This page contains all stages and Boss battles in the upcoming video game Sonic and the Fountain of Youth. Stages are listed according to their order of appearance in the game. While stages for Sonic and the heroes of the Fountain of Youth are the same, they are structurally very different for gameplay purposes. Boss battles are different. The Final Boss is played as Sonic. There are 20 stages in total.

The stages of the game are part of sub-worlds, each reflecting and actual or mythological world from history. Sonic's stages last usually from 7:00 minutes to 12:00 minutes while the Fountain Heroes' stages last up to 24 minutes.


Partholon (Παρθόλων) is based on Ancient Greece. It has the most stages than any other world in the game, with a total of 5. It is the first world Sonic travels in. Alexander the Great, portrayed by Knuckles, is the first ally Sonic encounters here. Stages are inspired by actual and mthological locations from Greek history and mythology.

Acropolis Valley

Acropolis Valley is the first stage of the game. It is accessible only to Sonic. Sonic travels there in search of Pythagoras after the unnamed
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bird creature that acts as his guide orders him to do so. Pythagoras informs Sonic about the 7 Lights of the Ancient Worlds that Sonic needs to collect by defeating the 7 Guardians found in each Ancient World. These lights will guide him to his destination. As a stage, Acropolis Valley resembles an Ancient Greek city, most notably Athens. It consists of numerous marble buildings, long avenues with statues, an agora with small, snake-like streets crowded with busy denizens, a harbour with ships and of course a big temple on top of a hill in the city's center. Being the first stage of the game, it is rather easy.

Sky Palace

This stage takes place in a city built in the clouds. It is again only accessible to Sonic in story mode. Sonic heads there in order to acquire Hermes' sandals and gain the ability to fly, which is a major gameplay element in this stage. The player grinds lots of rails and flies from one floating island to the other. The floating islands may be very small in size, some of which contain only one temple, while others are enormous, even containing an entire city of temples. Like the previous stage, it features many statues of all sizes. Some of them, massive in size, fly around the stage with their enormous wings, acting as accessible areas of the level. The tail they leave behind them can also serve as a platform where Sonic can run on. Mountain tops can also be seen and occasionally accessed. Sonic can also run on clouds. Evidently, speed plays a great role in this stage.

Sanctuary City

Sanctuary City is the third stage of Partholon, accessible both to Sonic and the Fountain Heroes. The player plays it twice in Story Mode, once with Sonic, who heads there to speak with the oracle and then with Knuckles (Alexander the Great). The stage is based off the ancient city of Delphi. It consists of two levels. The first one is the lower levels of the city, which are built on a valley. It features golden temples, treasuries and lakes. The second level consists of tall mountains reaching the skies. Golden cities are built around and on top of them. Golden pyramids can also be seen. Bridges and aqueducts connect the supertall golden cities.

Archytean Ark

A massive fleet of ancient airships designed and constructed by Archytas. The ships resemble the shape of a bird. Sonic, Alexander and the bird sorcerer board the fleet to take them to the next stage, which is located in an island. The stage takes place mostly outside and inside the main flagship, which is significantly larger than the rest of the airships. As Sonic, the player must use Hermes' flying sandals to fly from one ship to another. The goal ring is located inside the flagship, which is heavily armed with mechanical soldiers, turrets and cannons. For the Fountain Heroes, the stage is similar, but instead of being a sundown, it is night.

Nymph's Forest

Takes place in a majestic green forest with ancient ruins and lakes. Sonic passes from there to reach Medusa, the Guardian of Partholon who
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holds the Light of the Ancient World. Sonic encounters the Nymphs, who give him the Mermaid's tears. These enable him to breathe underwater for indefinate time. Nymphs can be found frequently throughout the stage and are not enemies. For the Fountain Heroes, the stage ends with a labyrinth filled with hazards and enemies.

Boss: Medusa

Medusa serves as the Boss of Partholon. She is fought by Sonic. She is the Guardian of Partholon who holds the 1st Light of the Ancient Worlds, which Sonic must acquire. Unlike her mythological counterpart she is significantly bigger in size for gameplay purposes. To defeat her, Sonic must attack her at the head while avoiding looking at her directly when she faces the screen. Therefore, the player must turn Sonic's face towards the screen or hide behind a rock to prevent him from turning into stone. In combat, she attacks with her snake hair and by throwing boulders to the player. Stage enemies also appear in the battlefield to further hinder the player's actions. The Boss requires good use of Sonic's speed and correct timing. She is fought on a dark cliff surrounded by a tidal sea. 


