"Light Gaia way and Dark gaia way.Your decide"

-Game tagline

Sonic world adventure 2 logo by nuryrush d961p1l-pre

Logo of game.2 because this dlc is folowing the next Unleashed

Sonic Unleashed Battle-Is a new dlc of unleashed and unleashed 2.The dlc features many new functions,that player didn't get before.There was introduced a function called "Battle Network",means that player can play with friends from any regions of the world.And now player can play the Sonic Adventure Era levels,including Heroes,Shadow the Hedgehog and 06.The game now includes 2 options called:Radio and Boost on/off.Boost on/off was made to give a challenge to the player.Now,in battle network mode,there are all the Sonic Games Cast.The

Design of Sable

game introduces a light gaia way and dark gaia way,meaning that Light Gaia Way is a simple original story of Sonic.And Dark Gaia way is a brand new story of Shadow and his partner,with name Sable.The design of him you can saw more near.As you can see in this photo,earlier there was a plans to add Scourge,but however,the developers not did this happen for some reasons.Also,Shadow the Werehog was included as well.And Shadow can be used in Sonic's levels,such as Sonic can be used in Shadow's levels.And another new option is Chaos Powers on/off.Radio mode is meant to be an option to hear the old music and future music while playing the level.

Story of Dark Gaia Way

While Sonic was in the Egg Carrier,Shadow was dealing with the scepter of Darkness.Shadow locked the scepter inside of G.U.N base.While Shadow thinks everything is complete,Mephiles is going from the scepter and mixing his powers with the Dark Gaia and going on the Shadow's body,after that,Shadow is became Werehog.He was at run on the streets,and he falled after that.He was too strong.After that,Shadow was fly at the tornados,in highways,where he meat his new friend,Sable.Sable explains to him,that he got an darkest gaia power.He can't control himself while he is in werehog form.Shadow was sad because now he is a monster.He realized that all his friends may gone.He was in the bad feelings about the situation.However,he needs to run and find out the monster.

Design of Shadow the Werehog.

Aftwe the long way,he found out the monster and defeated him.Design of Shadow the Werehog is included in page.

Gameplay of Shadow and Battle Network Mode

Shadow's gameplay is same as Sonic's one,so the gameplay is included in this page.

Actually,this gameplay video is included with
Sonic Unleashed Battle 4 Players - Empire City-0

Sonic Unleashed Battle 4 Players - Empire City-0

Sonic Unleashed Battle-Shadow in Empire City (Day)-0

Sonic Unleashed Battle-Shadow in Empire City (Day)-0

Sonic Unleashed Battle 4 Players - Cool Edge

Sonic Unleashed Battle 4 Players - Cool Edge

er gameplay is included too


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