoulder?
  • [Crew laughing]
  • Empress Greylord: Could you flew off? Can we cut?

Tails talks to Shadow

  • Tails: So, where is the big game taking place? The girls are ready to play.
  • [Amy faints]
  • Tails: Oh! I'm sorry! I thought she was. [laughs] Oh, geez, put that thing in my limousine.
  • Shadow: [snickering]

Charmy and Tricia

  • Director: Marker.
  • Charmy: Vector, you sure this is such a good... Whoa! [he falls off the window, making a loud splash]
  • [Crew laughing]
  • Tricia: [laughs]

Sonic and Serena

  • Serena: Sounds nice. I bet it’s crawling with sharks and anacondas.
  • Sonic: I think you mean "alligators and snakes."
  • Serena: What? Didn't I...?
  • Sonic: Well, you know, maybe you should take a minute and caimans and worms.
  • Serena & Sonic: [chuckles]

Amy and Empress Greylord

  • Amy: I’ve never seen this species of giant sharks before. [she hears a python hissing] Oh dear! A python! There's a python in here?
  • Empress Greylord: [laughing] [walks off]
  • Director: Cut!

Draxiella's Dragon Form

  • Draxiella (Dragon form): [roaring] I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
  • Kaiju Girls: [sighs]
  • Draxiella (Dragon form): Can we cut? It's just that I don't think I'll be over. Hmm. Oh! I know! I could use a lot of flame! Oh! That's good! I got it, man! OK! One more for me!

Sir Eggbot's Announcement

  • Director #1: Speed.
  • Director #2: Marker.
  • Director #3: And action!
  • Sir Eggbot: The tournament of the golden trophy will now beg... [he smacks his face against the camera lens]

Gilly, Tricia and The Eggbots' Friendly Conversation

  • Gilly: By the way, We hear you’re having a little bit problem getting your h-h-h-h... What am I doing?
  • [everyone laughing]

Dragon Father and Serena

  • Dragon: These two are better than we are.
  • Serena: Uh... What was my line again?
  • Director: "They are a little strange."
  • Dragon: [chuckles]
  • Serena: [laughs] I'm sorry. I just forget.

Sonic and Charmy

  • Director #2: Marker.
  • Director #3: And action!
  • Sonic: I noticed that too. I wonder why she bothered to come here without thinking things through.
  • [Sonic saw that the two hammerhead sharks appears]
  • Venus: And so, you guys are absolutely identical?
  • Sonic: [laughs]
  • Venus: [laughing] You know, I'm sure I could get you a part in this movie. I'm sorry, are we back? [chuckling] All right. Lovely talking with you. Yes. Any time you'd like some tips on acting, I'd be glad to chat with you. All right, off you go.
  • [the hammerhead sharks agreed and swam away]
  • Venus: Hmm.

The Kaiju Girls in the dance hall

  • Director #1: Speed.
  • Director #2: Wait, wait, wait. Let me check out the focus.
  • Gia: So, did you made in this movie?
  • Plasina: Well, if you look in this copy, you can see my wings is blue color.
  • Serena: What will you do next?
  • Tricia: Well, I'm up for this guy in an artist commercial.
  • Gia: Ooh, sounds nice.
  • Director #1: You got it.

Draxiella, Suctor and the Eggbots (1st try)

  • Director #2: Marker.
  • Director #3: And action!
  • Draxiella: Do you want this trophy to stay?
  • Suctor: Sure, we won’t let yo... [snickering] I'm sorry. I'm sorry, she looked funny. She looked funny at me. Can we-? Just let me have another take.

Draxiella, Suctor and the Eggbots (2nd try)

  • Draxiella: Do you want this trophy to stay?
  • Suctor: Sure, we won’t le... [laughs] I'm sorry. I'm sorry, he made me laugh. Please, I'll do it right this time. Just once more.
  • Draxiella: You know, I don't...

Draxiella, Suctor and the Eggbots (3rd try)

  • Draxiella: Do you want this trophy to stay?
  • Suctor: Sure, we wo... [laughs hysterically]

Charmy buzzing out onto the porch

  • Director #2: Marker.
  • Director #3: And action!
  • Charmy: Alright, let’s get going.
  • (Charmy buzzing towards Sonic and the others, but he crashed into Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Cheese, Big, Shadow, Rouge, Espio, Vector, Gia, Myra, Serena, Jessica, Martha, Gamina, Gilly, Venus, Wendy, Zada, Ellie, Agnes, Kimberly, Mackenzie, Plasina and Tricia, going all over the set and finally hitting the camera)
  • Myra: Hey! Watch it!
  • Zada: You're making it worse!
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