Bozantis takes its name from Byzantium (Βυζάντιον), a Graeco-Roman empire that lasted for nearly 1100 years. It is based off of that empire as well as from medieval European cities. It features 3 stages. It is Sonic's second destination. He heads there to defeat the second Guardian of the Light of the Ancient World. 

Warlord's Hideout

This stage is a medieval city comprised of numerous castles and monasteries decorated with Byzantine art, massive churches, temples and towers. The stage begins from the exterior of the city where Sonic must climb up the gigantic walls and reach the interior part. The goal ring is located inside a massive temple that resembles a church. The stage contains many obstacles since it is heavily fortified. At the end of the stage Sonic encounters Juan Ponce de Leon (Shadow), who serves as a Boss battle. You may click here to see how the stage would look like.

Alchemic Factory

This stage is a huge, busy steampunk factory. It is where Sonic encounters Nicolas Flamel (Tails) as the place serves as his headquarters. The exterior of the factory features multiple towers with cogs and springs interconnected with bridges. Below there is a lake of pink and purple liquid. The main building consists of multiple floors. Inside, Sonic must reach the core of the building by passing from rooms containing huge cauldrons with potions, waterfalls of different colours, enormous magical libraries with floating books, furnaces, conveyor belts etc. There is a small Boss at the end of the stage. The stage is also accessible to Alexander and Juan Ponce de Leon. You can click here and here to see how the Alchemic Factory would look like.

Dragon Fortress

This stage takes place on a series of medieval castles built on the top of a mountain. Everything in this stage is huge in size. One side of the mountain features daylight while the other side features night and snow. Dragons are very common gimmicks here and can be seen flying around the stage. Occassionally Sonic can use them to fly across distant areas of the stage. They also serve as enemies and will sometimes attack the player. Other notable things in this stage include waterfalls, mines inside the mountains, dungeons and other megastructures. Sonic, Alexander (Knuckles) and Juan (Shadow) travel there in order to get a special herb found only there and bring it to Nicolas (Tails). Here, Sonic meets and befriends Dundos the Dragon, who will serve as a very important ally of his later in the story. You may click here to see how the stage would look like.

Boss: High Arcana Toratrey

This is the second Guardian of the Ancient World residing in Bozantis. It is a huge, strange, skeleton-like creature clad in a long gown with red and black tarot symbols on it. It wears a tall cap which leaves only the face uncovered and a red cloak. Its clothings are full of eerie patterns and symbols. It has eight long and slender arms, each holding a long string with a huge tarot card. Each tarot card depicts a grotesque image, which the monster uses to attack. These are the The Magician, The Hermit, The Emperor, the Empress, The Hierophant, The High Priestess, the Hanged Man and the Fool. Ocassionally, the monster will upgrade its attacks by rotating the cards, which have a different, more hideous symbol on the back. This translates into a more powerful and frightening attack. These are The Devil, Judgment, Temperance, The Tower, The Sun, The Moon, the Lovers and The World. The World is Toratrey's most powerful attack. The monster is fought on a surreal carnival-like tent with tarot cards encircling it. Both Sonic and the Fountain Heroes battle the monster by taking turns. Its name is an anagrammatism of the word Tarot and rey (king) since it utilizes tarot cards to attack.


Farwan is a world inspired from ancient Persia, Egypt and Arabia. It features locations that allude to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Lost Babylon), huge towers resembling ziggurats and the tower of Babel, pyramids, oases, deserts (Mirage Desert) and a necropolis (Relinquished Tomb). Khidr is found and unlocked in this stage.

Lost Babylon

The stage is based on the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Tower of Babel. The prime feature of this stage is a city of temples containing beautiful colourful gardens surrounded by artificial lakes and channels. There is a wall which separates the hanging gardens from the city and
Valckenborch tower-babel
the port, which is full of people and small alleys. Sonic must pass from there in high speed, destroying everything in the market and running through the snake-like alleys. As the stage continues, the temples of the garden become taller, almost like ziggurats, which are seen in the background. Some of these awe-inspiring megastructures are accessible. Finally, all the ziggurats gather around a megastructure that resembles the Tower of Babel. It is not finished to the top and many parts of it are either missing or collapsing. Some other areas of the tower are covered in grassy areas and forests which appear to be haning in mid-air. The goal ring is located at the top of the semi-finished tower. Sonic and the team pass from there to find Kidhr, Alexander's old friend who will inform them about the Light of the Ancient World.

