Sonic X is a remake of the Sonic X series with better storyline, plot elements, and many differences along with not only another Rare collaboration with Banjo-Kazooie and Conker, but with elements of all Sonic universes (aka games, shows, comics, etc.). It is also the sequel to Sonic SatAM Remake.

Sonic X Remake
Created by Julayla
Run time 30 minutes
Rated TV-14
Network Right Stuf Network

The TV Party Network

Plot Overview

Sonic and many others get transported to Earth from Mobius...however, what if, instead of finding Sonic, Chris Thorndyke were to find Nack instead? The result is a somewhat darker twist in the series...


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Main Good Guys

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. Knuckles the Echidna
  3. Miles "Tails" Prower
  4. Amy Rose
  5. Manic the Hedgehog
  6. Sonia the Hedgehog
  7. Cream the Rabbit
  8. Cheese the Chao
  9. Julie-Su
  10. Remmington
  11. Bunnie Rabbot
  12. Mina Mongoose
  13. Conker the Squirrel
  14. Rodent the Squirrel
  15. Banjo the Bear
  16. Kazooie the Breegull
  17. Princess Sally Acorn
  18. Cosmo the Seedrian

Main Anti-Heroes

  1. Nack the Weasel
  2. Rouge the Bat
  3. Count Batula
  4. Nic the Weasel
  5. Sleet the Wolf
  6. Dingo
  7. Shadow the Hedgehog
  8. Professor Von Kriplespac aka Ze Professor
  9. Don Weazo

Main Villains

  1. Dr. Eggman
  2. Scratch
  3. Grounder
  4. Coconuts
  5. Gruntilda
  6. Bocoe
  7. Decoe
  8. Bokkun
  9. Orbot
  10. Cubot
  11. Metal Sonic
  12. Mammoth Mogul
  13. Iron Queen
  14. Anti-Freedom Fighters/Suppression Squad
  15. The Panther King
  16. Ixis Naugus
  17. Scourge the Hedgehog
  18. Fiona Fox
  19. Bean the Dynamite
  20. Bark the Polar Bear
  21. Predator Hawk
  22. Lightning Lynx
  23. Flying Frog
  24. Sgt. Simian
  25. Tediz
  26. Sleuth Doggy Dog
  27. Drago the Wolf
  28. Enerjak
  29. Dark Legion
  30. Snively Kintobor

Supporting Characters

  1. Chris Thorndyke
  2. Big the Cat
  3. Berri the Chipmunk
  4. Vector the Crocodile
  5. Charmy Bee
  6. Espio the Chameleon
  7. Blaze the Cat
  8. Silver the Hedgehog
  9. Jet the Hawk
  10. Wave the Swallow
  11. Storm the Albatross
  12. Antoine D’Coolette
  13. Rotor the Walrus
  14. Tikal the Echidna
  15. Shade the Echidna
  16. Aleena the Hedgehog
  17. Oracle of Delphius
  18. Gregg the Grim Reaper
  19. Chuck Thorndyke
  20. Topaz
  21. Chris' Mother and Father
  22. Elle
  23. Tanaka
  24. Francis, Danny, & Helen
  25. Sir Charles "Uncle Chuck" Hedgehog
  26. Cyrus the Lion
  27. Tootie the Bear
  28. Dulcy the Dragon
  29. Vanilla the Rabbit
  30. Ray the Squirrel
  31. Mighty the Armadillo
  32. Jamjars
  33. King Jingaling
  34. Jinjos
  35. Mephiles the Dark
  36. Maria Robotnik
  37. L.O.G.
  38. Mumbo Jumbo
  39. Humba Wumba
  40. Bottles the Mole
  41. Chaos
  42. Princess Elise


  • SonicxSally
  • RodentxAmy
  • ConkerxBerri
  • NackxRouge
  • BatulaxRouge
  • ShadowxSonia
  • AntoinexBunnie
  • TailsxCosmo
  • SleetxNic
  • ManicxMina

