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So this is sort of like a role play fanfiction involving Dr. Finitevus that I'm doing. So anyone can add characters (however, there are rules to that), and be sure to ASK to join the role play before doing so. This is my story, my rules. Another thing. If any of you for some reason post pictures, make sure that they are not RECOLORED IMAGES. I don't want anyone to get sued, okay? Good. Now, we can get started. I am going to wait until people start adding their characters before writing and I'll be sure to give credit to the characters' creators. One last thing, this is somewhat different from other role plays. You're free to correct spelling and/or grammatical errors whenever you see one. Just don't change any part of the story without my or anyone else's knowledge. If a character seems to be out of character (OOC, for short), go ahead and change it so he or she not out of character. Or if you are simply aren't satisfied with something, go ahead and change it. Just don't control other people's characters, because if you do and refuse to allow the rightful creator of the characters control said characters, you will have to be removed from the role play.

(NOTICE: I am an amateur writer, so I have some difficulty expressing a subject that I am trying to get at. Which doesn't help with my occasional writer's block. So don't be surprised if I don't update for a long time or I can't get a point across. Thank you.)




1: Don't ask me to incorporate romance for my character unless she is already romantically involved. I may not be able to make her in love quickly enough with another character. Same goes for the other participants, they decide whether or not to get their character romantically involved. It's their decision and their decision ONLY.

2: NO COPYING characters whatsoever.  I don't mind if you ask for a certain character to appear ( Nicole, Shadow, or Julie-Su, for example), but I do mind COPYING. 

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Current Participants

  • Julia Finitevus
  • DUBSTEPxSonic
  • Reens the Hedgehog
  • Clairebear165
  • XophPsycho
  • Lunari64
  • Nitrogen218
  • Celestia879

Possible Future Participants

Once possible participants decide to jump in, they can remove their names from here and put them in the Current Participants

  • Chica Nunally
  • Saren the Dark Lynx

Characters (Both Franchise Characters and OCs)

  • Dr. Finitevus (Sonic Archie Comics)
  • Fiona Fox (Sonic Archie Comics)
  • Scourge The Hedgehog (Sonic Archie Comics)
  • Chloe-Su (My Character)
  • Jayda-Su (My Character)
  • Genesis Lord (this character belongs to DUBSTEPxSonic)
  • Ion the Hedgehog (DUBSTEPxSonic's Character)
  • Reens the Hedgehog (Archie continuity): Reens owns this character
  • King the Bulldog (Reens' pet dog, turns Mobian Post-Genesis Wave)
  • Isaac the Hedgehog (Clairebear165)
  • Hecate the Hedgehog (Clairebear165)
  • Trivia the Hedgehog (Clairebear165)
  • Ashton the Sparrow (Clairebear165)
  • Shadow Galaxia (Clairebear165)
  • Xavis Pyrovolt (Xoph)
  • Lunari the Echidna (Lunari64) (Turns full ghost Post-Genesis Wave)
  • Alaine (Lunari64)
  • Khione the Hedgehog (Clairebear165)
  • Raven the Cyberhog (Nexus Ultimatum) (N-218)
  • Keira The Angel Hedgehog (Celestia879)
  • Rosaria Robotnik (Celestia879)
  • Calypso, the Sentient Blessing (Lunari64)

Part 1

A young light blue hedgehog girl ran through the forest, kicking up clods of dirt and clouds of dust as she went. A golden long-sword hung at her right side, along with a robotic arm carrying a grenade. She took the grenade and pulled the pin out with her teeth, throwing the grenade behind her and covering her ear with one hand as it exploded. She checked on her passenger, his limp head resting on her shoulders.

"It's gonna be okay, it's gonna be okay," she whispered to herself, as a sort of mantra. She didn't know where she was headed, but all she knew is that she didn't want to stay where she had been. "I've got you, I've got you, I've got you..."


A young Echidna with purple fur and violet bangs suddenly appeared in the city of Mobotropolis through a Genesis Portal.

"Is this the place? Am I at the right point in time?"  The Echidna girl frowned as she studied the city. "Funny. I don't remember Mobotropolis being so big. Mom said it wasn't as small as Portal, though. So maybe that's why..."

The Echidna girl continued to frown, but went to investigate. 

"Finitevus must be nearby somewhere. And when I find him, he's gonna wish he died on Angel Island."

Reens, with King on her back, ran right past the Echidna girl, paying her no attention. "Just hold on, King. Good boy, my sweet boy..." She threw another grenade behind her, which exploded on a large man in armor. "Got him. He's not comin' anywhere near us. Sweet boy, I gotta find a doctor... hang on..."

King whined and nuzzled into Reens' hair. "It hurts, Mistress. It really hurts." "I know honey, I know. Chaos above where do you find a freakin' doctor around here?!?" "Don't curse, Mistress..." "I'm sorry, sweet boy."

The Echidna girl noticed Reens, however, and recognized her. 

"Wasn't that Reens?" she asked herself aloud. "She must not have seen me." The Echidna started running in the direction Reens and King went, determined to find her. Unfortunately, she wasn't fast enough to catch up, and lost their trail.

"Bloody h-"

"Watch your tone, missy!" a voice snapped, interrupting the Echidna girl's cursing.

"Who are you?!" 

"Me? I'm an old man, that's who! Who are you, little missy?!" The old man, who was a Fennec Fox apparently, was not happy. 

"Um... I'm Chloe-Su..."

Chloe-Su then took off, feeling somewhat creeped out. He seemed unusual, that old man. And not in a good way.


After days of running and fighting off the men behind her, Reens had gotten terribly exhausted.

"Mistress, maybe we need to find a hotel or something to stay in?"

"By now most of them are closed, and I doubt the ones that are open have any vacancies," she replied, reaching up to rub King's head.


"I'm sorry, honey, I forgot that hurt. Chaos- I mean, gosh darn it," she corrected herself. Then she tripped over a rock, sending herself and King sprawling, but she managed to catch him before he hit the ground.

"Mistress, are you okay?" King asked, looking her over.

"Don't worry about me, honey," she replied, grimacing as she felt her skinned knees. "As long as you're safe."


A Grey Hedgehog looked down upon the city, frowning slightly but then smirked. "Heh, Everyday is quite loud with all of these genesis portals appearing all over the place. I have to admit, Very-" He stops mid sentence when he noticed the guy he helped days back. "Well, What are the odds, Its Doc Finny! Haven't seen that guy in nearly a month... I think." The grey hedgehog Said to himself.

Finitevus sensed a familiar energy nearby.

"Oh, no. Not him again!". Finitevus wasn't exactly a big fan of Ion, despite the fact that Ion helped defeat the Chaos Doom, some sort of alien that worked for the Genesis Lord. 

Finitevus couldn't tell where the energy was coming from, but he knew Ion wasn't far away. And Finitevus didn't want his dignity shattered again.


Reens had re-positioned King on her back and was walking around, looking for a medical doctor.

"Mistress, are you sure you're alright? You're bleeding," King said with a whimper.

"For the last time, I'm fine. I gotta take care of you first. And for Chaos' sake stop calling me 'Mistress'. It makes me feel like I'm taking advantage of you."

"What should I call you then?" He looked at her, his eyes shining.

"Reens. Just Reens."

"Reens, eh? I like that name," said a voice. It was feminine, but had a mystic sound to it.

Reens' ears perked up and she unsheathed her sword, turning around slightly. "Come on out. I don't want to hurt you, but if you put one finger on my boy, I'll have to."

A purple hedgehog with deep red streaks on her quills stepped out of the shadows. She wore a black t-shirt with a human skull on the front, and lavender jeans and a black belt with a silver buckle. Her tennis shoes were the same shade of lavender with white shoestrings and soles. "You don't have to use that sword. I'm not going to hurt you," the hedgehog said.

Grumbling, Reens sheathed her sword, but kept the hedgehog female under a sour glare. "She's pretty," King said, smiling at her. "Keep your eyes and ears open, sweet boy. What do you want with us?"

"Nothing. I'm just wondering what you were doing here," the purple hedgehog replied, crossing her arms and giving a sly smile.

"And why should I tell-" "Reens needs a doctor real bad. I do too, but she needs him more. And kibble," King interrupted with a soft grin. "King, what did I tell you about talking to-" She winced as King climbed down from her back. "She's bleeding real bad, see?" He pointed to the various cuts and bruises on her body.

"Hmm...I might be able to help with that," the female said, walking up to Reens.

Reens kept her sword in its sheath, but shrank away slightly from the other female. 'What exactly are you trying to do?' she whispered to King. 'Get us both killed?!?' 'She looks nice, and I don't think she would hurt us,' King whispered back. Reens sighed. 'Well, I trust your judgement.'

"Relax. This won't hurt," she said. The hedgehog placed her glove-less hand on Reens' forehead. She then muttered something in a language neither Reens or King could understand.

At first, Reens didn't feel anything, but then a warm sensation spread through her. She looked down at her knees and saw the flesh knitting together, along with her cuts and bruises disappearing. "Chaos above..." she breathed, shaking her head. "And here I was thinking you were gonna kill us."

The violet hedgehog smirked, "I'm not that kind of gal. Of course, Trivia would say otherwise," she said, lifting her hand off of Reens. "My name is Hecate, by the way."

"As you already know, I'm Reens, and this is King. He's my best buddy," she smiled, hugging him gently. "We've been through thick and thin together." "Thank you for making Reens feel better," King added, looking up at Hecate with the biggest smile he could.

Hecate smiled, her scarlet eyes gleaming in the sunlight. "You're welcome. I'm glad to help," she replied. She then frowned, "What happened?" Hecate asked.

"Well, it's a bit of a long story," Reens replied, stroking King's fur. "Before the Genesis Wave hit, I was just a regular girl living with my grandparents in Eurish and working at my grandpa's auto shop. King here wasn't a Mobian, but we were still best buds. Once it hit, everything got turned around. I got separated from my grandparents, King turned into a Mobian, and we were chased by some weird guys in armor." "They were real scary," King whimpered. "All my memories got twisted, too. All I remember now is that I know where my grandpa's shop is and something about the Kingdom of Acorn."

"Genesis Wave?" Hecate tilted her head slightly to the left. "Never heard of it."

"Basically Dr. Egghead wanted to destroy the world with a giant weapon and stuff, so Sonic had to jump in and save the day, but he wasn't able to stop the wave, and blah de blah. At least that's what the news reports said," Reens tried to explain, showing a copy of a newspaper. "Then again, media people get it wrong all the time. Oh well, I guess we'll be on our way. My grandpa's shop isn't too far from here, but it was nice meeting you, and I hope I can pay you back for how you've helped us." Reens stretched out her robotic arm for a handshake.

Hecate smiled, shaking Reens' hand. "It was nice to meet you too," she chirped. "I hope we can meet again someday. Ciao." And with that, Hecate was gone, purple dust replacing where the hedgehog had been.


"The servers are the Seven Chaos. Chaos is power enriched by the heart. The server exists to unify the Chaos."

Chloe-Su was reciting Tikal's Prayer, trying to use Chaos Control to find Reens' location. But she couldn't find the speedy hedgehog girl anywhere. Chloe-Su repeated the chant again, with the same results... except she detected corrupted Chaos Energy somewhere nearby.

"It must be Finitevus. Hmph. Typical of him, to hide in plain sight."

Chloe-Su decided to capture Finitevus first, then find Reens. "Finitevus, when I find you, you're going to wish you were dead."

A explosion rattle the area in which Chloe-Su was in. A light-blue hedgehog came flying out of seemingly nowhere and landed in front of her. He wore a red t-shirt, dark green shaggy pants, black tennis shoes, and had yellow eyes.

Chloe-Su simply stared in awe at the hedgehog. "Who on Mobius are you?" 


Reens blinked and shrugged, holding King's hand as they went on, eventually arriving at the Castle of Acorn. She looked up at it in amazement. "Whoa..." "That's the Castle of Acorn, King," she explained. "The royal family lives up there. With how the Genesis Wave affected the world, I'm sure they've had it rough."

"What do you mean you can't find her!?" Screamed another feminine voice. "V-Varu's troops are looking into it. Mori hasn't come back yet," replied a different voice, this one more masculine.

King pulled Reens into an alleyway, where they hid as the two voices yelled at each other. King crawled into Reens' lap and yawned, falling asleep in her arms. She peeked out from the alley, making sure she wasn't too exposed.

A violet hedgehog that was disturbingly similar to Hecate turned the corner. Appearance wise, she looked exactly like Hecate. The only difference is that she wore a white-t shirt and shorts, her shoes were also white with two black lines forming a cross on the front to the back, and the soles were the same black color. She also wore a black cloak and lipstick.

Next to her was a very nervous looking brown sparrow. His attire included a blue long-sleeved shirt, dark blue jeans, and brown leather boots. The sparrow's beak and eyes were yellow, while the hedgehog's muzzle and arms were peach.

"Hm, that hedgehog looks just like Hecate," Reens observed, keeping her voice low. "I wonder if they're looking for her." She leaned over a bit more, her face slightly showing.

Not-Hecate sneered. "Why hasn't he come back yet?" She hissed. The sparrow flinched, "I-I don't know. Maybe he got lost?" He replied, clearly afraid of the hedgehog.

"Mori? Lost? He would never get lost," the purple hedgehog said. "Are you sure?" The sparrow asked. "Yes, I'm sure!" She yelled at him. The bird flinched again. "Y-Y-Yes. I should have never questioned you, mistress," the sparrow stammered. A small, evil smile grew on Not-Hecate's face. "That's what I like to hear..."


"Whoa! That's the farthest I've been flung by that thing!" The light-blue hedgehog suddenly sputtered. He looked at the echidna and smiled. "Yo."

"Um... hi? Who are you?" Chloe-Su asked, examining the Hedgehog for any injuries.

"Isaac," the hedgehog replied, rising to his feet. "What are you doing here?"

"Could ask you the same thing."


Reens was still hiding with King in her lap, who stirred and made a soft yawning noise, stretching himself out. "That was a good nap. Now you can take a nap, and I'll keep watch, okay? You look like you need a nap." Before she could protest, Reens yawned. "Well, okay, but wake me up if anything happens."

"Anything else I should know about the chase?" Not-Hecate asked. The sparrow pulled a small phone-like tablet out of his jeans pocket. "The last time Khione has been sighted was on the continent Eurish," he replied. The hedgehog held back a snarl. "Typical. Running away like a coward..."

Soft snores came from Reens as King snuggled in her lap. He could tell she was dreaming about where she had escaped from. "No...sweetie, run... Get out of here... they're after us... . Leave Eurish... you'll be safe with your grandpa... just take King and get out of here..."

"Eurish, huh?..." The hedgehog pondered, her scarlet eyes having the same glint as Hecate, but much, much more evil. She froze and stared at the ground. "Ms. Trivia. What is the matter?" the sparrow, apparently named Ashton, asked. Trivia's hand glowed, a whip made of violet energy formed in her hand. Ashton started shivering. "M-Ms. Trivia?" he sputtered. The hedgehog started walking again, only stopping until she was only a few feet away from the alleyway that Reens and King were hiding in.

King sensed her and growled, waking Reens up, although she was still rather groggy. "King? Wha... what's going on honey?" "Somebody's close, and I don't like the smell of her," he replied, baring his teeth. Reens let King slide off her lap and got up, though her feet had fallen asleep from sitting so long. "D...don't get any closer..." she moaned, groggily holding her sword out in front of her. "We don't need anymore s...scaring..."

Trivia stared at the two, holding her energy whip tightly. Ashton peaked over Triva's shoulder, the look of anxiety on his face. "Hmph. Just a few civilians," Trivia huffed, but didn't sheath her whip.

"You put that... that thing away... and we won't have any... any trouble..." Reens tried to sound threatening, but with how tired she was and the way she kept yawning between words, it wasn't really working to her advantage. It was all she could do to stand on her feet, with King on her right side supporting her.

Surprisingly, the whip dissipated into a purple harmless mist. Trivia crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. "You people just looked suspicious," she said. Ashton tapped Trivia's shoulder. "Ms. Trivia. Shouldn't we continue our scouting mission for Khione?" the sparrow asked. Trivia glared at him, then nodded. "Yes. Of course."

"Huh, just like how Hecate disappeared," King whispered, holding on to Reens' leg. "Well, hope you find what you're looking for. C'mon, King, let's go find... somewhere better to sleep..." Reens yawned, put her sword away, loaded King onto her back, and started slowly shuffling away.

Trivia's ears perked up. She blocked Reens and King's path. "You met Hecate?" She asked.

Reens nodded. "Yeah, she was an okay gal, I guess. She healed me, we talked, then she poofed in a cloud of purple dust." "She was really pretty," King added, lowering his head onto Reens'. "She didn't know anything about the Genesis Wave, which I'm pretty sure not many people know about it or understand it."

Trivia tilted her head slightly. "Question. Do you know what Anti are?" She asked.

"Sure; I've got one. Everyone does," Reens replied with a twitch of her ear. "Why do you ask? I'm guessing you're Hecate's Anti?"

Trivia nodded. "Yes. Though, I do not have any interest in killing her. She is very nice. For a Mobian, I mean," she said. "My name is Trivia, this is Ashton," she gestured towards the sparrow, who waved nervously.

Reens grinned, trying to help calm Ashton down. "I'm Reens, and this sweet little guy here is King. Nice to meet you both." She petted King's head, making his right leg twitch. "I hope we didn't scare you; we were more scared of you than you were scared of us."

"I don't scare easily," Trivia replied. "The only thing I was remotely afraid of when arriving in this dimension was that Varu would kick me out of the business." Ashton shuffled nervously. "What I'm afraid of is standing right next to me," he said quietly, almost a whisper.

"Well, maybe we'll meet again in another dimension," Reens said with a wink, moving a little faster now that her feet were awake. "I've gotta make sure my grandparents are alright in their auto shop. I hope you find who you're looking for. Oh, and watch out for Genesis Portals," she added, waving behind her as she walked off.

A small smile grew on Trivia's face. She waved back at the two. Once they were out of sight, she turned to Ashton, the smile fading and replaced with a scowl. She checked the time on her tablet, which looked exactly like the once Ashton had. "The chopper should be here about now. C'mon. Let's get to the nearest helipad," Trivia said, turning and walking in the opposite direction of Reens and King, Ashton following closely behind with a worried expression on his face.

Reens walked along with King snuggled on her back for a while, then checked the time on a display in her robotic arm. "Chaos- I mean, shoot, it's late," she remarked, trying not to curse in front of King. "I told you we should've found somewhere to stay," King whined. "Now it's too late to go anywhere for a room."


Finitevus kept moving in the direction he thought was away from where Ion was, but instead was heading in the grey Hedgehog's direction. And he ended up running into him.

"You again?!" Finitevus exclaimed, irritated. 


"I'm Chloe-Su, and I came here looking for Dr. Finitevus. Now you tell me," Chloe-Su responded, "why are you here, Mr. Isaac?"

"Fighting a giant chameleon monster," Isaac replied. As if right on cue, a large lizard-looking monster materialized behind Chloe-Su. It resembled a bipedal chameleon with three horns. Two large ones jutting out of it's forehead and one smaller one on it's snout. The chameleon's scales were a combination of a very dark purple and black. It didn't have any pupils, but it's irises were blood-red and had black sclera.

"Sons of Dimitri!!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, then she immediately attempted to destroy the giant chameleon with a Chaos Beam. But the Echidna girl knew it wouldn't be that easy. It never was.

"What is that smelly lizard doing here?!" Chloe-Su asked as she turned back to Isaac.

"Trying to kill me," Isaac replied causally. When the dust cleared, the monster appeared to be unharmed. It let out a noise that sounded similar to a car sliding to a stop. It then tried to bite Chloe-Su. Isaac reacted quickly, blasting the chameleon with a beam of water.

"That is one angry monster," remarked Chloe-Su, watching the events unfold. "I like lizards in general, but this chameleon is second on my hate list."

"I have a neutral opinion about reptiles. Except for snakes. I hate snakes," Isaac said, continuing to pelt the monster with water generated from the hedgehog's palms.

"Do you need help?" Chloe-Su asked, but from the way he was pelting that monster with the water, the answer was likely no.

"Sure. I can't hold Mr. Chamy off forever," Isaac replied, dodging one of the monster's bite attacks.

Chloe-Su threw several Thunder Arrows at the lizard, which were followed by a Chaos Spear. These were followed by a second Chaos Beam, but Chloe-Su used the Chaos Emerald Shard she had with her to amplify the attack.

The Shadow Chameleon wailed and thrashed around, hitting Isaac with it's tail, sending him flying.

The hedgehog blasted water at the ground, using the jets to soften his landing. Isaac landed safely, dashing at the Monster and nailing it with a Aqua Cutter attack.

Chloe-Su destroyed a fire hydrant and used her Chaos Powers to manipulate the water that was coming out and nailed the Chameleon with the water. Basically she was mimicking Isaac.

"You still cryin' like a baby, dumb lizard?" Chloe-Su mocked the Shadow Chameleon. "Guess you're not worthy of being a reptile!"

Chloe-Su, be reasonable! If you don't pay attention, you can get hit!  Chloe-Su's mind told her.

The monster snarled, slashing at the echidna with it's claws.

"Heads up!" Isaac yelled, forming a large sphere of water above his head. He threw the ball at the chameleon, the watery orb of death exploding upon impact.

Chloe-Su dodged the most of the claws, but one slashed her leg and she yelped in pain. Chloe-Su ran as fast as she could away from the explosion, partially limping because of her injured leg. But she made sure she was close enough to help Isaac in case the lizard somehow survived.

"Did it do the job?" Chloe-Su asked Isaac, tearing a piece of cloth from her shirt and tying it around her leg where the slash was. "I sure hope I don't need to get this amputated." But Chloe-Su was more worried that the claws might have had poison or something on them.

Reens and King were still trying to find a hotel or something when the roar of the chameleon monster made Reens' ears perk up. "What's the matter?" "I... I don't know. It sounds like fighting," Reens replied quickly, unsheathing her sword and readying a few grenades. "I sure hope it's not those bad men who were chasing us," King whispered. "Naw, this is more a 'gigantic monster' type of fight. You hide over there, sweet boy, and I'll be right back." Reens made sure King was safe before she ran off in the direction of the battle. Without her notice, King sneaked behind her and followed her, wanting to watch the battle up close.

Isaac waited impatiently for the dust to clear. When it did, the monster was laying on the ground, its mouth wide open and a black liquid squirting from its wounds.

Reens slid to a halt a few feet away from Isaac and Chloe-Su, sheathing her sword and pocketing the grenades. "I never get to use my baby anymore," she complained to herself. She felt something hit the back of her legs and turned to see King, bashfully standing behind her. "I told you to stay put," Reens growled. "I just wanted to watch," King whined, blushing. Reens sighed and rubbed his head. "I just want to keep you safe, sweet boy. When I say stay, you stay where you are. Got it?" King sighed. "Got it."

Isaac carefully approached the dead monster's body. "Well, that takes care of that," the hedgehog piped. He noticed Reens and King, turning towards them and giving a friendly smile. "Hi," he simply said. He was so distracted by Reens' beauty he failed to notice the Shadow Chameleon's eye twitching.

However, Reens noticed the eye twitch and leapt forward, drawing her sword and stabbing the monster in the eye. "You missed a spot," she chided plainly. "Go Reens!" King cheered, raising one fist into the air. Reens pushed back a bang from her hair and grunted, pulling at her sword. "Drat, now it won't budge." She pulled so hard that once it came out, she went sprawling backwards, black goop spilling out on the ground.

"Nice eye, hedgehog," Isaac complimented. "Name's Isaac. And you are?"

"Well, that monster is dead for sure now," remarked Chloe-Su, "Unless he can regenerate himself while he's dead. But that's not likely. Of course, with reptiles..."

Chloe-Su took the bandage off the wound on her leg and saw it was bleeding too much to heal on its own. She started to heal it while staring at the monster she was hoping was dead now.

Isaac nudged the monster's head with his foot. It didn't react. "Yep, it's dead."

"Thank Aurora," Chloe-Su said aloud, as she finished healing herself.

"Rain Maricina, but everybody calls me Reens," Reens replied, wiping off her sword with a cloth. "Nice to meet you, Isaac. Oh, this lil' furball is King. He's my best buddy." King grinned and hugged Reens' leg, snuggling up next to her.

Isaac's smile grew larger. "Nice to meet you two," he said, then turned back to the dead monster. "That's the third one this week..."

Isaac's ear twitched. "Hmm?" He looked up. A helicopter was seen flying overhead, towards the southern part of Mobotropolis, where the helipad was located.

"Excuse me," Chloe-Su said, "Did you just say third?!"

Chloe-Su shook her head, irritated. Of course there was more. Wasn't there always? Chloe-Su considered speaking to Reens, but realized that she might be in an entirely different universe and in this reality, she and Reens never met. So Chloe-Su may have to act like she never met Reens.

"Are there any more stupid giant lizards, Mr. Isaac?" Chloe-Su asked, wincing as she felt a multitude of pain in her leg. Her powers couldn't fix that. Only time could, so Chloe-Su would have to resort to limping until most of the pain left.

That's pretty much when Finitevus himself showed up. "So what was all that snarling and roaring about, hm?!" Finitevus took one look at the dead lizard on the ground and sneered. "A stupid dead lizard?! Really, I have a not so pleasant conversation with a Hedgehog that gets interrupted by a now dead reptile?!"

"Well, your very painful death won't be interrupted by a dumb chameleon, that's for sure, Finitevus," Chloe-Su remarked, unsheathing her sword and putting it to Finitevus' neck. "Where's my father?!"

In a instant, Isaac was next to Finitevus, carefully pushing the sword away from his neck. "What the heck, Chloe! I'm not you, but threatening people by slitting their throat is not cool!" The sky-blue Hedgehog gave Chloe-Su an angry glare.

"Do you have any idea what this man has done to my people?! My grandfather?!! My great-grandfather?!! He's a murderer and a psychopath!" Chloe-Su shot back.

"I beg to differ-" Finitevus was cut off by Chloe-Su shouting, "Shut up!"

Chloe-Su sheathed her sword and continued, "I want to know where my dad is. You have that information, Dr. Finitevus. Now... where is he?"

"Child, I have no idea who you are. How could I possibly help you?" Finitevus asked, frowning.

Chloe-Su slapped her hand on her forehead in frustration.

"Look, I have no idea who Mr. Finitivus here is, so I don't have a word in any of this," Isaac said, backing away from both echidnas.

"Good. Now, Finitevus, I know that you know I am the descendant of a Guardian," Chloe-Su continued. "Where is my father?"

"Child, I don't know what you're talking about. I admit, I know you're a descendant of Knuckles," Finitevus responded, fixing his bracers. "What I don't know is who your father is."

Chloe-Su frowned considerably, then replied, "My mother told me you met him once."

"Your mother? You must be in the wrong reality, child. I never met any female descendants of Knuckles, or female descendants' husbands.."

"No. My connection to the Chaos Force allows me to determine that you are, in fact, the Dr. Finitevus from Mobius Prime. You came to my mother's reality for a time and the two of you had a major disagreement and you came here, to the new version of Mobius Prime," Chloe-Su said as a matter of factly.

"Well, aren't you the smart little descendant of Dimitri himself?" Finitevus responded, smirking slightly. "Yes, I did know your mother once. Bright young woman she was, always protecting of her friends... even if they didn't deserve her protecting them. She saved my life... once. I never repaid her that debt."

"You can repay her now. Who is my father?" Chloe-Su asked again.

"Haven't you tried a DNA test?" Finitevus asked.

"I did. It came back inconclusive."

"Then someone must have altered it. I'm a scientist... if you give me a sample of your DNA, I can run a scan... and give you the results. Unaltered... of course," Finitevus replied.

"Oh no I won't! You'll find some way of using my DNA for another one of your bloody Enerjak projects!" Chloe-Su returned, crossing her arms and scowling. "Please, someone here have a better idea!"

Reens shook her head and sighed. "I honestly have no idea what the heck is going on here." King nodded and clambered on to Reens' back, snuggling in her hair. She reached up and petted him, making him sigh in pleasure. "Ever since the Genesis Wave, my whole concept of reality has been squashed to bits."

"Genesis what now?" Chloe-Su asked, looking at Reens confused.

"Genesis Wave," Finitevus answered. "It was a phenomenon of sorts that allows the user to bend reality to their will. I envy whoever got their hands on the technology for it. Anyway, that's why Mobius Prime no longer exists."

"I knew that things changed somehow here. I just didn't know what caused the change," Chloe-Su responded, staring at Finitevus incredulously.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down," Isaac interrupted. "If Mobius Prime doesn't exist anymore..." he paused. "Then where are we?"

"Simply another version of the old reality. The Genesis Portals are proof," Finitevus spoke. "They're literally shards of the old universe that I come from. Ironic, how the world works... guess the Genesis Wave did some of the work for me. Unfortunately, it created new problems as well..."

"Such as?" Chloe-Su asked.

"The Genesis Lord," Finitevus returned, frowning considerably.

"The what now?" Chloe-Su interrupted, a blank look on her face.

"Aurora, spare me from getting irritated," muttered Finitevus, then he replied, "The Genesis Lord. But you needn't worry about that."

"Genesis Lord," Isaac sighed in exasperation. "The last thing we need is another overlord. I'm already dealing with Shadow Galaxia, Nyx, and Dr. Eggman." He sighed again and placed his gloved hand on his forehead. "Life is never easy nowadays.."

"Eggman? That fat old man with the mustache who smells like oil and rotten tomatoes?" Chloe-Su asked, laughing at her own joke.

"Yep. That's him. But he is the least of my worries," Isaac replied. "Shadow Galaxia has been the most active with his attacks. You see that dead monster over there?" He asked pointing to the Shadow Chameleon. "Shadow Galaxia created that thing."

Chloe-Su stopped laughing immediately and paid attention. "Who's Shadow Galaxia?" Chloe-Su asked, looking at the dead chameleon. Disgusting black goo was still coming from the wounds that killed the reptile.

"That's where that dead lizard came from?" Finitevus asked. "Hm... interesting... too bad my resistance group isn't with me, you would have had additional support in squashing the Shadow Galaxia threat..."

Chloe-Su shook her head and said, "Well, resistance group or not, we can still help Isaac fight Shadow Galaxia. Besides, you're not going to be doing anything Finitevus, except for helping us. What'ya say, Isaac?"

"I dunno...I don't want any of you getting hurt," Isaac replied nervously.

"Don't worry!" Chloe-Su exclaimed. "I'm the daughter of a Guardian and Finitevus is a mad scientist."

"I'm not getting out of this, am I?" Finitevus asked, frowning.

"Nope," Chloe-Su replied, glaring at Finitevus.

"Well, if you people are so intent on helping me, the I guess you four could tag along," Isaac said with a small smile.

"Of course," muttered Finitevus, putting his hand on his face in exasperation.

"Happy to help," Chloe-Su replied, giving a brief respectful bow, wincing as waves of pain went through her leg. "So what do we do first, Isaac?"

"Excuse me," Reens retorted with a frown. "No one asked me if I wanted to get into this mumbo-jumbo. Sure, killing a chameleon monster is one thing, but fighting against the creator of these things, somebody I don't know, and the guy who ruined my life is another thing entirely. And plus, I have King to take care of. If he got hurt..." She trailed off, frowning. "If he got hurt... I wouldn't be able to control myself..."

Isaac turned towards Reens. "You don't have to come with us if you don't want to. It's perfectly reasonable to stay behind to protect someone you care about."

The hedgehog then turned back to Chloe-Su. "My first guess is to find out where the mothership is," Isaac said. "Oh, did I mention that he owns an entire battleship fleet?"

King tugged on Reens' ear. As she let him down, he whispered to her, making gestures with his other hand. "But I need to stay here- You'll be alone- I can't let you- What about Grandpa-" "But you'll get to kick some butt!" King shouted, jumping up and down. "That's what you do as a knight-for-hire, right?!? I'll be fine! You go kick some butt!"

The Grey Hedgehog was walking by the gang, Holding himself back from interfering with their conversation, but could not hold back for long. The grey hedgehog walks over and smirks. "Hey Flint... that's what i am going to call you from now on... considering you did not really like that whole "Doc Finny" thing. I admit, it was pretty stupid." he then looks at Chloe-Su. "Looks like You got quite a hand full, Flint. I just came by to... meet new people. besides you and your "Genesis Freedom Fighters" of course!" The Hedgehog said. "Also, Anybody know what is going on besides life?" The Hedgehog Added

"Oh for Aurora's sake!" Finitevus exclaimed. "Ion, what are you doing here?"