Mirage Desert

Mirage Desert is an Egyptian-themed stage. It starts off in a city in the middle of the desert. The player then traverses a desert containing multiple pyramids and sandy cliffs. Next, there is an oasis, which keeps appearing and reappearing. As its name suggests, the oasis is a mirage created as an illusion from the sun.

Relinquished Tomb

Unlike in Mirage Desert, Relinquished Tomb is played during night time. It primarily takes place inside the enormous pyramids seen in the previous stage. The pyramids appear to have very modern technology and are illuminated with artificial light from the outside. Inside, the pyramids feature multiple catacombs and chambers filled with traps and enemies, mostly statues that come to life. The goal ring is located past the last pyramid, which is built on an abyssal cliff. Parts of the pyramid collapse when Sonic grinds a rail that takes him across the endless gorge. The stage contains multiple alternative paths, some of which take Sonic inside the abyssal gorge, which features ancient Egyptian ruins covered by sand.

Boss: Anubis

A giant, 12 meter long statue of Anubis, the Egyptian God of death and the afterlife serves as the main Boss of Farwan. He appears as an anthropomorphic jackal wearing a powerful armor, a scepter in one hand and a large katar on the other. Although appearing like an organic, flesh-covered entity, Anubis is made of stone and therefore moves very slowly. However, his attacks are very quick, powerful and cover a wide range. He is not fought alone. He has the ability to summon smaller in size jackal statues and assist him in battle. Anubis and his minions are fought inside a vast, pitch-black chamber with a sarcophagus in the middle. The key to defeating him is by lighting torches found around the chamber so that Sonic can see him and attack him directly. The only thing visible when the torches are unlit are Anubis' red eyes. Like in the previous Bosses, Sonic is assisted by his friends.

Shui Shijian

Ancient China. It is supposedly governed by the Blue Emperor, who has gathered a massive army from the surrounding kingdoms he has

Shui Shijian

conquered to find the Fountain of Youth and use its immortal waters to build an amusement park and make tons of money. There are two stages in Shui Shijian. One is Blossom Kingdom, which takes place on the surrounding blessed lands of Shui Shijian, away from the Blue Emperor's empire and Battle Courtyard, Shun's city and palace.

Blossom Kingdom

The stage resembles real-life China. Multiple grassy mountains which reach the sky adore the surrounding environment. Waterfalls extend between the mountains and reach a gorge filled with water. There, they join together and form a river, which traverses the entire stage. In addition, there are red temples, shrines and houses on top of the mountains. The most striking characteristic of the stage are the cherry blossoms, which decorate the mountainsides. You may click on this link to see how the stage would look like in the game.

Battle Courtyard

This stage takes place inside the Blue Emperor's enormous city. Sonic and his friends begin by crossing the outside perimieter of the city, which is heavily fortified by a wall. The exterior of the city consists of a huge army of the emperor's soldiers, as well as a fleet of ships. Sonic must cross the fleet and reach the harbour by bypassing the main entrance while the others have to make their way to the gate by passing through the battlefield, slaying the emperor's army. Once inside, Sonic will open the gates and the heroes all together will cross the enormous city. Multiple rivers traverse the city's layout, hence there are several bridges, guarded by enemies. Sonic and the heroes must reach the Blue Emperor's temple, which is located at a mountain hill. The goal ring is located inside a red chamber. The most notable feature of the stage is the red colour and the sundown. You may click here to see how the Emperor's palace would look like.

Boss: The Blue Emperor

The Blue Emperor himself, Emperor Shun is the Guardian of the 4th Light of the Ancient World and hence the Boss if Shui Shijian. Fought primarily by Sonic, Emperor Shun fights inside his giant mech, a Chinese dragon-like serpent which breaths fire and has the ability to fly. It can be seen here. The Boss is also fought in part by the Fountain Heroes, whose job is to climb of top of the shrines and throw firework bombs at it. At the end of the battle, it is revealed that the Blue Emperor is actually none other than Dr. Eggman. His intentions of getting his hands of the Fountain of Youth so as to convert it into an amusement park parallel's Eggman's constant ambitions to build the Eggmanland.

Shintai Surae

An environment inspired by ancient Japan. It is where Sonic and the team meet Moonshadow (Espio), who later joins the party. The two stages here are Pagoda Paradise and Moonlit Passage

Pagoda Paradise

A vast valley with a Japanese-inspired city featuring supertall pagoda skyscrapers. The city features multiple rivers crossing the city as well as numerous hills. The stage also features rails and caves. Later in the stage there is a bamboo forest with some ancient ruins. The goal ring is located there. Moonshadow is fought as a sub-boss in this stage. You may click here to see how the stage would look like.