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Season 1

# Japanese Title English Title Summary
01 Here They Are, Sonic & Mobians! The Strange Planet While attempting to rescue Cream and Cheese from Eggman from Eggman's spare base, due to Robotropolis and the Roboticiser plans all destroyed, the heroes and foes are all suddenly sent away from Mobius to another dimension called Earth where Nack meets a boy that rescues him from drowning: Chris Thorndyke.
02 Reunions Suck, Hunters' Gathering Area 99 After a bit of rough housing, Chris with his grandfather and Nack learn that others have arrived at Earth too while he finds out not just Cream, but also his sister and Banjo's sister are held at Area 99. And when encountering Sonic, will he reluctantly work with him while a familiar evil hedgehog, Scourge, tries to destroy Area 99 to get plans?
03 The Witch's Turn, Banjo's Turnabout Reunion at Last? Eggman begins to attack with his robot, E-23 Missile Wrist. As the city is attacked, the Sonic Heroes reunite with all of their missing friends while the sibling weasels reunite with their boss, Sleet, and Dingo. Will the Freedom Fighters stand a chance against the new machine before the city is destroyed?
04 The First Emerald Appears, Catch It! The Great Emerald Chase The first Chaos Emerald's location is found as the hunters, Mogul, Gruntilda with the help of her croonies, Eggman, and the Suppression Squad all try to grab for it while Chris has to learn to start fighting, starting with using Nack's spare gun during a fight!
05 Another Trickery, Sonic vs Knuckles! Hedgehog vs Echidna As Knuckles becomes frantic on returning back to Angel Island, Lien-da arrives and knowing that he would listen to her, tricks Knuckles into thinking Sonic would rather stay than return to Mobius, prompting Knuckles to believe the good guys are planning to let him rot. And when a message about a duel comes, Sonic and Knuckles once again get into a fight. What can the others do while they battle?
06 Through Show & Tell, School Sucks The Big School Deal One day, Chris learns that his parents are returning as Chris plans to have the hunters (disguised as toys) for Show and Tell, though Eggman sends out one of his latest creation with the dumb bots to brainwash the children into liking himself. But what happens when even the idiot robots like the kids better than their master? Meanwhile, the Freedom Fighters learn Snively may have some plans for a new Roboticiser, which could cause danger if it's rebuilt. Can they destroy the original plans before it's completed?
07 The Big Party, And Lots of Disappointments Party Planners Lindsey plans a party for Chris, though gets called away and cries for not being able to be with her son, prompting the sympathetic ones to feel sorry for her. During the party, Chris fakes on his mom for being rude to leave sooner, but Cream angrily snaps at Chris and tells about what her mom is truly thinking before storming out, prompting in the servants to finally find out about Mobians. Meanwhile, Don tries to trick Fiona into going to a party with him while Nic and Sleet's affections to one another are shown.
08 Clash of Flyers, Creating the X-Tornado! Here Comes the X-Tornado Snively, against his uncle's orders, launches a new sweeper robot to steal TV satellites and transform them to robot parts and when the original Tornado crash lands, Tails and the inventors plan to create a new plane called the X-Tornado! Will the Freedom Fighters be able to destroy the sweeper robot?
09 To the Beach, Paradise or Danger? Amy's Beach Paradise A new hotel at the Emerald Coast is beginning and while this happens, the Mobians begin vacationing. However, things get hectic when the Suppression Squad and Dark Legion invade, prompting the hotel to be wrecked. Will Amy and the others stop the fiends from destroying the hotel while Amy plans to give her special someone her own seashell bracelet?
10 Let's Play Baseball, For the Second Emerald! Baseball Havoc! While having dinner at Chris', Bokkun plays a message of Eggman challenging the gang to play Baseball. Later on, the second Chaos Emerald is revealed as the gang find out that Eggman plans to use robots, including his dumb bots, for players. How will they win this one?
11 Capture of Hunters, GUNS' Negotiations Hunters' Reign The GUNS crew plan to lure the Freedom Fighters to be recruited to help the President. However, it is not only the bounty hunters, but also the long lost Rouge whom make it first and when they're caught, they're forced to serve GUNS with a woman named Topaz, much to Nic's annoyance, in order to infiltrate Eggman's base.
12 Search for the Emeralds, Grunty Fights Back! The Witch is Back When Gruntilda and her baddies, due to Eggman's orders, attacks the city, war is declared on both of them. The hunters with Knuckles and GUNS begin to infiltrate Eggman's base while the Freedom Fighters learn about another Chaos Emerald's location. However, Grunty has a big surprise for them.