"Ion?" Chloe-Su asked.

"He's... an acquaintance of mine. He helped my group and I in our rebellion against the Genesis Lord," Finitevus replied.

"Let me guess... you call your group the "Genesis Freedom Fighters", right? Isn't that a little cliche?" Chloe-Su asked, smirking. Finitevus glared at her, irritated.

Finitevus replied to Ion's question saying, "As for what's going on here, that dead chameleon and it's leader is what's going on. Isaac here is currently fighting off the Shadow Galaxia threat, which sent the dumb lizard in the first place. And Chloe-Su and I are evidently going to help him. As for Miss Reens over there, whether she wants to help or not is her decision to make."

"Quick question, Finitevus," Chloe-Su spoke. "Since when do heroes help people like you?"

Finitevus glared at Chloe-Su again. Chloe-Su ignored it.

"So, Ion, can you confirm your history with 'Doc Finny' here?" Chloe-Su asked, smiling as she spoke.

"Don't call me that!" Finitevus spat, annoyed even further.

Chloe-Su smirked. That was the reaction she wanted.

Ion looked down. "I.. don't Really want to talk about my history. I been through things that hurt me more than helped me."

"I'm sorry," replied Chloe-Su sadly. Ion's response was genuinely sad. "I shouldn't have asked."

"Yeah, But I am glad I am Alive!" Ion looked back up, trying to stay positive.

"Wait, who is this again?" Isaac finally said, gesturing towards Ion.

"I would tell, but It was a heavy time back when All this happened. I still don't really want to even mention it." Ion said firmly.

"I..don't think that answered my question," Isaac said, tilting his head slightly to the left.

"Ion said he didn't want to talk about his history," Chloe-Su responded, frowning, "so let's stop talking about it. We have other things to talk about and to fix, like this Shadow Galaxia business."

"Oh. Sorry," Isaac said, his ear twitching. "I hear something."

"I'm helping you guys," Reens spoke up in a very serious tone. "Even though my world has changed, I can't let anything attempt to destroy it again. I've already lost something dear to me, and I can't lose anything else." She picked up King and held him tightly for a minute, then set him back down again.

Ion's Fusion Shard glowed brightly, which got Ion's attention. "My fusion shard is glowing somehow, like someone else has access to one! Could there be more Fusion Shards out there? ...or could some sort of energy cause my Fusion Shard to React to it?! I have so many thoughts on how this may be..." Ion added.

"My Chaos Emerald Shard! It's glowing too!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, examining the Chaos Emerald shard she had with her. Chloe-Su used her abilities and searched around mentally. "And whatever is causing our shards to do this...." Chloe-Su then turned around and pointed to a particularly large skyscraper, "is up there."

Finitevus stared, not to where Chloe-Su was pointing, but at Chloe-Su herself. He was impressed.

"I bet anything that if it's a Fusion Shard that's responsible, it's up there," Chloe-Su continued. "Sons of Dimitri! I may be jumping to conclusions but maybe Shadow Galaxia is after the Fusion Shards! Isaac, what say you?"

Reens looked up and saw a muted glow coming from the skyscraper, confirming Chloe-su's suspicions. "Yep, it's definitely up there. The glo is weak, but I can still see it."

"So then I'm not crazy," Chloe-Su said. "I'm not sure if that's good or bad."

"Impressive," remarked Finitevus. "Even I can't do what you just did, Miss Chloe-Su."

Chloe-Su started at Finitevus for a moment, then turned towards Isaac and Ion and asked, "What do you think we should do?"

"Get to the top of that skyscraper," Isaac replied. "Though, we may not be the only ones going up there to investigate. So keep our guards up." He looked up at the skyscraper. "If Shadow Galaxia knows about these 'Fusion Shards,' there is a chance he may be searching for them."

"Well, then," Chloe-Su responded, "let's see what we can find before fat, smelly lizard Shadow Galaxia guy finds these 'Fusion Shards'."

Part 2

With King finally finding her grandparents on his own (Reens had found a map of the city), Reens made sure her equipment was in good working order as she went with the rest of the group. "So, are we just going to climb with our bare hands or use some grappling hooks or something?" She wondered, unsheathing her sword.

"I can climb without grappling hooks myself. What about you, 'Doc Finny'?" Chloe-Su asked, smirking.

"This Echidna girl will be the death of me," muttered Finitevus. "I should probably go with grappling hooks. Isaac, Ion, what do you choose?"

"I could try to make a reverse water slide, but grappling hooks work just as well," Isaac said. "You guys can figure something out. I can make it to the top just find, like Chloe-Su here," he gestured towards the female echidna. The hedgehog held his arms out to his side, his fur rippling like calm water. Suddenly, both his arms melted into jets of water. Isaac turned to the group and grinned. "Pretty cool, right?"

"I can sense energy from anyone and I can warp without the need of the Chaos Emeralds, so it would be easy for me to know exactly where the energy is coming from and track it down," Ion said. "However, I am not sensing anything at the moment... and I have a feeling that the Genesis Lord is helping our enemy, or using them for his own personal gain, and will later throw them aside like they're trash," he added, quite concerned.

Isaac shrugged. "Villains teaming up is never a good sign," he muttered. "Anyway, meet you guys at the top!" He slung one of his extending water arms at the skyscraper, the jet latching onto the building like a leech. He contracted his 'arm,' pulling him towards where the jet was attached. He repeated the process, steadily ascending the building.

"Eh, I've got aquakinesis too," Reens shrugged, preparing to make a tidal wave. "I'll just ride a wave up instead." She put her hands together and made a small tidal wave, climbing on top of it. "See you guys in a bit," she teased, riding the wave upwards.

"I tend to call it 'Hydrokinesis,' but we all have our way of saying 'water manipulation,'" Isaac explained.

"That is too cool," Chloe-Su responded in awe. Then she jumped towards the wall and started climbing.

Finitevus attempted numerous times to get his grappling hook to cling to the wall, but it bounced off instead, much to his frustration. "Sons of Dimitri, this piece of crap doesn't work!!" Finitevus exclaimed as he tried a tenth time, the hook barely missing Chloe-Su.

"Hey, watch it!" Chloe-Su shot back as she continued to climb. 

"I'm trying!" Finitevus shouted back, irritated. Finally he stopped attempting to use the hook and started to climb with his bare hands.

Isaac stopped climbing and looked down. He was barley able to see Chloe-Su and Finitevus. Good thing I'm not afraid of heights, he thought. His legs rippled and transformed into water. The jets shoot down towards the two echidnas, one jet wrapping around Chloe-Su and the other Finitevus. Isaac smirked and continued to climb, carrying his two passengers with him.

"I Will catch up,I need to figure out how i am going to Help!" Ion said to Everyone.

"Hey, hey, Isaac!" Finitevus exclaimed. "Be careful! I could have died!"

"Then there would have been one less villain to worry about, 'Cocoa Puffs'!" Chloe-Su shot back.

"Cocoa Puffs?! Cocoa Puffs?!!!" Finitevus went on a total rant about that. Chloe-Su was pretty sure that neither Ion or Isaac were impressed by Finitevus' reaction.

"Sorry!" Isaac shouted back.

Finitevus didn't seem to hear and continued to rant.

"It's okay, Isaac. Finitevus is just in a bad mood because I keep purposefully insulting him," Chloe-Su called back in Isaac's direction. Finitevus suddenly stopped shouting, crossed his arms, muttered a few curses, and scowled.

Isaac chuckled. "And I thought Knuckles had anger issues..."

Chloe-Su heard that and chuckled too, reminded of a time when her grandfather and King Sonic had an argument. Knuckles hadn't spoken to Sonic for a whole week afterwards until Julie-Su gave the Echidna a good scolding about it. Chloe-Su thought the memory was too funny until her mind went to Julie-Su's death only a few years after. "I miss grandma so much," Chloe-Su thought sadly.

Isaac looked down at Chloe-Su. "Are you ok? You look sad."

"My grandmother, Julie-Su, died when I was six years old. I was just... just old memories popped up," Chloe-Su responded, a small tear escaping. "She was like a second mom to me... but there's no time for wishing for people I can't ever see again..."

Reens rolled her eyes and kept using her tidal wave. "I'm almost at the top, I think! I can see the glow, and it's getting brighter now!"

Isaac felt sympathy for Chloe-Su, but kept climbing, also noticing that the glow was getting brighter. He stopped abruptly, nearly losing his grip on Chloe-Su.

"That glow is very bright!" Finitevus shouted to the others.

"Ditto!" Chloe-Su called back, regaining control over her emotions right away. But the sorrow remained in her stomach, making it feel like it was twisted into a knot.

Isaac looked to the left and squinted his eyes. "What is that?" Isaac asked aloud. In the distance was a small dark purple aircraft. It seemed to be heading in their direction.

"Sons of Dimitri, it's an aircraft!" Chloe-Su exclaimed. "We gotta move, it might hit us!"

"This is why I hate technology!" Finitevus shouted angrily. Then he got out his spying scope and looked through. "I don't think that's an ordinary aircraft..."

Isaac started climbing again, but much faster. He didn't get too far before the side of the building exploded. "AH!" The hedgehog lost his grip, only hanging on by his other jet. He struggled to find another handhold as the building was crumbling in front of him.

"Isaac, be careful! To your right! A ledge!" Chloe-Su called frantically.

"That aircraft is getting uncomfortably close!" Finitevus yelled.

Isaac successfully latched onto the ledge that Chloe-Su pointed out. He sighed in relief, but it only lasted for a few seconds. The aircraft he had seen zoomed past him, nearly knocking him off the wall entirely.

Chloe-Su threw several Thunder Arrows at the aircraft, most hitting their mark, the others missing. One almost hit Finitevus.

"Hey! Watch it!" Finitevus shouted, throwing a Chaos Spear at the aircraft as well, hitting it.

Chloe-Su and Finitevus' attacks hit mostly the wing. It faltered and started sailing towards the ground. The aircraft crashed into a nearby building, exploding upon contact.

"That's the end of that aircraft," remarked Finitevus.

"And the pilot," added Chloe-Su, frowning.

"I think that there was no pilot," Finitevus returned. "No one is stupid enough to sacrifice themselves for someone else. But at least that's the last of that... I wonder why it attacked us, though? Hm..."

"That was one of Shadow Galaxia's scout drones. They don't have pilots," Isaac said, confirming Finitevus' suspicions and warily continuing to climb.

"Oh my Aurora... Shadow Galaxia must have found out that we killed that chameleon thing," Chloe-Su responded.

"Shadow Galaxia has his ways of knowing things. Besides, he wouldn't be worried about us killing the chameleon," Isaac vaguely explained.

"He doesn't even care about his own soldiers?! I shouldn't be surprised!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, getting out her own spying scope and looking around for more drones.

"That's the way I operated when I was a villain," Finitevus retorted, irritated.

"That's not it. He can create more Shadow Beasts anytime he wants if he has the correct resources needed," Isaac replied, the light getting brighter the higher he climbed.

"But every lifeform is an individual! Shadow Galaxia is violating their rights! Those Shadow Beasts should revolt or something!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, the individuality side of her getting the better of her. "I'm not sorry for killing that one chameleon, but still..." 

"Look at it this way, Miss Chloe-Su," Finitevus spoke. "Shadow Galaxia created them, they owe him their lives. They are obligated to serve him, no matter what. That's just the way it is."

Isaac frowned. "There isn't anything we can do to help them. We've tried..."

"... and failed," Chloe-Su finished for Isaac. "Reality is cruel."

Isaac nodded. "Hey, were almost to the top," he said, trying to change the subject.

"That's good. I'm sick of being wet," Finitevus responded ungratefully. Chloe-Su glared at Finitevus.

"What? Can't handle a little bit of water, 'Doc Finny?'" Isaac snarked.

"Why does everyone keep calling me that?!!" Finitevus shrieked angrily, then he started muttering unpleasant things under his breath.

Chloe-Su started laughing at that, then called, "Because you're so annoying, 'Doc Finny!'" Finitevus scowled at that.

The trio finally reached the top of the skyscraper. Isaac grabbed a water vat to steady himself. He carefully placed Chloe-Su and Finitevus on the ground before his legs returned to normal. He then lets go of the structure, his arms also returning to normal.

Ion suddenly sensed a massive energy source, which worries him. "I Sense energy all of a sudden, but it feels like something the Chaos Whatyoumacallit would have access to!" Ion told everyone with a worried tone.

"Then the Fusion Shard must be here," Isaac said.

Reens popped up a moment later, stepping lightly onto the structure and gaining her bearings. "Phew... Well, might as well take a look-see," she chirped, walking near the group.

Isaac looked around, but couldn't find the source of the glow.

"Thanks for the ride up here, by the way," Chloe-Su said to Isaac as she searched mentally for the Fusion Shard. "No luck so far. Not that I believe in luck."

Finitevus was busy searching behind a large container and let out a cry of triumph. "I found it!" Finitevus exclaimed grabbing it. He suddenly felt a searing pain on his hand and he yelped, dropping the Fusion Shard on the ground.


Finitevus found himself experiencing a vision through the eyes of someone else. Whoever it was, they were trying to hide something from someone. "She can't ever know... can't find out the truth. Delete file."


Chloe-Su was hovering over Finitevus, who had collapsed when he started experiencing the vision. "Finitevus? What...?" Chloe-Su turned to Ion and asked, "What do you think just happened to him?"


Whoever Finitevus was experiencing the vision through suddenly turned to see Chloe-Su.

"I'm sorry, I had no choice," the person said to Chloe-Su. 

"No choice?! There's always a choice! What are you hiding from me?!" Chloe-Su shouted angrily.


Back in reality, Chloe-Su waited for Ion to answer.

Isaac walked over to the group. "What happened to Finitevus?"

"One second he's saying he found the Fusion Shard," Chloe-Su responded, picking up the Fusion Shard, "the next he's unconscious. Other than that, not a clue. Weird..."

"Hmm..." This is similar to what happens when Hecate has a future vision, Isaac thought.

Finitevus suddenly groaned and sat up. "What happened? I had the strangest dream..."

Chloe-Su stared, then shook her head. "I'm not sure what happened," Chloe-Su responded, standing up and frowning considerably. All Finitevus did in response was yawn rudely.

Isaac raised an eyebrow, then shrugged. "What are these Fusion Shards even used for?" He asked, gesturing towards the crystal Chloe-Su had in her hand.

Chloe-Su shrugged, then pointed to Ion. "I don't know. But Ion knows, I think."

Isaac turned to Ion expectantly.

Finitevus abruptly interrupted and asked, "Wait, Fusion Shard?! That thing burnt my hand!"

Chloe-Su glanced at Finitevus' hand and saw it wasn't burnt at all. "You sure about that, Doc Finny?"

Finitevus ignored the "Doc Finny" part and replied, "Yes, I'm quite certain..." He looked down at his hand and let out a small cry. "It's not burnt!"

"That's because you have a connection to Chaos energy or something," Reens piped up. "If you didn't have that, then you'd have gotten seriously toasted. That's why I'm not even going near it; I don't want fried hedgehog."

Finitevus stood up slowly, wincing as he did so. Then he remarked, "We wouldn't want that, that's for sure. So I would have been Echidna toast without Chaos Energy, hm? Interesting... but my hand still hurts somehow..."

Isaac slowly inched backwards after hearing that the Fusion Shard could turn him into a fried hedgehog. His ear suddenly twitched. "Ooohhh, what now?" he groaned. A helicopter was approaching the skyscraper.

Ion breaks his silence. "Fusion Shards are used for many things, Usually as a power source... but it can also allow one user and another user to merge into one being... being able to think in sync and combine their own power to overcome major threats." Ion answered.

"If the Genesis Lord and Shadow Galaxia were able to do such a thing with the Fusion Shards, they would be unstoppable," Finitevus responded grimly.

"Guys, we got company," Isaac interrupted, pointing towards the approaching helicopter. He then turned to the albino echidna. "Hey, Finitevus. Can I see those spy glasses for a sec?" Isaac asked.

Finitevus willingly handed the spying scope over, but not without muttering a few curses under his breath.

Isaac peered through the spyscope, getting a closer view of the helicopter. He could tell there was a pilot because of movement in the cockpit. He moved down the copper towards the rear. Isaac noticed an odd symbol followed by the words "D'Era." The hedgehog handed the spyscope back to Finitevus. "The chopper belongs to D'Era Enterprises. It's not Shadow Galaxia."

"What's D'Era Enterprises?" Chloe-Su asked, a blank expression on her face. Finitevus slapped his hand on his forehead in frustration.

"What do you think it is?!" Finitevus exclaimed. "It's a company or something!"

"And that's supposed to answer my question how?" Chloe-Su asked in response. "In case you don't remember, 'Doc Finny', I'm not from this reality." Finitevus scowled in response.

"D'Era Enterprises is a architectural company. They design buildings, cars, bridges, all kinds of stuff," Isaac explained. "In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the skyscraper we are standing on is designed by D'Era."

"But why is the helicopter headed here?" Chloe-Su asked. "Business, perhaps?"

"I don't know..." Isaac said in almost a whisper.

The helicopter hovered aligned with the building. The passenger door slid open, revealing a purple hedgehog who Chloe-Su could recognize. "Well, this is certainty the last place to find people like you here," Trivia said.

"Trivia! What are you doing here?!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, who definitely did not expect to see the purple hedgehog at all.

Part 3

"Me? I'm here by the request of Mr. D'Era," Trivia answered. "My mission has been changed. But not that I'm complaining. I hate scouting missions." Ashton peaked nervously from behind Trivia. "It's the echidna girl again," he said. The Anti-Hecate glared at Ashton. "I know that, you baboon!" She scolded.

Chloe-Su chuckled at Trivia scolding Ashton. "Definitely birdy baboon!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, finding this amusing. "And D'Era sounds like a girl's name!"

Isaac gave Chloe-Su a disapproving glare.

Finitevus did so as well, his glare a little more fierce. "Miss Chloe-Su! What ever happened to manners?!" Finitevus exclaimed, irritated.

"As if you had any manners, 'Doc Finny'!" Chloe-Su responded, smirking. Finitevus muttered unpleasant things under his breath in response, scowling as he did so.

"Mr. D'Era is a respected individual," Finitevus replied, "and as such, you should have some respect."

Chloe-Su stopped chuckling and frowned, sticking her hands in her pockets as she did so.

"'Doc Finny,' eh?" Trivia snarked. "I like that name." Ashton tapped her on the shoulder. "Ms. Trivia? Shouldn't we do what Mr. D'Era requested?"

Finitevus blushed slightly at Trivia's comment about the nickname. "Well, I... um.." Finitevus couldn't find any words. Chloe-Su glared at the albino Echidna.

"What kind of request?" Chloe-Su asked Trivia. "Let me guess... that's classified, right?"

Trivia chuckled. "Not exactly. Considering what, or should I say, who, we are after, is standing right next to you."

"Who?" Chloe-Su and Finitevus asked unanimously. There were several people next to them, so neither knew who Trivia was talking about.

Trivia pointed at Finitevus. "Mr. D'Era requests you to join D'Era Enterprises. He said that you're knowledge may be useful for future designs," she explained.

"You may be pretty good with presentation," Finitevus spoke firmly, "but that's not going to change my current priorities. Besides, I prefer to... freestyle. And your flashy arrival won't do so either. Maybe another time."

Chloe-Su stomped on Finitevus' foot and whispered, "Don't provoke her!"

"However I'll consider the request," Finitevus continued, wincing from the pain in his foot. Then Finitevus gave a brief respectful bow to Trivia. "But for now..." Finitevus spoke slowly, a small grin forming on his face. Finitevus was about to continue when Chloe-Su stomped on his foot a second time.

Trivia frowned. "Oh. What a shame...I was hoping you would come with us right now." An evil grin grew on her face. "I can fix that," she hissed. The hedgehog snapped her fingers. Ashton took a dart gun from behind his back. He shot Finitevus with a three-inch dart that jabbed into his shoulder, injecting a knock-out chemical.

"Nice try, Miss Trivia," Finitevus spoke, pulling the dart out, "but my abilities allow me to be immune to such silly devices."

Chloe-Su was about to draw her sword, but Finitevus signaled not to.

Trivia's eyes widened. She then glared at Ashton. "You didn't tell me he was immune to tranquilizers!" She yelled. Ashton flinched. "D-Don't blame me! I-I d-didn't know," he squeaked. Trivia growled, trying her best to resist throwing him out of the helicopter.

"And despite the fact that it's impressive you would dare go up against me," Finitevus spoke, "it was foolish." Finitevus pulled out his own dart gun and hit both Trivia and Ashton with the darts. "And despite the fact this is a silly device... it has it's uses."

"Get us out of here!" Trivia yelled before her body went limp as she passed out. Ashton fell unconscious on top of Trivia. The passenger door slid shut and the helicopter sped away as fast as it could.

"HAH! Serves you right!" Isaac finally yelled.

"Too bad, really. I kind of liked her," murmured Finitevus, although Isaac and Chloe-Su probably heard.

Isaac's ear twitched. "Hmm," a wide grin spread across the hedgehog's face. "You like her, don't ya?"

Finitevus went completely red in the face but kept quiet. He knew from experience it was better to keep quiet about such subjects.

Chloe-Su also had a wide grin and whispered to Ion, "I think he does like her."

Isaac shrugged. "Anyway, we should look for the next Fusion Shard. There is more than one, right?" He asked.

Chloe-Su turned to Ion expectantly. "Well? Are there any more?"

Ion Nodded, with a frown. "Sadly, Yes. there are many across the multiverse. I have the only one that appeared in my world, but there are loads more to find. They would have to find them by going through genesis portals if they wanted to get to them. If one touches the fusion shard, however, they gain access to its power and no one else can access it once someone touches it." Ion answered and explained.

That was when Finitevus glanced at the Fusion Shard that was still in Chloe-Su's hand. "So then... when I touched the Fusion Shard it... I now have access to its power?" Finitevus took the Fusion Shard from Chloe-Su and examined it closely.

Isaac walked over to the edge and peered over. "Yikes. What a drop," he said.

Chloe-Su walked over to the edge as well and responded, "Yep, definitely a big drop." Chloe-Su then turned to Ion and asked Ion, "Any guesses where the next Fusion Shard might be?"

"Maybe I can get us down the same way I got up," Isaac pondered aloud. "But some of you will have to share a jet." His arms turned into water as he turned to the ground. "What do you guys say?"

"I can't say for sure. Again, It's across the multiverse. I will be able to feel If one is near and Inactive." Ion told her.

"Okay, that's good enough for me. I'll share a jet with you if you don't mind," Chloe-Su responded.

Finitevus was too busy examining his Fusion Shard to hear what the others were talking about. "Huh, what?" The albino Echidna asked blankly.

"I'm going to use the jets to get us back down," Isaac said.

"I will pass, I can teleport down to the ground and Regroup that way." Ion answered before warping back to the ground.

"Oh well. I still have you two," Isaac said. His legs transformed into water and one wrapped around both Chloe-Su and Dr. Finitevus while the other grabbed Reens (Who I just remembered was included in this RP because she hasn't submitted in a while XD). "Just a little heads up, this is going to be bumpy."

"Um..." Chloe-Su was uncomfortably squished up against Finitevus. "Anything new?"

"Except for being squashed up against an Echidna girl who hates me, no, nothing new!" Finitevus shouted angrily right in Chloe-Su's face.

Isaac jumped off the side of the building, latching onto the building and swinging his way down. "WHOO HOO!" Isaac yelled in glee. He was enjoying the wind blowing through his quills. As such, they were mobbing very fast as well.

"WHAAO!" Both Chloe-Su and Finitevus screamed loudly, then Chloe-Su exclaimed, "This is AWESOME!"

"Heck yea, it is!" Isaac screamed.

"WHOO HOO!" Chloe-Su shouted loudly. Finitevus was not impressed.

"Knuckles literally threw me off Angel Island once," Finitevus spoke. "This is nothing."

"IT'S STILL AWESOME!" Chloe-Su exclaimed loudly.

After a few minutes of swinging, they reached the ground. Isaac carefully placed the three on the ground and transformed back to his normal self. "How was the ride?" He asked.

"AWESOME!" Chloe-Su shouted, jumping in glee.

"Meh," was all Finitevus replied.

Isaac chuckled. "At least someone had fun," he smiled.

Chloe-Su then asked, "So what now?"

Isaac's smile faded. "Not sure," he admitted.

Ion smirked. "I have done insane rail courses that tops what you guys did." Ion bragged, Being a verbal Show Off.

Isaac rolled his eyes. then got an idea. "I think I might know someone who can help us."

"Who?" Chloe-Su asked.

Finitevus asked Ion, "You said whoever touches the Fusion Shard can manipulate its power, right? Since I touched it, does that mean I'm able to use it?"

"His name is Angus. He works at a bar not far from here," Isaac replied.

"Does he have bourbon?" Chloe-Su asked, suddenly wanting something to drink.

"Bourbon?" Isaac asked, then shook his head. "We'll see when we get there." He started walking, "This way!"

Chloe-Su grabbed Finitevus by the wrist and dragged him in the direction Isaac was headed. Then she looked back to Ion and Reens and asked, "Coming?"

"I guess, I'm not a Drinker to be honest." Ion told Chloe-Su. "As for my fusion shard, yes, technically you can use it." he said to Finitevus.

Isaac continued walking, glancing behind him every once and awhile.

"Interesting," Finitevus responded after Ion finished speaking. "Very interesting."

"The best part is that no one else can use it, like i mentioned before. It's power is exclusive to its user." Ion added.

"HEY! Are you guys coming?" Isaac yelled.

Finitevus glared at Isaac, then glanced at the Fusion Shard in his hand. He put it in his pocket for safekeeping. "That's good information, Ion," Finitevus spoke.

Isaac shrugged and kept walking.

"HEY!" Finitevus exclaimed, running after Isaac. "Don't leave us behind!"

Chloe-Su rolled her eyes at this and just kept walking.

Ion just followed behind.

"I swear, Finitevus is going to be the death of me," Chloe-Su muttered, although Ion probably heard.

After about 10-21 minutes of walking, the group arrived at the pub. Isaac causally barged through the door. People gave the group odd glances before going back to do what they were doing.

"Lots of booze," Chloe-Su remarked casually. "I'll take that," Chloe-Su continued, stealing someone else's bourbon that was left unattended.

Finitevus took one look around and felt puny. "Oh come on! It's not like somebody is going to get in a bar fight with you!" Finitevus thought as he walked through the bar.

Isaac waltzed over to the bartender, who was a mobian bear. "I'm looking for Angus," Isaac simply said. "What's it to you?" The bartender demanded. "I need information. Where is he?" Isaac demanded back. "Sorry. Angus isn't here," the bear replied. Isaac pulled a paper slip out of his pants pocket, whispering something into the bartender's ear. The bear nodded and took the slip. "Four doors down from the right," he said, returning to serving others.

Finitevus started feeling like the walls were closing in. If just one of the customers recognized him, things would get chaotic. "Have to act natural," Finitevus whispered to himself quietly so no one would hear.

Chloe-Su pretty much downed the glass of bourbon and asked Isaac, "So... who is this Angus guy?"

"Well, he is a condor, has the mouth of a sailor, and knows about a lot of stuff," Isaac replied. "That's really all I know. I've only been in his presence for a few minutes."

Finitevus interrupted and asked, "How long do we have to be here? I... sort of have a phobia of bars."

"Only until we get the information we need," Isaac said.

"Good," Finitevus responded. "I don't like it here very much... too much alcohol smell."

Chloe-Su whispered to Isaac, "People like him always nervous around bars."

The group reached the door the bartender had directed them too. Isaac opened the door and walked inside. A dart nearly impaled him in the eye. "HOLY-" Isaac yelled and stepped backwards. There were several other people in the room. One of them stared at Isaac, bewildered. He was a male fox with black fur and had a eye missing. "Whoops. Sorry, mate," he apologized. "Sorry!?" Isaac scowled.

Chloe-Su chuckled at this, finding that amusing.

Finitevus frowned, then suddenly felt very sick and asked, "Um... where's the bathroom?"

"Go past the bar. It'll be on you're right," another mobian replied to Finitevus.

"Thank you!" Finitevus replied, stumbling to the bathroom. Once he got there he emptied his stomach, coughing a lot. "Ugh... stupid panic attack..." After about ten minutes of this, Finitevus returned to where his colleagues were with Angus. 

"What did I miss?" Finitevus asked, still feeling sick, but not nearly as bad as before.

"Nothing," said a unfamiliar voice. Sitting at a lone table was a grey condor. Her wore a brown leather cowboy outfit. His beak was a ivory silver color, while his eyes were creamy orange. "What can I do for you, partner?" Angus asked the blue hedgehog.

"Do you know where we can find Fusion Shards?" Isaac asked.

Chloe-Su was half sure that Angus would not answer right away. But the other half of her said he might. Chloe-Su decided to wait.

"I don't know exactly." Ion said.

"Which is why we came here," Finitevus spoke, still frowning.

"Fusion Shards, eh?" The condor pondered for a moment. Isaac just realized Angus had a cigarette in his mouth. "I might know, but it'll cost ya," he said.

Both Finitevus and Chloe-Su wrinkled their noses at the smell of the cigarette smoke. But neither said a word of it to avoid offending Angus.

Angus chuckled. "What? Can't handle a little smoke?"

"Angus!" Isaac snapped.

Finitevus gave an uncomfortable laugh and responded, "We were hoping you wouldn't notice. We didn't want to offend you or anything."

Chloe-Su just muttered a few curses in response, crossing her arms and glaring at Finitevus as she did so.

"Ah. Right. The Fusion Shard location. Look, if you can hack up somethin' valuable, maybe I'll give ya a little information."

Isaac sighed and took a small, cloudy-white gem shard out of his pants pocket. "What about this?"

Angus took the shard from Isaac and examined it. "Hmm. It's a Aetherstone. And a good looking one at that."

Reens sighed, tapping her foot impatiently. She was tired of being left behind, and was slightly annoyed by the happenings. She sipped at a glass of water, too young for anything alcoholic. "So is that enough, or do we need something a little better?"

"Nah. It's good enough," Angus said, pocketing the item. "There is a Fusion Shard in the Primal Forest."

"So there is more than one here, I suppose?" Ion asked.

"Nah. I'm only aware that there is just one," Angus said. "Although, be warned. I heard that there is a mobian-eating monster out there."

"Gee, thanks for the horrific image of being eaten alive," Finitevus muttered under his breath, scowling.

"Reens, any ideas?" Chloe-Su asked the light blue Hedgehog girl.

Angus snickered. "You're welcome, Finitevus," he snarked, somehow knowing the echidna's name, which surprised Isaac.

"Am I supposed to know you?" Finitevus asked, glaring at the condor. The albino Echidna evidently did not recognize Angus. Angus seemed vaguely familiar, but Finitevus couldn't remember. "You look familiar, but..." Finitevus didn't finish.

"Nah. You don't know me. I only know you're name," Angus said. "Ya see, a green hedgehog with his pretty fox girlfriend came by here a year ago. The hedgehog mentioned ya," the condor gestured towards Finitevus. "He said he used to work with ya. The dude is a real trouble maker. He made Draven mad, then kicked the fox's sorry ass." Angus gestured towards the black fox, who covered the place where his eye used to be in shame.

"That must have been Scourge and Fiona Fox," Finitevus responded. "But I still can't shake the feeling I've met Angus before,"  Finitevus thought, frowning. "They definitely match that description. Especially Scourge. I remember him as being incredibly annoying when I worked with him," Finitevus continued. "Ugh. I'm surprised that the Destructix haven't turned on him yet."

"Ya got that right," Angus huffed. He was about to say something else before Draven interrupted. "He's the reason I have only one eye!" He spat. "You've managed to make it this far without you're left eye," Angus argued. "It took two months to heal," Draven yelled.

"GUYS!" Isaac shouted. The two mobians looked at the hedgehog. "Shut it!" They both scolded in unison. Isaac rolled his eyes and turned back to the door. "We have the info on where the Fusion Shard is. Let's get out of here," he said, walking out of the room.

Finitevus and Chloe-Su followed Isaac. Chloe-Su turned to Ion and Reens and asked, "You two coming?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming," Reens grumbled, handing her water glass to a waitress. "I'm starting to rethink coming along on this trip," she muttered under her breath.

Chloe-Su heard and responded, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said it that way. This must be very hard on you. Correction, it is. We shouldn't have dragged you into this, it's not fair to you or King or your grandparents." Chloe-Su realized that Reens hadn't been paid much attention to in the past couple of hours, and that she was irritated because of this. "And I'm sorry we've been treating you like crap lately."