Moonlit Passage

Similar to the previous stage, but in night time. Unlike the previous stage, however, the pagodas appear to be more futuristic and decorated with neon lights, making the stage appear more like a contemporary future Tokyo. Close to the end of the stage, there is a huge pagoda which Sonic must climb to the top. It is filled with yokai (ghosts).

Boss: Tsukumogami

This bizarre machine is operated by multiple deceitful yokai (ghosts) that enter and exit from holes located on its torso, as well as from its eyes and mouth. The machine has an anthropomorphic appearance with 6 arms bearing a huge katana each. Occasionally, when the machine receives a lot of hits, the ghosts will exit and will inanimate another machine close-by. The ghosts cannot be damaged, hence the player must focus on destroying the vessels and preventing the ghosts from entering the tools. Each tool attacks with different types of weapons. As in the previous Boss fights, Sonic is assisted by the Fountain Heroes.


Wa'atu is based on the ancient civilizations of Polynesia and, to an extent, Atlantis. It takes place in a series of islands located in the center of

The ancient mural depicting the destruction of Atlantis.

a vast ocean, presumably the Pacific. It features two stages: Corvette Convoy and Ancient Waters.

Corvette Convoy

There is a battle between Captain Bonny's fleet and Prince Dodelas' fleet. Most of the stage takes place on the ships. Dodelas' fleet is enormous and some of the ships' size is massive. In addition, the stage features multiple small, tropical islands, infiltrated by Dodelas' army. Sonic can run on water in this stage, which is necessary at some point to traverse islands.

Ancient Waters

This stage is based on Atlantis. The stage starts off similarly to the previous one. Sonic must run on water and travel to multiple small, tropical islands. Ancient ruins such as massive statues, pillars and temples can be seen everywhere, some of which are submerged underwater while others are intact. In certain areas, Sonic must reach underwater areas. The mermaid's tears, which he acquired earlier in the game prove very helpful here. Close to the end of the stage, the player reaches a massive open area of an ancient city, presumably Atlantis, consisting of multiple small islands in the periphery with ruins and temples covered in vegetation. The layout is exactly as described by Plato in his books Timaeus - Critias. The city consists of multiple layers of concentric rings, each seperated by rings of water. Half of the city is submerged underwater. Sonic must cross all of the rings to reach the center of the city, in which is located a supertall pyramid. The goal ring is
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located at the apex of the pyramid. Notable gimmicks of the stage include underwater areas, caverns, slides, rails, mysterious pyramids and giant statues that come to life. Furthermore, there are odd machines that look like spacecrafts flying around the stage, hypothesizing that this ancient civilization possessed remarkably advanced technology, as well as some peculiar devices that when the player touches them, the world turns upside-down. These switches are usually found in underwater segments; if the player crosses the interface of the air and the water, he dies immediately.

Boss: Tangaroa

Tangaroa is the polynesian God of the seas in the Maori mythology. In the game, he is depicted as a 300 meter-tall metal, anthropomorphic giant. He is only seen from the waist an up because the other half is submerged under the sea. He is shiny black in colour and wears a helmet with a shiny orb in its forehead. That is its weak spot. What makes up for Tangaroa's severely slow movement is his ability to hide underwater and teleport to another area, where he can spontaneously rise from the water and attack. In certain condition, he will show only his head while in other he may rise out from the water completely and stomp the player. When he is underwater he cannot be harmed in any way. In addition to using brute force, Tangaroa attacks causing tides, syphons, whirlpools, typhoons, throwing debris from the ruins, shooting laser beams, lightning and by destroying the platforms. Occasionally he will summon giant sea serpents, which are fought by the Fountain Heroes. The site of battle is an open area (see picture above) consisting of submerged ancient ruins arranged concentrically around a huge pyramid. Sonic can run on water and travel from island to island. He can also fly using Hermes' sandals but only in certain areas. Hence, avoiding Tangaroa's attacks may be easy. It is the most difficult Boss in the game as well as the longest.


Atlacoyas is based on the ancient Mayan civilization. It is the last ancient world Sonic and friends must visit. Atlacoyas lies in a continent across a vast ocean which the heroes cross onboard of Anne Bonny's (Rouge) ship. There are two stages here. Mystic Utopia and Last Horizon..