13 Infiltrate Eggman's Base, Steal 'em All Emerald Stealers While in Eggman's base, the hunters reluctantly work with Knuckles to infiltrate, then escape the base while Sonic and crew encounter another droid. But when Snively and the robots trap the hunters, will they escape before the base explodes? And what of the world knowing about Mobians?
14 An Off-Day, Sleet & Dingo's Day Out A Grand Day Out The heroes and hunters are invited to a party with the President, though Sleet and Dingo decline, forced to take care of a wheelchaired bound girl named Helen. However, what they don't know is that while on the trip to the island, they run into trouble with a familiar echidna clan, believing them to have found their latest base. Meanwhile, the others meet the President while reminiscing about Mobius and their beloved homes.
15 Known to the Public, Cream's Heartful Tour When Moebians Attack No longer needing to hide, the Freedom Fighters go around town to take care of their shopping and tour with Cream enjoying the sites. However, Mogul has other plans when he sends four rogues calling themselves the Fearsome Foursome to wreak havoc around Station Square. Plus a familiar face returns, much to Aleena's shock!
16 A Cruise Not to Be, Don't Get Seasick! What a Cruise Invited to a cruise, Sonic's fear gets the best of him, much to Sonia and Manic's annoyance. And when Eggman's attack tries to sink the ship, will Sonic be able to face his fears?
17 Banjo-Kazooie's Tour: Hong Kong's Emerald The Hong Kong Ninja While touring through cruise ship, Banjo with Kazooie, Knuckles, and others meet a man claiming to have an emerald, but must thwart off many ninjas, the Suppression Squad, and Snively with the latest robot, E-91 Lady Ninja who kidnaps the man and demands the emerald.
18 Banjo-Kazooie's Tour: African Struggle Mogul's Animal Abuse While in Africa, as the good guys try to fight Mogul with the Fearsome Foursome, the X-Tornado gets shot, prompting Banjo, Kazooie, Rodent, Tails, and Amy to be separated from the others. And while fixing the X-Tornado, they began recalling how they first met each other before reuniting with their friends and dealing with Mogul whom was poaching many rare animals.
19 Strange Ghosts, The Evil King Boom Boo A Very Spooky Day At the last stop of their cruise, they arrived to where a creepy castle was as a movie was filming with Linsey in the lead role. However, strange things begin happening when almost everyone begins to disappear and it's up to Chris, a frightened Dingo, Aleena, Amy, and a familiar vampire squirrel to deal with the ghosts, including King Boom Boo.
20 Into the Water, Sonic's Fear Gets Worse Sonic's Fears While relaxing at the Southern Sea, the Freedom Fighters learn about another Chaos Emerald nearby, but much to Sonic's chargin, it's underwater! Will they get the emerald from under the sea?
21 The Race of Speed, Babylon Rogues Appear Babylon Racing When three birds appear, they challenge Chris's uncle, Sonic, Scourge, and anyone that can race to a race. However, Sonic refuses, but after finding out Metal Sonic is racing as well, he gives in and the racers from all sides begin to race.
22 The Lost Chao, Kazooie's Annoyance Chao Finding During a hiking trip, Cheese gets lost, much to Kazooie's annoyance whom was being charged of watching him. Later, the gang find a colony of Chao living in a secret hideaway. However, the Fearsome Foursome, thinking that a Chaos Emerald is nearby, attack the place.
23 Berserk Mystery Bear, Slow It Down! Quick to Speed During a fight, a mysterious bear with stitches is found. However, when a remote goes off with a chip stuck in the bear's ear, he runs non-stop and the sides try to catch and stop the crazy bear creature. Will they get to him? And what would this bear have to do with the same scientist from before, Von Kriplespac?
24 A Wedding Gift? The Sixth Chaos Emerald? Emerald Anniversary Nelson buys a jewel for his wife, not knowing it's a Chaos Emerald. However, things get worse when the enemies begin showing up and Eggman with Snively send out another robot to stall while they make off with the emerald.
25 It's Found! The Last Chaos Emerald! Aleena's Choice Part 1 The hunt for the last Chaos Emerald is on as Aleena begins to worry. Though she and Sonic's Uncle Chuck know that the hunt is drawing to a close, she fears that one more Chaos Control by Batula could kill him. After she with Knuckles get tricked into bringing all the others emeralds, Knuckles is kicked off the ship with Aleena becoming his prisoner!
26 New Birth! The Supers Arrive! Aleena's Choice Part 2 With Aleena prisoner, Eggman finds the final emerald before he is attacked by the Sonic Heroes, bounty hunters, GUNS, Suppression Squad, and even both the Legion and Mogul. However, when Batula's life comes in the line, what choice will Aleena make? Will she just watch in horror as the people she knew are being killed or will she do something, even if it means losing the person she truly loved?