Reens sighed and ran a hand through her quills. "I came of my own accord. It's nothing personal to any of you, it's just..." She sighed again. "I thought I could do this. Be the hero for once instead of just a lowly mechanic and knight-for-hire. Now... I'm just a lousy tag-along. If you want, I'll just go back home."

"You're not a lousy tag-along. It's our faults that you feel that way. Besides, when we reach Primal Forest, you'll get to kick some monster butt!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, putting her hand on Reens's shoulder. "When I was your age, I wanted to be a Guardian so badly. But I didn't get to be one... mom never let me. I want to see you do what I never could and that means reach your dreams, grasp them, and never let go."

Isaac smiled. He was glad that there was someone inspiring on the team.

"A-aw... Th-thanks," Reens replied, tearing up a bit. She smiled and hugged Chloe-Su for a few moments, then let go and adjusted her goggles. "Well, if we wanna stop them, we'd better get going now! Those Fusion Shards could be deadly in the wrong hands. If the Genesis Lord and Shadow Galaxia combined... it could mean destruction of the world..."

"Happy to help," Chloe-Su responded, tearing a bit also. She felt sisterly affection for the young Hedgehog and genuinely wanted to support her. "And you're right, we ought to get going." Then the violet female Echidna spied a glass of unattended bourbon on a table and snatched it. "I'll take that."

"You know that has germs on it, right?" Finitevus asked, sticking his tongue out in disgust.

Chloe-Su grabbed a wipe from her bag and cleaned the rim of the glass. "Satisfied?"

Finitevus shook his head and walked away. He doubted that any of the other team members were impressed.

Chloe-Su looked at the glass of bourbon, then set it down on a table carefully and followed the other team members out of the bar to Primal Forest.

"Let's go kick some monster butt!" Chloe-Su exclaimed to Reens.

Reens whooped and brandished her sword around a bit, grinning. "Finally! Something I can do! Let's kick some monster patootie! And afterwards we'll have cake and tea and I can show off my new designs and blah de blah." She pulled out a grenade and took out the pin with her teeth, throwing it up into the air, where it made a harmless display of fireworks. "Let's go!"

Part 4

The group made it to the entrance of Primal Forest. Isaac glanced at a sign, which had the words WARNING! Written on the front in red paint. Isaac walked past the sign and entered the forest. "Keep your guards up. The monster could be anywhere," he said.

Reens snuck up near Isaac, making sure to keep her sword by her side. "Let 'em come. I've been hankerin' some monster booty!" She grinned, squealing silently. She didn't know why her mood had improved so much. Was it just because of Chloe-Su or the random muffin she had eaten for breakfast?

(Random muffin? If Reens stole someone else's muffin, Chloe-Su set a bad example with the bourbon. Lol! - Julia Finitevus)

"Well, you are certainly in a good mood," Isaac said, forming a sphere of water and spinning it on his index finger.

"Yeah," Finitevus spoke as well. The albino Echidna may be cold hearted most of the time, but he knew when a person was in a good mood when he saw them. "Still no idiot monsters."

Chloe-Su glared at Finitevus, then asked Ion, "Do you sense anything nearby? My senses are relatively good, but not as good as yours." Two feet into the forest and Chloe-Su was already nervous, as though something bad was about to happen.

"Reens, do you see anything unusual about this forest?" Finitevus asked Reens quietly. Moments after they entered the forest Finitevus began to feel like he was being watched. And to him, that was never a good feeling.

"Uh-huh, yeah," Reens replied, calming down for a minute. "Must be the Forest Guardians or something. They're relatively harmless to us, as long as we don't do anything to tick them off, like pushing down trees or picking flowers or accidentally stepping on a squirrel." She cocked her head. "Other than that I don't feel anything unusual."

"Oh," Finitevus responded, barely missing stepping on a squirrel. "Don't worry, Forest Guardians," Finitevus called, laughing weakly. "I didn't step on any squirrels." The squirrel he almost stepped on chattered, irritated but unharmed.

Chloe-Su glared at Finitevus and said, "Don't make me come over there and punch you, 'Doc Finny!'" Chloe-Su hoped that the Forest Guardians heard what she said, would be amused at the nickname, and leave the team alone. A vague hope indeed. "Such a clumsy Echidna, not watching where he's going," she continued a bit lamely. Chloe-Su slapped her hand on her forehead. She was terrible when it came to acting.

"Isaac, I think our friend here needs coffee," Finitevus remarked, finding this amusing. "She sounds like a sleepy person trying to read a terribly written script."

"As if you could do better, 'Doc Evil Von Creepy,'" Chloe-Su responded. This was too much for Finitevus. She touched a nerve with that one.

"SHUT UP!" Finitevus shrieked, pushing Chloe-Su into a tree and holding her there. "I have had enough reminders of the old reality ALREADY! I don't need you to be constant reminder of MY FAILURE!"

Finitevus suddenly backed away from Chloe-Su, ashamed of his outburst. Chloe-Su stared at the albino Echidna, then glanced at the tree. The tree was fine and suffered no damage. But the Forest Guardians were probably pretty upset to have the forest disturbed in any way.

"You do realize you may have gotten the Forest Guardians upset, right?" Chloe-Su asked Finitevus.

Finitevus didn't even look up, let alone respond. He was sure that the rest of the team was surprised by the outburst of anger.

Chloe-Su, nervous, walked over to where Reens was.

Isaac shrugged, though he didn't like his friends fighting each other. He decided to stay out of it and continued to follow the trail. He then stopped abruptly. "This isn't a normal trail," the hedgehog pondered aloud. He noticed the path was littered with large, three clawed footprints. The marks were erratic, as if the beast that made them was dazed and couldn't walk straight. The next thing Isaac noticed was that there were toppled trees covering the ground. "The monster has been here," he concluded.

"And here I was hoping I wouldn't be eaten alive," Finitevus responded quietly.

"Ready, Reens?" Chloe-Su asked the light blue Hedgehog girl.

"Doesn't mean that the monster is still here," Isaac paused for a moment. "Maybe."

"Maybe!" Finitevus spat sarcastically. 

Chloe-Su shook her head at that, evidently not impressed with Finitevus. She doubted that Reens, Ion, and Isaac were impressed with Finitevus' sarcasm either.

"Reens, Ion, what do you think?" Chloe-Su asked, ignoring Finitevus now.

Reens bent down to the tracks and sniffed them, running a finger through a track and licking it. "Oh, Chaos. The Forest Guardians won't be pleased. I've read a bunch of folklore about this beastie, but I don't remember the name of it. All I know is that it's usually docile, unless it sees something as a threat. Evidently it was in a minor battle before and was wounded, hence the irregular tracks."

"Poor guy," Chloe-Su murmured. She now felt sorry for the creature. "Wait... if it's hurt, that means someone else is here!" Chloe-Su went even further and said, "Aw, Chaos! What if one of Shadow Galaxia's soldiers attacked him?! They could be here right now, looking for the Fusion Shard." Chloe-Su then shook her head. She must not jump to conclusions.

"Maybe," Isaac pondered. "But I sense weak energy signals. They are not Shadowian energy readings. These ones are too stable to be Shadowians. Maybe from the Fusion Shards?" He put his gloved hand on the ground. "It seems...mentally sick," the hedgehog muttered. A loud, pained roar could be heard in the distance.

"That must be the poor creature," Chloe-Su said. "I could probably heal him with my powers, but we'll have to be quick..."

"I know we shouldn't be going towards a potentially dangerous monster, but hey," Isaac shrugged. "We don't follow the rules." He ran off in the direction of the roar.

Chloe-Su followed the Hedgehog, jumping over several tree roots along the way.

Isaac entered a clearing. Standing in the middle of the clearing was a large, wingless dragon. It's scales were a bronze with a tint of gold mixed in. It had large horns, red eyes, and two tusk-like fangs sticking out of it's lower jaw. Gold spines ran along the dragon's neck to the tip of it's tail. The creature rubbed it's head against the tree.

Finitevus lagged behind the other members, not sure what to do.

"Hey, hey," Chloe-Su said to the creature softly. "You okay, big fella?"

The dragon looked at Chloe-Su for a second before roaring and slamming it's head onto the tree.

"Something's wrong with it..." Isaac said.

"It's okay..." Chloe-Su continued softly, inching closer to the dragon. "I only want to help you..."

Meanwhile, Finitevus whispered to Reens, "Miss Chloe-Su seems to be a bit... suicidal."

The creature groaned, hitting it's head against the tree again.

"The servers are the Seven Chaos," Chloe-Su started chanting, healing green and black Chaos Energy touching the creature. "Chaos is power, enriched by the heart. The server exists to unify the Chaos."

The dragon roared, snapping at Chloe-Su with it's giant jaws.

Chloe-Su dodged the attack and finished the Chant with, "Chaos Control!" But it did nothing to help the dragon.

The creature tossed it's head around and started clawing at it's eye. Isaac narrowed his own, noticing something shiny buried in between the scales above it's eyes. "Chloe-Su!" He shouted. "There is something lodged in the scales above it's left eye!"

Ion Appeared From Behind the beast and punched it's head with a Nuclear Infused Punch. "Sorry I'm late, I Was remembering some negative thoughts. I'm alright now." Ion Yelled.

"It could be a Fusion Shard!" Reens yelled, running behind the dragon. "Keep him steady so I can climb up onto him! The poor thing's just really scared!"

"Good to see you Ion! We could really use your help!" Chloe-Su exclaimed. "Finitevus! Use your powers to hold the dragon steady so Reens can get on him! Hurry!"

Finitevus listened without a word and the dragon was restrained. Chloe-Su helped restrain the dragon as well using her powers.

"Ion! Hold the dragon's head steady!" Finitevus called to the grey Hedgehog.

Reens moved quickly towards the dragon's tail, taking care not to step on the spines. "Okay, just keep him there," she called as she climbed, reaching towards his head.

The dragon remained steady, but Chloe-Su was sure the creature was not too happy.

"Okay, buddy, let me just grab this..." Reens tried to soothe the dragon as she grabbed hold of the object and pulled hard. "I've almost got it!" However, she pulled so hard that when it came out in her hand, she started to fall backwards. "Whoa!"

"Reens!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, running towards her friend.

Reens fell to the ground, holding the object in her robotic hand. She sat up, dazed. "Did anybody get the licence plate of that truck?" She shook her head and looked up at Chloe-Su. "Well, at least I got it." She looked at the dragon and smiled at it. "You must be feeling so much better now, huh sweetie? Without this little thing in your eye."

The creature groaned, tilting it's head to look at Reens.

"Truck?" Chloe-Su asked. Then the Echidna girl shook her head. "Since you touched the Fusion Shard, it's power is now only accessible by you." But then Chloe-Su realized that the dragon, in reality, was the first one to touch it. "But the dragon touched the shard first... so really only the dragon can access it," Chloe-Su finished sheepishly. "Assuming that the object is the Fusion Shard..."

"Technically, the Desert Myrk touched the Fusion Shard first. But look," Isaac said, pointing to the gem in Reens' hand, "it's glowing."

"Well, it's power is only accessible by Reens now," Chloe-Su responded, "since it's glowing."

"We don't know that for sure," Finitevus spoke. 

"Oh? And what makes you the Fusion Shard expert?!" Chloe-Su snapped.

"You and I know virtually nothing about these Fusion Shards, Miss Chloe-Su!" Finitevus snapped right back.

"Why I ought to-!" Chloe-Su was interrupted by Finitevus shouting, "Shut up! I'm sick and tired of you, stupid foolish child!"

"Hey! Both of you just cool off!" Reens interrupted, shooting a stream of water in order to keep the two apart. "I don't know why it's glowing but fighting about it isn't going to help anyone! Especially when we have a time limit! Now you two had better get along or Chaos help me I will do something drastic!"

That shut both Finitevus and Chloe-Su up. Reens meant what she said and neither Echidna wanted to know what she would do. But Chloe-Su continued to glare at Finitevus, just as Finitevus glared right back.

Finitevus suddenly felt the Fusion Shard in his pocket grow warm and he collapsed, experiencing another vision.


"Finitevus?" a voice asked.

Finitevus turned to see Lara-Su, Chloe-Su's mother.

"'Su?" Finitevus asked, astonished. "Lara-Su, what are you doing here?"


"Again?!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, hovering over Finitevus.


"It's time to come home," Lara-Su spoke.

"Home? I'm a failure to my people. There is no 'coming home'," Finitevus responded sadly. Lara-Su stepped closer and said, "That's where you're wrong."


"Hey, wake up!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, slapping Finitevus in the face. The albino Echidna didn't even stir. Chloe-Su turned to the other team members and asked, "Any ideas?"

"Just let him be," Reens said, lowering her arms. "He's having another vision." Under her breath she added, "I just hope I don't start doing the same thing..."

"Okay," Chloe-Su replied, worried.


"I failed my people, Lara-Su. My parents are dead, you hate me for what I did to you, and-" Finitevus didn't finish.

"I don't hate you. Not anymore. You need to come back," Lara-Su replied simply.

"You're not real. None of this is!"


Finitevus sat up, groaning.

"About time, 'Doc Finny'. Have a good nap?" Chloe-Su asked sarcastically.

Finitevus didn't respond.

"We should get going," Chloe-Su spoke. "We've wasted enough time already."

"N-no... have to go back..." Finitevus said, standing up, trembling. For some reason he felt incredibly weak now, and leaned on a tree for support.

"Go back where?" Chloe-Su asked, confused. "What happened in your vision?"

"What's i-it to y-you?" Finitevus shot back. It sounded very much like another argument was about to start.

"What's it to ME?!" Chloe-Su shouted right in Finitevus' face. "You're not going anywhere until you tell me what that vision was!!"

(Yep, another argument. - Julia Finitevus)

"Your mother would be ashamed of you, running away from being a Guardian like a coward!" Finitevus shouted right back.

"My mother never let me be a Guardian, Finitevus! That's why I'm not guarding any bloody Master Emerald! Because she never let me!" Chloe-Su practically screamed at Finitevus, scaring away several birds and squirrels.

"Um, guys..." Reens said timidly, hearing rumbling in the distance. "Maybe you shouldn't be yelling at each other right now? I think something's just woken up..."

"Sons of Dimitri," Chloe-Su and Finitevus muttered at the same time.

"We gotta get out of here," Chloe-Su replied to Reens. Then she turned to Isaac and asked, "Where's that trail we were on earlier?"

"Not far. This way!" Isaac said, starting to jog down the the trail.

"Let's go!" Chloe-Su exclaimed to Reens and Ion, while she supported Finitevus, who still felt weak, on one shoulder and followed Isaac.

"Yeah, Right behind ya!" Ion said.

After a few minutes of walking, the ground shook again. "What is causing these tremors?" Isaac asked himself.

"Probably that monster Angus mentioned. And something tells me that the dragon doesn't live here, so it can't be the monster," Chloe-Su responded. "At least... I don't think so. I'm not sure."

Finitevus only huffed in reply.

"It's a Desert Myrk. Myrk is the hedgedragon term for 'wingless,'" Isaac explained. He suddenly stopped in his tracks. The quakes grew louder. The hedgehog slowly turned around. "Oh Chaos," he whispered. "Finitevus, don't move..."

Finitevus and Chloe-Su listened and stayed as still as statues. Usually when someone says that, that means one should listen and stay still.

"Oh no... not another panic attack," Finitevus thought.

A very large, very ugly head parted between the trees. The thing's face looked like a combination of a wolf and a pig. The monster's skin was a sick greenish color, while it's eyes glow a sandy yellow. But the worst part wasn't how it looked. It was how the thing smelled.

Isaac gagged and covered his nose. He had never smelt anything so disgusting in his life. And that was saying a lot.

The stench hit Finitevus' nose and the Echidna threw up. The smell was that bad.

"Aw, Chaos... Finitevus.." Chloe-Su scolded quietly. But the deed was done.

ion held his nose, trying not to smell it. "Holy... That stinks!"

"Ugh! I agree. Oh, Aurora, that's so bad... no wonder people don't come here!" Chloe-Su exclaimed. She doubted Reens found the smell appealing either.

"Oh, Chaos above that stinks!" Reens gargled as she held her nose. "No wonder they do that during mating season."

The creature noticed the group and gave a low growl. It didn't like trespassers in it's territory.

"Does anyone here speak disgusting smelly monster? Because... he's staring at us and not in a good way," Finitevus whispered to the group.

Reens grinned sheepishly. "I might've looked up some Myrk terminology with my wireless database before we left," she said with a sheepish shrug. "I don't know many words, but I can at least try to figure out what he wants. Unless anyone else wants to try?"

Both Chloe-Su and Finitevus shook their heads in reply. Neither knew even one word of the language.

"I don't know a single word of Myrk," Finitevus spoke quietly.

"Alright, but I'm going with you," Chloe-Su replied to Reens.

Isaac kept quiet. He did know how to speak Myrk, but he was going to wait and see what happened.

The Forest Myrk looked at Reens, it's yellow eyes having a intelligent gleam to them. "Explain yourself," they seemed to say.

Chloe-Su waited quietly. The chances of this succeeding were low indeed.

Clearing her throat, Reens began. She told the Myrk about their mission and why they were in the forest, who they were, and why they needed the Fusion Shard. She also asked it what it was doing there and why. To everyone except Issac, it sounded like unintelligible mumbling.

Finitevus turned and whispered very, very quietly to Isaac, "What is she doing? It sounds like mumbling."

"She's speaking Myrk. It's suppose to sound like that," Isaac whispered back.

The creature began mumbling in the same language. "I've awoken from a ten year sleep. I'm very grouchy," it said. Though, only Reens and Isaac understood what it was saying.

Chloe-Su tilted her head slightly in confusion, but said nothing.

Reens nodded. "I'm sorry if we woke you, o great one. There was another of your kind with this Fusion Shard embedded in its eye, and I think that's what may have woken you up. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you'd like, we'll leave quietly so you can go back to sleep," she mumbled back.

"Ah. You must mean Inik," the Forest Myrk, whose name is Caesin, said. He tilted his head towards the direction from whence the group had come. "He has wondered a great distance in his daze," Caesin looked back at the hedgehog, who was a ant compared to him. "You may leave this forest in peace," the Forest Myrk said. A loud roar could be heard in the distance. A small smile seemed to grow on Caesin's face. "Inik wants me to tell you that he said thank you," the Myrk turned and walked off, causing small tremors in his wake.

"Well, I'll be..." Finitevus said, impressed.

Chloe-Su gave Reens a hug and exclaimed, "That was awesome!" She then released the young Hedgehog girl and said to the group, "We should probably get going now..."

Isaac nodded and continued down the trail.

Reens waved, mumbled a "You're Welcome!", then followed the group. "I honestly was scared I wouldn't translate it right, you know? Poor things, always being interrupted."

"Well, we survived," Finitevus responded. "Onto the next Fusion Shard!"

"Really, Finitevus?" Chloe-Su asked, ruining the albino Echidna's dramatic moment. Finitevus cursed some, scowled, and crossed his arms as a reply.

Part 5

Chloe-Su asked the group, "Anyone here have any ideas on the location of the next Fusion Shard? Or at least of someone who does?"

"I would think the shards would be attracted to each other like magnets are," Reens thought out loud. "Maybe the shards we have can lead us to where the next one is."

"Hm," Finitevus responded. "That actually makes a lot of sense. Impressive."

"I agree with Finitevus. If these Fusion Shards are anything like the Chaos Emeralds, it would be that they react with each other," Isaac said.

"Well, we can test it out right now. We have three Fusion Shards: Ion's Fusion Shard, Reens's Shard, and Finitevus' Shard," Chloe-Su replied. "If the test succeeds, finding the rest of the Fusion Shards will be easy."

"I wouldn't say that," Isaac said. "There is always a catch," the hedgehog paused. "Well, that what I experience anyway."

"I didn't mean easy as in getting there. I meant easy to get a general location. Besides, you're right, there's probably a catch," Chloe-Su replied. "I've had catches in things like this many times. Even with my own abilities."

Finitevus didn't say a word. His mind was too busy thinking about other things.

Isaac shrugged. "Until we can find out where the next Fusion Shard is, we might as well find a hotel to stay in," he said. The sun was just setting over the horizon. The group's adventure in Primal Forest took quite awhile.

"Huh, what?" Finitevus asked blankly. The Echidna wasn't paying much attention.

"Isaac said we should find a hotel," Chloe-Su replied. "Hopefully one without bedbugs. Although... maybe they'll bite you instead, Finitevus."

Finitevus glared at Chloe-Su for that one. He did not find that joke funny at all.

Isaac snickered. He did find it a little funny. Though, he never had been bitten by bedbugs. "I think I know a place where we can stay. It's not far from here. Follow me," he said, starting to walk away.

Chloe-Su grabbed Finitevus by the wrist and started dragging him in the direction Isaac was headed. "Well, we gotta get going. What you did back there Reens was pretty impressive. Actually, I should say it was amazing!" Chloe-Su turned to Ion and said, "And thanks for showing up when you did. We needed some help back there and you helped a lot." Chloe-Su then started walking again, this time Finitevus following willingly.

The sun could barely be seen when he group arrived at the hotel. "Chloe-Su, Finitevus. Are you two going to share a room?" Isaac asked. "Same for Ion and Reens."

Finitevus took one look at Chloe-Su and said, "I think Chloe-Su would try to kill me in the middle of the night if we stayed in the same hotel room."

Chloe-Su just shrugged. She decided to remain somewhat neutral on this, despite the fact that she didn't want to share a room with Finitevus. "Reens, Ion, what do you say?" Chloe-Su asked.

"Then I guess you're sleeping with me then, Finitevus," Isaac said. The hedgehog then thought for a moment. "Please don't take that the wrong way," Isaac sputtered. He then walked up to the counter to get everyone checked in.

Finitevus said nothing, but he did frown. 

"Have a nice sleepover, 'Doc Finny!'" Chloe-Su teased.

"Aurora, spare me from shouting at anyone right now..." Finitevus muttered under his breath.

Isaac got everyone checked in and handed them their room keys. The group's rooms were on the third floor. Reens and Chloe-Su shared room 154, while Ion was bunking with Isaac and Finitevus in room 152. "So, our adventure today. How was it like?" Isaac asked when they exited the elevator on the third floor. He wasn't asking anyone in particular, but was wanting at least one person to answer.

"It was pretty awesome!" Chloe-Su exclaimed.

"It was suicidal," was all Finitevus replied.

"Eh, two out of four, I'll take it," Isaac huffed. He passed a Mobian scorpion, who gave a the group a sceptical look. His expression changed to surprise when he saw Finitevus. The scorpion stared at the echidna for a few seconds before quickly walking away.

Ion was following the group quite silent, trying to hear for anything that's sketchy and unnatural. Like A plot or anything evil. He has yet to hear one oddly. He does not usually stay quiet, which may concern the group.

Chloe-Su noticed and asked worriedly, "You okay, Ion? You've been very quiet lately. Is something wrong?" Chloe-Su then turned to the other group members and said, "I think something is wrong... Ion usually isn't so quiet."

"He's just on his guard, as am I," Reens replied in a hushed tone. "With all we went through in Primal Forest, there might be some shady stuff just waiting to happen in this hotel. Hence why I decided not to speak up until now."

"Now that I think about it," Chloe-Su whispered back, "did you see the way that scorpion stared at Finitevus? I shrugged it off as him never seeing an albino Echidna before, but now I'm not so sure."

"I am sensing some energy here in this building, Something is up, There are different energies and all of them are causing my Fusion Shard to Glow, Once it glew Red! Meaning... someone has a fusion shard, but is using it for evil purposes..." Ion said quite skeptical. "Some one must have a Fusion Shard."

"One here, too?!" Finitevus exclaimed, irritated. "Remind me to buy ear plugs!!"

Chloe-Su glared at Finitevus. "You can't use earplugs! You know that!" Chloe-Su shook her head and continued. "Anyway, we have to find that Fusion Shard right away. Ion, do you think the glow may become brighter if we get closer to that Fusion Shard?"

"You mean like the game 'Hot and Cold'?" Finitevus asked. "Except with the Fusion Shard?"

Ion Nodded. "It works similar to how the chaos emeralds works when one is close to another, except the fusion shard can detect good and evil within other users of a Fusion Shard."

"If we can use that to our advantage," Chloe-Su spoke, "we can find that other Fusion Shard." Chloe-Su then turned to the other members and asked, "You ready for some nighttime butt-kicking?"

Isaac smirked. "I'm in," he said. He suddenly froze, his ear twitching. He could hear voices. Unfamiliar ones. "Are you sure it's him?" One of the voices said. "Yes, I'm sure. Do you know any other albino echidnas?" The second voice argued. "No. we better go tell the others," the first voice said. Isaac then heard footsteps heading towards the elevator.

"What was that?!" Finitevus exclaimed.

"Shut up!" Chloe-Su snapped. Then she paused and said, "I knew that scorpion was trouble."

"Should we go after him?" Isaac asked. This wasn't the first time the 'leader' of their little group asked what to do.

"Heck yeah!" Finitevus exclaimed. "I don't want to end up a skin on a wall. Especially a wall belonging to a stupid scorpion!"

"Finitevus!" Chloe-Su snapped again. "Quiet, someone might hear."

Without a word, Isaac dashed off in pursuit of the scorpion.

"Isaac, wait!" Chloe-Su called, trying to be quiet but be loud enough for Isaac to hear. "Wait up!" Chloe-Su motioned for the other members of the team to follow.

Isaac made it in time just to see the elevator door shut. The hedgehog muttered a curse under his breath and started counting.

Finitevus was about to say something to Isaac, but Chloe-Su stomped on his foot. Isaac was counting and needed to focus. The albino Echidna glared at Chloe-Su, but said nothing.

Isaac stopped counting and turned to the others. "They went to the lobby," he said, pushing the down button. The elevator opened and the group stepped inside.

"Finitevus, do you still have that dart gun on you?" Chloe-Su asked, as she looked around the elevator.

"Yes. Why?" A smirk then grew on Finitevus' face. "I see what you mean," he replied, pulling out the dart gun.

A deep rumble came from outside. A thunderstorm was approaching the area.

"Greaat," Finitevus remarked sarcastically. "A thunderstorm. The Echidna scowled and continued, "That's the last thing we need right now."

Chloe-Su glared at Finitevus and replied, "You complain about the most trivial things!"

"I like water," Isaac said. "But not so much lightning."

Chloe-Su then replied, "Probably because water conducts electricity very well. Basically, since you use Hydrokinesis, also known as Aquakinesis, you'd be Hedgehog toast if you were hit by lightning. Literally."

The elevator came to an abrupt stop and the doors opened, revealing the lobby.

"Well... that was fast," was all Finitevus said. Finitevus turned to Reens and asked, "You see anything? I sure don't!"

Chloe-Su rolled her eyes and said to Isaac, "So far I don't see that scorpion. What about you?"

Isaac stepped out of the elevator, his ears facing forward. "I can hear things others can't," he said. He listened for the scorpion's voice. "This way. The others should be in this alleyway," the scorpion's voice said. Isaac's suddenly dashed out of the hotel.

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"Aw, Chaos! Not again!" Chloe-Su turned to Finitevus and said, "Stay here with Reens and Ion! I'm going to follow Isaac!" Chloe-Su then took off after the Hedgehog, before any of them could say anything.

"Isaac!" Chloe-Su called. "Wait!"

Isaac skidded to a stop before an entrance to an alleyway. The hedgehog peeked around the corner. Standing in the shadows were a group of five mobians. Three scorpions, a centipede, and a golden orbweb spider. Two of the scorpions were male, and by the looks of it, were brothers. The last scorpion was female, so was the spider, while the centipede was male.

It started lightly raining, though nobody immediately noticed.

"Who the heck are those people?" Isaac whispered to Chloe-Su.

(... -Xoph-)

The rain became slightly heavier. Lightning crackled from within the clouds.

"I have no idea," Chloe-Su replied quietly. The rain was feeling very cold on her fur and she shivered.

Meanwhile, back in the lobby, Finitevus was busy ranting in front of Reens and Ion.

"Why did she just take off with NO warning?!" Finitevus shouted, irritated.


Isaac didn't seemed affected by he rain. He was paying attention to what the thugs were saying. "Finitevus is here?" The female scorpion asked. "Yea. I saw him with three hedgehogs and an echidna," one of the brothers said. The female scorpion crossed her arms. "So the old sobb has friends..." she muttered.

Chloe-Su was also listening to what the scorpion's group was saying.

(Old sobb? Ouch. Poor Finitevus! Or should I say, "Doc Finny?" Lol.  :) - Julia Finitevus)


"Oh for crying out loud Flint, Do you always complain?!" Ion scolded Him

"She took off! With nobody to help her! What am I supposed to do?!" Finitevus shouted. Some of the guests in the lobby exited the hotel, not impressed.

"Stupid, foolish child!!" Finitevus continued to rant, not noticing this. "More like an idiot at that!"

"Enough!" Reens growled lowly, her quills bristling with anger. "I'm so sick and tired of you fighting with everyone, Dr. Finitevus." Except with me, for some reason I don't understand. "We're all just trying to do what is best with our new world, and all you've done since you've came with us is whine and complain! If you don't get your damn act together and act like the man you're supposed to be, then where does that leave us?!?" She walked up to him and pointed a finger on his chest. "Understand me now, Doc?"

Finitevus looked at Reens and felt angry at himself for his own stupidity. "A-alright... I can't make a-any promises, but I'll do my best t-to get my act together," Finitevus replied nervously. The albino Echidna started to tremble slightly. He honestly wasn't expecting that outburst from Reens. "I-I'm sorry for acting like an i-idiot, too," Finitevus finished quietly.

Reens' quills fell back down to normal, and her face fell as well. "We all act like idiots sometimes," she said with a sad smile. "But that's why we're a team, right?" She went over to Finitevus and hugged him gently. "I'm sorry if I hurt you, Doc. I'm just trying to make things right, you know?"

Finitevus hugged Reens back after a second or two and replied, "I can understand why you were upset. And quite frankly, it was probably for the best you got mad at me anyway. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have listened. I can be that stubborn. And it's why we are a team."

Finitevus then released the young Hedgehog girl and exclaimed, "What are we waiting for? Let's go kick some scorpion behind!"

Suddenly Finitevus felt a hand on his shoulder and heard a feminine voice asking, "Excuse me. Do you know where I can find Dr. Finitevus?"

The albino Echidna turned to see a young Echidna girl with red fur and green eyes standing behind him. "Wait a second!" The Echidna girl exclaimed, her green eyes lighting up. "Grandpa?"

"Grandpa?!?" Finitevus repeated, confused.

Ion Grumbled. "How many of you "Old Timeline-ers" are there? Please don't tell me there are Freedom Fighters there too." Ion said irritated

"Okay, I won't tell," the Echidna girl replied to Ion. "Anyway, I'm Jayda-Su."


Back with Isaac and Chloe-Su, they were both still keeping themselves hidden. Isaac was thinking about charging, but two against five? Not a good idea. The hedgehog's ears were facing forward, trying to pick up the conversation. His hand was twitching. He was impatient. Very impatient.

"Isaac... whatever you do... don't attack them..." Chloe-Su whispered. "Not yet..."

Isaac nodded warily, his eyelids twitching.

"What are we doing just standing around? We should get him," the centipede said. The female scorpion, who seemed to be the leader of the group, shook her head. She wore some kind of metal gas mask. "We can't. Finitevus' friends will get in our way." "Then what do we do about them?" One of the scorpion brothers said. The other punched his brother in the shoulder. "Isn't it obvious?" He said, drawing an index finger across his neck.

Chloe-Su almost gasped, but covered her mouth.

The orbweb huffed and looked in the direction of the alleyway entrance.

Isaac backed farther behind the wall, pushing Chloe-Su back with him.

Chloe-Su suddenly felt the urge to sneeze. "Oh no... Aurora, don't let me sneeze..." Chloe-Su prayed to Aurora, the Echidna goddess. She knew that even a muffled sneeze would catch the scorpion's group's attention.

"We've got to do something," Chloe-Su whispered to Isaac.

"Could we get the others? Five on five seems more fair then two on five," Isaac whispered back.

"Yeah. Let's go," Chloe-Su responded quietly.

Isaac nodded and slowly started towards the hotel. He then realized something that would give away their position; the water. Puddles of rainwater had formed in the duo's path. If they stepped in them, it's possible that the splat sound would draw the thug group's attention. Isaac closed his eyes and willed the water to be quiet. The hedgehog had never tried this before, but it was either now or never.

"The water," Chloe-Su whispered as she stepped in a puddle without a sound. "It's not making any noise."

