This page is not completed and is still being written!It is the fifth installment to the Sonic Storybook Series and is the first Storybook crossover of SEGA and Rare. Set in the world of Dracula (with Young Frankenstein, Van Helsing, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen elements mixed as well), the game provides three ways to play: Sonic's speed along with the return of Werehog gameplay, Banjo-Kazooie's platforming, and Batula's swordplay with treasure hunting. It is the first, non hand-held game to feature Nack the Weasel and Shade the Echidna as playable characters.


Sonic's Story

Sonic was lying at home before he receives a message given by a strange mysterious sorcerer. Opening the book of Dracula, he is sucked within the story world where he must not only rescue the people within, but also deal with the strange monster, Dracula. As his journey continues, he realizes that while staying inside the book, his Werehog problems have returned, though this time, he's matured and knows how to use his powers wisely. After making new friends, especially in the forms of the 3 new people he just met, while dealing with his Werehog problems once more, Sonic helps out in defeating Dracula, or so it seems...The actual gameplay elements consist of speed with Werehog Platforming.

  • Playable Characters in Story Mode
  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. Miles "Tails" Prower/Tom Sawyer
  3. Nack the Weasel/Jonathan Harker
  4. Knuckles the Echidna/Arthur Holmwood
  5. Shadow the Hedgehog/Quincy Morris
  6. Amy Rose/Lucy Westerna
  • Sonic's Story Stage Order-Task (Characters Through First Time):
  1. Bordo Pass-Race to the Goal (Sonic)
  2. Bordo Pass-Help the Citizens (Sonic, Tails/Tom)
  3. Boss Fight: Count Batula (Nack/Harker)
  4. Demon Forest-Help Sonic Regain Control (Tails/Tom)
  5. Caves of Mystery-Defeat 20 Foes in Werehog Mode (Sonic/Werehog)
  6. Caves of Mystery-Find the Treasures (Tails/Tom, Nack/Harker)
  7. Caves of Mystery-Rescue Lucy (Sonic, Tails/Tom, Nack/Harker)
  8. Boss Fight: The Experiment/Frankenstein (Sonic, Tails/Tom, Nack/Harker, Amy/Lucy)
  9. Castle Frankenstein-Find the Lost Parts (Amy/Lucy)
  10. Castle Frankenstein-Defeat the Intruders (Sonic, Tails/Tom, Amy/Lucy)
  11. Castle Frankenstein-Gain Frankenstein's Trust (Nack/Harker)
  12. Village of the Damned-Rescue the Citizens (Sonic, Tails/Tom, Nack/Harker, Amy/Lucy)
  13. Boss Fight: Banjo-Kazooie (Sonic, Tails/Tom, Nack/Harker, Amy/Lucy)
  14. Captain Nemo's Ship-Race to the Goal (Sonic, Tails/Tom, Nack/Harker, Knuckles/Holmwood, Amy/Lucy)
  15. Captain Nemo's Ship-Steal the Plans (Nack/Harker, Knuckles/Holmwood)
  16. Experimental Labs-Create Locater (Tails/Tom)
  17. Village of the Damned-Get Info on Igor's Wherabotus (Amy/Lucy)
  18. Experimental Labs-Find Igor (Sonic, Tails/Tom, Nack/Harker, Knuckles/Holmwood, Amy/Lucy)
  19. Boss Fight: Klungo/Igor (Sonic/Werehog, Tails/Tom, Nack/Harker, Knuckles/Holmwood, Amy/Lucy)
  20. Lake Monstrous-Find the Hidden Jewels (Sonic, Nack/Harker)
  21. Eternal Peaks-Search for Morris (Sonic, Tails/Tom, Nack/Harker, Knuckles/Holmwood, Amy/Lucy)
  22. Demon Forest-Race to the Goal (All)
  23. Boss Fight: Eggman Nega/Wolf Man (Shadow/Morris)
  24. Lake Monstrous-Confront the Minions (Knuckles/Holmwood)
  25. Village of the Damned-Fight 12 Bosses (All)
  26. Castle Dracula-Destroy 50 Enemies (All)
  27. Castle Dracula-Find Dracula (Shadow/Morris)
  28. Final Boss Fight: Eggman/Dracula (All)

Banjo-Kazooie's Story

A month after the events of Banjo-Kazooie, Nuts & Bolts, the bear and bird take a relaxing trip to Bottles' pad, finding the book of Dracula with a message that concerns Gruntilda attacking the storybook world. With luck at their side, they head in, meeting strange, yet familiar folks as storybook personas while encountering both a mysterious blue hedgehog and an undead vampire squirrel. After a while, Banjo and Kazooie help the two along with many friends they made defeat the witch, making it seem like it was over. The actual gameplay elements consist of platforming along with vehicle riding.