Season 2

# Japanese Title English Title Summary
27 Fall of Angel Island, The Mystery Liquid Monster Enter Chaos When a creature (along with a spirit) breaks free from the Master Emerald, Angel Island falls to the ocean and later on, the same creature attacks Station Square while a while later, after fighting Eggman, they learn of the creature known as Chaos! All while a cat named Big searches for his missing frog.
28 Hunt for the Emeralds, Egg Carrier vs X-Tornado Let's Go Hunting As the emerald hunt continues, visions of a past are shown while Knuckles gets tricked again to fight Sonic. And when the time comes, can the X-Tornado handle the Egg Carrier? And what is with this mysterious robot called Gamma?
29 The Captives with Amy, Escaping the Egg Carrier Amy the Hostage After Sonic and Tails and those with them get separated, due to what happened earlier, Amy and her own group find themselves in a predicament when a robot called Zero kidnaps them. Can they along with a new bird friend convince Gamma to let them free?
30 Another Chaos Brawl, Gamma's Choice A Difficult Choice Arriving to the Egg Carrier, the group head off to confront Eggman and save Amy's group while fighting off Gamma. Later on, Chaos arrives now absorbed by 6 Chaos Emerald and his own tail to fight the good guys once again.
31 Learning of the Past, Gamma's Last Stand One Final Stance After his failure, Eggman launches a missile, though it turns to a dud with himself and Tails with friends racing to the missile. Meanwhile, Gamma, finding his purpose, frees the animals within the robots and fights against Beta for one last brawl. All while Sonic and the Freedom Fighters learn a mystery from an ancient hieroglyphic which pictures Chaos!
32 The Big Showdown! Supers vs Perfect Chaos! Perfect Chaos! Gone insane, Perfect Chaos attacks the sides to reabsorb all the Chaos Emeralds. And when it becomes Perfect Chaos, the spirit of Tikal appears. How will they defeat and help Chaos with all the emeralds' energy absorbed within itself?
33 The Awakening of Shadow, The Master Emerald's Taken! Shadow Arising A familiar face makes his reappearance, helping Eggman reawaken a lost being that was sealed within GUNS HQ. Meanwhile, the Master Emerald gets taken, though it is also shattered as well!
34 Sonic the Fugitive, Infiltrate Prison Island! Prison Escape After finding out Sonic's been framed, Sonic makes his brief escape and during the escape, Sonic learns that a newcomer has been going around and stealing a Chaos Emerald along with a familiar face that was thought to have died months ago: Shadow and Batula!
35 The Dangers of it All, The Eclipse Cannon A Total Eclipse Cannon The hero and dark side head to the prison, where Sonia mistakes Shadow for Sonic. Later, as the bombs are set with Rouge and her group stealing the emeralds, she with Aleena and Sonia get trapped in the vault, causing Shadow and Batula to go back for them. Things get more hectic when the hedgehogs and rivals encounter one another. Will the battle be settled before time runs out?
36 Through Desert & Space, Get to the ARK Mission to ARK The heroes, after escaping Prison Island, must find Eggman's latest hidden base where they find a rocket that takes them into space. Later, while in space, Rouge and the spies with her learn a strange and important fact about Shadow, but not before they find some more jewels that are with them.
37 Real or False Memories, Sonic vs Shadow Sonic vs Shadow As Sonic prepares to plant the fake emerald Tails made into the ARK cannon, Sonic learns that his friends are in trouble as he races after them, but it's a trap. After Sonic barely escapes, he and Shadow with Nack and Batula face off one another once more while Eggman steals the last Chaos Emerald he needs.