"I told it to stay quiet. Now, hurry. I can't hold this forever," Isaac said, starting to, quickly but quietly, going back to the hotel.

Chloe-Su followed right behind Isaac as they made their way to the hotel.

When they arrived back at the hotel lobby, Isaac was the first to say something. "Guys, we have a thug problem."

"And we have a weird girl problem," Finitevus replied, pointing at Jayda-Su. 

The red Echidna girl saw Isaac and said, "Hi, I'm Jayda-Su. You say there's a thug problem?"

"Jayda-Su? You have the same two letter suffix as I do!" Chloe-Su exclaimed. Then she shook her head and continued, "Yes, there's a thug problem."

"Let me guess..." Finitevus spoke, "that scorpion is a part of the thug problem."

"Yea. Those thugs want you for some reason," Isaac said, pointing to Finitevus.

"Hm. I don't recall ever meeting any scorpions in my lifetime... could you give me a short description of the members?" Finitevus asked. "I might recognize one of them..."

"Ok. There was a female scorpion. Her scales were a deep crimson and she wore this metal gas mask looking thing on her muzzle," Isaac said. "Two scorpions, and by the looks of it, were twins, both with purple scales and red eyes." The hedgehog took a deep breath. "Then there was a centipede who looked very bored to be there, and finally a pretty looking golden orbweb." Isaac huffed. "Man, that took a lot of air..."

"I recognize the centipede. I remember having one as my assistant before I became... this." Finitevus gestured to his body, evidently indicating that his condition was not natural. "He was always bored and slept on the job. One time I found him sleeping with his face in my coffee mug when he was supposed to be helping me with the Chaos Syphon suit."

Isaac snickered a little at this. "Anyway, there going to kill the rest of us, and we better find out why."

"Good point," Chloe-Su said. "But quick question... who is Jayda-Su exactly?"

"I came from... far away to undo some of the damage the Genesis Wave did. Apparently I didn't get here fast enough," Jayda-Su replied vaguely.

What's the deal about this Genesis Wave? Isaac thought. He then shook his head and turned to Jayda-Su. "We could use some help right now. You see, Finitevus here is being targeted by thugs for a reason we don't know of. We'd appreciate it if you helped, but we're not going to force you too help. It's you're choice," the hedgehog gave a friendly smile.

"Why wouldn't I help my future grandfather?" Jayda-Su asked putting her arm around Finitevus's arm. "Of course I'm helping!"

"I still don't understand why you think I'm your grandfather," Finitevus spoke. That's when he first noticed the the female Echidna had ears. Strange.

"Probably better you don't know," Jayda-Su responded. One ear twitched slightly.

"Great!" Isaac exclaimed. "Now we better think of a plan before those thugs notice we've been spying on th-" he suddenly let out a blood-curling scream and fell to the floor. "Too late. We already have." One of the scorpion brothers was standing over Isaac's limp body. He gave the group a cold smile.

"NO!" Chloe-Su drew her sword and stabbed the scorpion. "You Chaos damned bloody beast!"

Finitevus attacked with a Thunder Arrow, hitting the scorpion right in the chest.

"Ouch," was the scorpion's only reply. He kicked Chloe-Su in the stomach and pulled her sword out of his chest and tossed it away. "Cool you're jets. The hedgehog isn't dead," he paused. "Yet."

Chloe-Su used her powers and brought the sword back into her hand. "I'm going to kill you anyway," Chloe-Su spoke, anger rising. Suddenly a Chaos Beam came from her hands, hitting the scorpion and sending him flying into a wall. Chloe-Su began to draw power from the Chaos Emerald Shard she had and transformed into Onyx Chloe-Su. "And when I do... I'll sell your scales for a good price..."

Her attack caused a commotion in the lobby, people started yelling and screaming, running and bumping into each other. Most were trying to get out, some were trying to get a good view of the unfolding fight. All were confused and scared.

"Chloe-Su!" Finitevus called, "Don't do this! We only want to stop them, not kill them!"

The scorpion cringed and lifted himself off the wall. "Having a bit of trouble there, Nicky?" A female voice said. The female scorpion entered the lobby along with the rest of the thugs.

"A challenge?" Chloe-Su asked darkly. "Hmph! You're not worthy adversaries!" Chloe-Su threw a Chaos Spear at the scorpion, just as Finitevus came up to the female Echidna and exclaimed, "Chloe-Su, listen to reason!"

"You know..." Chloe-Su started. "I wonder what happens if I try to take your Cores... only Enerjak has done it..."

Suddenly a whip wrapped around Chloe-Su's wrist.

"Sorry M- er, Chloe-Su, but nobody is dying today!" Jayda-Su exclaimed, who was the owner of the whip.

Thunder crackled loudly from outside.

The female scorpion, whose name is Courtny, smirked, though it couldn't be seen. "We don't want any trouble. Just hand over the albino echidna and we will be on our way," she said. One of the scorpion brothers, Nicky, the one who had attacked Isaac and had a scar on his muzzle below his right eye, frowned. "I thought we were going to kill them," he said, sounding disappointed. "What the hell are Cores?" His brother, Ricky, asked.

"Cores are the lifeforce of a being," Chloe-Su replied. "And when I subdue you... every single one of your Cores will be taken."

Finitevus finally said shakily, "C-Chloe-Su... if y-you won't listen to me, I'll h-have to fight you..."

Courtny gave a muffled laugh. "How intimidating," she taunted. "Look, Echidna Girl. You're making our job harder than it needs to be."

"Oh, really?" Chloe-Su responded, freeing herself from the whip. "Well then... battle of the fittest? Here's the deal, we fight. If I win, Finitevus stays here. You win... you can take him, but I'll hunt you down and kill you."

The thugs looked at each other nervously, except for Sheena, the orbweb. "You're on!" She yelled. "Sheena..." the centipede, Queer, said nervously. The rest of the the thugs looked at Courtny expectantly. The scorpion nodded and turned to Onyx Chloe-Su. "It's a deal then," she agreed. The others were more than unwilling to this agreement.

Part 6

"I have one Question..." Ion showed a Red Glow on his Fusion Shard. "...Do you have a Fusion Shard? If so, then you're going to face me and Flint!" Ion seemed ready to fight, due to his tone.

Reens held up her Fusion Shard as well, keeping it safe in her left glove while unsheathing her sword with her right. "I've been waiting for a little action lately," she said jokingly.

Courtny raised an eyebrow, "Fusion Shard? Never heard of it," she said. "Enough talk. I have a duel to win," the scorpion got into her battle position, her tail held high, poised and ready to strike.

Chloe-Su saw this and threw a Thunder Arrow, hitting the tail. "Pathetic weakling!" Chloe-Su exclaimed. Before she could do anything else, Finitevus hit Chloe-Su with a kick on her back.

"Chloe-Su, please! Listen to me, just once!" Finitevus pleaded. The albino Echidna had never pleaded before, but he knew he had to get Chloe-Su to listen.

"I don't have time for this!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, throwing Finitevus off her and onto the floor.

"Chloe-Su, just listen to him for a second!" Reens shouted, putting her Fusion Shard back where she had had it before. "Maybe this whole thing is a misunderstanding! Plus, we have Isaac to worry about! We need to calm down and think everything through!" She had changed her mind and sheathed her sword as well.

None of them may have realized it yet, but among the commotion around them, they were being watched.

'Just a little bit longer...' the mysterious watcher thought under a cloak from the other side of the lobby.

Onyx Chloe-Su evidently didn't hear, swiping her sword at Courtny's stomach, just barely grazing it.

"I..." Finitevus slowly sat up in pain. "I think that Chloe-Su's judgment... has been clouded..." It took a lot of effort to speak, the pain was so bad. 

Jayda-Su attempted to use her powers to stop Chloe-Su, but Chloe-Su flung the younger Echidna girl into a wall.

Finitevus stood up slowly and suddenly hit Chloe-Su in the back with a somewhat weak punch.

"Chloe-Su... let me go..." Finitevus spoke. "You... have to save... Isaac..."

Chloe-Su turned around and picked up Finitevus by his shirt and shouted, "Stop wasting my time!" She flung the albino Echidna across the room, and Finitevus landed on a glass table, the top shattering beneath him. 

The mysterious cloaked watcher walked over to Jayda-Su, who was actually pretty close. He knelt down next to her. "You okay?" 

Jayda-Su stood up, albeit weakly. And it wasn't from hitting the wall... "I'm fine. But I'm afraid he isn't." "He" referring to Finitevus.

"Ion, watch the doctor!" Reens yelled as she picked up Dr. Finitevus and handed him over. "I'm going after Onyx Chloe-Su." She took a deep breath and sighed, using her heart energy and turning into her super form, Heartbeat Reens, for the first time in their adventures.

"I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this," Onyx Chloe-Su said. She suddenly shot a Chaos Beam at Heartbeat Reens.

Heartbeat Reens dodged the Chaos Beam and shot her own beam at Onyx Chloe-Su from her robotic arm. She unsheathed her own sword and met Chloe-Su's blade with hers. "Ion, take Dr. Finitevus and Isaac somewhere safe! I'll deal with her!"

The mysterious figure stood, turning to face the two super-powered mobians. He let out a short growl and started to move forward.

By then, the lobby was near empty.

"REENS, LOOK OUT!" Ion Warned her.

"Don't touch her," Chloe-Su growled, attempting to hit the figure with her sword, just barely missing. "This is fight between US."

Chloe-Su suddenly felt a punch to the back followed by a very sharp object piercing her skin and digging into her flesh. "You shouldn't be so distracted so easily," Courtny said, pulling her stinger out of the echidna's back and kicking her.

A weak moan could be heard. Isaac was still sprawled out on the floor, paralyzed. There was a tear on the back of his shirt where Nicky had stung him.

The mysterious hooded figure took a step back at Courtny's attack. He let out a light growl.

The room became somewhat warmer.

The scorpion narrowed her eyes at the figure, yet didn't notice the climate change. She then turned back to Chloe-Su. Enerjak... that named flooded through her mind. She shook her head. She had a job to do.

Chloe-Su stood up slowly, healing her wound. "And you shouldn't be so bloody FOOLISH!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, swiping her sword at Courtny's chest. The sword hit it's mark.

Then Chloe-Su realized what was happening. "What did I... no... NO!" Chloe-Su felt herself changing back to normal. "I just... no..." Chloe-Su dropped her sword and fled the scene.

Courtny held her chest, blood spilling from the five-inch gash. She backed up, nearly stumbling and falling on her back. The scorpion twins helped steady their leader. "Court, are you ok?" Ricky asked. "I'm fine," she said. "Go get Finitevus. The girl had softened him up for us." The two brothers let go of Courtny and approached the albino echidna. Nicky yelped in surprise when the wall next to him cracked. The water pipes in the wall snapped and broke through the wall, hitting Nicky in the chest, knocking him backwards.

Heartbeat Reens reverted to normal, landing on her feet and charging a plamsa blast. "You take one step towards the doc, I'll have to blast you," she threatened.

Ricky looked between his brother, who was disoriented on the floor, and Finitevus. "Ummm..." he stuttered. The scorpion was still for a second before he ran towards the echidna.

The hooded figure saw this and decided to step into the scorpion's way.

"Hey, move it, Gandalf!" Ricky insulted, his tail raised.

Ion blocked the other Scorpion in his path. "Where do you think your going?" Ion mocked.

Meanwhile, Finitevus came to and saw what was happening. "Ugh. That hurts..." Finitevus muttered as he slowly sat up, cut up from all the glass.


Chloe-Su was hiding in an alleyway, crying because of what she did. "No wonder... mom never let me... become a Guardian..." Chloe-Su remembered that self pity wouldn't get her anywhere. "I can't... just sit here, being... selfish," she said to herself. "I'm... going back there."


Finitevus crawled off the shattered table and watched as Ion and the mysterious figure blocked the scorpions' ways.

"Hey! I said move it!" Ricky snapped, jabbing his tail at Ion.

"Forget it, Stabby!" Finitevus insulted the scorpion, throwing a particularly sharp piece of glass at him. The glass hit the scorpion right in the eye. "You want to hurt my friends... you'll have to get rid of me first!"

Ricky screamed in pain as the glass hit him. The scorpion pulled the glass shard out of his eye. He stumbled backwards, tripping over his brother and falling on top of him.

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Courtny sneered. "No, no. This won't do at all..." she turned towards the exit. "We are leaving," she said, starting to walk away. Queer was happy that they were leaving, but Sheena, however, was not. "We are just going to leave?! But I didn't even get to have any fun," she yelled. Courtny gave the spider a stern glare. Sheena sighed and followed the scorpion outside, as so did Queer.

Ricky quickly got to his feet, took one glance at Finitevus, then ran towards the exit to catch up with the others, Nicky following behind.

"Well that kinda just... happened..." the hooded figure said, somewhat confused, somewhat disappointed. He looked around the near-empty room, those still present staring back at him, the sound of heavy rain audible in the silence. "I'm... certain you all have several questions..."

"Guys..." Isaac moaned. The skin around the sting mark, even though it couldn't be seen, was turning purple.

"Hold that thought, hoodie," Reens interrupted as she went over to Isaac and knelt down beside him. "Hold still," she said, placing her hands on his wound gently. "Healing Rain." A gentle mist settled over the mark, and as the poison seeped out, the flesh started to knit itself back together.

"Hey, guys," Chloe-Su greeted quietly. 

Jayda-Su rose up off the floor, finally able to get up. "Chloe-Su... you're back!"

Chloe-Su frowned at Jayda-Su, then turned to the others and said, "I'm so sorry about before... if you want me to leave, I will..."

Finitevus turned to see Chloe-Su and said, "I want to know what happened to you, first."

"My mom never let me become a Guardian for two reasons," Chloe-Su replied. "One, because my Guardian birthmark is different. Two, because of my powers, I easily become corrupted. What you saw was an example of that."

"Corrupt, eh?" A voice said.

Isaac was immediately on his feet, and in a battle position.

"Calm down, Isaac," the voice said again. Trivia stepped out of the shadows, Ashton standing behind her. "Hello again, friends," the sparrow said, waving nervously.

The mysterious cloaked figure looked over to Trivia and Ashton and probably raised an eyebrow, though the hood over his face made it difficult to tell.

The room became a few degrees warmer.

Isaac let out a low growl. "What do you want Trivia?" He hissed.

Trivia rolled her eyes. "Don't act like you don't know. I'm here for Finitevus."

Isaac was about to blast her with a water attack, but he held himself back.

"Buuut, I'm not the one here who is going to soften you losers up," Trivia explained, an evil smirk growing on her face.

The cloaked figure let out a chuckle. "I'd take that as a challenge." There was a visible grin under his hood. It was directed at Trivia.

The purple hedgehog frowned. "Well, then we'll see if Mori can handle this situation," Trivia said, her smirk returning. A large, hedgehog like figure stepped out from behind Trivia and Ashton. He had salmon-colored fur, sky-blue eyes, and his muzzle, the inside of his ears, and chest was beige. One of the most unsual things about this hedgehog was his arms. His right arm was normal, except for the sharp claws on his hands. His left arm, however, was shaped into a scythe-like tip. Another strange thing was that he had a scorpion tail.

Lightning crackled above the city.

"Heh. I'll admit, kinda freaky," the cloaked person said, unimpressed, "But I've dealt with freakier..."

"I'm beginning to hate anything having to do with scorpions!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, slapping her hand on her forehead.

"Ditto," Finitevus spoke, irritated. "I would have been impressed, Miss Trivia, by your stubbornness, but this?! This is not enough to capture me! I harnessed the power of Enerjak not even a year ago! This is nothing compared to that!"

Jayda-Su took one look and started laughing hysterically. Typically she was a nice girl, but for some reason she found Mori's appearance very funny.

Chloe-Su picked up her sword, and poised in battle position. She knew that Mori was likely to be a challenge and that she shouldn't let down her guard. That was when she sensed something strange. "Weird... I'm sensing something... familiar... no, it can't be!" Chloe-Su thought, confused. "It can't be her... this is the wrong reality... could it be her?..."

 Finitevus and Jayda-Su also poised in battle positions, ready to fight Mori.

The hooded figure lowered his head with an unseen smile, grasping something under his cloak around his right shoulder.

Meanwhile, in the distance, a ghostly figure was watching, trying to make sense of the situation.

Mori narrowed his eyes and snarled, baring his sharp teeth. "They're all yours, Mori," Trivia said, stepping out of the mutant's way.

"Great, more people wanting the Doc," Reens muttered as she unsheathed her sword again. "Why does everyone want you so badly, Doc?" 

"Probably because I was able to build the Chaos Syphon suit that gave me my powers... I was able to destroy the city of Albion without lifting a finger... I turned Knuckles into Enerjak and tried to bring Mobius to an end," Finitevus replied sheepishly.

Chloe-Su was still trying to make sense of why she sensed a familiar presence. "It can't be her... could it? No..." Chloe-Su shook her head and swiped her sword at Mori. Jayda-Su attempted to help by swinging and wrapping her whip around Mori's left arm. "Maybe it is her..."

Finitevus went straight to the source and punched Trivia. "I like you, Trivia, but my friends come first!" The albino Echidna exclaimed.

The impact from Finitevus's attack only knocked Trivia backwards, but she seemed otherwise unharmed. "I like your determination, but I'm going to have to crush it!" The purple hedgehog summoned a whip with razor sharp edges and swung it at the echidna.

"I like your stubbornness," Finitevus spoke, quickly dodging the whip, "but it's still very foolish." Finitevus landed a kick on Trivia's stomach.

Trivia cringed in pain and lashed out at Finitevus again, while also summoning another whip in her free hand.

"Not bad," Finitevus remarked, jumping over the whip. "I find whips to be a bit... boring, though. Hand to hand combat is more fun." Finitevus suddenly had a wide grin on his face and he hit Trivia's right hand, knocking the whip out of it.

Trivia sneered, though a tinge of uncertainty could be seen on her face. Physically, Trivia was weaker than Finitevus. "Hmph. Fine then," she said. The hedgehog dropped the whip in her left hand. It vaporized into a purple mist before it even hit the ground. Trivia lunged at the albino echidna, throwing a punch at his face.

Mori reacted quickly. He shielded himself with his left arm. Chloe-Su's sword hit it's mark, but instead of being cut off, Mori's swordarm stayed intact. The sharp ivory blade of Chloe-Su's sword cut through Jayda-Su's whip. The mutant smirked, throwing the echidna off of him and slashing at her with his clawed hand.

Chloe-Su's sword met Mori's arm. "You think you're the only one who can duel? Think again, Stubby!"

Finitevus blocked Trivia's punch and laughed. "For a determined young girl, you're..." Finitevus couldn't find a good insult and ended up going red in the face. "Ugh! Never mind!" Finitevus threw a punch at Trivia.

The purple hedgehog dodged the attack and uppercuts Finitevus in the gut. "What? Can't find a good insult, 'Doc Finny?'" Trivia taunted.

Finitevus's face became even more red, but the Echidna returned the attack with leg swipe, hitting Trivia in the ankles and knocking her to the floor. "Maybe not... but I can still teach you a little something about paying attention!" Finitevus shot back.

"You're the one who started this fight!" Trivia argued, quickly jumping to her feet and throwing another punch at Finitevus.

Finitevus blocked the attack, and replied, "I may have started the fight, but you started the chase." Finitevus then grabbed Trivia by the arm and kicked her in the stomach. "And it's been very fun, but I have to take a rain check!" Finitevus said somewhat jokingly.

The hooded figure walked slowly towards Mori, pulling a blade of his own out from under his cloak, the fabric opening as he did so. Underneath was a black hoodie and blue jeans could be seen, as well as a sheath strapped around his torso. He had a visible grin on his hooded face.

Chloe-Su saw this and backed away slowly. Jayda-Su saw as well and did the same.

Mori turned and looked at the cloaked figure. "Heh. Just another toy to play with," he hissed. The mutated hedgehog charged at the figure, ready to slice him in half with his 'sword.'

Trivia growled, grabbing Finitevus' arm, swinging him over her head and slammed him onto the ground. "True. But I didn't agree to capture you just because D'Era said so."

Finitevus smirked and stood up. "Oh? And why did you agree?" Finitevus asked, landing a kick on Trivia's stomach again.

Trivia didn't answer. She kicked Finitevus upside the head, sending him sprawling onto the floor.

Finitevus got back on his feet in seconds and punched Trivia in the face hard. "It's impressive you lasted this long," Finitevus remarked. "But in the end... you're losing this fight!" Finitevus then hit Trivia with an uppercut, followed by another leg swipe at the ankles. The albino Echidna finally managed to pin her down and asked a second time, "Why did you accept the job to capture me?"

Trivia didn't respond, but her face got a little red. "None of you're business," she snarled. The hedgehog tried to kick Finitevus off of her, but all her strength had left her.

Finitevus noticed this and raised an eyebrow. "None of my business, hm? Of course, that should be the expected reply, with you being stubborn and all..." Finitevus suddenly got knocked off Trivia by Chloe-Su accidentally bumping into him. 

"Sorry, Doc!" Chloe-Su apologized before getting back to keeping watch on Mori and his stubby arm sword.

Trivia quickly got up and backed away from both echidnas.

Mori swiped at Chloe-Su with his arm, then spat a white liquid at her. 

Chloe-Su dodged the white liquid, which grazed Finitevus's leg. Finitevus yelped as the liquid hit and grabbed his leg in pain, covering the corroded wound.

Mori grinned sadisticly and slashed at Chloe-Su again, while his barbed tail poked at Finitevus, which, unlike it appeared to be, didn't have venom.

Chloe-Su and Finitevus both managed to dodge the attacks. Chloe-Su then slashed at Mori's chest with her sword, barely grazing it. Then she leapt out of range of Mori's sword arm.

Finitevus sensed an unfamiliar presence nearby, the same presence Chloe-Su sensed earlier. "Someone is here..."

Mori huffed, narrowing his eyes. He looked down at the wound on his chest, a small amount of blood seeping from the wound. He grazed his hand over the blood, then looked at his blood covered hand. The mutant licked the blood off his hand, revealing another deformity. His tongue was a snow-white color. Not only that, but he was looking Chloe-Su in the eye while lapping the red fluid off his hand.

"Ew, that is so gross!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, backing away.

Mori smirked. That was the reaction he wanted. He might as well mess around with his prey. The mutant lunged at Chloe-Su, slashing once more with his blade.

Chloe-Su dodged the attack and moved her sword to stab Mori. It was what she expected. The Echidna then leapt out of range of Mori's sword arm, pulling out her own sword as she did so.

Realizing that Finivetus was hurt, the ghostly figure floated over to him. He might get a brief glimpse of her, before she joined with him. The corroded wound slowly started to heal, the pain starting to dull slightly.

"Who are you?" Finitevus asked the figure.

"My name's Lunari..." The girl answered. Finivetus could hear her voice in his head. "Are you okay?"

"I'm alright, Miss Lunari,"  Finitevus replied mentally, realizing Lunari was speaking to him in his mind.

There was a suddenly sharp scraping sound. It was the cloaked stranger, forcefully dragging the end of his sword against the floor while he walked, trying to get the mutant's attention.

The room was becoming noticeably warmer.

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"What now?" Finitevus mentally asked Lunari, watching the cloaked figure and Mori.

Mori snarled and bared his teeth at the cloaked figure. He spat white acid at the him.

Chloe-Su called to the figure, "Look out!"

"I'm healing you, just relax..." Lunari assured Finivetus.

"Okay," Finitevus replied, listening to Lunari and relaxing.

Chloe-Su turned to Reens and whispered, "If I distract Mori, could you use your Aquakinesis and hit him with a tidal wave?"

The stranger did nothing to avoid the acid, instead letting it hit. It sizzled on his cloak for a few seconds before evaporating. He let out a slight chuckle, fiercely raising his sword and pointing it directly at Mori. "En garde," he said before dashing at the mutant.

"Hm... interesting," Finitevus spoke mentally to Lunari. "I have never seen anything like that... well, except for Enerjak."

"Huh?" Lunari replied mentally. For being an echidna herself, Lunari seemed pretty clueless.

"What? Oh, sorry." Finitevus remembered that Enerjak never existed in this reality. "Just remembering things..."

Mori hissed, raising his arm in a protective stance. The mutant charged, striking at the stranger.

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Now, who is this?" A voice asked. If Finitevus would look up, he could see Trivia with a small smile on her face, despite that she lost a battle with the echidna.

The stranger was ready to intercept Mori's blade with his own, but something caught his attention. 'No... It can't be...' he thought to himself, 'That's... impossible......' However he wasn't paying attention and was struck by Mori's sword-arm, being knocked back a couple of feet.

The stranger landed with a hard THUD, the hood concealing his face falling to his shoulders. He was a brown hedgehog, with glowing orange eyes and six very familiar quills. He stood himself up, but was still lost in thought. "It can't be her... it can't be..." he said under his breath.

Finitevus finally looked up to see the brown Hedgehog on the floor. "Huh... wonder what happened to him," Finitevus remarked mentally.

"I don't know..." Lunari responded. "Is your leg feeling any better yet?"'

Mori raised an eyebrow before grinning. "Another hedgehog," he said before scowling. "At least the other hedgehogs in the room came out right." The salmon hedgehog lunged, slashing at the brown hedgehog.

"Melissa?" the strange brown hedgehog asked sorrowfully, a tear running down his cheek. He heard Mori lunge. Within a fraction of a second before being struck, the brown hedgehog disappeared in a flash of red.

"Uh?!" Mori looked around the room. "Coward! Where did you go?!"

"WOAH!" Ion dodged the hedgehog just in time. "Ran at me out of nowhere!" He said.

With another flash of red, the brown hedgehog reappeared on the other side of the lobby. "No... no... she's... gone... she's gone..." he reassured himself with staggered breaths and a breaking voice, tears dripping from his muzzle onto the floor. He took a deep breath, and looked back at the mutant hedgehog across the room. He sheathed his sword and began to walk.

The room was a little colder.

"My leg is better now, Lunari. Thanks," Finitevus responded to Lunari mentally. 

"No problem." Lunari answered. She was going to have to recover for a minute or two before she could move on and heal anyone else.

Chloe-Su turned to Reens and asked, "Any ideas on how to defeat Mori?" Reens was probably very upset about what had happened earlier when Chloe-Su was Onyx Chloe-Su, and she might not respond.

Lightning flashed outside the windows.

The lights flickered.

Mori huffed, lashing his tail. "If you want to die, I will be happy to help," he said. The mutant hedgehog dashed towards his brown brethren across the room.

Reens wasn't upset, or even speaking. Rather she was kneeling on the floor, her head in her hands, the Fusion Shard next to her. She was having a vision of the past, just as she had feared. She grit her teeth as memories came, salty tears running down her face.

"Reens?!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, worried because the young Hedgehog girl was kneeling on the floor, tears running down her face. She was afraid that Reens had been hurt.

"She's having a vision," Finitevus spoke, standing up slowly. "Lunari, are you alright? You healing my leg seems to have tired you."

"It's nothing, really." Lunari replied, trying to reassure Finitevus that she was alright. "I always have to recover for a minute or two after I heal someone." She explained.

The strange brown hedgehog held his head low, seemingly accepting his fate. 

The room grew cold.

Mori narrowed his ice-blue eyes, grabbing the hedgehog by the coller of his shirt. "You're not going to fight back?" He asked. The mutant shrugged, "oh well." He raised his scythed arm, ready to finish the brown hedgehog.

"Who ever said that?" The brown hedgehog asked in a low tone.

"UH?!" Mori gasped when a whip wrapped around his waist. He was suddenly slung into a wall, smashing through it.

"What the?" Isaac looked at the broken wall and Mori. He then turned to the owner of the whip.

Hecate smirked. "Heya Isaac. Did ya miss me?"

"Hecate?! What are you doing here?!" Isaac exclaimed.

The purple hedgehog shrugged. "I was about to ask you the same question," she said.

Part 7

Finitevus saw this and threw a Thunder Arrow at Mori, hitting him in the back. "Hey! STUBBY!" Finitevus insulted Mori. "That's right, YOU!"

Mori groaned and pulled himself out of the hole in the wall, glaring at Finitevus. He snarled, lunging at the albino echidna, ready to tear him apart.

Finitevus dodged the attack quickly. "Pah! Pathetic weakling! You're nothing compared to what I've dealt with in the past!" Finitevus mocked.

"SHUT UP AND LET ME KILL YOU!!!" Mori screeched, attempting to slash at Finitevus with a barrage of claw attacks.

"You're so weak you can't beat Eggman at cards!" Finitevus continued insulting. "You're so incompetent, you can't tell a queen from a pawn in chess! A chicken could beat you in a boxing match without breaking a sweat!"

The brown hedgehog quickly held out his arm, and a wall of fire erupted in front of Mori. However the fire was strange, there was no smoke, no crackle, just fire. "Maybe I just need a little motivation..." The hedgehog said, his head still held low.

Mori hissed, skidding to a stop. The mutant looked for a way to get around, then turned to the brown hedgehog and charged at him.

Chloe-Su watched, trying to decide whether to stay with Reens or attack Mori. She chose to stay with Reens and so did Jayda-Su.

Ion Warps beside Mori and quickly kicks him back. "Don't get too worked up on attacking!" Ion taunted.

The strange brown hedgehog looked at Ion, I could've handled it his expression said.


"SHUT UP!" Mori roared. He grabbed Ion by the leg and slung him at Finitevus.

Finitevus barely leapt out of the way. "AN ANT HAS AN IQ THAT IS A THOUSAND POINTS HIGHER THAN YOURS!" Finitevus taunted.

"Dude, shut up! Your insults are terrible!" The brown hedgehog yelled at Finitevus. He was becoming somewhat annoyed with the echidna.

"SHUT UP, YOU LITTLE-" Mori started swearing like a madman.

Finitevus backed away from Mori slowly, but not because of the mutant Hedgehog's swearing. It was because he was afraid that the brown Hedgehog was getting annoyed at both him and Mori.

"Tch, barely a scratch!" Ion mocked Mori, still standing after the throw. "If you would hit harder, you would of done something!" Ion added to his mockery.

Mori lunged at Finitevus, his eyes radiating the firey flame of rage.

Finitevus dodged Mori's lunge. "Lunari, you might want to get out of here... Mori means business."

"Hey, don't worry about me. I can help you out if things go sour." Lunari answered, reassuringly.

The mutant whirled around, slashing at Finitveus. He wasn't messing around this time. He was going for the kill.

The brown hedgehog noticed this and disappeared in another flash of red, reappearing above Mori and kicking him hard in the head.

Mori yelped and collapsed onto the floor, his eyes closed and his white tongue sticking out of his mouth.

The brown hedgehog landed on his feet and looked back at the mutant. He felt somewhat bad for having to knock him out, but knew it was worth it. He turned to face Trivia, glaring. "Hey lady!"

The room started to heat back up.

Trivia got into a battle stance. She had no chance in winning, since she still hasn't recovered from her battle with Finitevus, but she might as well try.

"Unless you have something else hiding behind you, I suggest you leave." The strange brown hedgehog called, sternly, his irises turning orange-red.

Trivia narrowed her eyes. "I have a job to do," she hissed.

"And you have a lot of explaining to do!" Finitevus exclaimed, pinning Trivia to a wall. "Why did you agree to come after me?"

Trivia frowned, "Why would I tell you?"

"Because I want to know!!" Finitevus shouted, angry now. The albino Echidna then regretted it. "Sorry... again, why did you agree to come after me?"

Trivia's face started to turn red. "Do you really want to know?"

"Y-yes???" Finitevus responded. It was more of a question than a statement. He was beginning to get confused, especially since Trivia's face was going red. And that worried him, for some reason.

Trivia averted eye contact with the echidna. "I...admire you," she said.

"Admire me?" Finitevus repeated. "I don't see anything wrong with that. I... never had an admirer before... but still, nothing wrong with you admiring me."

Trivia was still avoiding Finitveus' gaze. "That's...not the admiring I mean," she said, her face growing warm.

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Finitevus suddenly found himself going red in the face as well. "I... admire... you... too," Finitevus forced out. He was almost too embarrassed to admit it. "And not in... the 'big fan' kind of way..."

Trivia's face turned completely red. "I know," she said, almost causally.

"Alright, this just got awkward," The brown hedgehog said, grabbing Finitevus by the back of his shrit and dragging him away. He was abnormally strong.

"Hey!" Finitevus exclaimed, irritated. He was not happy with the brown Hedgehog for that. "Can't Trivia and I talk in peace for two seconds?!"

Ashton, who was strangely absent the whole time, walked up to Trivia. "Ms. Trivia?" He asked. The hedgehog stayed silent for a second. "Don't. Even. Start," she said, her face still red.