Mystic Utopia


Mystic Utopia

It takes place outside the city of Atlacoyas, on an abandoned, decaying city of ancient ruins and skyscrapers consumed by a vast jungle. Trees and waterfalls come out of the skyscrapers. There are hunderds of statues that come to life and attack the player. In addition, the stage features an abndoned mine, a gorge, and an enormous lake with ancient pyramids and ruins built on its periphery.

Last Horizon

This stage takes the player inside the main city of Atlacoyas. It features the same architecture as the previous stage, except that it is not abandoned and it is more state-of-the-art. Of notable interest are the exuberant, spherical pyramids, the huge skyscrapers and the golden temples, alluding to the mythical El Dorado. The Goal ring is located at the top of the tallest sacrificial pyramid. 

Boss: Tezcatlipoca

Tezcatlipoca is the Aztec God of darkness, temptation and discord. In the game, he has the appearance of a black, anthropomorphic half-jaguar, half- bird covered in bizzare relics and colourful feathers. He wears a whimsical mask covered with a multitude of feathers. He has big, razor-sharp claws and wields a scythe. A striking and peculiar feature is that his body is covered with multiple mirrors, where Sonic can see his own reflection. Tezcatlipoca represents the element of wind and darkness. As a result, all of his attacks include the element of the wind: hurricanes, thunderstorms, tornadoes and gusts are some of his attacks. He is fought on top of the sacrificial pyramid, but had the tendency to fly away whenever he receives heavy damage. As such, Sonic can fly after him using Hermes' sandals. Tezcatlipoca is the last Guardian of the Ancient Worlds and his defeat will grant Sonic the 7th and last Light of the Ancient World.

End of the World

This is the final stage. It literaly takes place at the end of the world (because the world in this game is flat). 

Stygian Verge

At the end of the world, where the ocean waters fall into the abyss and where the blue sky turns into a cosmic view of the planets and the stars, the player tries to survive as he crosses the rim of the flat world. There are large chunks of land that are detached from the rest of the world and are floatining in space. There are tornadoes and large, monstrous waves as well. Overall, the stage resembles very much a conglomeration of all the previous stages since there can be found small portions of each stage in this one. However, they are lifeless, dark and half-destroyed, looking more like a dark dystopia. The stage is played once by Sonic and once with all Fountain Heroes.

Final Mandala

This is where you fight the Final Boss of the game, Atë, as Twilight Sonic. Atë, having drunk the water of the Fountain of Youth, transformed

Final Mandala

into an incomplete monster. Physically, she incorporates elements from all of the 7 Guardians of the Ancient World, which represent the pathi (plural of pathos = suffering) of the soul. She has a crescent-shaped head with the edges pointing downwards. She has 6 horns coming out from her head, large, round earings and an oversized mouth with razor-sharp fangs covered in blood. She has no eyes. Her body is covered in numerous markings and wears multiple ornaments with grotesque symbols. She has 6 arms in total, three from each side and stands on top of what appears to be the ruins of the Fountain of Youth. Each set of arms has different length and is used for different attacks. Her attacks are all more powerful versions of those of the Guardians of the Ancient World, with which she is actually merged. Behind her, there is a gigantic mandala from which she draws various weapons. The mandala changes shape, size and colour and is from where the stage gets its name. Ocassionally there may be more than 1 mandala in the background. It represents the universe. Overall, Ate alludes to entities from Indian mythology.

The player controls Twilight Sonic, whose soul, in contrast to Ate, has merged with the 7 virtues that stand against the 7 pathi of Ate's soul.
Dragonforce - Soldiers of the Wasteland

Dragonforce - Soldiers of the Wasteland

Music during the Final Boss battle.

Twilight Sonic rides Dodelas' golden chariot, which is pulled by Dundos the Dragon. Twilight Sonic is a white armour-clad knight resembling the armour of the Ancient Greek warriors. His helmet and armour bare numerous symbols such as winged horses, snakes, griffons and the sphinx. He represents the purified soul having undergone catharsis. His weapon is a long spear for close combat, a bow and arrows for distant combat and a round, golden shield. The player has the ability to make Twilight Sonic disembark from the chariot. Twilight Sonic can either attack Ate from afar using projectiles or by close contact using the spear. The shield can be used to dodge attacks. The Phoenix will also fight on Sonic's side and can be commanded by the player whenever Ate delivers an attack strong enough that the shield in unable to stop. The Phoenix can block the attack more strongly than the shield. Ate's weak spot is her forhead.
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