Sonic Vengeance
Sonic Team
Release Date(s)
Summer 2019
Action-adventure, platformer, Beat-em up
Single player
Local multiplayer
Online multiplayer
PEGI: 12+
CERO: B – 12 and up
USK: 12
PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One S, Nintendo NX
PlayStation 4 Pro: Blu-ray Disc

PlayStation Network: Digital Download
Xbox One S: Blu-Ray Disc
Xbox Games Store: Digital Download
Nintendo NX: Nintendo NX Optical Disc

Nintendo eShop: Digital Download
2063.6 MB (Not including update content)

Sonic Vengeance is an upcoming platformer adventure game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series developed by the Nikki-Kaji and published by Sega. It is scheduled to be released summer of 2019 for all countries. This is the first Sonic game to be released on the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 Pro systems.


The game starts off on a luxurious cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, where Sonic and his allies are trying to get some relaxation from the hero life. Of course, the relaxation is short lived when they are hit by a massive storm and must stay inside. While waiting for the storm to pass by, there is a loud booming noise outside followed by a flash, and the ship rocks around dangerously from side to side. Sonic, Tails, and Amy run outside, seeing that a part of the ship is burning.

Quickly, Shadow, Knuckles, and Silver try to put out the flame. The glass of the boat’s lobby breaks, and there is another bolt of lightning that hits the ship, causing another explosion. Sonic is launched over the side of the ship, Amy and Cream coming to his aid as Rouge yells something over the noise of the storm. Due to the heavy rain, Sonic’s hands slip from Amy and Cream and he falls to the ocean below. They scream out his name as he hits the water, the sound of their voices fading away.

In the raging ocean, Sonic begins flailing for his life, going above the water for a few seconds only to go down even longer. He grips onto a broken piece of wood, seeing the cruise ship getting taken out by a huge wave and sinking. Sonic loses his grip on the piece of wood, and is hit by another huge wave, blacking out afterwards.

After an unknown amount of time passes by, Sonic’s body is seen laying on the sand of a deserted beach, still unconscious. A hooded figure approaches Sonic, kneeling down and inspecting him. A few seconds later, he wakes up. Under the hoodie you can see a pair of pink eyes and a nose. Before Sonic can say anything, the figure warns him that they have to get to safety. Attempting to stand up, Sonic realizes that his ankle is twisted and he cannot walk. That’s when a horde of mechs come charging towards them, guns ready. Sonic questions whether the figure is some sort of criminal, but they tells him to be quiet and wait while she takes out the mechs.

While fighting the mech, the figure’s hood is ripped off, revealing a female hedgehog with grey and pink fur. Once the final mech is destroyed, the girl helps Sonic get onto his feet and they make their way to a hidden village outside the city. Once there, Sonic is introduced to the Amity Alliance: an organization of heroes that formed after the corruption of the government. One of the medics, Iris, quickly nurses Sonic back to health. The hedgehog that rescued Sonic introduces herself as Bella, questioning where he came from. Sonic explains what happened, and Bella offers her help. However, Sonic must first gain the organization's trust. They send him off to get supplies from an abandoned factory in the city, and when he returns, he will have access to more information. Sonic accepts the quest and heads off, Bella and Iris accompanying him.

After breaching the security and making it into the actually factory, Sonic, Bella, and Iris begin scavenging for food and medicine. While searching, Sonic is held at gunpoint by a young cub named Sarah. Once he convinces her that he's friendly, Sarah lowers the gun and explains that she lost her parents. Sonic offers to let Sarah join the group, but they are found by a group of security bots who have been scanning the area. While they are fighting, Sarah is being cornered by one of the robots, backing up slowly while holding the pistol and aiming it, but not shooting. Bella quickly saves her, taking the gun as Sarah begins crying. Seeing that the girl is in danger, everyone decided to take her back to Acacia and get her treated. They put as much food and supplies as they can into Sarah's back pack and leave.

Once arriving back in Acacia Village, they find Tails and Amy there. Sonic is overjoyed to find them both safe, showing everyone the supplies they picked up from the factory. Iris takes all of the medical supplies and quickly starts tending to all of the sick and hurt, while Amy takes the food and prepares a meal for everyone. Bella tells Cream and Sarah to go play, saying she has to have a serious conversation with Sonic and Tails. After they leave, Bella explains her plan of taking supplies from the city and building a boat to escape. She decides to send out groups of heroes at a time to different parts of the island for not only supplies, but to scout for allies and enemies.


While still maintaining the normal Sonic the Hedgehog “run as fast as you can” gameplay, there are new elements included in this game as well. There is a much wider range of attacks for both new and returning characters, offering a variety of gameplay options. This game actually includes a lot more combat than running, but there are also a few mach speed sections. The three character choice option from Sonic Heroes returns as well. However, you are allowed to choose whatever three unlocked characters you’d like to bring into a stage.

All characters are separated into speed, flight, and power. The typing of a character determines what kind of advantage they get. For example, speed-type characters can perform a triple jump and homing attacks. Flight-type characters can reach places that are out of the triple jump’s reach. Power type characters can destroy things like boulders, and interact with things on the map that other characters normally may not be able to. Though it is recommended to have one of each character, you can stack characters of the same type for some advantages too. Speed types that work together actually make each other run faster, flight types that work together can fly higher and extend their flight time, and power types can boost each other’s strength and take out bulkier enemies easier as well as bigger stage obstacles.

During some sections of a stage, there will be times where you must defeat enemies in a closed area in order to proceed, similar to the werehog stages in Sonic Unleashed.

Acacia Village Hub

Whenever story mode is selected, you will start off in the Acacia Village Hub World. From there, you can complete missions for villagers, buy perks and items for rings, go onto the next chapter, or select a chapter that you've completed. Sometimes, you can talk to other characters and they will occasionally give you gifts.


Playable Characters

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Bella the Hedgehog
  • Iris the Echidna
  • Sarah the Cub
  • Miles “Tails” Prower
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Amelia “Amy” Rose
  • Emily the Monkey
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Blaze the Cat
  • Espio the Chameleon
  • Charmy the Bee
  • Vector the Crocodile

Non-Playable Characters


Voice Actors

Role English voice actor Japanese voice actor
Sonic the Hedgehog Roger Craig Smith Jun'ichi Kanemaru
Bella the Hedgehog Danielle Judovits Yukari Tamura
Miles “Tails” Prower Kate Higgins Ryō Hirohashi
Knuckles the Echidna Travis Willingham Nobutoshi Canna
Amelia “Amy” Rose Cindy Robinson Taeko Kawata
Cream the Rabbit Sarah Blandy Sayaka Aoki
Sarah the Cub Stephanie Sheh ???
Shadow the Hedgehog Kirk Thornton Kōji Yusa
Silver the Hedgehog Quinton Flynn Daisuke Ono


  • South Shoreline - The first and shortest action stage in the game. There is one level, and it only has a beat em' up section. It takes place on an abandoned beach just outside of the city, which reeks of pollution. You can walk along the edge of the water, and sometimes the large waves can stun you.


  • Cream the Rabbit has received a slightly more mature character redesign, and is now 11 years old.
    • She has also received a voice actor change to fit the mature design.
  • This game was designed for a more mature audience, which is why it has these type of age ratings. It includes mild violence (sights of blood, use of guns), strong language, and light crude humor.
  • Though the game was built to play on the PlayStation 4 Pro, people can still play it on the PlayStation 4. However, there is a quality downgrade.


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