Finitevus managed to pull himself away from the brown Hedgehog, although his shirt got torn in the process. "Um... Trivia... are you... okay?" Finitevus asked hesitantly, taking a step towards Trivia.

"I'm fine," Trivia replied, her blush fading. She then turned to Ashton. "Help me get Mori out of here." The sparrow nodded and the two walked over to the unconscious mutant.

Finitevus took another step towards Trivia. "Trivia, I... I..." Finitevus felt very confused, but his feelings were very clear to him. But he was unable to decide what to do at the moment. "You don't have to go..."

Trivia glanced at Finitevus, feeling her face growing warm, then slung Mori's left arm over her shoulder, while Ashton took his right arm.

"Trivia...?" Finitevus knew that no matter what he said, Trivia was leaving. But he said it anyway. "I love you."

The hedgehog froze. She looked Finitevus in the eye and smiled. "Ditto," she said. She then closed her eyes. "Sorceress' Bane: Teleportation," she recited. Trivia, Ashton, and Mori all disappeared into a blast of purple mist.

Finitevus smiled as well.

"Hey, Doc, you alright over there?" Jayda-Su asked, still with Reens and Chloe-Su.

"Better than ever," Finitevus responded, turning around to look at them. "Lunari, is everything okay?" Finitevus asked Lunari mentally.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Lunari replied, casually.

"I hope that wasn't too awkward for you," Finitevus responded.

"Oh, it's okay. I do this kind of stuff a lot..." Lunari explained.

"Aww," Isaac cooed. "'Doc Finny' has a lover." Hecate glared at the sky-blue, who snapped his mouth shut.

The brown hedgehog let out a sharp sigh of relief. "Alright," he said, looking around at the others, "I'm sure you all have a ton of questions you'd like to ask me, and since you all seem trustable, I'll answer."

"I only have one question," Isaac said. "Who the heck are you?"

"My name is Xavis," the brown hedgehog answered, "I'm a wanderer from a destroyed world..." He paused, taking a staggered breath. "Anyone else?"

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"What are you here for?" Chloe-Su asked.

"That was my question," Hecate added.

"What do you mean?" Xavis asked back.

"Trivia reminds me a lot of Fiona," Isaac muttered. Hecate raised an eyebrow. She then scowled at the mention of the fox's name.

"Hey! Trivia is nothing like that traitor! Fiona was a b-" Finitevus was interrupted by Chloe-Su saying to Xavis, "I mean like, what exactly do you want?... or am I digging too deep?"

"No, it's fine." Xavis paused, "I just... I want to have hope that... not just I survived..." His ears drooped down. "But I've been having a hard time finding any..." He sighed. "Next?"

Isaac flinched at Finitveus' sudden outburst. Hecate leaned over to the hedgehog and whispered into his ear, "I wouldn't mention Fiona. He worked with her, along with Scourge, remember?" Isaac nodded. Finitevus seemed very sensitive when it comes to Trivia.

Chloe-su might notice that Finitevus's leg had healed up. But how?

"Some ghost echidna," Hecate said to Chloe-Su, walking up next to her.

"I came from a destroyed world as well, Thanks to the Genesis Lord... Still... I am... Quite worried about this situation... There are still Fusion Shards out there and there is little to no way of getting across dimensions... or even worlds unless someone or something has the power to." Ion said.

"Genesis Lord? Fusion Shards?" Xavis asked, unaware of the plot. "Nevermind, I'll figure it out eventually. Though, I did know someone who could jump dimensions, but he's long gone..." His ears perked up as a thought occurred to him. 'Is he...?'

"I have this shard, called the fusion shard... I will get into detail later." Ion told Xavis.

"Ghost Echidna?!" Chloe-Su asked. "Lunari?! She's here?!"

"Huh?" Lunari perked up, hearing this, but didn't leave Finitevus just yet. She didn't want to startle anyone.

"You know her?" Finitevus asked, confused.

"I met her in Chaos Academy in an alternate reality... she... wouldn't know me in this timeline," Chloe-Su replied.

Lunari was confused at this point. "Umm... who is this?" She asked Finitevus, mentally. She sounded sort of shy.

"Chaos Academy? Lunari? Alternate Timeline?!" Isaac's head was spinning. "...I think my brain is going to implode," he said.

"Anyways," Xavis said, his mood apparently improved, "Anyone else got any questions?"

"Her name is Chloe-Su," Finitevus replied to Lunari mentally.

Chloe-Su responded to Xavis saying, "No more questions from me. I can't speak for the others, though."

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Xavis looked to the others with anticipation.

There was an awkward silence; the only noise was the rain.

Isaac yawned. He just realized how tired he was. "I'm going to be in our hotel room," he said sheepishly. "If the elevator still works." The Hedgehog walked over to the elevator, pushed the up button, and stepped inside the elevator when the door opened.

"She seems nice..." Lunari answered. Before anyone could get a good look at her, Lunari left Finitevus, and joined with Chloe-Su.

Finitevus was quickly aware of Lunari's absence, but said nothing.

"Lunari?" Chloe-Su addressed mentally, sensing Lunari right away. "Is that you?"

"Um, y-yes..." Lunari answered, awkwardly.

"Nice to meet you... well, a second time. At least for me, it's the second time," Chloe-Su returned, equally awkwardly.

"Nice to meet you too!" Lunari replied.

"So... what do we do now?" Chloe-Su asked. She wasn't sure what the team was supposed to do right now, especially since Reens was having a vision and Isaac went to his hotel room.

"I don't know, to be honest... I just got here not too long ago..." Lunari answered, seeming confused.

"I'm going to go look for a friend of mine," Hecate said, reading Chloe-Su's mind. "He was with me a minute ago, then ran off to chase after a mobian squirrel." The purple hedgehog started to walk off. "Pray to Chaos he doesn't catch her..."

"Ew, gross!" Jayda-Su exclaimed. Then the Echidna girl for some reason continued with, "I hate squirrel sushi..."

Chloe-Su frowned at that. "I don't even want to know what she's talking about," Chloe-Su said to Lunari.

(Jayda-Su is supposed to be eccentric, in case you're all wondering. - Julia Finitevus)

"And it's okay Lunari," Chloe-Su continued. "I should just stay with Reens... she's the light blue Hedgehog that's next to me right now."

"Okay." Lunari answered, casually.

"So, um... I guess I'll just... I don't know," Finitevus said, having no idea what to do or say.

Xavis yawned. "How 'bout we get some sleep? 'Cause it's... kinda late..."

"I'll stay here with Reens," Chloe-Su responded. "I don't want to leave her by herself... not while she's vulnerable, having a vision and all..."

"I guess I'll hit the hay," Finitevus spoke. "I have absolutely no idea what else to do right now."

Jayda-Su kept silent, not sure whether to stay with Reens too or go to bed.

"I will stay with Reens, Besides, A hero's work is a twenty-four hour thing." Ion said to everyone heading to bed.

Finitevus nodded in response, yawning as he got on the elevator.

Part 1 of Part 8

On the third floor, in Room 152, Isaac was already in one of the queen sized beds. His red t-shirt, green jeans, and black tennis shoes were laying on the floor, along with his socks and gloves. The hedgehog's eyes were closed, but uncertain if he was asleep.

Finitevus arrived to the hotel room and knocked on the door. "You know you're not the only one who needs sleep, right?" The albino Echidna called through the door.

(Oh, Lunari64, I finished the one story I was writing earlier, the one you commented on. You can check it out if you haven't already and maybe let me know what you think? - Julia Finitevus)

Isaac's eyes slowly fluttered open. "I gave you a key!" He yelled drowsily.

Meanwhile, once everyone who was going to sleep had left, Lunari left Chloe-Su, showing her face finally. Ion would most likely see her too.

"I lost it!" Finitevus yelled right back through the door, waking up some unhappy people in the nearby rooms. At least those who slept through the racket going on in the lobby.

Isaac sighed unhappily and pulled the covers off of him. He walked over to the door and opened it. "There. Better?" The Hedgehog asked, his eyelids halfway closed. He was hoping that Finitveus didn't notice he was naked.

"Um..." Finitevus noticed but came in anyway. "Thanks. I'll just... go to the bathroom real quick," Finitevus spoke, heading into the bathroom and closing the door behind him.

(Debating whether or not to throw Alaine in the bathroom for some cheap horror movie humor. -Luna)

(Please do it! I'd love to see Finitevus's reaction to that, it would be hilarious! Lol! - Julia Finitevus)

(Goin for it then. ;) -Luna)

As soon as Finitevus stepped in, he would hear something moving around. Something made the shower curtain move, too.

Isaac yawned and went back to the bed. He pulled the covers over himself and closed his eyes.

Xavis- not wanting to bother with the elevator- went up the stairs to the third floor. He arrived at one of the rooms, pulled a key from his pocket, and entered. Once inside he took off his cloak and hoodie and hung them on the coat rack, propping his sheathed sword against the wall. He took off his shoes, placing them neatly next to the bed. He cracked his toes against the floor and climbed in on the left side. He instinctively reached over to the right side of the bed, as if someone was there for him to hold. Tears began to well in his eyes.

The entire building became colder.

Chloe-Su involuntarily shivered in her sleep. So did Jayda-Su.

Since ghosts didn't really need sleep, Lunari was keeping an eye on Reens, and on lookout duty for everyone else too. You never really know what might happen these days... She was thinking to herself.

Chloe-Su sat up, wide awake. "I can't sleep."

Lunari floated over, joining with Chloe-Su. Lunari was trying to help her relax, at least a little bit.

Ion was alert, keeping an eye on Reens and making sure she is safe.

Wingbeats could be heard outside the lobby window.

Reens held her knees to her chest, no longer crying, but fingering the Fusion Shard and breathing in. "If these... show you the past... could they show you... the future, too?"

Back in Room 152, Isaac had fallen asleep, unaware of what was going on in the bathroom. The hedgehog tossed and turned. He was having a nightmare.

"Please! No! Please don't hurt her!" Dream Isaac screamed. In front of him was the giant silhouette of a winged hedgehog. In it's claws was a female cheetah. "Put Savannah down!" Dream Isaac screamed again, tears welling up in his eyes. The silhouette narrowed it's glowing orange eyes, lifting Dream Savannah closer to it's face. A slit on it's face opened, revealing triangle-shaped teeth. Dream Savannah screamed as she was thrown inside, the monster's mouth slamming shut. "NO!" Dream Isaac yelled. The hedgehog was breaking down into tears. He did nothing when the silhouette grabbed him, lifting the miserable hedgehog over it's gaping maw. Once he was dropped inside, everything went black.

Isaac's eyes flashed open. He quickly sat up screaming, "DON'T EAT ME!!!"

Finitevus came out of the bathroom and asked, "What are screaming about?"

Isaac didn't reply immediately. He covered his mouth with his gloveless hands, his eyes swelling up with tears.

Little did the two of them know, a tiny little figure was in the room with them. A tiny little human, a mere two inches tall. She curiously peeked out the bathroom door, looking at the rest of the room.

(I made a cover pic for the story I wrote earlier- you can check it out, if you like.- Julia Finitevus)

Finitevus sensed something in the bathroom. "Who...?" Finitevus didn't finish the thought. He looked down and let out a cry, seeing the tiny human. "Sons of Dimitri!!" Finitevus exclaimed, jumping away from the door, tripping over a knocked over roll of toilet paper, and banging his head on the bathtub. "Ow..."

Isaac, hearing the sound of Finitevus' head slamming onto the bathtub, was immediately on his feet and in the bathroom. "Finitevus! Are you-" he then noticed the tiny human. "-ok?" He was bewildered at what he was looking at. "Uh...who are you?"

"M-my name's Alaine..." The tiny human answered, quickly making her way over to Finitevus. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you guys."

"I-It's ok," Isaac said, also walking over to Finitevus, carful not to step on Alaine.

Alaine crawled up onto Finitevus's shoulder, knowing better than to stay on the floor.

"Anyone get the number of that truck??..." Finitevus asked, evidently not having recovered yet from hitting his head on the bathtub.

Alaine gently poked him. "Hey, you okay? I didn't mean to startle you..."

"Huh... what?" Finitevus asked, confused. Then he saw Aliane and asked, "Who're you?"

"Her name is Alaine," Isaac answered for Finitevus. The hedgehog was still crying from the nightmare he had.

Alaine waved to Finitevus, before realizing that Isaac was crying. "Aww, what's wrong big guy?" She asked, sounding concerned. She looked up at him, a slight twinkle in her eyes.

"Yeah, why are you crying?" Finitevus asked also, still disoriented from the incident earlier.

"U-Umm..." Isaac paused, "j-just a n-nightmare," he stuttered, more tears flowing from his eyes when he recalled the events of the nightmare. He missed Savannah. He wanted to go back home. Back to her.

Alaine looked sad. "Hey, it's okay." She said, reassuringly.

"No, no. It's ok," Isaac said, wiping the tears off his muzzle. He then found himself blushing out of embarrassment. "Hehe. I'm a 19 year-old hedgehog crying because of a nightmare," he forced a chuckle.

Alaine smiled, stifling a laugh.

"I sometimes still cry because of nightmares myself," Finitevus spoke, recalling when he once had a nightmare that he was Enerjak. "And I'm quite a bit older than you..."

Isaac raised an eyebrow, "Wait, how old are you?"

"Um... thirty-four... I think. At least chronologically. Six years of my life were wiped from my memory, so I can't determine precisely. I'd be about thirty-nine physically by now..." Finitevus was uncertain of what else to say. "Maybe forty. And spare me of your complaints, please."

" look a lot younger than forty," Isaac said.

"My species ages slower than most Mobians," said Finitevus. "Lien-Da was in her sixties and still looked like she was twenty."

A sneeze could be heard coming from the plastic trash can next to the toilet, followed by a curse.

"What was that?" Finitevus asked.

Isaac quickly made his way to the trash can and peered inside. A black blur jumped out of the trash can. Isaac reacted quickly, lunging for the thing. He caught the blur, but landed on his stomach.

"What is that?" Finitevus asked eagerly. Being a scientist, he is sometimes excited by something new and unusual.

"Hey! Let me go, please!" The small creature yelled. He looked like a mobian bat, expect that his wings looked like that of a dragonfly and had a long, thin demon tail. His fur was black, his eyes were crimson, and he had a strange symbol on his forehead. It was a circle with right triangles on both sides and a upside down equilateral triangle on the bottom of the circle. He wore a grey t-shirt and shorts, but didn't have any gloves or shoes.

"A bat?!" Finitevus exclaimed, disappointed.

"Hey, I'm not you're average bat, Mr. Albino. Have you ever seen a bat that is five inches tall?" The creature asked.

"Once, actually," Finitevus replied. "I was on a hike with my parents in the woods when it happened. I must have been... eleven then. I saw one that looked similar to you. Scared me half to death... I couldn't get a wink of sleep for a week."

"Huh. Must have been another Dream Fairy," the mini bat mused.

"Fairy?!" Finitevus spat out, laughing hysterically. "Pah! Fairies... are you fairy?" Finitevus's behavior could be confusing sometimes.

The bat had a unamused look on his face. "Yea, yea. Sounds pretty farfetched, but it's true." He then looked at Isaac, "could you put me down? Your squeezing me pretty tight there,"

"Oh, yea. Sorry," Isaac replied, gently setting the fairy on the ground. "Who are you by the way?"

The small mobian dusted himself off. "Vesper Ilk Night. But just call me Vesper."

Finitevus realized Aliane was still on his shoulder and pointed to the tiny human, saying, "This is Aliane. Aliane, meet Vesper. Vesper, meet Aliane."

Vesper looked at the tiny human on Finitevus' shoulder. "Hello, beautiful," he said, flapping his wings and landing on the albino echidna's shoulder.

"Flirting already?" Finitevus thought, trying not to laugh.

"Oh, um, h-hi?" Alaine answered, shyly.

Finitevus felt the urge to laugh grow stronger.

Finitevus might have seen Alaine's face, which was beet red. Vesper was also twice as tall as her, so...

Finitevus did see this and started chuckling.

Alaine started to laugh too.

"Heh. Red already?" Vesper asked, running his hand through Alaine's hair.

Alaine nodded, slowly, Her hair was bright purple, very thick and fluffy.

Finitevus couldn't help it. He saw everything and just started laughing hysterically.

Isaac gave Finitevus a disapproving glare.

Finitevus saw this and just laughed all the harder. Eventually, he calmed down after a few moments and stopped laughing.

There were suddenly two hard knocks on their door.

Finitevus was silent for second, then whispered to Isaac worriedly, "Who was that?"


"The Fusion Shards probably could show one the future," Chloe-Su said to Reens. "I don't know. Ion probably does though."


"No clue," Isaac replied. The hedgehog quietly made his way over to the door and peeked through the eyehole.

"Maybe it's the po-po," Vesper guessed jokingly. "Or the pizza guy. Did someone order room service?"

"No," Finitevus replied quietly.

It turns out it was Xavis, wearing nothing but pants and shoes, along with a very tired- yet clearly upset expression.

Isaac sighed in relief. "It's just Xavis," he said, unlocking the door and opening it. "Wazzup?"

"Xavis? What kind of name is that?" Vesper asked.

(Note: Just to let you all know, it's pronounced eck-say-vis. -Xoph-)

The brown hedgehog wasn't up for Issac's enthusiasm. "Listen," he yawned, "I'm in the room directly above you... and I have very good hearing. So could you please all shut up and... go to sleep? It's... too late for this..."

"Oh. Hehe. Sorry about that, Xavis," Isaac apologized. The sky-blue hedgehog walked back into the bathroom. "Xav says that we are making to much noise and we need to go to sleep. He's right."

"O-okay..." Alaine answered. Without another word, he climbed up onto one of the beds, and laid down on one of the pillows. She was kind of tired too, after all.

Isaac yawned and climbed in bed. He laid his head next to Alaine, nudging the tiny human with his nose.

Alaine twitched a little bit, and shuffled over to look at him. She seemed to care a lot about him already, it showed in her eyes.

" did you get here?" Isaac asked the tiny human, nudging Alaine with his nose again.

Alaine chuckled slightly, as if it tickled. "Well, I was goofing off, being a stowaway just to see if anybody would notice... and I got stuck in here." Alaine answered, smiling playfully.

"Locked the door on you, huh?" Isaac guessed as he stopped nudging Alaine with his nose.

(...Claire...? -Xoph-)

(Too much? -Clairebear165)

(Yes. Never do that again. Anywhere. It makes me uncomfortable. -Xoph-)

Alaine seemed a bit off-put by the sudden stopping, but simply stayed there and nodded.

"Figures. You're pretty cute, you know that?" Isaac asked the tiny human.

Alaine blushed. "Aww, really?" She answered.

"Yea really," Isaac said. "Tiny animals are always cute to me."

"Always?" Vesper asked. He was sitting on the alarm clock with his arms crossed and a skeptical look on his face.

Alaine smiled, curling up a little bit. She yawned.

Isaac smiled also. This tiny human reminded him of Savannah. The hedgehog then frowned. Savannah... he said the cheetah's name in his head. Oh, how he missed her so. Anxiety built up when that terrifying nightmare crossed Isaac's mind. His expression reflected his fear.

Vesper raised an eyebrow, "Dude, you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost."

"No, no. I just had a nightmare a few minutes ago," Isaac explained.

Vesper stayed silent for a moment before chuckling. "Sorry about that. It's my fault. You see, I have the power to induce nightmares to sleeping people around me."

Before Alaine could even hear this, she was asleep. Uh-oh...

Isaac fell asleep instantly, yet he didn't have any nightmares, nor did Alaine. "I can control if people get nightmares or not," said Vesper's voice in both of their heads.

"Huh?" Alaine answered, drowsily.

"Oh, right. I can enter you're head while your asleep," Vesper assured mentally to Alaine. "Hedgehog Boy is in such a deep sleep I can't reach his dreams."

"Uh... okay..." Alaine answered, half-heartedly. She wasn't quite dreaming, at least not yet.

"Well, I'll leave you to sleep. G'night, kid. Good luck for you're search tomorrow," Vesper said, his presence fading.

"Sure..." Alaine answered, before drifting off into a dream. Despite Vesper not giving her a nightmare, her dream wasn't exactly nice...

Everyone else eventually made their way to sleep, as the rain continued to fall.

Nobody had good dreams that night.

(I think this is a good spot to end off part 8, and then part 9 can start with the morning. Maybe? I'll leave that to Julia... -Xoph-)

(Good idea. I'll start it now. - Julia Finitevus)

Part 2 of Part 8

Dream Finitevus cried out as he saw what Dream Enerjak was doing. He was taking Lara-Su's Core and was going to use it to create another Prelate.

"Stop... please... don't hurt her...."

Dream Enerjak turned to Dream Finitevus, angry at being interrupted.

"Perhaps I should take your Core and use it against the Guardian as well..."

Dream Finitevus threw a Thunder Arrow at Dream Enerjak, who blocked it. Dream Enerjak pinned the albino Echidna to a wall within seconds. Just before Dream Enerjak took the Dream albino Echidna's Core, he spoke these words:

"Pathetic... you were always weak... always caring for someone... even willing to give yourself up for them... despite your own beliefs...."

And the dream was over after that.

"NO!" Finitevus cried out, sitting up in bed crying. It was no longer night now, but morning. Just after dawn, to be exact.

Meanwhile, Alaine's dream was blurry, hard to make out. Three figures were ganging up on her, in a fight. They were her size, or was she their size? Before she could figure out what was going on, she was flung off into the distance. She woke up, breathing hard, shaking uncontrollably.

"A-Aliane?" Finitevus addressed, still crying from his nightmare. He saw Aliane shaking horribly and he became concerned.

Dream Chloe-Su watched as the younger, five year-old version of herself asked Dream Lara-Su, "But he's coming back... right?" Dream Chloe-Su watched as Dream Lara-Su said no and the five year-old version of Dream Chloe-Su started crying. The adult version of Dream Chloe-Su felt her heart break as she woke up suddenly.

"NO!" Chloe-Su cried out, sobbing uncontrollably. Salty tears ran down the female Echidna's face as she recalled the dream. "Dad..." Light from the windows was coming in the lobby, meaning it was morning.

Meanwhile upstairs...

"MELISSA!!!" Xavis screamed, bolting upright from his sleep, breathing heavily. The first thing he noticed was that he was on the floor. Next he noticed that his eyes hurt. He then noticed that side of his face was drenched, but it couldn't have been sweat. It was tears. He got up and sat on the bed, trying to calm himself down.

Isaac quickly sat up after hearing Finitevus' scream. "What?! How?!" He looked around the room frantically, nearly crushing Alaine with his hand.

Alaine didn't move in time, and shrieked.

Finitevus was quietly sobbing uncontrollably from the nightmare. "Enerjak.... Lara-Su... Prelates.... Enerjak...." Finitevus couldn't get all the words out. The albino Echidna went back to sobbing.

Isaac realized what happened. "Nightmare?" He asked, though he didn't expect Finitevus to answer.

"Nightmare..." Finitevus answered, then he went back to crying. Finitevus couldn't understand why he had the nightmare. Due to six years of his memories being erased, he could barely remember Lara-Su. And he had no idea what she had to do with Enerjak. "What's happening to me...?"

Reens lay in bed, her hands behind her head, the Fusion Shard next to her. It's so strange... all of us are having these nightmares and visions... why? Maybe our memories of the old reality are finally coming back... I miss you, Carlos...

Chloe-Su put her face in her hands and sat, crying. The strange thing about her nightmare was, it wasn't just a nightmare. It was a memory of when she learned her father was never coming back. "Dad... why...? I don't understand..." Chloe-Su felt confusion. Why did she dream about a memory?

Alaine finally realized that Finitevus had asked her something. "Huh?" She was still shaking, and the fact that Isaac had almost crushed her really didn't help.

Finitevus was still sobbing and didn't hear Aliane.

Isaac blinked and frown. He had another nightmare. Somehow, it was worse than the last one. He tried recalling what happened. And when he did, he wish he hadn't.

The dream started with Dream Isaac in a dark room. He found himself chained to the floor with Dream Savannah next to him, also chained. "Savannah!" Dream Isaac cried, trying to get the cheetah's attention. Dream Savannah looked at him with a blank expression before she went back to staring into nothingness. "She is no longer yours," a deep voice rumbled. a figure materialized from the black. It looked like a mobian hedgehog, except for the fact that it was entirely metallic, safe for the sky-blue glowing eyes and streaks on it's quills.

"Who are you?!" Dream Isaac demanded. "What did you do to Savannah?!" The figure walked towards him, "that is of no importance to you," it said. "Yes it is!" Dream Isaac yelled, trying to pull the chains off of him. "Don't struggle. It will only make it worse," the figure rasped. "Make what worse?" The hedgehog asked. He then looked down at his legs and gasped. They were turning into the same material as the monster in front of him. "What are you doing to me?" Dream Isaac demanded a second time. "Making you one of us," the metallic mobian replied. "Us?" Dream Isaac questioned. Suddenly, he was surrounded by an army of these metal monsters. He felt his stomach grow sick when the hedgehog studied the creatures around him. He could recognize his friends. Hecate, Cobalt, Amethyst, heck, even Khione was here. But they were the same metallic mobians as the rest.

Tears started forming in Dream Isaac's eyes. "Why..?" Was the only words he could muster. The mobian in front of him didn't answer. Instead, he pointed to Savannah. "N-No.." Dream Isaac broke down into tears. Dream Savannah had turned into them. "This isn't how Prelates work!!!" Dream Isaac screamed. How did he know what these things were? He couldn't feel his chest or arms anymore, as the metallic substance had spread across his body and up to his neck. Dream Isaac stared at the prelate in front of him. He realized who this was. "Father..." were the last words he muttered before the chrome had covered his face, and everything went black.

Isaac didn't realize it, but he was gripping the covers very tightly and tears were drizzling out of his eyes.

"Isaac?" Finitevus asked quietly. He knew Isaac had a nightmare too. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"P-Prelates," was Isaac's only response.

Finitevus shivered at the word. "You're not the only one who dreamt about the Prelates..." Finitevus spoke after a moment.

Isaac nodded, understanding what Finitevus meant. "M-My father...m-my friends..."

"What are you blabbing about?"

Isaac jumped, nearly crushing Alaine again. "VESPER!" He scolded. The fairy was sitting on the alarm clock with his arms cross. "Lemme guess. Nightmares?"

"None of your business!" Finitevus snapped angrily, salty tears still running down his face. "Sorry... yes, but still, it's none of your business..."

"They are just nightmares, they are just nightmares," Isaac assured himself. He climbed out of the bed and started putting his clothes back on.

Finitevus got out of bed as well, although he slept in his clothes. "It wasn't real..." Finitevus tried to reassure himself. "Just a nightmare... I hope..." The albino Echidna suddenly ran in the bathroom and threw up in the toilet.

"Yesh, I didn't think the nightmares were that bad," Vesper muttered. Isaac glared at the fairy. He stood up and walked over to Vesper. "Whoa, whoa. What are you doing?!" The fairy panicked. He tried flying away, but didn't get very far before Isaac grabbed him.

"Hey! Lemme go!" Vesper complained, biting at Isaac's gloveless hand. "You gave us nightmares, didn't you?!" Issac demanded.

Ion Looked around, trying to keep a look out on any evildoers. He noticed the sun has started to rise and knew it's was near time to get ready.

It took a few minutes, but Xavis finally managed to calm down. He got off the bed, cracking his toes against the floor and putting on his shoes. He went to the coat rack and grabbed his hoodie, snaking his arms through the sleeves and fumbling with the zipper for a moment, but eventually getting it to work. He grabbed his sword and wrapped the sheath strap around his torso. He pulled his cloak off the rack, draping it over his body and tying the silver string that kept it on, leaving the hood down. He could hear everything happening below him, and let out a frustrated sigh before exiting the room.

Finitevus came out of the bathroom after about ten minutes and said, "I don't want to talk about it..."

Isaac didn't reply to Finitevus' comment. He continued to glare at Vesper, expecting an answer.

The Nightmare Fairy sighed. "Ok, maybe I accidentally-"

"It wasn't an accident!!" Isaac lashed out. Vesper flinched and his ears pinned to his head. "Hey, hey. No need to yell," he said in a whiny tone.

Isaac snarled, his fur standing on end and his ears facing backwards. He was not happy with Vesper.

"I'm going to kill you!" Finitevus threatened Vesper in deep anger. "When I get my hands on you, I'm going to kill you!"

"Not if the Jannakil gets me first!" Vesper yelled back. He threw black dust in Isaac's face. The hedgehog coughed, "the heck? What is this....stuff...?" He stumbled backwards, his eyelids drooping. Isaac fell and hit the floor with a loud thud. He was unconscious.

Vesper pulled himself out of Isaac's grip and looked around the room for a way to escape.

Finitevus grabbed the fairy before he could go anywhere. "You STUPID-" Finitevus started cursing like a madman at Vesper.

There suddenly were two hard knocks on their door. "Hey," Xavis' voice called through the wood, "I'm going down to get breakfast, anyone wanna come with?"

Finitevus stopped cursing and shouted, "After I murder this INCOMPETENT  FAIRY!"

"HELP! I'm being held hostage by a crazy madman!!!" Vesper yelled at Xavis.

"SHUT UP!" Finitevus shouted. "You idiot!! Toying with my EMOTIONS! I should make your damned death slow and painful!!"

Alaine seemed scared by all of this, and hid under the pillows. This chaos was not helping her in the slightest. What was bugging her was that she didn't know what she was dreaming about. Some scuffle? Did it happen to her? She couldn't remember what had happened to her, ever since she had woken up a year ago.

"Yesh. And I thought Dad had issues," Vesper muttered.

"I CAN'T BLAME YOUR FATHER!!!" Finitevus literally screamed in Vesper's face. "You STUPID SON OF A B-" And Finitevus was back to shouting vile things.

Xavis let out a quick growl before teleporting inside the room, in front of Finitevus. From this close the echidna might be able to sense the Chaos Energy radiating off of the hedgehog, who then grabbed him by the wrists. "Either you let go, or I force you to let go," Xavis said sternly, "While breaking your wrists in the process."

"Stop it!" Alaine's little voice squeaked from under the pillows. She was crying now, but it wasn't from her nightmare. She just didn't want anyone to get hurt.

"Ooh. I like this one," Vesper huffed.

"If you ever give anyone here those nightmares again," Finitevus spoke, letting go of Vesper, "I will personally hunt you down and use your skin as a decoration on one of my coats..."

"Yea, yea. Whatever, Dr. Evil Von Creepy," Vesper said, hovering in the air. "Huh. Dude was right. You do look like someone with that name."

"Alright," Xavis said, giving Finitevus a quick glare, "Who wants hotel waffles?"

"I like waffles," Finitevus said to Xavis, then he turned to Vesper and asked, "You know Scourge? I remember he called me that one nickname a long time ago..."

Vesper raised an eyebrow. "That's his name? I always called him Greenie. But, yes, I have met him. Albeit for a short time."

"Greenie!" Finitevus exclaimed. "That's a good one."

Alaine peeked her head out from under the pillows.

"Thank you," Vesper replied. "I do have to admit, his fox girlfriend is hot."

"Really?" Finitevus asked incredulously. "She was pain in the back when I worked with her and 'Greenie'. Always bossing around the Destructix about the most trivial things..."

Xavis cleared his throat, catching the others' attention.

Alaine was quite confused now, but that would have to wait. Her stomach growled.

"Oh right," Finitevus spoke, walking past Xavis and to the door.

Alaine crawled out of the bed, hurrying to catch up.

Isaac groaned and sat up, blinking. "Wha? What happened?" He asked drowsily. "I used my Dream Dust to knock you out," Vesper replied, pulling out a gem shard that was, to him, was huge from Chaos knows where.

"Is that a Fusion Shard?!" Finitevus exclaimed in surprise, stopping dead in his tracks.

"Huh?" Alaine asked, curiously. She climbed up Finitevus' side onto his shoulder, just to get a better look.

"Fusion Shard? What on Mobius is a Fusion Shard?" Vesper asked, confused.

"A Fusion Shard," Finitevus started, pulling out his own Fusion Shard to show Vesper, "is a gem that has special properties that use nuclear energy or something."

Alaine stared at the shard. "Oooh..." She cooed, staring at it.

"Huh," Vesper pondered, looking at the Shard in his hands. It wasn't glowing.

"So, they're like Chaos Emeralds?" Xavis asked.

"Yes," Finitevus answered. The albino Echidna suddenly felt his hand burning from the Fusion Shard like it did the last time he had a vision. "Oh no... not again!" Finitevus fell over on his side (thankfully the side Aliane wasn't on) and was unconscious the next second.