38 The Biolizard of ARK, Wishes are Eternal Eternal Wishes Just as Eggman places the last emerald in the cannon, the ARK goes berserk while everyone learns the truth: The ARK is planned to destroy the Earth completely. Now everyone must race against time as they must stop the ARK from crashing. All while Sonia and Amy try to help Shadow realize what Maria's true wish means and Aleena tries to plea Batula into helping them. Will the ARK and everyone inside be saved?
39 Discovery of a Plant Girl, Shadow Alive?! The Revival? Months pass since the first suppose disappearance of Batula as Mobius and Earth had fused long before as two weeks had passed since the ARK incident. Rouge and the hunters learn that there's something strange going on in Eggman's base as they break out a familiar suppose revived hedgehog who's memories are lost. Meanwhile, the Freedom Fighters and Team Chaotix are invited to a fight against Eggman who threatens to destroy the repaired Station Square. But is he really behind all of this? Meanwhile, Rodent and Tails find a plant girl whom is confused and has no memory of what has happened.
40 The Metallic Demon, Metal Overlord Metal's Vengeance The heroes, with the help of the dumb bots, search frantically before finding Eggman and the others, whom were locked in by a mysterious vigilante. However, it turns out that the vigilante is none other than Metal Sonic, whom copied and absorbed the attack patterns and Sonic's DNA in order to become an ultimate being bent on destroying everything: Metal Overlord!
41 One of Those Days, Searching for Home Drunk and Lost Conker's birthday is vastly approaching as the gang celebrate with him. However, this good day later becomes another day which turns out to be bad for Conker when he eventually gets drunk, lost, stumbles to a strange patch, faces a gargoyle, and dies to meet the Grim Reaper who tells him of some consequences of being a squirrel.
42 Conker's Bad Day Begins! Cash and Bots Bad Fury Day Begins The gang reunite with Conker as they help a crying bee retrieve her hive. Afterwards, they arrive to a farm where they deal with a smelly mouse, a faced pitchfork with cruel friends, a bee with an obsession with a sunflower, and a giant hay with face whom is not what it seems while gaining the first two Chaos Emeralds. Meanwhile, the Panther King orders the frightened Professor to fix his table or else be duct taped.
43 Run With the Bull, The Rude Cogs Coggy Bulls Returning to the Poo Mountain section, the gang are forced to get cows and a bull who hates red to make more. As things were weird enough, strange imps in armor with spikes appear all around as well. Later on, they arrive to a river area where some catfish ask for their help in getting a dog-faced shark tamed somehow. All while dealing with a rude cog with an effeminate side and planning to take the 3rd emerald! Meanwhile, taking advice from Nack and Nic, Ze Professor tricks the Panther King into thinking he needs a red squirrel for his table.
44 The Mysterious Vault, Dangerous Fire Imps Too Get in the Vault Inside the vault, the gang try to retrieve the cash and the 3rd emerald inside. However, things get crazy when they encounter some fire imps and a machine that intends to give them the business. Later, they must deal with the Dung Beetles as they try to attack them for the "shiny" Chaos Emeralds they have. All while Berri is kidnapped!