  • Playable Characters in Story Mode
  1. Banjo the Bear
  2. Kazooie the Breegull
  3. Blaze the Cat/Captain Nemo
  4. Silver the Hedgehog/Dr. Jack Seward
  5. Shade the Echidna/Dracula's Bride
  6. Rodent the Squirrel/Abraham Van Helsing
  • Banjo-Kazooie's Story Stage Order-Task (Characters Through First Time):
  1. Captain Nemo's Ship-Find the Missing Crystal Egg (Banjo, Kazooie, Blaze/Nemo)
  2. Captain Nemo's Ship-Destroy the Intruders (Blaze/Nemo)
  3. Village of the Damned-Rescue Dr. Seward (Banjo, Kazooie, Blaze/Nemo)
  4. Boss Fight: Sonic the Hedgehog (Banjo, Kazooie)
  5. Experimental Labs-Get Grenade Eggs (Banjo, Kazooie, Silver/Seward, Blaze/Nemo)
  6. Demon Forest-Locate Renfield (Silver/Seward)
  7. Boss Fight: Mephiles/Renfield (Banjo, Kazooie, Silver/Seward, Blaze/Nemo)
  8. Eternal Peaks-Reach for the Goal (Banjo, Kazooie, Silver/Seward, Blaze/Nemo)
  9. Caves of Mystery-Find Abraham (Banjo)
  10. Eternal Peaks-Destroy 10 Enemies (Rodent/Abraham)
  11. Lake Monstrous-Rescue Mystery Girl (Kazooie, Blaze/Nemo)
  12. Boss Fight: Eggman Nega/Wolf Man (Shade/Bride)
  13. Bordo Pass-Find Shaman's Charm (All)
  14. Lake Monstrous-Help Friar & Invisible Man (Banjo, Kazooie, Rodent/Abraham)
  15. Boss Fight: Count Batula (All)
  16. Castle Frankenstein-Find the Citizens (Rodent/Abraham, Shade/Bride)
  17. Castle Frankenstein-Help the Castle Keeper (All)
  18. Demon Forest-Locate Crystal Jiggy (Banjo, Kazooie)
  19. Castle Dracula-Steal the Maps (Shade/Bride, Rodent/Abraham, Blaze/Nemo, Silver/Seward)
  20. Castle Dracula-Rescue Invisible Man (Silver/Seward)
  21. Boss Fight: Mephiles/Renfield (All)
  22. Experimental Labs-Reach the Goal (All)
  23. Caves of Mystery-Imprison the Demons (Rodent/Abraham, Silver/Seward)
  24. Village of the Damned-Place Jiggys in Location (All)
  25. Village of the Damned-Fight 12 Bosses (All)
  26. Castle Dracula-Destroy 50 Enemies (All)
  27. Castle Dracula-Find Gruntilda (Shade/Bride)
  28. Final Boss Fight: Gruntilda (All)

Batula's Story

Batula, after having fallen into the grinder due to drinking so much blood from the victims his grandson, Conker, gave him, finds himself in the actual story of Dracula. Being thought by many people to be the actual one himself, he takes into hiding. As he does, he sees the true Dracula along with the skull in robot body, Gruntilda, making a deal of not only merging the book world with his own, but also learning of them turning the norm into that of the undead. He is then contacted by Gregg, who explains that in order to reclaim his life, he must summon the three best warriors to defeat Gruntilda and destroy Dracula while finding the mystical blade that can set everything right, the Twilight. After meeting with the three warriors, he, using spells he had learned along with a medallion to prevent himself from burning up in sunlight, helps out in defeating both Dracula and Gruntilda...The actual gameplay consists of treasure hunting along with weapon fighting, in Batula's case, sword fighting (ala Sonic and the Black Knight style).