Alaine fell off in the process, landing next to his face. "Are you okay?!?" Alaine asked, concerned, trying to shake him awake despite her small size.

Finitevus didn't even stir.

"Please, wake up!" Alaine shouted, still trying to wake him.

"Whoa! What happened to him?!" Vesper exclaimed.

"He's having a vision," Isaac replied.

"Hmm... Interesting..." Xavis said. He could feel massive amounts of energy emanating from the shard, and decided to get a closer look. He knelt down, reaching for the shard in Finitevus' hand. He didn't notice the buildup of conflicting energies between himself and the gem until it was too late, when the conflict caused a small explosion, launching both himself and the shard in opposite directions.

Xavis hit the wall with a hard THUD.

The shard became partially embedded in the other wall.

(Ouch. - Julia Finitevus)

This explosion sent Alaine flying, until she hit her head on the other wall. She landed on the floor, knocked out.

Isaac and Vesper stood (or in Vesper's case, floated) in shock, their eyes wide in surprise.


"Stop this madness!" a feminine voice shouted, explosions following it.

"Who's there?" Finitevus asked, confused, running in the direction of the voice.

"One good thing about Cores... is that they are eternal."


Meanwhile, back in reality....

Finitevus was still unconscious and the Fusion Shard was still being fussy about who touches it. Unfortunately.

"Owwwww," Xavis whined, kneeling on the floor and rubbing a bent quill. He managed to straighten it, but it was still sore from the impact.

Isaac walked over to Xavis and helped him up. "Are you ok?" He asked, worried about the brown hedgehog.

"I'm... I'm fine..." Xavis replied with a hint of pain in his voice, "I don't think she is, though..." He gestured to the tiny Alaine before rubbing his eyes. 'All I wanted was breakfast...'

(Poor Xavis. Lol! - Julia Finitevus)


"Traitor!" the feminine voice cried out. Finitevus reached to where the voice was and stopped dead in his tracks in shock.

"Lara-Su?" Finitevus addressed, confused. But the red female Echidna didn't hear him. She was busy fighting someone. 

"Traitor indeed!" the villain spoke. And Finitevus felt his heart sink as he saw who it was.


Back in reality... again...

Finitevus slowly woke up with a groan. "I... hate... visions..."

Isaac walked over to Alaine and cradled the tiny human in his hands. "Are you ok, Alaine?" He asked.

Alaine was still out cold, unfortunately.

Finitevus sat up very slowly and watched Isaac pick up Aliane. "She's still unconscious... unfortunately." Finitevus then saw the Fusion Shard was embedded in the wall and he pulled it out. "Wonder how that got there..."

"I tried to pick it up so I could look at it," Xavis explained, "And I think our energies conflicted with each other, causing a... negative reaction..."

"Basically it exploded in your face?" Finitevus asked, bored.

"Yep," Xavis answered.

Isaac frowned and moved Alaine's hair out of her face with his thumb.

"Probably because this particular Fusion Shard can only be used by me," Finitevus spoke, "and not by anyone else..." Finitevus then became lost in thought. "What if...?"

Alaine twitched, but didn't wake up quite yet.

Isaac nudged the tiny human with his nose in hopes of waking her up.

Alaine didn't respond. He might see the spot where she hit her head, which was starting to bruise and swell. She might need help...

"And I am a pretty powerful Chaos User..." Xavis remarked, sighing. "Anyway, can we have breakfast now?" He was becoming hungry. And impatient.

"Huh, what?" Finitevus asked, blank. Then he realized what Xavis had said and responded, "Oh, right... nobody wants cold waffles." The albino Echidna stood up and headed to the elevator.

Xavis followed him out, but instead of entering the elevator, he branched off to the stairs. "See you at the bottom," He said to Finitevus as he entered the stairwell, as if they were competing.

Isaac noticed Finitevus and Xavis leaving. He quickly finished putting his clothes on and followed them out of the room, carefully cradling Alaine in his hands.

Part 9

Finitevus waited as the elevator kept getting crammed with a large amount of people. "No wonder some people become claustrophobic..." And he was still on the same floor.

Xavis on the other hand was experiencing absolutely no traffic, nearly blazing down the stairs. Though, the constant clanging of his metal soles might upset a few people as it echoed into the hallways. But he didn't care, bursting out through the first-floor doors and quickly making his way to the lobby. He was really pumped for some reason. Though it might just be the thought of hotel waffles. Probably.

Isaac shuffled uncomfortably, as he was squished against Finitevus and several other people he didn't know. "So...What's up with you?" The hedgehog asked Finitevus.

"What do you mean?" Finitevus asked, squirming around a bit. He had always hated crowds.

"I've never known much about you. All I know is that you used to be a villain, correct?" Isaac responded.

"Once, but not my whole life... it seems so long ago. Sometimes... when I look back I see someone else... someone I used to be..." Finitevus responded. "Someone with an ordinary life. Someone with big dreams that he could change the world in the name of science. And then it happened."

"I originally designed and built the Chaos Syphon to simply drain Knuckles's Chaos Powers so he couldn't hurt anyone," Finitevus spoke. "Unfortunately, a brat of a bee and his girlfriend interrupted the extraction. The machine overloaded, exploded, and then gave me my powers. And now..." Finitevus paused a moment before continuing. "Now I'm like ​this. A villain... a coward... a traitor... a murderer..."

"Wow. Deep," Isaac said. And dramatic, he thought. The elevator dinged, and the door slid open, revealing the lobby, not that Isaac could see if it was the lobby.

Isaac might have felt Alaine moving around in his hands (or maybe he put her in a pocket).

Isaac felt movement on his hands and looked down. He nudged Alaine with his thumb. "C'mon. Wake up," he muttered.

"Oww... huh?" Alaine mumbled, finally waking up.

"Ah! Alaine!" Isaac exclaimed, catching the attention of some of the people on the elevator. The group of people flooded out into the lobby, Isaac and Finitevus being pulled with it. "Thank Chaos you're ok," he said to the tiny human.

Some of the people in the lobby glanced around at the debris and glass on the floor, but shrugged it off as the work of a group of drunken vandals. How ignorant people can be.

"Yes," Finitevus spoke, stepping out of the elevator. "Deep indeed... but that's not all..."

Isaac glanced at the echidna, curious.

"Ow! My- head..." Alaine whined, in pain. But, she then looked up at Isaac, and smiled. "Aww, thanks..." As if on cue, her stomach growled. She hadn't eaten most of the day yesterday, so she was starving.

Finitevus evidently didn't hear Aliane, since he continued to speak. "I destroyed Albion with everyone inside and didn't even care... men... women... children... old people... every last one of them. And Enerjak!" Finitevus exclaimed. "Don't get me started on that... what a failure I was back then... again, thinking I could change the world in the name of science!"

Alaine heard this, and slowly turned towards Finitevus, flinching slightly because her head still hurt. She looked up at him, curiously.

"Do you see now why everyone, everyone hates me?" Finitevus asked Isaac. "I even killed my own parents and I don't even remember how or why... the only person who doesn't hate me is Trivia... and she probably doesn't even know the whole story..."

Alaine looked sad. She wanted to be big like everyone else right then and there so she could give Finitevus a hug. She felt bad for him.

"I can't even tell what's right from wrong anymore," Finitevus continued, unaware Aliane was listening in. "My judgment has been clouded because of the corruption I was forced to endure... Gala-Na thought I was dangerous... so she tried to have me 'euthanized' as she put it. But... maybe she was right."

Isaac frowned. "I can see that. But I don't hate you," he said reassuringly.

"Yea. Not everyone hates you."

Isaac jumped and muttered a curse under his breath. "Vesper! You have got to stop doing that!"

"You again?" Finitevus asked Vesper, although it was obvious he was there. "Fairies..."

"You poor guy..." Alaine said, sounding sad. She didn't want Finitevus to feel so bad about himself, even if he did do all those things.

Vesper smirked. He fluttered over to Isaac and landed on his shoulder, jumped down and sat next to Alaine. "Are you ok there, babe?" He asked, stroking her chin.

Isaac leaned over to Finitevus. "Am I the only one who thinks Vesper is a Mini Scourge?" He whispered into the albino echidna's ear.

"Ow!- Yeah, I'll be fine..." Alaine answered, though flinching mid-sentence sort of proved her wrong.

Vesper frowned and put his arm around Alaine, careful not to hurt her. "You don't seem ok. I know what will make you feel better..." the fairy said, stroking her chin again.

Isaac groaned. "Soooo cheesy," he muttered.

As if on cue, Alaine's stomach growled again. She was still very hungry, as getting locked in yesterday meant she didn't have anything to eat.

Vesper frowned. "Wait here. I'll get you some food," he said before flying off into the cafe. He came back with a strip of bacon. "Here," the fairy said, taking off a piece and offering it to Alaine.

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(Sure thing. -Luna)

"Yay!" Alaine cheered. She took a huge bite of her bacon, though compared to everyone else it would have been an almost comically small bite.

"There you are!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, coming up behind Isaac. "Where have you two been?!"

"Huh?" Alaine looked up at Chloe-Su, curiously. Would Chloe-Su recognize her too?

"In our hotel room," Isaac replied. "We had a little..." he glared at Vesper, "...emotional problems."

"Alaine?!" Chloe-Su exclaimed in surprise, seeing the tiny human.

"Yea. Her too," Isaac added.

"You haven't changed much," Chloe-Su remarked to Aliane.

Alaine seemed confused.

Reens walked into the lobby, yawning and rubbing her eyes. "Sorry about the whole 'having a vision and virtually ignoring everybody because of it and crying uncontrollably and making some of you guys worry about me even though I'm not the one you should worry about' thing."

Isaac turned to Reens, "you had a vision?" He asked. He hasn't been paying much attention to her, since he was literally stabbed in the back and was slowly dying because of scorpion venom. "Did you sleep well?"

Ion walked in yawning, then smiles. "Morning Guys, How did you sleep?" Ion asked.

"Dr. Finitevus and I? Not so well," Isaac replied. He then glared at Vesper. "Because of a certain Nightmare Fairy," he growled.

Vesper gave a wide grin. "Your welcome!"

Lunari wasn't too far behind Ion and Chloe-Su. She floated over to them, waving happily.

Out of nowhere a fireball came and hit Issac on the side of his face, dissipating on impact. It wasn't strong enough to hurt, or do anything for that matter other than get his attention.

Isaac jumped and turned towards the direction from where the fireball came, almost dropping Alaine and Vesper in the process.

The fireball came from Xavis, who was waiting impatiently outside the cafe entrance.

Isaac huffed. "I think Xavis wants those waffles," he said, hurrying over to the brown hedgehog.

(I'll wait for everyone else before I have X do anything -Xoph-)

Alaine landed on the floor back-first with a painful sounding thud. "Owww!!!!"

Reens bent down and picked up Alaine, cradling her in one hand. "You okay, little one? How about we go get some waffles together? I'm sure they have chocolate-chip waffles and tons of whipped cream! That always makes me feel better."

"Mmm. Chocolate-chip waffles sounds good," Vesper added. He fluttered onto Reens' hand and ran his hands through Alaine's hair. "Are you ok?" He asked, concerned for her well being.

"Chocolate chip waffles?" Chloe-Su asked, suddenly very excited. She loved anything chocolate related. "I want some!"

Alaine looked up at Reens and Vesper, dazed. She was awake, at least, but she didn't answer.

"I want coffee," Finitevus simply said, taking off for the coffee machine. Unfortunately, things didn't go as hoped. The coffee machine refused to pour out coffee, much to Finitevus's frustration. "How hard is it to get a decent cup of coffee?!"

Some of the people in the lobby glared at Finitevus before going back to eating breakfast.

Isaac walked up to Finitevus. "Usually when a machine doesn't work, I just give it a good knock," the hedgehog said. Isaac gave the coffe machine a wack with the back of his hand.

Lunari simply floated over to an empty table, saving it for everyone.

Alaine moaned, still hurting pretty badly.

And still no coffee came out. "Rrrrgh!" Finitevus was not happy.

Isaac sighed. "I'll go ask an employee to fix it," he said before walking off to find a waitress.

"Well, let's get some waffles!" Xavis said to Reens, Ion, and Chloe-Su before heading inside.

On one of the walls was a long table with a stack of plates, some waffle irons, and a vast assortment of different sugary toppings.

Xavis smiled and grabbed a plate.

Isaac walked up to one of the waitresses and tapped her shoulder. The fox turned to face Isaac. "May I help you?" She asked. "Yes. I think the coffee machine is broken. My friend can't get anything out of it," Isaac explained. The waitress glanced over at Finitevus and nodded. "That one has been malfunctioning for awhile now. I'll fix it," she said. The two walked back over to Finitevus and the coffee machine.

"Stupid machine!" Finitevus exclaimed, hitting it with his fist angrily. "Grrf! Can't a scientist get coffee in peace? Apparently not!" Finitevus then remembered what Reens said to him earlier the previous night and he stopped complaining right away.

The waitress fiddled with some wiring behind the coffee machine. A satisfying click could be heard. "There, now try it," she said.

Finitevus tapped a button and coffee came sloshing out into the foam cup beneath it. "Thank you, madam."

The waitress smiled," you're welcome," she said before walking away to help other costomers in need.

"She's a nice girl, isn't she?"

Isaac jumped, then sighed. "Vesper, can you please stop doing that?" The sky-blue hedgehog asked. The fairy gave a wide, sharped-tooth grin. "Nope."

Isaac sighed again. He wasn't getting along with this fairy.

"You do that to me," Finitevus spoke, "and I'll turn you into a handkerchief." With that, Finitevus grabbed his coffee and stalked off to where Lunari was.

Lunari waved to him, smiling happily. "Hello!"

Finitevus waved back. "Nice to see you again, Lunari."

Meanwhile, Chloe-Su was busy picking out the ingredients for her waffles. "I'm having some ginger on my waffles!" Chloe-Su exclaimed to Xavis.

"Ginger waffles? Bleh," Isaac said as he walked up to the echidna. "I prefer normal waffles," he grabbed a plate, three waffles, and walked back over to Chloe-Su. "With a bit of whipped-cream," Isaac added.

"Have you ever had ginger waffles?" Chloe-Su asked Isaac, grabbing both the whipped cream and ginger. She loved whipped cream. "When mom was about your age, she hated stuff like ginger on waffles."

"Well, those're your choices," Xavis said. He already had his waffle and was busy stacking it with different candies, syrups and whipped cream. "And this is mine," he said with a beaming smile as he carefully picked up his sugar-rush-on-a-plate and carried it to the table Lunari and Finitevus were at.

"I like sweet stuff," Chloe-Su responded, "but he's gonna have a major sugar rush with that. Literally." Chloe-Su then turned back to Isaac and asked, "You sure you don't want any ginger?"

Lunari relaxed a bit. She couldn't eat, being a ghost and all, so she just enjoyed the atmosphere. She waved to Xavis, too.

Finitevus took one look at Xavis' plate, rolled his eyes, and went back to sipping his coffee. "Children..."

"I agree. With that much sugar, I wouldn't be surprised if he turned into sugar," Isaac said. He then shrugged, "yes, we all have our opinions about certain foods." The hedgehog grabbed a can of whipped cream and spread it on his waffles, along with a lot of syrup. "And no thank you. I don't like ginger in general."

Chloe-Su nodded, then put some ginger and whipped cream on her waffles, followed by maple syrup. "Perfect! I always did fancy myself a culinary artist..." Chloe-Su grabbed her plate and ran off to the table where the other team members were.

Finitevus took one look at Chloe-Su's plate and exclaimed, "Ginger?! You people have the most... unusual food choices I have ever seen."

"At least I didn't put shrimp on my waffles," Chloe-Su remarked jokingly. Finitevus stuck his tongue out in disgust as a reply.

Lunari started laughing. She found this to be quite entertaining.

Isaac walked over to the beverage counter and grabbed a glass cup. He filled it with skim milk and walked over to the table to join the others.

"And octopus," Chloe-Su continued. "Can't forget that."

"Ew!" Finitevus exclaimed, even more disgusted.

Jayda-Su appeared seemingly out of nowhere with a plate of waffles while saying, "Or squid salad!"

Finitevus glared at Jayda-Su.

"Uhhh...." Lunari gave Chloe-Su a confused stare.

Isaac, who had a piece of waffle in his mouth, gagged, nearly choking. He quickly swallowed the waffle and covered his mouth. "You eat calamari with waffles?" He asked.

"It was joke!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, blushing. "That's Jayda-Su," Chloe-Su spoke after a moment, pointing at the red female Echidna.

"Hello!" Lunari said, waving. "Nice to meet you!"

"Everyone shut up and eat" Xavis said, annoyed. He picked up his sugar-rush of a waffle and took a large bite, syrups and whipped cream residue running down his muzzle.

Isaac continued to eat in silence. He wolfed down his second waffle before he noticed something. More specifically, someone. A snowy-white hedgehog with ice-blue eyes entered the cafe. She wore a green shirt, white pants with flame decals, and sky-blue shoes. Isaac nearly choked on his waffles again when he saw her.

Chloe-Su saw the girl and rolled her eyes. She was too busy thinking about her waffles to really care. "I wonder where Reens is?"

"Nice to meet you, too!" Jayda-Su exclaimed, sitting down.

Lunari smiled. "My name's Lunari." She introduced herself.

Isaac slumped into his chair, trying to hide himself. "Oh Chaos, not her," he muttered.

"I like that name," Jayda-Su spoke. "I'm Jayda-Su, but you can call me Su if you want."

"Not who?" Finitevus asked blankly.

"Khione Azah Fahima," Isaac breathed, pointing weakly to the white hedgehog. "Skilled Cryokinetic User," he paused and took a deep, shaky breath and looked Finitevus in the eye. "Leader of the Destructic Sub-Group?"

"Destructic Sub-Group?" Finitevus asked. "Like the Destructix?" Finitevus wasn't exactly sure what Isaac was talking about. Was the Destructic Sub-Group associated with the Destructix?

Isaac nodded. "I don't know how she did it, but Khione managed to convince Scourge to let her form a sub-group."

"She did WHAT?!" Finitevus practically shrieked.

"Wait, cryokine-" Xavis' almost asked, his thought being cut off by the sugar-rush finally kicking in. His pupils grew large, and he started shaking uncontrollably.

"Xavis, you okay?" Chloe-Su asked, concerned because of this.

"Sweet Chaos, Xavis," Isaac muttered. Please don't draw her attention, the hedgehog thought.

"Nyrrrrrrrrrrrrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." Was the only noise that escaped the brown hedgehog, becoming higher in pitch over time.

The room started getting warmer.

The lights started glowing brighter.

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"Oh Chaos, oh Chaos, oh Chaos," Isaac continued to mutter, sinking under the table.

Outside the cafe, a red hedgehog saw the growing light, and immediately pounded on the door. When he didn't get a response, the hedgehog blew the door open with a Neon green beam, only to stare at a bright light, which blinded him.

Ion covers his eyes slightly. "...then this happens..." he said before letting out a sigh.

"Huh?" Lunari wondered, floating over to the door. "Hello?"

The red Hedgehog heard Lunari and turned his head towards her, shielding his eyes with one hand and charging up another beam in the other. He was prepared to fire, but jumped slightly once he got a good look at her.

"INCOMING! GET DOWN!" The hedgehog screamed at the apex of his voice, firing the beam right at the source.

Lunari heard this and moved, but not quite in time. The energy beam grazed her side, and she yelped in pain.

Isaac curled up underneath the table, his eyes sealed shut.

The white hedgehog yelped and stumbled backwards, bumping into the coffee machine. She tripped, falling and crushing the dispenser.

The beam struck Xavis directly, but with the amount of energy he was outputting it did next to nothing.

It felt as if the whole room was shaking. (It wasn't, it only felt like it.) 

The red hedgehog was beginning to freak out since the beam did next to nothing to it's target, but was concerned for the female spirit. "Madame, are you alright?" He asked while averting his eyes, but then asked, "How do we stop this thing?"

"I'm okay, I'm okay..." Lunari replied, though the injury was worse than it seemed. She was going to have to recover for a bit. She slowly moved back towards the others, and joined with the closest person to her. (Whoever reacts first. ;) -Luna)

The female hedgehog slowly got to her feet, muttering something under her breath. "Gah. Why can't a girl enter a building without being shot at?" She then glanced over at Finitevus, her eyes slightly widening. "Dr. Finitevus..." she mused, approaching the albino echidna, paying no mind to the blinding lights.

"Nyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." Xavis let out as he continued shaking hyperactively. Small amounts of electricity crackled around his body. The amount of energy he had was beginning to reach his body's limits. He needed to get rid of it all, and fast.

"He's gonna blow!" The hedgehog shouted as he hid behind the left side of the doorway.

Lunari, seeing this energy overload, knew how she was going to recover. She joined with Xavis. He might feel a little more energized for a split second, but that quickly faded. Lunari started to sap just a little bit of the extra energy, so she could heal herself.

Xavis could feel Lunari inside him, inside his mind. He could feel her absorbing his excess energy, but even with her as an outlet it was still too much. He started to raise his shaking arms in an "X" formation.

Finitevus saw Khione approaching him but ignored her. "Xavis, hang on..." Finitevus touched Xavis lightly, trying to absorb some of the energy. Unfortunately, all it did was cause the electricity to send him flying across the room, and he landed rear first on a table. "OW!" 

Chloe-Su approached Xavis slowly, chanting the Tikal's Prayer spell. She was going to try and help drain Xavis of the energy. "C'mon... just a little more..." Chloe-Su began to quickly drain Xavis of the electricity. However, it might not be fast enough.

Isaac, who was still hiding under the table, resumed a fetal position, his pupils small.

Khione, seeing Xavis' electricity outburst, quickly backed away. She hid behind a nearby table. She knew better than to stay out in the open.

Xavis could feel Chloe-Su trying to help, and appreciated the effort, but knew it wasn't enough. His eyes started turning to static. His warning systems were blaring. He needed to get it all out. Now. He shot his arms down, expelling all of his energy in a pulse.

The room went dark, all electronics shut down.

Xavis' eyes flickered for a few seconds before turning black. The only energy within him was Lunari, who was fortunately unharmed, but not enough to sustain him. He fell forward onto the table with a heavy CRASH.

The room was noticeably colder.

Isaac slowly peeked out from under the table, the tablecloth partially obscuring his view. He moved the fabric away from his face. "Mother of Chaos..." He muttered while observing the destruction around him.

Khione stood up and crept out from behind the table, looking around the room. "Hmm," she looked at Xavis, "he caused a power outage." That's when she noticed Isaac. "Oh great. Him..." she muttered. The female then walked towards Finitevus, helping him off the table. "Quite a shock, huh?" She smirked.

"Indeed," Finitevus spoke, stretching his back slowly. "That's better. Thank you for your assistance, madam." Finitevus walked over to Xavis and checked for a pulse.

"Is he alright?" Jayda-Su asked, nervous.

Chloe-Su went over to where Finitevus and Xavis were and waited.

"Wait a minute..." Finitevus spoke. Finitevus fingered a small circuit that was sticking out of Xavis' hand. "Hm...."

"Hm, what?" Chloe-Su asked.

"Nothing... nothing at all you need to worry about... being a scientist, I could probably help him, but it'll take some time," Finitevus spoke after a moment of hesitation.

"Heck no!" Chloe-Su exclaimed. "I still don't trust you, yet!"

"Do you want him to live," Finitevus responded angrily, "or do you want him to die?"

"Fine. Do it," Chloe-Su shot back. "I'm going to make sure Reens is okay. That was one big electrical blast." Chloe-Su went to the spot she saw Reens last and asked, "You there, Reens? Are you okay?"

Khione walked up to the unconscious hedgehog. She took out a small device, a scanner, by the looks of it. A greenish light skimmed over Xavis. As fast as it had come, it was gone. Khione looked at the small screen and frowned. "No information..." she muttered.

Isaac was standing next to Chloe-Su, eyeing down the white hedgehog. Only he knew the danger that Khione could cause.

"What are you doing?!" Finitevus exclaimed, snatching the device from Khione's hands. "A scanner?!"

Khione gave Finitevus a sour glare. "That device is of no use for you," she said, prying the machine out of the albino echidna's grasp.

Finitevus just snatched it right back.

Khione's eyes narrowed, her irises glowing an unsettling shade of icey-blue. The hedgehog took a deep breath. "Look, Finitevus. Either you give me back my scanner, or I'll get mad. And trust me, you don't want me to be mad."

Xavis' fingers twitched. Power was slowly returning to the hedgehog.

Isaac paid no attention to Xavis. He was currently focused on Khione, staring intently at her, trying to read her mind.

Khione became impatient. She snatched the scanner from Finitevus and pocketed the item. She then crossed her arms, "Why are you hanging out with these loons?" She asked.

"Hey!" Isaac yelled, finding this very insulting.

Xavis' fingers twitched again.

The room started getting warmer.

"These so-called 'loons' are my friends," Finitevus spoke angrily, standing up, "and you will treat them with respect. You don't want to see me mad, now do you?"

Xavis' eyes flickered briefly. His hands gradually clenched into fists.

"And if you ever hurt them... so help me Aurora, I will make sure you pay for it," Finitevus continued. "And don't you dare say I'm weak. I'm far from that."

Lunari was lending Xavis a bit of her energy, in hopes that he'd wake up. She was worried about him.

"So, madam... do you dare call them 'loons' again?" Finitevus asked slowly.

(It's been an hour and nothing happened. I'm taking action.- Julia Finitevus)

"Finitevus.." Chloe-Su spoke. "Xavis' hands... they moved!"

Finitevus looked down to see Xavis' hands were clenched in fists. "Sons of Dimitri!"

Lunari kept going, lending more and more energy back to Xavis. She could recover from it, so she didn't mind. "Hey, wake up..." Lunari mentally spoke to Xavis. Chloe-Su might have heard her, too.

Chloe-Su heard Lunari and decided to take action. The violet female Echidna lay down on the floor, much to Finitevus's confusion.

"Um... what are you doing?" Finitevus asked. Chloe-Su did not respond and separated her mind from her body, planning on using astral projection.

"Finitevus?" A feminine voice asked from behind Finitevus.

"Who?!" The albino Echidna turned to see Chloe-Su, or at least a transparent version of her. "How-?!"

"I'm going to help Lunari wake up Xavis," Chloe-Su spoke before joining with Xavis. "Xavis... wake up... you need to wake up," Chloe-Su said to Xavis mentally.

Xavis' eyes flickered a bit before flaring to life, an audible humming emanating from within the hedgehog. Slowly his brain came back online, and he started automatically pushing himself upright. "Fail-ailure? I'm n-no failure. If anythiiiii~ I'm your grea-reatest succe-ce-ce~. You're the failure-ure, Egg-Egg-Egghead-ead..." he said as he booted up, his voice glitched and fragmenting like a scratched CD. He would need a minute to fully regain conciseness.

The room started to heat up.

"Xavis? Is that you?" Chloe-Su asked mentally. "Lunari? Are you there too? Can you hear me?"

"Huh?" Lunari seemed surprised. "Hey, are you okay?" She asked Xavis, saving questions about the other ghost for later.

"What just happened?" Finitevus asked aloud, more confused than ever.

"Xavis... Lunari wants to know if you're okay," Chloe-Su continued mentally. "If you can hear us, please answer her...."

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(Yeah. - Julia Finitevus)

Xavis groaned as he finally came back to life. He stood up and stretched his back, only to sit back down. "Yeah... I'm... I'm here..." he moaned, rubbing his temples.

"Well, well," Finitevus spoke. "Someone is finally waking up."

"Good. Lunari, you still here?" Chloe-Su asked Lunari mentally.

"Right here..." Lunari answered, reassuringly.

Among the electronics that shorted, a loud thud was heard outside the doorway. The thud came from the red hedgehog from before, he had small black streaks on his quills, green hair with a large green bang covering one of his blue eyes. He also only had one ear on his head. He was wearing a sleeveless black leather jacket with a white top underneath it, and a necklace with a pentagram adorning it. He is also wearing white gloves with spiky orange cuff, and white shoes with black cuffs, a hexagonal pattern, and mahogany, green, and grey accents. The shoes also had two orange stripes going down the middle.

"Wait... Why are you... How are you..." Xavis tried to ask Chloe-Su and Lunari, but couldn't find the questions. "Ngh, nevermind..." He tried to stand, but was too weak and collapsed into his chair. He'd need another minute to fully restore power.

Lunari was still ledning him energy. Since the overload allowed her to heal, Lunari was simply returning the favor by helping him get his strength back.

"I have to go... I can't stay like this for very long," Chloe-Su spoke before leaving Xavis and returning to her body.

"Alright then..." Lunari replied, still keeping up the effort helping Xavis.

The violet female Echidna stood up slowly, now back in her physical form. "Ow... that took a lot of my energy..."

(It's been an hour and absolutely nothing has happened. Taking action... again. - Julia Finitevus)

"What just happened?" Finitevus asked again. "How...?"

"An ability I suppose I inherited from my father," Chloe-Su replied. "It's astral projection."

"Then... you're able to separate yourself from your body?" Finitevus was still confused.

"Mostly," Chloe-Su spoke. "A part of my consciousness has to stay with my body at all times to keep me alive. If my body dies, I die with it." Chloe-Su then saw the red hedgehog from earlier and she asked, "Who're you?"

"Uhhhggg, I feel like garbage..." Xavis groaned, wrapping his arms around his stomach. He felt the sudden urge to throw up, but fortunately didn't. The hedgehog willed himself to stand, while a bit wobbly, he managed. He could feel Lunari lending him energy. He also felt sick.

Lunari went silent, so she could focus on helping him.

Suddenly, Ion was blown backwards, ramming into Xavis as he flew. "GUH!!!"

"Sons of Dimitri!" Finitevus, Chloe-Su, and Jayda-Su exclaimed in unison.

Xavis was taken by surprise when Ion collided with him, staggering backwards but remaining uptight. "Hey, what happened?" He asked, helping the grey hedgehog onto his feet.

Lunari was starting to exhaust herself from helping Xavis, but she kept going. She wanted to make sure Xacis was back to 100% before she actually took a break.

Meanwhile, Alaine was still in quite a bit of pain. Between hitting her head and getting dropped on her back, things weren't looking so good for the tiny human.

Part 10

The hedgehog from the doorway eventually wakes up, and Stares at Chloe, only to suddenly stand up and say"What just happened?"

Chloe-Su shrugged. "I have no idea. Things have been pretty hectic lately."

"Apparently So." The Hedgehog remarked. "My name's Raven by the way."

"I like that name," Chloe-Su replied, holding her hand out for Raven to shake. "I'm Chloe-Su."

"Who?" Finitevus asked blankly.

"He said his name is Raven," Chloe-Su responded to Finitevus.

"Oh, sorry," Finitevus spoke. "I was thinking about something earlier..."

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"Where's Reens?" Finitevus asked after a moment.

"I don't know," Chloe-Su responded. "I went to check on her but I didn't get a chance to do anything else because Xavis was having trouble waking up."

"Gray? Are you okay?" Xavis asked Ion, concerned from his lack of response. He didn't feel sick anymore, but did feel Lunari's exhaustion. "'Hey, take a break," he said mentally, "You don't need to drain yourself, I'll be fine."

Xavis would probably hear Lunari sigh. "Alright, if you insist." She answered. The power boost she was giving him slowly started to fade away, as Lunari dozed off so she could recover.

Xavis could feel the drop in power, but didn't mind as his body would be able to compensate. He was a little concerned for Lunari expending herself, but knew she would recover. He finally noticed the small circuit sticking out of his hand. "How the- you stupid little..." he muttered as he pushed the board back under his flesh. It stung a litle but...

...He felt like he was being watched...

Finitevus watched Xavis push the circuit board back in his hand. "Mildly interesting." Finitevus saw not sure what to think of Xavis, but since the brown Hedgehog seemed to be secretive about it, Finitevus wouldn't mention it to the other team members. "That's weird... why do I feel like I'm being watched?" Finitevus thought. The albino Echidna glanced about, but saw nothing unusual.

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"Reens?!" Chloe-Su called out loud, worried. She hadn't seen Reens in awhile and that concerned Chloe-Su very much.

Chloe-su might have heard something; a small whine, sounding rather pained. It was Alaine, who was still hurt.

Chloe-Su did not hear due to a very persistent loud ringing sound in her ears from the explosion, but Finitevus heard.

"What was that noise?" Finitevus asked, looking around. Then he saw Aliane. "You alright, Aliane?" The albino Echidna picked up the tiny human gently. "You've been taking a pretty big beating lately, poor child..."