45 Great Mighty Poo, And Dinosaurs Too The Disgusting Mountain Entering Poo Mountain, the gang encounter an opera singing monster made of feces and corn. After dealing with the foe, the good guys arrive to a dinosaur filled area where cavemen run about, some rock creatures that put up a fight, and some unwilling sacrifice they must make while trying to find a way in to the bounty hunters' club, the Rock Solid.
46 Don Weazo's Mission, Hello, Fangy Of Mafias & Dinos Finding out Berri's a prisoner, the gang bust her out, though after Conker steals the money, they are forced to take a job from Don Weazo, whom asks them to eliminate some of the cavemen. Later, after the job succeeds, the heroes and hunters now joining race after the cavemen who mugged them and end up at a coliseum where they must deal with a gigantic caveman whom holds the 4th Chaos Emerald and a lost dinosaur Nack had not seen for years: Fangy!
47 Back to Spooky, Batula's Chaos Emerald? Nack vs Batula Part 1 After doing another task for the bees and a barrel ride, the Sonic Heroes find Rouge missing as they embark on a journey to Batula's home castle, where they must embark on zombie attacks, manipulating vampires in disguise, and the Fearsome Foursome in one tango. Meanwhile, Rouge and Cosmo learn, after finding out Batula's alive once more, an important fact from Batula: He, like Shadow, has lost his memories of the past, save for the memory of his dead wife. And when Nack arrives, thinking Rouge is cheating on him, he plans to exact his revenge.
48 Batula's Desire, A Ghoulish Mission Nack vs Batula Part 2 During the battle, it is revealed Batula has clinged onto the 5th Chaos Emerald, whom uses it during his fight against Nack. As the battle continues, more zombies begin appearing with the heroes arriving to witness both rivals trying to end one another's lives. Will the battle end in tears? Can Rouge and Aleena stop the madness?
49 Dangerous Tediz, Rodent the Human Shield It's War! War breaks out as the Freedom Fighters are drafted to fight against the Tediz. As they do, they are reunited with their friend, Rodent, whom was drafted earlier. As they embark on the mission against the evil bears in stitches, they must take on the secret experimental project within. All while gaining the next Chaos Emerald.
50 Trap in the Vault? Ze Professor's Creation Betrayal and Suspicion The last emerald is inside the bank as they reunite with Berri and Don, whom gives them the job of robbing the bank. After the robbing, everyone learns that not only has the whole thing been a setup, but Mogul was involved as well. Later, Ze Professor's true intentions are revealed as an alien appears, intending to take his revenge on those who wronged him and kill the one who killed his creations earlier. How will the day end in this mess?
51 Shadow's Struggle, Black Doom's Arrival Black Doom's Fury Weeks have passed since the Bad Fur Day incident as Shadow and Batula try desperately to remember. At that moment, a being called Black Doom offers a chance to help them regain their memories...though for a price. Meanwhile, as Cosmo struggles to try remembering, the heroes learn of what truly happened to Berri on the night she died. And what would happen when they find many replicas of Shadow androids?
52 Shadow's Choices, Maria's Promise What She Promises After gathering the Chaos Emeralds, everyone learns Black Doom's true intentions as Black Doom carries out his plan to enslave everyone for his race to feed. However, with Shadow, Batula, and Nack immune to the creatures, the trio face him off themselves while a recorded message from Gerald's archives and the truth from Eggman is told to them. Can Black Doom be defeated?