  • Playable Characters in Story Mode
  1. Count Batula
  2. Conker the Squirrel/Gabriel Van Helsing
  3. Rouge the Bat/Mina Murray
  4. Jet the Hawk/Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
  5. Wave the Swallow/Dracula's Bride
  6. Storm the Albatross/Dorian Gray
  • Batula's Story Stage Order-Task (Characters Through First Time):
  1. Castle Dracula-Reach the Goal (Batula)
  2. Boss Fight: Eggman/Dracula (Batula)
  3. Castle Dracula-Steal the Spell Book (Batula, Rouge/Mina)
  4. Boss Fight: Gruntilda (Batula, Rouge/Mina)
  5. Demon Forest-Get to Center of Forest (Batula, Rouge/Mina)
  6. Bordo Pass-Help Gabriel (Batula, Rouge/Mina)
  7. Boss Fight: Nack/Jonathan (Batula)
  8. Captain Nemo's Ship-Snatch the Treasures (Rouge/Mina, Conker/Gabriel)
  9. Castle Dracula-Defeat 20 Enemies (Batula, Rouge/Mina, Conker/Gabriel)
  10. Caves of Mystery-Locate Roaring Sound (Conker/Gabriel)
  11. Boss Fight: Jet/Mr. Hyde (Batula, Rouge/Mina, Conker/Gabriel)
  12. Experimental Labs-Defeat Artificial Experiment (Batula, Rouge/Mina, Conker/Gabriel, Jet/Jekyll)
  13. Experimental Labs-Obtain Water Spell (Batula, Rouge/Mina)
  14. Bordo Pass-Recruit Dorian Gray (Conker/Gabriel, Jet/Jekyll)
  15. Eternal Peaks-Rescue Mystery Child (Rouge/Mina, Conker/Gabriel, Jet/Jekyll, Storm/Dorian)
  16. Boss Fight: Don Weazo/Moriarty (Jet/Hyde, Storm/Dorian)
  17. Eternal Peaks-Obtain Fire Spell (Batula, Conker/Gabriel)
  18. Demon Forest-Break the Walls (Jet/Hyde, Storm/Dorian)
  19. Village of the Damned-Rescue the Brides (Batula)
  20. Demon Forest-Find the Werewolf (Wave/Bride)
  21. Boss Fight: Eggman Nega/Wolf Man (All)
  22. Lake Monstrous-Obtain Thunder Spell (Batula, Rouge/Mina, Conker/Gabriel)
  23. Boss Fight: Mephiles/Renfield (All)
  24. Castle Frankenstein-Obtain Most Powerful Spell (Wave/Bride)
  25. Village of the Damned-Fight 12 Bosses (All)
  26. Castle Dracula-Destroy 50 Enemies (All)
  27. Castle Dracula-Find Gruntilda & Dracula (Batula)
  28. Final Boss Fight: Eggman/Dracula & Gruntilda (All)

Final Story

However, as the celebration is beginning, Gregg appears, informing that they're not down yet. Sure enough, Gruntilda and Dracula, both having merged to the powerful Gruntcula, prepare to destroy all who oppose them. However, the four along with their new comrades learn that Gregg has brought the Chaos Emeralds to the book world, though are informed that they still need the Twilight blade. After the sword is found and pulled by Batula, he along with Sonic, Banjo, and Kazooie glow with the Twilight and Chaos Emeralds combined, becoming Super Sonic, Super Banjo, Super Kazooie, and Twilight Batula, eventually defeating Gruntcula, separating the witch from Dracula, and finally destroying him. Gregg makes off with Gruntilda, sending her back to where she belongs while the others rejoice. However, Batula selflessly admits that he does not deserve to stay in his own world. Both Sonic and Banjo (and to a less extent, Kazooie), though, treat him as a friend while learning from Gabriel and Nemo that they are the true comrades of the Extraordinary Gentlemen: Sonic the true Alan Quatermain, Banjo the true Campion Bond, Kazooie the true Huck Finn, and to both Mina's delight and Jonathan's annoyance, Batula the true Dracula. After the credits, we see Batula remaining within the Dracula world to live the rest of his days, having no intention of wanting to go back to his home, then we see Banjo and Kazooie, after arriving, blaming Bottles on the mess in the library to Mumbo Jumbo, and lastly, we see Sonic arriving home to find Amy, frowning that Sonic forgot her date, chasing her. As that happens, we see the title from "Dracula" changing into the title "Sonic and the Head Vampire".

