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Sonic Zero
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Release Date(s)
Action-adventure, platformer
Single-player, Online/Local Wireless Multiplayer
ESRB: E10+
USK: 6
PlayStation 4: Blu-ray Disc

PlayStation Network: Digital Download
Xbox One: Blu-Ray Disc
Xbox Games Store: Digital Download
Wii U: Wii U Optical Disc
New Nintendo 3DS: 3DS Game Card

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Sonic Zero is a 2.5D side-scrolling action/adventure platformer game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series developed by Sonic Team and Dimps, and published by Sega for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, and New Nintendo 3DS.


After Eggman creates a devastating virus made to allow him to take over all technology on Mobius, his plan goes terribly wrong as this creation gets out of control, creating it's own virtual reality and infecting his entire system. This virus goes by the name Kronos, and threatens to infect every single piece of hardware and technology on Mobius, and soon take over. Desperate, Dr. Eggman requests Sonic's help to enter the computer and stop the virus before it becomes too strong. Without an alternative, Sonic agrees to help Eggman this one time, putting a mind transfer helmet on and being sent into this virtual reality.


Sonic Zero is a side-scrolling action platformer styled game, similar to many classic Nintendo DS Sonic games, as well as Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. Like traditional Sonic games, the player controls Sonic quickly through each level of the game, collecting rings, picking up items, and defeating enemies. In this game, the rings act as a form of health. When you are hit, you loose all of your rings, but can collect them again if you act quick enough. However, the more you get hit, the farther Sonic's rings scatter, and the quicker they disappear. If you are hit and have no rings, you loose a life.

Sonic also has a boost gauge which is displayed on the right side of the screen, which can be filled through destroying enemies and performing tricks on ramps and springs. Once the gauge is at least half way full, you are able to use the Sonic Boost, which gives Sonic a burst of speed and makes him almost invincible. If Sonic boosts into an enemy, he still can still gain gauge energy from them, meaning that the player can make the Sonic Boost last for a while if they use it right.

Many of Sonic's past techniques have returned too, such as the wall jump, homing attack, stomp, and spin dash. You are able to wall jump by simple walking up to a wall and jumping against it. Sonic will automatically lock onto the wall and start slowly sliding down. From that point, you just jump to the wall across from you, and Sonic will lock onto that one as well. Sonic's homing attack can be used on enemies, and you can even chain together a homing attack if lots of enemies are around, gaining more gauge energy in the process. The Stomp is used to break through boxes or hit large buttons on the ground, but isn't used as an attack. Finally, Sonic's spin dash can also be used to take out enemies and gain speed, but does not make him invincible, because running into spikes or an enemy with spikes on their body will still cause Sonic to loose his rings. The only time the spin dash is necessary is when Sonic has no boost and is stuck at a loop with no speed.

Like Sonic Lost World, each stage has a timer that goes down instead of up. The amount of time you have can vary depending on what stage you're on. If a stage is very short, you may have up to 100 seconds. If a stage is long, you could have up to 500 seconds. If the time runs out before you reach the goal, you will lose a life automatically. If you ran past a star post, you will respawn with the max amount of time in order to ensure that you do not become stuck in a level by not having enough time on the clock.


Main Story Mode

Play through the main story of Sonic Zero, and help our blue hero stop the Kronos virus before it's too late!

Nightmare Mode

After fully completing the story of the game, you unlock Nightmare mode, which makes the stages more difficult to beat. You only get one ring at the start of each stage, your boost gauge uses up more charge, enemies have better AI, boss levels have more health, and some platforms may even be gone!

Mission Mode

After you beat a stage of a certain world, you can complete missions for that stage. Each stage can have up to 3 missions each, and may have one of the following:

  • Limited Boost - Beat the stage with only a limited amount in your boost gauge.
  • Rival Race - Find shortcuts and beat your glitched clone in a race!
  • Ring Search - Collect a certain amount of rings before time runs out.
  • You Can't Touch This! - Reach the goal unscathed.
  • Show Me Your Moves - Do tricks to earn points in a certain amount of time. Using the same spring for tricks will earn you less points.

Playable Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic x effectless by nibroc rock-d8pzcgn.png

Sonic is the main protagonist in Sonic Zero, and the only playable character in the game. He's everyone's favorite blue blur, ready to save the day yet again! After being transported into a virtual reality inside Eggman's computer, he must put an end to a virus that threatens to infect and take over Mobius. He will have to rely on his supersonic speed in order to take out enemies and take out the harmful software bosses. Will he be able to shut down the system and stop it in time?


The game includes a total of six separate worlds, and each world includes a total of four normal stages, as well as a boss fight as a fifth stage. Most of these stages have totally different atmospheres, some having different gimmicks and obstacles than others. Each stage is accessible through the hub world, and one by one are unlocked once you advance through the game.

Pixel Paradise

Pixel Paradise Music
Pixel Paradise is the first world in Sonic Zero. This world has lots of blues, greens, and whites, with floating shapes in the background. Tiny pixels also represent floating particles which are clearly visible in the sun. The stages in this area bear some resemblance to previous Sonic stages, such as Planet Wisp from Sonic Colors (But without all the construction) and the good future version of Metallic Madness from Sonic CD. The boss of this world is Pixel.

Frosty Forest

Frosty Forest Music
Frosty Forest is the second world in Sonic Zero. This world is winter themed, taking place in a frozen forest. In the first stage, Sonic is chased by an avalanche which leads to an automatic death if you are caught by it. After that, the stage includes some underwater sections, and lots of spring opportunities. This is the same for the other stages as well. The boss of this world is Trojan.

Chaotic Circus

Chaotic Circus Music
Chaotic Circus is the third world in Sonic Zero. This world is based off of a circus house. All of the stages take place inside of a circus tent, which also has a hall of mirrors in stage 3. It also introduces new clown enemies, each being able to do their own unique attack which are based off of clown tricks (Juggling, pie face, ect.) The boss of this world is Error.

Mirage Maze


Deserted Database

Deserted Database is the fifth world in Sonic Zero. The name of the world is to be taken quite literally, as all of the stages take place in a Desert themed area. More info coming soon...

System Shutdown

System Shutdown Music Kronos Boss Music System Shutdown is the sixth and final world in Sonic Zero. After all minor system-related viruses have been defeated, the virtual reality of Eggman's computer starts to disappear as Kronos has begun to destroy everything in order to keep Sonic from defeating him, even if it means going down along with it. Elements from all five of them previous stages are put together in one world as everything starts to slowly fade away. Enemies have now been glitched together, and many platforms will disappear. The boss of this world is the one and only Kronos.


The original game cover

  • This game had several names before, such as Sonic Virus, Sonic Trojan, and Sonic Error.
  • The game was originally supported to have several different playable characters, but there was no way to fit them into the game.
  • Kronos is the only villain in the game with a different boss theme than the other characters.