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Sonic Unleashed 2: The Curse of the Werehog, is a remastered version of the Original Sonic Unleashed game with a different name. Sonic Unleashed 2 will be developed by SEGA and Remedy Entertainment.


Sonic Unleashed 2 uses the Quantic Dream/Supermassive Games-style gameplay, with choices and relationship statuses for each character. Unlike the original Sonic Unleashed game, SU2 introduces two different stories; 1 being the story with original characters, and another story with a new character. QTE (Quick-Time Events) are present in-game. QTE's are buttons with a timer. When QTE's are pressed correctly, the character will successfully reach an object and/or location in a short amount of time.


*New Characters

Story 1 Characters

Characters present in Story 1

  • Sonic the Hedgehog/Werehog
  • Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Amy Rose
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Dr Eggman
  • Chip

Story 2 Characters

Characters present in Story 2

  • Sonic the Werehog/Hedgehog
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Amy Rose
  • Lukas the Hedgehog*



RS (Right Analog Stick): Move Camera, Move Around

LS (Left Analog Stick): Move Character

TouchPad: Press to view Character Relationships

R1: View Character Relationships, Switch to Choices Made, Switch to Character Information

L1: Switch left to each page from the Character Relationship window

◯: Make Choice/QTE

X: Make Choice/QTE

△: Make Choice/QTE

▢: Make Choice/QTE

OPTIONS: Press to view the Pause Menu.

XBOX Series X:

Right Control Stick: Move Camera/Move Around

Left Control Stick: Move Character

View Button: Press to view Character Relationships

Menu Button: Press to view the Pause Menu

B: Make Choice/QTE

A: Make Choice/QTE

Y: Make Choice/QTE

X: Make Choice/QTE

PC Controls:

W,A,S,D: Move Character

Mouse: Move Camera

Number 1: Make Choice

Number 2: Make Choice

Number 3: Make Choice

Number 4: Make Choice

[E]: QTE

[D]: QTE

[R]: QTE

[A]: QTE

**PC QTE's will change**

Story 1 and Story 2

Story 1 features the original story from the original game with choices and QTE's. Story 1 can change to Story 2 if the player doesn't find Chip who is hidden in the world but Story 2 can change back into Story 1 quickly but will not go back into Story 1 until the end of the scene.

If the player doesn't find Chip in a certain amount of time, then Sonic will begin to hear crying in the forest area and will immediately walk over to the noise. Chip will not be present in the game from that point on. If the player finds Chip the game will continue as normal, however, the crying will begin again. The player will have to choose to either check out the child or follow Chip. If the player chooses to walk to the crying, Sonic will see a child sitting on the edge of the cliff. Sonic will ask a few questions to the child whose name is not known at the time. Sonic is still present as his Werehog form in this stage. The child will then ask; "Are you one of them?" A reference to Dark Gaia's minions.

The player will be given dialogue options, the player will need to choose one of those choices in order for them to progress. Sonic will then offer the child to come with him. Chip will then see Sonic and the child and ask what are they doing. Sonic will respond to Chip, as always. Chip will then become saddened because of the thought of Sonic rejecting him to help him get his memory back (the story from the original game). The player will then be given another dialogue choice prompt. The player will either choose to take care of the child and leave Chip or Leave the child and help Chip. The second choice will not take into effect until the child is safe in the nearby town and has a place to stay in with a family. If this happens, the child will say goodbye to Sonic and walk into the house of the family, never to be seen again but mentioned throughout the game. This choice makes the game go back to the story from the original game, which is Story 1.

If the player chooses to take care of the child, Chip will become sad and wish Sonic and the child good luck. Chip will then say goodbye and fly away, never to be seen again. The player will be given a button combination to pick up the child. Once this is done, Sonic will race into the nearby town and find a hotel, they book in a room. The child will run off to check out the room. The player will have the chance to walk around the area and follow the child. Once Sonic and the child lay on the bed, the player will be given another dialogue prompt. He or She will either choose to ask what is the name of the child. The child will respond with "Lukas." The child will ask "What's your name?!" Sonic will respond with his name. Sonic yawns and says "Goodnight" to Lukas and begin to fall asleep. Lukas will then yawn and respond "Goodnight, Sonic." When the scene fades out, it is the beginning of Story 2.


**Some of the Cast members have not been announced**

  1. Shawn Ashmore as Sonic the Hedgehog (Story 1 & 2)
  2. Taylor Parks as Lukas the Hedgehog (Story 2)
  3. Alesia Glidewell as Rouge the Bat (Story 1 & 2)
  4. Melissa Hutchison as Amy Rose (Story 1 &2)
  5. Jeannie Tirado as Miles "Tails" Prower (Story 1)
  6. Mike Pollock as Dr Eggman (Story 1)
  7. Chris Sandiford as Chip (Story 1)
  8. TBA as Sonic the Werehog

Additional Voices

  1. Sean Colby as an Additional Voice - TBA
  2. Bryce Papenbrook as an Additional Voice - TBA
  3. Nichole Bloom as Lukas' Mother (Dream)
  4. Jensen Ackles as Screaming Father