Chloe-Su heard Finitevus talking, though, and turned around to see him holding Aliane. "What are you doing?!"

"Holding Aliane," Finitevus replied in a quiet voice. "What do you think?"

"Huh?" Chloe-Su didn't hear what Finitevus said since he was talking very quietly. "I didn't hear what you said."

But Finitevus was too busy examining Aliane to hear what Chloe-Su said.

"Lot's of bruises... possible concussion..." Finitevus was randomly talking to himself, which might confuse some of the other team members.

"What?" Chloe-Su asked, still not hearing what Finitevus said. Was it just her, or was the ringing in her ears getting worse? "Is Aliane okay?"

"In a moment," Finitevus spoke, then he started murmuring something inaudible and a small wave of energy swept over Aliane's body. Finitevus was attempting to heal Aliane using his abilities.

And it worked, though Alaine was still dazed and not quite thinking straight.

"Wow..." Chloe-Su had no words, evidently having been unaware of the fact that Finitevus had the same ability to heal people as her.

"Wow what?" Finitevus asked, looking at Chloe-Su.

"Never mind," the violet female Echidna replied, turning away. "I'm going to go look for Reens." With that, Chloe-Su began searching around the darkness of the cafe.

"Aliane...?" Finitevus was still concerned that there may have been more damage than he considered. "She's taken quite the beating lately and it hasn't even been twenty four hours..."

"Huh...? Alaine snapped out of her little fog, though she seemed tired and weak. "T-thank you..."

"You're welcome," Finitevus spoke. "It was rather easy, compared to what I've..." Finitevus didn't finish, and suddenly felt very heartbroken for reasons unknown even to him. "Why do I feel so sad all of a sudden? I don't even know what is suddenly making me feel this way..." Finitevus suddenly shook his head and simply said to Aliane, "Glad I could help."

Alaine smiled. She was shaking a tiny bit from being weak, but she climbed up onto Finitevus's shoulder.

"I didn't expect you to be climbing around this fast!" Finitevus exclaimed, seeing this.

Alaine's stomach growled again. Besides the little bit of bacon Vesper brought her, Alaine still hadn't had anything to eat.

"Hungry still?" Finitevus asked, somewhat surprised. Then he glanced about the very dark cafe and said, "I can't see much in here... I'm surprised that I even spotted you in this horrid lighting..." 

"Aww...." Alaine sighed.

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Alaine sniffed around, hoping she could find some food that way.

"Having a hard time seeing?" Xavis asked rhetorically, "Fortunately you got me. While I can't restore power to the building, I can... do... this..." He snapped his arms downwards, them bursting into illuminating flames. It wasn't normal fire, however, it was like the fire from the night before. No smoke. No crackle.

It lit up the room quite sufficiently.

This little outburst of energy woke Lunari up again.

"Thanks," Finitevus replied. Then he saw Aliane sniffing around. "Um...?" Finitevus never saw a human sniff for food before. Although, Aliane wasn't your average human. Quite the opposite, in fact. She may have several advantages over regular humans... Finitevus shook his head. Then his mind went to the Fusion Shards. The team couldn't possibly collect every single one. That was impossible. So what were they fighting for? "Stop that kind of thinking!" Finitevus told himself. This was just getting very confusing for him.

"Oh, thank you!" Alaine cheered, quickly heading off on her own to find some food while he lit up the place. Soon, she came back with a piece of a waffle and another piece of bacon. The pieces looked small, but so was she. They were the perfect size for her.

"Perfect size, evidently." Finitevus chuckled quietly at this.

Alaine nodded, smiling, taking a bite of her waffle. Yummy. She didn't have anything on it, but she didn't mind.

"Isaac, Ion, any ideas for finding the next Fusion Shard?" Finitevus asked, watching Aliane eat.

Alaine seemed to be enjoying herself, now that she had food. The pieces she had broken off were comically almost half her size.

"No... but I did Encounter the Genesis Lord... he resembled... some hedgehog... kind of resembling a mix between myself and Shadow... with some obvious differences. He was much more powerful that I thought..." Ion said very concerned. "He also allied himself with the Shadow whatchamecallit," he added.

"Shadow Galaxia," Finitevus spoke in reply. "But we don't know that they're allies for sure.... but the possibility is strong."

"Okay, I have, like, no idea what you guys are talking about," Xavis said, his arms still ablaze, "Nor do I necessarily care, but I'll help anyways." He paused for a moment, thinking. "But before we do anything, I must ask: how exactly do these shard things react with Chaos Energy?"

"They don't unless the a chaos user has a shard." Ion told Xavis.

Alaine was trying to understand what they were talking about, but was dreadfully confused. It showed on her face, she was totally lost.

"They mean, that the shard won't react, but only if the user touches it," Keira said simply to Alaine, after stopping by to look, while holding out her own Fusion Shard, with two lightning making an 'X' mark carved on it.

"Oh... Wow, it's pretty..." Alaine said, staring at Keira's fusion shard.

"Mind if I join you guys?" Keira smirked. "I know a place where a lot of empty Fusion Shards are, which is in my homeplace, Nocturne Forest."

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Alaine seemed quite interested.. "Oooh! That sounds like fun!" She cheered. The tiny human climbed onto Keira's shoulder, smiling.

Xavis might notice that he wasn't expending as much energy as usual for his flames; it seemed that Lunari was still intent on helping him. She had at least recovered a bit, so she could do just that.

And Xavis did. 'Hey,' he said mentally, 'You don't have to work yourself, it's fine. Besides, I burn over a minute what I can produce in a second, so I- and more importantly you- don't have to worry about my energy use. Go back to your rest, you'll be thankful later.' He hadn't noticed Keira enter, however.

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"Uh, guys," Vesper finally spoke. "Water Boy and Ice Girl are gone." He looked around, and sure enough, Isaac and Khione were nowhere to be seen.

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"So, you wanna to go? Alaine?" Keira said, sounding a bit confused, but then looked at the ones that she didn't know just yet.

Xavis' ears perked up, having finally noticed Keira's presence. "Wait, we don't even know who you are," he said, beginning to walk towards the angel-hog, "Or better yet, why we should trust you." His eyes shifted to a glaring red as he finished speaking, staring her down.

"The names Keira, the angel hedgehog, and I believe you're searching for the Fusion Shards, like this one," she held out her hand again, showing her own Fusion Shard.

"I'm a neutral good, working mostly on the good side that means," Keira said, not impressed. "If you're finding some empty shards, Nocturne Forest has a lot of them, that is, if you guys want to come."

She just was literally looking at Xavis, not intimidated at all, since she's used to Shadow glaring at her soul. Keira then put Alaine down, and flew up into the air, sensing a presence that was familiar.

Lunari listened to Xavis, falling asleep again.

Alaine crawled up onto the nearest person's shoulder; turns out, it was Xavis. After the beating she had taken lately, she knew better than to stay on the floor.

Keira just chased and revealed the presence, which was her friend, Rosaria Robotnik, then flew with Rosaria near to where Xavis was, then slept with her, on a tree branch.

"Okay..." was all Finitevus said, feeling bewildered.

Chloe-Su came back, still worried sick about Reens. "I can't find her anywhere..." Chloe-Su took one look at Vesper and grabbed the fairy. "A nightmare fairy?!! You STUPID-"

"Chloe-Su," Finitevus said quietly. "Don't."

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"Please, no!" Alaine hopped off of Xavis' shoulder, landing on Chloe-Su's arm. "Stop!"

Ion Looked at Keira. "You have a Fusion Shard?! How are you aware of it..." Ion questioned showing his orange red-ish fusion shard which has a Bio-hazard Symbol carved on it.

Vesper sneered and pulled at Chloe-Su's fingers. "What? What did I do?" He demanded, pulling free of the echidna's grasp.

Alaine was worried about Vesper. The tiny human made her way over to him, making sure he didn't have any injuries.

"What did you do?!!" Chloe-Su repeated angrily. "You screwed with my feelings, that's what!!"

"Really guys...." Keira woke up and said. "Of course I'm aware, I had this for a long time!!"

She woke Rosaria up, and then flew towards them. "Ion, once the Fusion Shard is yours to keep, it will like become connected to you."

"Hey, stop! It's over now, right?" Alaine looked up at Chloe-Su, with pleading, begging eyes. "I had a nightmare too, I think we all did."

"That's for sure," Xavis commented. His ears twitched. He could hear something in the distance...

Keira had also picked up that sound, and placed her hand behind her back, while charging an electro ball. Rosaria just had stayed alert, and watched into the distance.

Chloe-Su set Aliane gently on a table and let out a sort of snarl at Vesper, then turned her back to him and crossed her arms. Then she spoke, "I hope Reens is okay."

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Vesper raised one of his tiny eyebrows. "Who is Reens?" He asked, crossing his arms. The fairy jumped in shock when a loud, bloodcurdling roar echoed in the distance. "What the heck was that?!"

Rosaria looked and said, "Keira, is that what I think it is?"

Keira flew up and mentioned for all who can fly to come up, as she glared up ahead. "Yes Rosa, yes it is," Keira growled.

Ion Looked at his Fusion Shard, Which is Reacting to something. Oddly, It Glows differently in color compared to what he has seen. "Strange, It does not glow a Green-ish color..." Ion then felt a Presence all around him. 'Guys, We were tracked down Somehow. I feel loads of evil power nearby... and its everywhere!"

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Reens ran to the group and panted, then paused as she looked at all of the new faces. "Chaos, I missed a lot. Anyways, my Fusion Shard is acting really weird. All I wanted was some chocolate chip waffles, but it started getting really warm, and I ended up having another vision."

"Vision?" Vesper asked. He unhooked the Fusion Shard that was strapped to his back and examined it. It started glowing, but only because it was in the presence of another of it's kind. "Weird. The Fusion Shards you folks have react when you touch them, but not mine. Is it broken?" The nightmare fairy tapped the crystal with a finger.

"Hm. I dunno, it might just react differently to different situations?" Reens gently picked up the Fusion Shard and examined it, then gave it back to Vesper. "I really don't know much about them, and I doubt anyone does, but each shard we have always corresponds to whoever picked it up in the first place. Or, if they're anything like the Chaos Emeralds... maybe... they choose who they respond to?"

"Wait, you mean it only attaches to the person who first touched it?" Vesper asked.

"Pretty much I think," Reens replied with a shrug. "Though in my case, I wasn't the first one who touched my Fusion Shard. Finitevus was, I guess. He gave it to me, and ever since then, I've started having really crazy visions. The last one I had was of my past, but this one..." She shuddered. "... I saw my future."

Vesper stayed silent for a moment. "Maybe it doesn't react to me because I stole it."

Chloe-Su didn't see Reens at first. When she did, she burst out crying. "Reens!" The female Echidna hugged Reens right away, salty tears running down her face. "I thought you got hurt!"

Finitevus stared, confused. He thought he had his Fusion Shard with him the whole time. The albino Echidna reached down in his pocket and felt around. Nothing. "Was the timeline altered...?" Finitevus shook his head, puzzled. "I sensed a change in the timeline earlier, but I didn't think it shifted that much..."

"Ey, ey, eye. Emotion overload, amiright?" Vesper spun the Fusion Shard in his hands like a baton.

Chloe-Su looked like she was about to murder Vesper for that one. 

"Uh, Chloe-Su? Would you mind not hugging me so tight? You're obstructing my airway!" Reens managed to choke out. "And give Finitevus his Fusion Shard back! He'll need it."

Vesper frowned. "I didn't steal this Fusion Shard from Finitevus," he said. The tiny bat's smug grin returned. "I stole it from that Fox Chick!"

Reens face-palmed (or at least, attempted to). "Do you mean to say that Fiona Fox somehow got her hands on a Fusion Shard?!? And if she figures out how to use it we might not only have Shadow Galaxia and the Genesis Lord on our hands, but also the Destructix possibly?!?"

Vesper kept his smug look. "Yes, they could be a problem. But..." he held up the crystal, "I have the Fusion Shard."

Ion stood there in a thought, Trying to gather pieces of the puzzle.

A very loud crash could be heard outside the hotel lobby doors. Vesper nearly dropped the Fusion Shard in surprise.

"Speak of the devils..." Reens muttered, eventually pushing Chloe-Su off of her. "I had a feeling this would happen..."

Vesper strapped the Fusion Shard onto his back, fluttering out of the café door. The first thing he saw was Isaac and Khione. They both had their backs against the door, trying to hold it back. The wooden door rattled, and the two hedgehogs struggled to keep it held shut.

Reens followed and pressed her back against the door, raising her hands and using her aquakinesis as an extra measure of support. This is exactly what I saw happening... The whole world is going to go into ruin... and it's all gonna be my fault... if I don't do something...

"What's going on? Is it the Destructix?!" Vesper asked in a panic. Isaac shook his head, "Shadow Wolves," he breathed, obviously out of breath.

Ion looked at Reens and frowned, he then walked to her. "You alright reens?" he asked.

Xavis exited the cafe before running to- no, into- the lobby doors, forcing them shut nearly breaking them by the hinges with his strength. The wolves would've definitely been taken aback by the sudden amount of force keeping the doors shut.

Isaac sighed, slightly pulling off of the doors. "Thanks Xavis. I owe ya one," the light-blue hedgehog said.

"Fusion Shard, I want to transform into Gyrokira!" Keira shouted, while in battle. "My dark form!"

Keira had turned into her dark form, as she had half health left. She was destructing the opponents, giving them a chance to strike.

Reens shuddered, letting her arms fall and hugging herself, sliding down the doors. "You know how I had that one vision a while back? Well, it happened again... and this time... I saw the future..."

Isaac flinched and pushed his back harder into the door when a fracture formed in the wood.

Getting back up, Reens pressed her back into the doors again, wincing as a splinter struck her back. If they break through, all hell's gonna break loose... Reens gritted her teeth and pushed harder, her shirt starting to turn a light shade of red on the back. I can't let them die because of me!

A hole was broken into the door, and one of the evil wolves showed it's ugly head. It had the same color scheme as the Shadow Chameleon. The same dark purple and lifeless red eyes. Khione kicked the monster's head, causing it to whimper and pull it's head back through the hole. "Get everyone on the second floor. This door is about to break," the white hedgehog warned.

"Move, move!" Finitevus shouted, shoving people towards the elevator and stairway.

Chloe-Su drew her sword and said to Xavis, "You ready?"

"I've dealt with worse," Xavis replied, still forcing the door shut- but with some difficulty. "Alright..."

Khione turned to Isaac. "Isaac," she said sternly. He nodded. Both hedgehogs jumped away from the door as it busted open. Shadow Wolves flooded into the lobby. There were several dozen of them, all only having one goal; to kill. Khione formed ninja stars made of ice in her hands, and two wolves fell to the ground, the sharp ice edges piercing their skulls. Isaac busted another one of the hotel's water pipe, causing surges of water to envelop three of the wolves. in an attempt to drown the awful creatures.

Flames erupted from Xavis' feet as the doors opened, sending him into the air above herd of wolves. He looked down at them, and at Isaac and Khione. "Great," he muttered, "A pyro stuck in a room two aquas and a cryo. Fortunately for me..." He ignited his arms, "...this isn't normal fire."

Lunari woke up again, giving Xavis some if her energy.

Alaine hid, confused and scared.

Isaac knocked one of the wolves aside. It got up and was about to lunge at the hedgehog, but then noticed Finitevus. It snarled, then ran at the albino echidna. Isaac noticed this, "Finitevus! Look out!"

"I got that one!" Reens shouted, slapping it away with a jet of water. She tried drowning a few more, then got clawed in the back by one. "Augh!" She grit her teeth and tried casting 'Healing Rain', but her focus was shaky.

Lunari noticed this, and left Xavis, before floating over and joining with Reens. She started to work on healing the claw wounds.

Reens shuddered a little as Lunari joined with her, but then smirked. "Alright! Thanks for your help, Lunari! Now we can do this! Healing Torrent!" A slightly heavy mist settled over the lobby, healing everyone in the group. "Time to kick some more wolfie butt!"

"No problem!" Lunari answered, happy to lend a hand.

Isaac knocked four aside at once with a single beam of water. Tentacles of water were spread around the room, Isaac somehow being able to control them all. He was suddenly pinned to the ground by a wolf that happened to get past the jets of water surrounding the hydrokinetic hedgehog. A piece of wood hit the monster from behind. "Hey, fur-face! Get off of him, or I'll bash yer skull in." Angus was standing in the doorway, holding a metal baseball bat over his shoulder. Draven, along with two other mobains, a male lynx named Atkin, and a female raven named Audie, were standing next to him. The wolf snarled, then charged at the condor. With one swing of the bat, Angus sent the creature flying into a wall, the impact of the bat connecting to it's skull killing it instantly.

Xavis watched the carnage from above, and decided to finally step in. He cut the ignition to his feet. He dropped, arms ablaze and held high. He fell into a group of the wolves, striking the floor as he landed. Fire erupted around him, launching the wolves into the air.

"There's so many of them!" Reens struck another wolf down, then used her sword to slash off its head. "How long is this going to go on?"

Lunari gave Reens a power boost, enough so she could keep fighting as long as she had to.

"Why don't you asked the pack leader?" Khione asked sarcastically. "Shut it, Khione!" Isaac scolded, jumping to his feet and grabbing a wolf with a water tentacle and throwing it at another. He turned to Angus, "why are you here?"

Angus chuckled, striking another wolf with his baseball bat. "You can thank yer magic hedgehog friend fer leading me here," he replied. Hecate stepped into view, grinning. "Did ya miss me?" She asked. "No," Khione replied, impaling another dreadful shadow creature with a spear of ice.

Ion steped out and smirks. "Time to heat things up! Nuclear Mode... ENGAGE!!" Ion then transforms into his nuclear form, His massive power can be felt, he then dashes through a hoard of Shadow Creatures faster than the speed of sound

Chloe-Su stabbed one of the wolf-like creatures with her sword, the blade embedding deep in its chest. "Normally I like wolves... but you're an exception!"

Finitevus dodged one of the wolves leaps while at the same time nailing it with a Thunder Arrow. "Really... these canines are stupid..."

Once Alaine had calmed down, she wanted to help. She grabbed the first sharp thing she could find in the cafe (which turned out to be a toothpick), and rushed over to the group.

Rosaria saw Alaine, and smiled. She then stuck out her own Fusion Shard, which was purple, and had a magic symbol on it, then said,"Spirit animals, come out!" "Tornado The Spirit Griffin, and Kanine The Spirit Wolf, attack the enemies!"

The two spirit animals then nodded, dashing into the fight, while Rosaria riding on Tornado's back. She called out to Keira, and shouted,"Gyrokira, why don't you help Alaine attack?"

Gyrokira (Keira in her Dark Form.), smirked and commanded for the fusion shard to change her into her animal form, a war mode sabre-toothed tiger. She then rushed over to Alaine, and asked her to jump on her back, and off they went to battle.

Alaine climbed up on to Gyrokira's back, holding her not very intimidating toothpick in one hand. Worst comes to worst, she could always use her fangs.

Ion Punches and kicks a massive hoard of Shadow Creatures at High Speed, each strike hitting a different Target. "If you freaks can't take the heat, then get out of the Kitchen!" Ion shouts, knowing that does nothing, but all he was doing is taunting.

Finitevus suddenly fell to his knees, overwhelming pain in his head. He had just experienced a flashback, but he couldn't remember of what. "Rrrg!" The albino Echidna stood up slowly and got back to fighting, only to collapse again to his knees, six years of previously erased memories coming back in a flash. "What... no... she can't be..."

Chloe-Su nailed one of the wolves with a Chaos Spear. "Take that, you filthy animal!"

One of the Shadow Creatures took advantage of Finitevus' weakness. It ran at him, jumping ontop of the albino echidna, snapping at him with it's sharp teeth.

Alaine lunged at this particular Shadow Beast, trying to land on its back. She jabbed at it with her toothpick, which soon broke, leaving Alaine to sink her little fangs into the back of the creature's neck.

The wolf grunted, turning it's head and trying to bite Alaine in half.

Xavis- who had just sliced a wolf clean in half with his sword- saw Alaine's predicament and rushed over to help her.

Finitevus punched the wolf in the hard face and threw it off him. "Get off of me, you freaking-" Finitevus screamed the most horrid of things as he continued to attack the wolf, finally stabbing it in the chest with a Thunder Arrow. The albino Echidna leaped back in case the wolf survived the stabbing.

The wolf stumbled backwards, black blood dripping from it's stab wound. It let out a low, distorted howl before collapsing on the ground, dead.

The remaining monsters took notice of this howl. The ones that could still walk retreated out of the lobby door, but not before one of the wolves snatched Alaine in it's terrible jaws and ran off with her.


Part 1 of 11

"Alaine!" Xavis yelled, igniting his feet and soaring after the wolf. He quickly caught up and tackled it, pinning it to the ground.

The wolf snarled as best as it could. It bit down on Alaine, so hard that it might have broken the tiny human's bones.

Alaine screamed, her bones breaking with a sickening snap.

Xavis heard Alaine's bones breaking. "LET HER GO!" he screamed, forcing his hands into the wolf's mouth and pulling, slowly prying it's jaw open with his immense strength. Any harder and it's jaw would break off...

Alaine tried to get out while Xavis pried its mouth open, and simply landed on the ground with a thud. She passed out, badly hurt.

Ion kept fighting with every inch of power and strength he has. His own energy draining from him as he fought.

Seeing that Alaine was safe, Xavis released the wolf's jaw, drawing his sword and stabbing the monster through it's face. With it dead, he sheathed his sword and knelt down, gently picking up the tiny human. Without saying a word he headed back into the hotel.

Isaac huffed, dropping onto his knees in exhaustion. The water tendrils collapsed and drained out of the lobby door. He laid on his side, his energy drained.

Khione, who was in better shape than Isaac, knelt down next to the hydrokinetic hedgehog. Without saying a word, she stood up and jogged over to Xavis and Alaine. "Poor dear..." the she-hog mumbled. She barely knew Alaine, yet Khione felt sympathy for her.

Reens grunted, lifting her sword from a straggler wolf and panting. "Okay Lunari, you can unfuse from me now," she said with a slight grimace at the blood on her sword. "I'm fine. Try to see if you can fuse with Alaine, okay?'

"Oh, alright then." Lunari answered, leaving Reens. She looked over Alaine, before joining with the tiny girl.

Though she was still conked out, Alaine let out a small whimper.

Isaac partially got over his exhaustion. He rose to his feet with some difficulty and wobbled over to Khione, Xavis, and Alaine. "What happened?" He wheezed. "Internal Injuries. Her bones are broken," Khione explained. Isaac looked at the unconscious mini human. "I think I know how to fix that," the hydrokinetic said. Water snaked up Isaac's leg and onto his hand. The hedgehog gently put his hand on Alaine, the water slinking down ontop of her. It seeped into her skin, slowly melding her bones back together as best as it could.

The heat of Xavis' hand also helped Alaine heal.

Alaine wasn't fully healed yet, but it was a good start, and Lunari was still helping her. Her eyes fluttered open, and she immediately realized that everything was sore. "Oww!"

"Try not to move too much," Isaac advised. "Ey! Nice water manipulation ye got there, son," Angus complimented, walking up to the hedgehog. He noticed Alaine and gave a friendly smile. "Now, aren't you a tiny little critter. What's yer name?" The condor asked, blowing a bit of smoke in the opposite direction. Isaac cringed and snatched the cigarette out of his beak. "You do know that smoking is hazardous to you're respiratory health?" The hedgehog questioned. "What are ya? A hero or a doctor?" Angus replied. Isaac only rolled his eyes, doused the cigarette, and threw it into a trashcan.

Alaine looked up at them all, blankly. "A-Alaine..." she answered Angus, weakly. She winced.

Chloe-Su watched the scene unfold, kneeling down next to the others. "Aliane?"

Finitevus was unaware of what was happening. He sat not too far away, trembling as memories continued to flood his mind. "No... no..." Tears started running down the albino echidna's face.

"Ow..." Alaine whined. Chloe-su might sense Lunari as well.

"Lunari?" Chloe-Su addressed mentally. "Can you hear me?"

"Doc?" Reens moved from Alaine and bent down next to Finitevus. She pulled out a tissue and handed it to him. She didn't say a word as she sat next to him, just letting him know she was there.

"Loud and clear." Lunari answered. "What's up?"

Vesper floated out of the café door and into the lobby. He was holding a half-eaten waffle and a small plastic cup filled with milk. "What did I miss?" He asked, taking a sip from the cup. He spat out milk when he saw Khione. "A-Ah!"

Khione heard Vesper and turned to him. Her eyes narrowed as the room became much colder. "YOU!" She screamed. The nightmare fairy tried to get away, but didn't get very far until he found himself in Khione's tight grip.

Xavis' entire body shivered as the temperature dropped. A thin layer of ice started forming over him underneath his cloak. 'No no no no no no no,' he thought, closing his eyes tightly.

Alaine shivered slightly, since the room was cold, and her clothes were soaking wet from being in the monster's mouth and from Isaac's water-based healing.

Ion heated up the room, helping the others warm up.

Finitevus wiped his face with the tissue and spoke after a moment. "T-thank y-y-you, R-Reens..."

"Nothing much to tell," Chloe-Su spoke to Lunari mentally. Then she saw Xavis and said, "I need to help Xavis."

"Alright, go do that then. No time to waste." Lunari urged Chloe-su, still healing Alaine.

Alaine looked around, confused, still wincing as she moved. Since she was Lunari's "host" for the moment, she could hear Lunari and Chloe-su talking, but she had no idea why she was hearing voices...

"Help! Ice Girl has gone nuts!" Vesper screamed. Khione's reply was to squeeze him harder. "Where is it?" She demanded. "W-Where is what?" Vesper replied in a shaky voice. "The crystal! Where is it?!" The cryokinetic growled.

Xavis appreciated the effort Ion gave, but it wasn't enough. The room was still cold. "Come on... come on..." he said, eyes still closed tight. Slowly his fur started to glow orange with heat. He stopped shivering and the ice that formed on him disappeared.

The room began heating up exponentially.

Alaine stopped shivering, but she was still soaked. And she was still very confused.

Isaac lifted his hand off of Alaine. "Does that feel better?" He asked.

Alaine nodded, wincing a bit as she sat up.

"I don't know what you are talking about!" Isaac heard Vesper scream. He turned to Khione and the fairy, one eyebrow raised. "What's going on over here?" Isaac asked as he walked up to the duo. "Ice Girl has gone crazy!" Vesper yelped. Khione looked at Isaac, her stone-like glare softening a bit. "This little titch stole something from..." Her voice faltered. Khione was hiding something.

"Vesper, where's the Fusion Shard you took from Fiona?" Reens asked, after hugging Dr. Finitevus gently. "Do you still have it with you?" She took out her own Fusion Shard but kept it close, trying to see if the other was close by or not.

Vesper stayed silent, trying to pull away from Khione's grasp. With hesitation, he unstrapped the Fusion Shard off his back. Khione took the crystal in her hand, letting go of Vesper, who quickly floated behind Reens in fear that she was going to hurt him. "So that's what these things are called? Never heard of them," Khione mused.

"Well?" Chloe-Su asked, tapping her foot impatiently.

Khione turned to Chloe-Su, the room temperature returning to normal. "What do you mean 'well?'" She questioned.

"Aren't you gonna tell us why you're here?" Chloe-Su responded, still tapping her foot.

Finitevus watched but didn't say a word. One word out of his mouth and he might not be able to control his emotions any longer...

With the temperature normal, Xavis stopped glowing and slowly reverted to his original brown color. He opened his eyes, panting slowly.

Khione pondered for a moment. "That's classified," she replied blankly.

Finitevus couldn't help it. The albino Echidna stood up and shouted, "CLASSIFIED?! Why is everything always classified?!!!" The Echidna partially regained control over himself and continued with, "I'm sick and tired of these games... running around playing hero... making mistakes... hurting people... killing people... and no matter what I do, the cycle never ends... and it's all my fault."

Isaac was taken aback by Finitevus' outburst. Khione, however, wasn't in the least bit interested. The hedgehog started towards the door.

"Where are you going?!" Chloe-Su asked sharply, her left hand going for her sword.

"None of your business," Khione snarled, putting the Fusion Shard in her pocket.

Xavis looked at Issac. "Here," he said, handing him Alaine. He then turned to face Khione. "Well, some of us might think that it is," he said, his eyes turning orange-red.

The room became a bit warmer.

"Xavis..." Chloe-Su was worried that the constant fighting amongst each other might get someone hurt when they had other priorities that were more important than everyone's disagreements over less important matters. "Not now..."

"And why would I care?" Khione snapped back.

Chloe-Su frowned at that. "Please... not now..."

Xavis became tense. His eyes shifted to solid red. Reality fractured around him for a few seconds. "Because," he said, slowly approaching Khione, "I am among the most powerful beings in existence. And quite honestly, you give me very little reason to trust you. To trust that you're not in allegiance with someone of ill intent. Someone who knows how to- or worse- can use that shard you took!"

"Or because the fate of every world is at stake! If we don't stop Shadow Galaxia and the Genesis Lord, not only will our world as we know it disappear, every world will disappear and be changed all over again!" Reens retorted, letting Vesper sit in her hand. "You want the universe to collapse, it's your funeral!"

"And that..." Xavis commented.

"I think we'll get out of yer hair," Angus interrupted. "Atkin, Audie, Draven, let's get going," the grey condor said as he walked out the door, the bloody metal baseball bat slung over his shoulder. Atkin and Audie followed, but not Draven. The fox stared intently at Khione, before turning his back to the ground and following Audie out the lobby door.

Khione pondered once more. "That does sound serious..." She started, ignoring Xavis, "But I have a job to do," Khione finished, turning back to the lobby entrance.

Reens huffed. "Just goes to show you how selfish some people really are," she muttered under her breath. "You may not want to save all of existence, but I do, and if it means giving up everything I have... so be it. Besides, what's an adventure without adventure in it?"

"I agree, " Chloe-Su spoke. "And besides, if the universe gets destroyed, there won't be a job left for you to do." Chloe-Su then continued with, "What's the point of doing something if it ends up being undone later?"

Khione stopped dead in her tracks, but not because of Reens and Chloe-Su's remarks. She turned to the nearest air vent. The air ducts creaked under someone or something's weight.

Chloe-Su suddenly exclaimed, "Get back!" She grabbed Khione away from the duct immediately. Something told her whatever was in the air duct was probably not friendly...

The air duct vent popped open. A mobain hummingbird fell out of the duct and landed on her head with a thud. "Ow!" She yelped in a shrill voice. She looked up at the group, her orange eyes glittering with curiosity. Khione took a step back, recognizing the hummingbird.

Chloe-Su took an instant liking to the hummingbird. "You okay?" Chloe-Su helped her up off the floor.

"I'm ok," the hummingbird replied. She then spotted Khione and smiled. "Hello, Ms. Khione!"

The cryokinetic hedgehog stumbled over to the bird, "Lyddie, what are you doing here?!" Khione exclaimed. "Looking for you," Lyddie replied cheerfully.

Finitevus remained silent and watched the scene with mild, if any, interest.

Khione sneered, "I thought I told you to...." She gave a nervous glance to Chloe-Su, the looked back at Lyddie, "....the others." "OH! That," Lyddie exclaimed. "Well, I got bored just sitting around doing nothing, and Hattori, Sakkara, and Ruby didn't want to play with me, so I went to go find you!" The hummingbird explained. Khione facepalmed, "I told you to stay put!"

"Am I missing something?" Chloe-Su asked blankly. Then she shook her head and said, "Never mind."

Lyddie looked at Chloe-Su, then the rest of the group. "Hey, Khione. Who are you're new friends? Are they more new members of the Destr-" Khione slammed a hand over the hummingbird's mouth. "Lyddie!" She hissed.

"I k-know w-what she was about t-to say," Finitevus finally spoke, albeit a bit shakily. "And the answer is n-no, M-Miss Lyddie. We just m-met Khione."

Khione sighed and lifted her hand off of her beak. "Guess there isn't a point of hiding it anymore..."

"H-how much h-has Scourge b-been hiding behind m-my back when he a-and I worked t-together?" Finitevus asked slowly. "I-Isaac told m-me Scourge f-formed a subgroup..."

"Correction. How I formed a subgroup," Khione replied. "The first question I am not aloud to answer. But instead, I have a question for you." The hedgehog paused, "Do you know what Charmspeaking is?"

"Hey, little one. Are you okay?" Lunari asked Alaine. Alaine just looked around. "I'm fine..." Alaine answered aloud, not sure who was talking to her.