  • Final Story Stages (Characters):
  1. Village of the Damned-Get Citizens Away (Conker/Gabriel, Rodent/Abraham, Tails/Tom)
  2. Demon Forest-Destroy the Traitors (Nack/Jonathan, Rouge/Mina)
  3. Castle Frankenstein-Save Everyone (Shadow/Morris, Silver/Seward, Jet/Hyde)
  4. Experimental Labs-Confront Frankenstein (Storm/Dorian, Knuckles/Holmwood)
  5. Castle Dracula-Stall the Enemies (Shade/Bride, Wave/Bride, Amy/Lucy)
  6. Captain Nemo's Ship-Escape Ship in 10 Minutes (Blaze/Nemo)
  7. Eternal Peaks-Race to the Center (Sonic/Werehog, Banjo, Kazooie)
  8. Boss Fight: Don Weazo/Moriarty (Batula)
  9. Final Boss: Gruntcula (Super Sonic, Super Banjo, Super Kazooie, Twilight Batula)

Multi-Player Mode

In Multi-player mode, players are competed on various duels, racing challenges, and (like the Banjo-Kazooie games) the quizzes with trivia you are given.

Playable Characters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog/Sonic the Werehog
  • Banjo the Bear
  • Kazooie the Breegull
  • Count Batula
  • Nack the Weasel/Jonathan Harker
  • Rouge the Bat/Mina Murray
  • Conker the Squirrel/Gabriel Van Helsing (Unlockable)
  • Knuckles the Echidna/Arthur Holmwood (Unlockable)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog/Quincy Morris (Unlockable)
  • Amy Rose/Lucy Westerna (Unlockable)
  • Blaze the Cat/Captain Nemo
  • Silver the Hedgehog/Dr. Jack Seward (Unlockable)
  • Miles "Tails" Prower/Tom Sawyer
  • Jet the Hawk/Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Unlockable)
  • Wave the Swallow/Dracula's Bride (Unlockable)
  • Storm the Albatross/Dorian Gray (Unlockable)
  • Rodent the Squirrel/Abraham Van Helsing (Unlockable)
  • Shade the Echidna/Dracula's Bride (Unlockable)

Non-Playable Characters


  • Village of the Damned
  • Castle Dracula
  • Captain Nemo's Ship
  • Experimental Labs
  • Lake Monstrous
  • Bordo Pass
  • Caves of Mystery
  • Castle Frankenstein
  • Eternal Peaks
  • Demon Forest
  • Lab Workshop (Not Stage)


  • BatulaxRouge
  • SilverxBlaze
  • NackxRouge

Fictuous Voice List

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Sonic the Hedgehog Junichi Kanemaru Jason Griffith
Shadow the Hedgehog Kouji Yusa Jason Griffith
Miles "Tails" Prower Ryo Hirohashi Amy Pallant
Knuckles the Echidna Nobutoshi Kanna Dan Green
Amy Rose Taeko Kawata Lisa Oritz
Rouge the Bat Rumi Ochiai Caren Manuel
Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel Megumi Hayashibara Eric Stuart
Conkula/Batula Romi Park Chris Seavor
Dr. Eggman & Eggman Nega Chikao Otsuka Mike Pollock
Conker Romi Park Chris Seavor
Banjo Tohru Furuya Chris Seavor
Kazooie Emi Shinohara Chris Seavor
Cream Sayaka Aoki Rebecca Handler
Ze Professor Etsuko Kozakura Chris Seavor
Berri KAORI Louise Ridgeway
Rodent Megumi Urawa Saffron Henderson
Gregg Megumi Urawa Chris Seavor
Don Weazo Takashi Matsuyama Chris Seavor
Gruntilda Mika Doi Chris Seavor
Shade the Echidna Kaori Asoh Veronica Taylor
Jet ??? Jason Griffith
Wave ??? Bella Hudson
Storm ??? Dan Green
Blaze Nao Takamori Bella Hudson
Silver Daisuke Ono Pete Capella
Memphiles ??? Dan Green
Humba Wumba ??? Chris Seavor
Mumbo Jumbo ??? Chris Seavor
Bottles ??? Chris Seavor
King Jingaling ??? Chris Seavor
Jamjars ??? Chris Seavor
Klungo ??? Chris Seavor
Tediz Akira Kamiya Chris Seavor
Little Girl Kaori Asoh Louise Ridgeway


  • This is the first time Banjo-Kazooie characters speak, though only in the Japanese version. The English version has them speaking like their previous games.
  • This is one of the first T rated Sonic Storybook games due to violence, language, and some sexual themes.
  • This is the first time a Sonic (or Rare) game is completely played in 2 disks.
  • It's the first time the actual Super Sonic appears in a Sonic Storybook.
  • This is one of the final times the 4Kids plays the English voices of Sonic.
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