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"Whether you be an ancient wizard from days long past, vengeful, sinful, or mentally broken hedgehogs, world-renowned bounty hunters, or a... um... teenage... anime... catgirl thing. Your mission is to rid the multiverse of that heinous Sonic and his pitiful friends in one fell swoop by annihilating the only Sonic that matters, MINE"
Eggman's transmission to villains across the multiverse.

Sonic Villains is an upcoming animated fan film created by animator Arion "Miitoons" Rashad and based on the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. It focuses on Dr. Eggman's team-up with Villains from Different Universe: Aosth, Archie Comics, Sonic the Comic, Sonic OVA, Sonic X, Sonic Boom, and Sonic Underground.


Sonic Villains Follows Eggman after the events of Sonic Forces as he uses the last of the mysterious Phantom Ruby to gather villains across EVERY SONIC UNIVERSE to regain control and destroy Sonic in the craziest battle he's faced yet.





Video - Teaser - Eggman Transmission Trailer - Preview 1 - Preview 2 - " The Promise" Audio Sneak Peak - Sneak Peek - Animation & Storyboard Tests - 30th Anniversary Teaser Trailer - A Director FAQ

Music - Max 'Landy' Shambles - "Sonic Saves The Day" - TheByMyself - "Villains" - OzGuy- "Rallying the Troops"

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