The fourth installment of the Sonic Storybook Series, continuing from Sonic and the Lord of the Nazgul. Set in the world of Harry Potter, this game combines Sonic's speed with an all new wand-using system. This is Cream's first non-handheld game as a main character, besides Sonic Heroes which doesn't count. This is also the first Storybook game where Eggman himself is a main villain, other than Alatar the Blue who wasn't actually Eggman.


Serina, a student at Hogwarts School, summons Sonic to her world in order to stop Harry Potter, who has been corrupted by the power of the Elder Wand. Harry is now destroying the Wizarding World under the guise of 'The Dark Wizard.' Sonic's speed will not be enough this time, so he must take up a wand and learn the art of magic.

Part One

After escaping a group of dark wizards, Serina the Witch mixes a few ingredients for a potion, says a few words and Sonic the Hedgehog appears. When Sonic noticed the dark wizards, he ran towards them, thinking he could fight them, but was hit by a hex and fell to the ground. Serina apparated them both to the Black Lake, where she explained the situation. Someone had rewritten the Harry Potter ending, and Harry, instead of moving on, became consumed by the power of the Elder Wand and is now destroying the Wizarding World as a dark wizard. When Sonic asked about Hogwarts, Serina told him that Harry had taken it over and it was now his base. While Serina taught Sonic wandcraft, Harry sent his best Dark Followers, Lucius (Shadow) and Narcissa (Rouge), to hunt and kill Sonic, as his Seer had forseen that Sonic would stop Harry's plans. Sonic runs into Harry in the Forbidden Forest on his way to Hogwarts and the two fight each other. Sonic only just manages to steal the Elder Wand from him, but then Sonic retreats as more Dark Wizards appear. When Sonic reaches Hogwarts, he battles the Giant Squid who had been put under a curse which made him evil. After Sonic defeated him, Serina cast a spell which returned the Squid to normal. Then, the Giant Squid transformed into Godric Griifindor who told Sonic that the only way to stop Harry is to return the book to normal by defeating the Dark Wizards, saving Hogwarts and then finding out who rewrote the book. Sonic breaks into Hogwarts and begins to defeat all of the Dark Wizards there and save the students in hiding. When Hogwarts was once again safe, Serina apparated Sonic to the Ministry of Magic which was under attack. The blue blur defeated all the Dark Wizards and Harry, who was leading the attack, returned to normal. Sonic gave him the Elder Wand and was returned to his world.

Part Two

Sonic came out of a book in a mysterious library where he sees Eggman rewriting the book. As Sonic attempts to stop him, they are both pulled into the book. Eggman steals the Elder Wand and begins to spread evil in the Harry Potter universe, not knowing that Sonic was pulled into the book too. Sonic and Harry team up and hunt down Eggman while defeating his Dark Wizards. When they finally reach Hogwarts, they find Eggman there and have one final showdown. Eggman is defeated, Harry retains the Elder Wand, and Serina thanks Sonic before sending him and Eggman back to their world.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Cream the Rabbit/Serina

Harry Potter/The Dark Wizard

Eggman/The Dark Wizard

Shadow the Hedgehog/Lucius

Rouge the Bat/Bellatrix

Miles Prower/Ronald Weasley

Mina Mongoose/Hermione Granger

Haven the Rabbit/Minerva McGonagall

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