Season 3

Coming Soon...


  • These take place after Season 2 Ep 41
  1. The Land of Videogames, Plumbers and Game Heroes
  2. Crazy Fanatic, Get Away from the Hunters!
  3. Tearful Farewells, Back to Mobius
  4. Remembrance and Memories, Epilogue to Stories


(Coming Soon)

Fictuous Voice List

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Sonic, Metal Sonic, & Scourge Junichi Kanemaru Roger Craig Smith
Shadow the Hedgehog Kouji Yusa Kirk Thornton
Tails Ryo Hirohashi Kate Higgens
Knuckles Nobutoshi Kanna Travis Willingham
Amy Rose Taeko Kawata Cindy Robinson
Manic Ogata Megumi Greg Cipes
Sonia Ayumi Hamasaki Louise Ridgeway
Rouge the Bat Rumi Ochiai Karen Strassman
Fang/Nack Megumi Hayashibara Johnny Yong Bosch
Conkula/Batula Romi Park Chris Seavor
Uma-chan/Umana Megumi Hayashibara Karen Strassman
Eggman/Robotnik Chikao Otsuka Mike Pollock
Conker Romi Park Chris Seavor
Sleet Koichi Yamadera Maurice LaMarche
Dingo Tomohisa Asou Peter Wilds
Banjo Tohru Furuya Bill Farmer
Kazooie Emi Shinohara Mae Whitman
Vip/Nic Rio Natsuki Rachel MacFarlene
Cream & Vanilla Sayaka Aoki Michelle Ruff
Ze Professor Etsuko Kozakura Jeff Bennett
Sally Junko Takeuchi Kath Soucie
Aleena Ayumi Hamasaki Monica Rial
Rodent Megumi Urawa Debi Derryberry
Gregg Megumi Urawa Jeff Bennett
Bartleby Ogata Megumi Phil Hayes
Cyrus Takuzou Kamiyama Ian James Corlett
Charmy Yoko Teppouzuka Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Vector Kenta Miyake Keith Silverstein
Espio Yuki Masuda Troy Baker
Fiona Fumiko Orikasa Mellisa Fahn
Lara-le Atori Shigematsu Tres MacNeille
Don Weazo Takashi Matsuyama John DiMaggio
Julie-su Yuuko Mitzutani Kathy Segal
Remmington Yuuto Kazama Tom Kane
Bunnie Rica Matsumoto Nancy Cartwright
Panther King Isamu Tanonaka Gary Anthony Williams
Mammoth Mogul Isamu Tanonaka Clancy Brown
Gruntilda Mika Doi Susan Silo
Tikal Kaori Asou Grey DeLisle
Mina Aya Hisakawa Janice Kawaye
Mighty Katsuji Mori Rob Paulsen
Mindy LaTour Emi Shinohara Steve Vallance
Big Takashi Nagasako Keith David
Chris Thorndyke Sanae Kobayashi Suzanne Goldfish
Jet Daisuke Kishio Michael Yurchak
Wave Chie Nakamura Catherine Cavadini
Storm Kenji Nomura Kevin Michael Richardson
Mephiles Takayuki Sakazume Michael Clarke Duncan
Berri KAORI Louise Ridgeway
Athair Ikkei Seta Maurice LaMarche
Oracle Tomohisa Asou Maurice LaMarche
Tediz Akira Kamiya John DiMaggio
Blaze Nao Takamori Laura Bailey
Silver Daisuke Ono Quinton Flynn
Scratch Ryûsei Nakao Corey Burton
Grounder Kenta Miyake Michael Clarke Duncan
Coconuts Tenji Umi Ian James Corlett
Dulcy Mayumi Tanaka Cree Summer
Orbot Mitsuo Iwata Kirk Thornton
Cubot Wataru Takagi Wally Wingert

(More to Come)


  • Though it features Sonic Underground characters, the characters there are portrayed slight differently (ex. Aleena, instead of ruling Mobius, rules only Mobodoon and is more prompt within the series than in Sonic Underground).
  • This is a PG to PG 13 show which means there will be some uncensored work in this.
  • This will be one of the few shows where Banjo-Kazooie characters will speak (the other being Sonic Underground Remake and its prequel, Sonic SatAM Remake).
  • The AU tales, mainly the first one, will take place some time during the Super Smash Bros Anime series.
  • Only the first 26 episodes of Sonic X Remake will be rewritten versions of the actual Sonic X episodes. The rest of the series will have not only remade versions of the actual games, but also have some originality thrown in.
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