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Sonic and Lightning is a game released in 1995 by Sonic TeamTM and Gar-Art StudiosTM. This game is completely 2D and was released on the Genesis. This is the first game that Lightning the Hedgehog appears in.

Sonic and Lightning

Early concept of cover-art.


Sonic is having a great day with his brother, Lightning, when suddenly a giant badnik (one of Dr. Robotnik's type of robots) attacks. The badnik gets away before Sonic and Lightning have a chance to fight it back, and they follow it. The two find out that the badnik was created to take over the world, which is like Dr. Robotnik to do that, by dropping giant bombs everywhere. Sonic and Lightning have to save the day by getting all of the Super Emeralds to stop him.


Like other Sonic games before this, this is another 2D, side-scrolling video game. And much like Sonic and Knuckles, this game is one of the first Sonic games where you can play more than one character (not counting Tails following you). There are 10 zones in this game, and you can save data.


Blue Hill Zone is the first stage and is where the story begins. Playable as either Sonic or Lightning, this is the quickest stage in the game. The hills are blue, the clouds aren't there, and it's a perfectly clear, blue sky with the bright sun shining at the time of noon... but badniks have attacked, and you must stop them! This zone has 3 acts, the third one having a boss.

Mushroom Mountain Zone is the second stage and takes place in the same area that the zone, Mushroom Hill, yet is a little higher. With more of Eggman's badniks, this beautiful mushroom forest has turned into mushroom chaos! Try not to get caught in the long and tangling grass! This zone has 3 acts, the third one having a boss.

Angel Zone takes place up in the beautiful clouds while many angels pass by you. With beautiful white buildings and ruins, and the soft wind blowing on our faces, this truly is wonderful. Cool part of it is, there are NO badniks here! Are we in heaven? This zone has 4 acts, the 4th one having many areas where you can fall. This zone also appears as a circuit in Sonic Fanon R being called "Angel Circuit."

Dark Zone takes place down in what seems to be the underworld. Many badniks have intruded this zone, and in many areas, very hot, boiling blood spews out of the ground! Eeeww! The clouds are dark and thunder and lightning strike. The sky is dark and many skulls and ghosts appear here! Creepy! This zone has 4 acts also, the third one having an easy boss and the fourth one having a much harder boss.

other stages coming soon!




  • Dr. Eggman
  • Big-Bad-Badnik (Dr. Eggman's robot meant to destroy the world)
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