"C-Charmspeaking?" Finitevus repeated. "N-no..."

Khione smirked, "Then I guess I'll show you," she said. The crykokinetic she-hog walked over to Isaac, her eye filled with mischief. "Hey there, cutie," she cooed flirtingly. "U-Uh, hello," Isaac nervously replied, his muzzle slowly turning red. "It wouldn't be to much trouble to fetch a coca Frappuccino for me, would it?" Khione asked in a soothing, seductive voice. Isaac shook his head franticly. "No, not at all," he replied. His voice was rather monotone. Without another word, he ran off to get Khione what she asked for, Alaine still in his hand.

"Interesting... very interesting..." Xavis said slowly. He was much less angry now, but his eyes were still orange-red, "Do tell, how exactly does this 'Charmspeaking' work?"

"There are only two rules that I aware of about Charmspeaking," Khione began. "Rule Number 1: It only works on people that have romantic or sexual intentions for me. Rule Number 2: It only works on dudes."

"Oh," Xavis said, "Well, good to know." He started walking towards the cafe. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go give Isaac a nice hard slap for... various reasons."

"Man, do i even have to say anything about this... 'Charmspeaking' because it's not really useful in a fight..." Ion said to Khione.

Alaine was still looking like she was losing it. "Little one, I'm only here to help you..." "Where? Where are you?" Alaine kept asking out loud, unaware that she looked like a maniac.

"My cryokinetics make up for that," Khione replied.

Ion Smirked. "I figured that"

Finitevus slapped his hand on his face in frustration. "C-children... luckily, i-it won't work o-on me... I already h-have a girlfriend.."

"Well, I have to get going," Khione walked in the direction of the lobby door, Lyddie following behind, cheerful as can be.

"Bye!" Ion said.

"Wait!" Finitevus cried out. "If you do this, you're risking Lyddie's life too!" Finitevus paused a moment and continued more quietly, "And I don't think you want that."

Ion then thought of what Finitevus said. "Yeah, you do have a point.."

"I lost people that I cared about because of my own mistake," Finitevus continued quietly. "Because I was pitted against my family against my will and I was too weak to stop it. I don't want to see anyone else have to go through anything remotely similar to that..." There was a small pause before Finitevus spoke more. "I even killed my own parents and..."

Khione sighed in defeat. "Fine. Take the shard," she said, taking it out of her pocket and tossing it to Finitevus. "Guilt tripper," the snowy hedgehog muttered under her breath. Lyddie seemed surprised, "wait! What about Fiona's mission?" The hummingbird asked. "Fiona can kiss my furry ass. I didn't even want to come here in the first place," Khione replied.

"Mission?" Finitevus asked, confused.

A loud slap could be heard in the distance...

"Hmph," Keira grunted of her vicious bite mark on her left wing, making her unable to fly. "What now..."

She glared at the rest of the group, since she was a bit triggered by the painful bite on her wing. Rosaria meanwhile, was just sitting down with her almost broken arm. "We haven't seen the last of them," she muttered.

Chloe-Su noticed their injuries and used her powers to heal them both. "Sorry about the wing... and your arm," she spoke.

"Thanks Chloe", Rosaria calmly said.

Xavis returned from the cafe, Alaine in his hand once again. He looked around at the group. "So... did I miss anything?"

Reens had nodded off, but lifted her head. "Hm? Oh, not much." She rubbed her fingers on her glove, thinking out loud in a whisper. "This isn't like anything in my vision... maybe it just happens later... or maybe I'm going completely insane... maybe this Fusion Shard is making me go crazy... maybe it's all in my mind..."

Ion started to walk to Keira, seeing that she is in pain. "You need any help with that wound?" Ion asked worried.

"Nah, I'm good, thanks to Chloe-Su," she said, nodding her head.

Xavis heard Reens talking to herself. "Or, it's completely possible your vision was false." he said, walking up to her.

Looking up, Reens sighed. "That might be the case, but I can't be sure. The future always changes, doesn't it? It never really stays the same no matter how you look at it." She looked down at the Fusion Shard she held in her hand. "Maybe I'm wrong... about everything..."

"Reens," Finitevus spoke, putting his hand on the female Hedgehog's shoulder. "It's been this way ever since the Genesis Wave. Things have gotten... confusing. But it's not your fault, nor is it anyone else's except Dr. Eggman, Dr. What'-his-name, and the Genesis Lord. And Shadow Galaxia. But we all can get through this together. That's what teams are for, right?"

"I can't make heads or tails of any of this, too," Chloe-Su remarked. "But what's a life without mystery?"

"Look, it doesn't matter what that stupid gem showed you, alright?" Xavis said to Reens, "But what does is that we're all still alive, in part because of you." He was giving off a very strong, positive vibe.

Everyone could probably feel it.

Isaac walked out of the cafe, holding a coca frappichino. "Here you go," he said, handing the coffee to Khione. The white hedgehog took the drink. "Thank you," she replied, taking a sip. Khione snapped her fingers. Isaac shook his head, blinking. "Huh? What happened?"

Xavis turned to face Isaac, his positive vibe diminished slightly- but still there. "Cryo here hypnotized you into getting her a coffee, so I followed you, took Alaine, and slapped you into a wall. Thinking it was enough to snap you out of it, I came back out here. But apparently it wasn't." He paused for a moment, thinking. "Maybe I needed to apply more force..." he muttered.

"Men," Chloe-Su muttered in disgust.

Finitevus wasn't sure whether to punch Isaac for being hypnotized or just leave it be.

Speaking of Alaine, she still couldn't figure out why she was hearing voices. She looked crazy.

"Um, Aliane?" Chloe-Su asked, concerned. "Are you okay?"

"I can hear... someone..." Alaine answered, looking around in a confused manner.

Isaac rubbed the back of his head. "So that's why my back hurts," he muttered. Khione smirked, taking another sip of her frappichino. "C'mon Lyddie. Let's get the others to help me think of a good lie," she said starting to walk towards the lobby door.

"Someone?" Chloe-Su repeated. "Do you know who?"

Finitevus meanwhile asked Khione, "What mission?!"

Alaine shook her head no, though Chloe-Su would recognize the voice for sure...

"Whose voice could it possibly be?" Chloe-Su thought.

An explosion was heard outside the hotel, followed by a voice shouting, seemingly looking for them while firing energy blasts.

Ion was startled by this. "You guys hear that... Sounds like someone is looking for us..." he exclaimed.

"Aw, Chaos... Aurora, no," Chloe-Su moaned, irritated. "As if the wolves weren't enough..."

"The hell...?" Xavis asked, looking towards the entrance, his eyes shifting to red.

A Monstrous roar was heard, Ion recognized what it was.

"Genesis Beasts... That is the Genesis Lords work alright." Ion said. "Out of all of those freaks, he sent a Genesis Beast" he added, with a very serious tone.

"I'm beginning to loathe genetically mutated monsters," Finitevus remarked as Chloe-Su drew her sword.

"Great, another monster into the mix," Reens cracked with a slightly strained smile. "I take it this one's gonna be a lot harder than the Myrk we helped out in Primal Forest. And possibly a lot meaner than that Shadow Chameleon we killed. Keep your eyes and ears open, all of you. We don't know what we're up against."

"Alright..." Xavis said in a low tone. "Everyone unable to fight, go to the cafe!" he yelled, drawing his sword as well. He'd need to pass Alaine onto someone else if he was to fight...

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Finitevus noticed this and spoke, "I can hide Aliane somewhere safe."

Xavis looked at the doctor, and without saying a word, carefully handed him the tiny human.

"My muscles are a little sore, but I can fight," Isaac piped up. However, he wasn't so sure about this. His energy was drained and the spot where the scorpion stung him still burned.

"Hello?" Chloe-Su asked mentally, trying to reach out to the voice Aliane was hearing. "Are you there? Who are you?"

"Oh, hello..." Turns out, the voice was Lunari the whole time. Poor Alaine was really confused.

Chloe-Su mentally replied, "Hey, Lunari! Sorry, I didn't know you were the voice Aliane was hearing earlier... is everything okay?"

"Yeah, everything's good. Can you keep an eye on her? I'm going to go help the others." Lunari asked. She left Alaine, who then wobbled a little bit weakly.

Lunari, now out in the open, looked around for who needed her help next. She spotted Isaac, and floated over to him, before joining with him.

Part 2 of 11

Finitevus felt the timeline shift again. And this was beginning to worry him a lot. "What's happening?..."

Isaac felt something move inside his soul. Who? He mentally asked. The scorpion sting burned like hellfire.

"Relax, relax..." Lunari started to heal the scorpion wound, any venom slowly seeping out. "It's me, Lunari."

"Guys, be on guard, these things are much more vicious then our last encounters. don't let up!" Ion shouted, while entering his stance.

Lunari? Isaac thought. He could feel the sting cooling down. He shrugged off the feeling and got into a battle stance.

Lunari went silent as she went to work on the scorpion sting. She was slowly healing it.

"Darn...." Keira said, as she dashed to battle again.

Rosaria just sat on the hard ground, thinking, as she hoped for her friend to come back alive. After thinking, she just carelessly stood up, and turned into her super form, and started to battle again. "Here we go!!" she shouted in a Mario accent.

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The beast roared, Charging Up an energy blast with its mouth.

Ion then smirks. "You think your slick trying to fight me?! I will kick that rear end like a massive soccer ball!" Ion then charges his energy then flashes a slight light before showing him floating in the air. "Heh, Call me 'Ultimate Ion' A form I was wanting to use so i can screw your master's plan up as I did before!" Ion glares at the beast, as it roars at him, however he is Un-Phased by it.

Finitevus flung a Chaos Spear at the monster. "You want a piece of me?!" Finitevus shouted angrily. "Bring it, you filthy beast!"

"Eep!" Alaine tried to hide, looking for a pocket or something to that effect. She would have loved to help, but didn't want to get herself into more trouble than she already had today.

Chloe-Su drew her sword and said to the beast, "I've dealt with tougher in the past. You're like an insect compared to the people and monsters I've encountered before."

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"Chaos Destruction!!" Keira yelled, as she exploded a group of monsters surrounding her.

"Keira! Let's do a combo move!!" Rosaria grinned at her.

"Good idea.." Keira smirked while flying towards Rosaria.

"Fusion Shards!! React!! Combo move, Rosaria and Keira! Electric Spirit Cage!!" the two shouted, caging all the monsters that were near to them, while they were trapped and electroshocked, the two went off to help the rest.

The beast got hit by everyone's attacks during the Battle, but not one attack would keep it down, although the damage is shown to be quite critical, which may give the heroes the upper hand.

"Keep attacking with all you got, It's weak enough to..." Ion was hit by the beast and was knocked out of his form and knocked out cold.

It then roared and unleashed a sleeping gas, it's like it knows what to do unlike the last encounters Ion had with this beast.

Chloe-Su fell to the floor unconscious as well, but Finitevus remained unaffected by the gas. Unfortunately, the albino Echidna tripped as he tried to throw a Thunder Arrow at the beast and hit his head on a table, knocking him out instantly. He fell to the floor (thankfully not crushing Aliane) and lay there, limp.

Alaine fortunately was unharmed, but was affected by the sleeping gas. She passed out in an instant, the chemicals quickly coursing through her small body.

Isaac pulled his shirt to his nose, trying to filter out the gas. He blasted the Genesis Beast in the face with a large sphere of water. It exploded on contact, but the hedgehog's makeshift gas mask didn't work for long. He stumbled, then fell flat on his face, unconscious.

"Ick! This stuff smells awful!" Vesper screeched. He covered his tiny nose. Him, like Finitevus, was somehow unaffected by the sleeping gas. Possibly due to Vesper being a magical creature. "It smells like rotten eggs!"

Rosaria got knocked out too, as Keira warped and locked herself inside an empty room with the rest, not coming out till the gas is gone.

Xavis was immune to the gas, and would agree that it smelled horrid. He looked around at his allies whom have succumbed to sleep. "Guess it's up to me," he muttered angrily, knowing Vesper wouldn't be able to do much of anything.

'You don't need them anyways...' a faint voice in the back of his mind said, 'You don't need anyone...'

He glared at the beast, his eyes shifting to red. Reality glitched around him for a second.

'You can show them all...' the voice said, becoming louder, 'We can show them all...'

He began to move towards the beast, slowly, sheathing his sword.

'Show them all your REAL power...'

He closed his eyes, clenching his hands into fists. He continued walking.

'You just have to let go.'

He stopped only a few meters from the beast. He glitched for a few seconds before opening his eyes, his irises a cold blue. He spoke slowly, but his voice was no longer his own.



(Cut to someone (anyone works) waking up to find the beast dead and Xavis covered in it's blood. -Xoph-)

Raven, whom had caught up to the group, looks over at Xavis and is surprised at the level of blood being displayed on top of him. Raven says, "What exactly did you achieve by getting yourself covered in bloo-AHAaaHAHHH!!" Raven looks over at the monster, which looks it had been skewered open. He almost vomited, but resisted the urge. "Uhhhh, there's Bioform remnants everywhere..." However, he gave up... and threw up.

Xavis seemingly didn't hear Raven, or know he was there for that matter. He just stood there, facing the beast's corpse, trembling.

"Inspirited?" Keira walked up to him, after seeing that the gas has gone. "I can sense it ya'know."

"X-Xavis? A-are y-you okay? You seemed like you've seen a ghost...." a weaker voice came along, it was Rosaria, who had just woken up, and was now looking at the dead monster. "Woah....."

"He's just just now inspirited by something, Rosaria, and I'm going to find out....." Keira halted, sensing a ghastly presence pass by, she then growled, and chased after it.

" It... it's not... that..." Xavis said, his voice weak.

The room's temperature wavered.

"Huh?" Lunari wondered faintly, hearing everything. Having Isaac fall asleep actually helped her heal him, so she had finished that and then kept watch for everybody. When she saw Keira, however, she bolted.

Finitevus stirred, saw the corpse, and exclaimed, "Sons of Dimitri!! That's the end of him." However, he might be proven wrong...

Chloe-Su stood up slowly, and then a long chain suddenly chain suddenly came out of nowhere, shattering a window in the process, and wrapped itself around the female Echidna's neck.

"What?!" Finitevus turned around in surprise to see this occurring. "No!"

Chloe-Su and the long chain suddenly vanished in a flash of light.

Then came Gyrokira, being inspirited. She was the one who casted the chains. "Heh... Hello... Now, I'm in Gyrokira's body, let's see if you can beat me out of her body..." the inspirited Gyrokira said.

Chloe-Su was then released, after she reappeared again, in front of everyone, and was dropped to the ground, gasping for air. Gyrokira (inspirited) smirked, and started to attack, warping here and there, while everyone tried to knock her out.

Lunari turned around, seeing this. She joined with Chloe-Su, trying to help her recover, giving her a bit of energy.

(This was not what I intended to happen, but okay... I guess? - Julia Finitevus)

Chloe-Su said to Lunari mentally, "I can heal myself. Go help the others."

Part 3 of 11

Finitevus threw a Thunder Arrow at Gyrokira, dodging her attacks. "You little-" The albino Echidna suddenly leapt at Gyrokira with a snarl of intense rage. "Don't you ever hurt her like that again, or so help me Aurora, I'm going to-" Finitevus screamed the most horrific threats imaginable at Gyrokira. Although, she probably wasn't intimidated one bit by this.

"Alright then." Lunari left Chloe-Su, looking around to see who needed help.

Lunari didn't even see Alaine, who was still conked out from the sleeping gas. Since she was so small, a little of the stuff went a long ways to put the little human to sleep.

A loud groan could be heard coming from Isaac as the sky-blue hedgehog was starting to wake. He quickly got up when he saw Gyrokira and shot her with a blast of water.

Vesper noticed Alaine and quickly flew over to her, picking up the tiny human and flying out of harm's way.

Xavis paid no mind to the happenings around him, he was too shocked by what he had done. He still just stood there, still trembling...

The room was becoming colder.

"Xavis? Are you ok, dude?" Isaac asked. He then noticed the monster's body. "Goodness..."

Finitevus, meanwhile, was still shrieking at Gyrokira. "If you ever touch her like that again, I'll kill you!" The albino Echidna grabbed the female and tried to choke her. "Don't hurt my daughter ever again!!"

Chloe-Su heard this part and turned to see Finitevus trying to choke the female Angel Hedgehog. "Finitevus?! What are you doing?!!" Chloe-Su pried Finitevus' hands off Gyrokira's throat.

"I-I... I..." Xavis forced out. He looked down at his blood-soaked hands. "I n-never..."

Chloe-Su saw this and stepped towards Xavis. "Hey... are you okay?" She then saw the blood on his hands and felt her heart sink. "I'm sorry..." The female Echidna wished that the Mobian language had better words than that.

Finitevus calmed down a bit after a moment of ranting the most incomprehensible things. The albino Echidna wasn't sure whether to attack Gyrokira again or not.

Chloe-Su turned to Finitevus, outraged. "What in Aurora's name got into you?!"

Dr. Finitevus glared at Chloe-Su and shot back, "None of your business!"

"G...guys... please..." Xavis said weakly. Reality glitched around him for a second. His breathing became a bit harder. "Please... s...stop..."

But it was unlikely anyone could hear him...

Chloe-Su noticed this and hugged Xavis gently. "I'm sorry... we'll stop... we'll stop..." He was really warm...

Xavis froze, his entire body tensing. He stopped trembling. He stopped breathing. Once he finally processed what was happening, he loosened up. His face turned completely red. Tears welled in his eyes. He hugged Chloe-Su back. "P...please..." he whispered to her, "Don't ever let go..."

There was undeniable sadness in his voice.

Lunari floated over, seeing this. She went to hug him as well, though her arms ended up phasing right through him. He would't have felt a thing.

"Arrrggghh... What happened? All I remembered was..." Keira had recovered from the inspirited thing.

Then, when she finally realized it, she flattened her ears, and bit her lip, with a hint of tears crawling out. "Sorry guys, I just wanted to help get revenge on that thing that made Xavis do that, but... I guess I was wrong, instead, I got inspirited..."

"It's fine," Finitevus replied, calming down. "I should apologize myself."

Chloe-Su sensed Lunari nearby and appreciated that she wanted to help. Chloe-su heard what Xavis had whispered and responded just as quietly, "I won't let go... I promise."

Finitevus muttered under his breath sarcastically, "Guess she's playing 'counselor' again!" However, Isaac might have heard that...

Isaac did hear Finitevus remark and gave him a disapproving glare. What is wrong with Xavis? The hydrokinetic asked himself, turning towards Chloe-Su and Xavis.

Rosaria smiled weakly at them all, but took Keira with her, to talk. "Keira, I saw a shadowy figure again, then, it whispered that it wants to talk to you.. Be careful okay?" Rosaria said, as she pointed the way.

It talked to her about 'a thing' that would get revenge on them all? Like what in the world does this make any sense? 'This is about Shadow Galaxia or something, if I wasn't wrong the name was', Keira thought.

Then after that, when the group were deciding to leave, Rosaria and Keira decided that they were going to stay there for a while, to take in what was happening.

(. . . what. . . ? -Xoph-)

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Reens, who had been watching everything, rubbed her head. "I have literally no idea what's been going on."

"Ditto," Finitevus spoke, also confused.

"We should probably get going. Staying in one place for too long might attract unwanted attention," Isaac said, gesturing towards the dead Genesis Beast.

Meanwhile, Alaine moaned as she finally started to wake up.

"Thank the gods you are ok!" Vesper exclaimed. He helped her stand up. "Are you ok? Can you walk?"

"Agreed," Finitevus said to Isaac. He then glanced over at Chloe-Su and Xavis and wondered what he should say about this, if anything at all. The albino Echidna shook his head and suddenly felt another shift in the timeline. "All this is becoming rather alarming..."

Finitevus suddenly felt a sharp pain in his head as the timeline shifted yet again. He let out a small, nearly silent yelp, clutching his forehead as the pain increased. Then it left as suddenly as it came. "What in Aurora's name...?"

"Doc, are you the only one feeling those shifts in the timeline?" Reens asked, pulling out her scanner. The universal translator on her robotic arm also doubled as a scanner, and she had been tracking the shifts. "I think whenever we do something, we're shifting the timeline forward. If we keep going at this rate, the timeline might shift to its former state."

Xavis took a long, deep breath. "This has been really nice..." he said softly to Chloe-Su, "Ya know, I never realized how much I just needed a hug... Thanks..." He slowly, almost regretfully broke away from the echidna. His face was red as lava, his irises a warm orange-yellow. There were obvious tear-tracks down his muzzle.

"There's no need to thank me," Chloe-Su replied, tearing up a bit as well. "It's what friends are for, right?" She smiled, albeit sadly, as she spoke. Then Chloe-Su heard what Reens said about the timeline and exclaimed, "What?!"

Finitevus started panicking at this point and rambled like insane. "Shifts... forward.... timeline... reset... former..." The albino Echidna suddenly wondered where Jayda-Su had gone when he heard a voice in his head. And it wasn't Lunari. "Heya there, Doc!" the voice greeted.

Alaine tried to stand up, and wobbled drunkenly as she did so. The sleeping gas was a bit too strong for the tiny human, and she looked sickly.

"Wait... Shift to it's former state...?" Xavis asked, his blush receding somewhat and his eyes reverting to their normal color, "What exactly does that mean?"

"She means before the Genesis Wave hit and tore Mobius Prime to shreds and recreated it in a much different image," Chloe-Su responded quietly.

"Alright, so what does that mean for me?" The pyrochaotic asked, "My universe was destroyed... so...?"

"I don't know," Chloe-Su whispered sadly. "I wish I could say... maybe your universe will come back..." The female Echidna felt as though her heart was being wrenched around in her chest. She couldn't give him false hope. "I don't know..."

Xavis let out a sigh. "Well, I'd normally never say this but... it's better not to take the risk..." By then his blush had faded completely. His heart sank a little. And with it the temperature.

Chloe-Su felt horrible immediately when she heard Xavis say that. "What in Aurora's name have I done?....."

Lunari saw this, and once again tried to hug Xavis. It still didn't quite work. "Hey, it's okay..."

Xavis could tell what Chloe-Su was feeling, it showed on her face. "W-wait n-no... Th-that's not what I... I-I mean... uhg..." he stammered before giving up, turning away from the echidna and putting a hand on his face.

Chloe-Su wasn't sure what to say in response. She did sense Lunari and said mentally,"Thank you for trying to help." The female Echidna then looked back at Xavis. "I..."

"So you're saying... that... I can go home?" Finitevus asked Reens, regaining control over himself. "Not my home on Light Mobius," the albino Echidna thought sadly. "I lost that a long time ago..."

Reens sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "It's just a theory. I don't know if I'm right or not. If I am... I'll never see any of you again," she said sadly, looking over at them.

"If you're right," Xavis said, removing his hand from his face, "Then there's a very slim chance my universe will restored, that I'll be able to live the life I was destined to live... But if it isn't restored, then I would be erased from existence." He paused for a moment, letting it sink in. "And that's a risk I simply can't allow myself to take..."

The room became a little gloomier.

Finitevus thought a moment and said, "Let's move out. There's more where that Genesis Beast came from." The albino Echidna started walking towards the lobby door (or what was left of it).

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(Keira and Rosaria were going on a journey to catch up to them all... -Celestia)

Isaac followed Finitevus without a word. He may not be a mind reader like Hecate, but he sensed that Finitevus was hiding something. He remembered during the albino echidna tantrum, he called Chloe-Su his daughter. Isaac wasn't going to ask. They had more important matters to attend to.

Meanwhile, Alaine was still sickly from the sleeping gas. She had at least managed to stumble off and be sick somewhere in the corner.

Xavis glanced over to Chloe-Su for a moment, looking her in the eye. Something seemed to... click between them, but it was far too soon to tell. "He's right," the hedgehog sighed, breaking eye-contact, "We gotta move..." He began to follow Issac and Finitevus.

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Vesper floated towards Alaine, then looked back at the group. "Alaine, we should get moving. The others are leaving," he said, trying to get the small human to stand up.

Alaine got back on her feet, leaning heavily on Vesper. "T-thank you..." She mumbled.

Reens left as well, making sure to look behind her and check that no one was left. "Okay, people! Let's move!"

Part 12

Isaac continued to follow behind Finitevus, anxious to ask him about Chloe-Su. No, no. Not now, the hedgehog told himself. Maybe later...

Vesper floated between Chloe-Su and Reens, holding Alaine in his arms, bridal style. "Are you feeling any better?" The nightmare fairy asked.

Chloe-Su dragged Ion and Raven by the wrists behind her, bored.

Alaine shook her head no. "Not really... What happened..." She moaned. Of course, she tried to stay out of trouble, and she still got into it. Predictable.

Lunari floated along as well, happily.

"Xavis mutilated a Genesis Beast," Vesper replied. "Oh, and everyone except Finitevus and I passed out."

"HEY! Watch the gloves!" Ion shouted while being dragged.

"Oh, okay..." Alaine seemed to understand.

"Sorry!" An embarrassed Chloe-Su let go of Ion and Raven and caught up to Xavis. "Any guesses on where we're going?"

Meanwhile, Finitevus asked Keira and Rosaria, "So what brought you to Mobotropolis anyway?"

"We had to catch up to you guys!!" Rosaria said excitedly, while Keira just sweatdropped.

"You mean that we were interested in this mission, and what that 'shadow creature talked to me about', Rosaria," Keira said firmly.

"Yeesh, my scanner's going crazy," Reens muttered, walking a little further away from the rest of the group. "Chaos above, I hope it's not something else we need to worry about. At least I didn't have any crazy dreams while I was passed out, except for the one with the monkey in a tutu. What was that about..."

Finitevus heard that part and glanced at Reens, slightly amused at the thought. "Monkey in a tutu..."

"Ha ha ha, very funny grandpa," Jayda-Su spoke telepathically, still joined with Finitevus.

"Shows how much you know," Finitevus shot back mentally. "Children..."

"You can't keep the return of your memories a secret forever. It doesn't work that way." Jayda-Su had a point.

"Shut up!" Finitevus responded fiercely, looking back at Keira and Rosaria.

Isaac wasn't much of a 'facial emotion' reader, but he could tell something was bothering Finitevus. He couldn't wait any longer. "Finitevus?" The hedgehog asked, trying not to sound nervous.

"What?" Finitevus didn't even glance at Isaac. He just kept waking. The albino Echidna was becoming rather frustrated with his newly returned memories.

As for Jayda-Su, she was sick of Finitevus' stubbornness and joined with Reens instead. "That Echidna is a big pain..." Reens probably heard that thought from Jayda-Su.

"During the fight with Gyrokira, you said something about Chloe-Su being you're daughter," Isaac responded.

Finitevus stopped walking and stood there a moment, not speaking.

Chloe-Su noticed and asked worriedly, "Why are we stopping?"

Finitevus turned to Isaac and snapped, "My family history is none of your business, Mister Isaac! And to be honest, I can't even tell if these memories I have are real or not!" The albino Echidna immediately regretted it. "Erm.. sorry..." He turned around and started walking again.

Isaac flinched at Finitevus' outburst, standing there for a second before catching up to him. Better not push it, the hydrokinetic thought to himself.

"What an idiot I am!" Finitevus thought. He cursed at himself a moment and hurried on.

Chloe-Su looked at Keira and Rosaria and asked, "What in Aurora's name was that about?"

Rosaria just raised up her shoulders, while Keira just silently kept on walking while mumbling, trying to figure out something.

Xavis let out a quick, light sigh. "All this bickering isn't gonna get us anywhere..." he muttered under his breath. He took a breath and readjusted his stance. "Alright!" he yelled, getting the others' attention, "What's our next move?"

Isaac put a hand on his chin. "Hmm. Maybe looking for another Fusion Shard might be a good idea," he said, taking the Shard that Vesper had stolen from Fiona out of his pocket. It didn't react to him at all. "So this one is virtually useless to us..."

"We're getting nowhere with that!" Chloe-Su burst out. "No matter how hard we try, there is still so many left in the multiverse! We need to take the fight to the source!" Chloe-Su then let out a sigh. "If we don't end this once and for all, this will have been for nothing!"

"You're right," Isaac agreed with the female echidna. "We need to find where Shadow Galaxia and the Genesis Lord are hiding."

"And how are you going to do that?" Vesper questioned.

Isaac stayed silent. He didn't know how to find either villains. And if the stolen Fusion Shard becomes a problem, the Destructix will be on their tails as well. "Just our luck," the sky-blue hedgehog muttered.

"I got it! Maybe we can use the Fusion Shard somehow to detect Shadow Galaxia's fleet!" Chloe-Su turned to Reens excitedly. "Reens! Can you use your Fusion Shard and your database to locate the fleet?

"Who says we are hiding now?" A voice said from afar, staring the group from the shadows. "I have already evolved, my power is beyond any your own! No mobian... No Dimension... NOBODY IS SAFE!!!"

Suddenly, everyone was trapped in a orb prison that couldn't be broken by any power they had, it's still possible.. but improbable at the current state.

Ion pondered at the words of Chaos Doom before his defeat. "So this his his power... I knew he would show himself, but... his power is what caught me off guard..." he frowns.

Xavis was taken aback by their capture. He was initially a bit scared of the orb prison, but only instinctively. He soon filled with rage- but it simmered down as quickly as it rose. "At least this simplifies things..." he muttered under his breath, readjusting his cloak and crossing his arms beneath it.

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"Chaos dammit!" Finitevus cursed, not happy about this.

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Someone might see, in their little orb, a round blue gem was rolling around a little bit. How strange....

Isaac's fur stood on end. He instinctively shot a Water Cutter, trying to break through the orb.

Reens picked up the little gem, tossing it up in the air. "Hey guys! What is this thing? It's making my Fusion Shard go absolutely nuts!"

As soon as she touched the gem, Reens' head would start to feel strange. It wouldn't hurt, but it would be really weird. Finitevus might sense a bit of a paradox here...

"Whoa... I feel... weird..." Reens slipped to her knees, holding her head in one hand and both the Fusion Shard and the little gem in the other. "Doc... Isaac... Chloe-Su... anybody? I feel... so... friggin' weird... right now... little help..."

Xavis' ears perked up; he turned to the female hedgehog. "Reens?" He walked over and kneeled next to her. "Hey, what's going on?" But he knew what it was. It was the orb. He could feel it.

The weird feeling would lessen a little bit, but then Reens could hear a faint voice. "Hello?" The voice asked. It was rather similar to Lunari, but older and deeper... it still felt like a paradox.

"Hello? Who... are you? I feel... a little better now... Am I... hallucinating...?" Reens rubbed her temple.

Jayda-Su, still joined with Reens, sensed the presence but said nothing about it.

"Reens?" Xavis asked worriedly, shaking her gently. He was becoming concerned, and was planning on taking the orb if she didn't respond to him soon. "Reens!"

Reens shook her head, trying to get rid of the fuzziness. "My friends... they're worried... what's with this... gem? I must be... going crazy..."

Suddenly, once Xavis started shaking Reens, the weird feeling would have cleared up completely. And then, Xavis would start to feel it, just like Reens did.

"Hm?" Isaac turned to face Reens, then noticed the gem. "What is that?"

A shiver ran down Xavis' spine as the feeling entered him. He was a little dizzy, but was otherwise unaffected. "What are you..." he quietly said out loud, his digital mind instantaneously running diagnostics. He'd find out one way or another...

"M-my name's Calypso..." The same voice Reens had heard answered him in his head. The feeling ever so slowly started to fade, it'd probably take a few minutes to go away completely.

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(I'm doing it anyway. -Clairebear165)

"Now this a pleasant surprise," a raspy voice hissed. Isaac whirled around. A mobian-like figure stood outside the orb prison. His muzzle, arms, and legs were black as night. The creature had grape-colored quill-like spines protruding from the back of his head, and was bound with armor-like plates that were the same shade of purple. His fingers were elongated into claws, as so was his feet. The figure had red pupil-less eyes and black sclera. This thing was undoubtedly a Shadowain.

The Shadowain grinned, showing his sharp teeth. "Caught off guard. I kinda expected more from people like you folks," he said.

Isaac was immediately in a battle ready stance, despite the orb prison in between them. "Who are you?!"

"What the deuce?!" Chloe-Su exclaimed in astonishment.

The Shadowain's grin faded, "Never seen a Shadowain before? Ha! I can believe that," he said.

"Who are you?" Isaac repeated, this time in a more calmer tone. Vesper looked around for a way out, still holding Alaine in his arms.

The creature chuckled, "I am Omnicron, Lord Galaxia's Champion. You have found yourself encased in our ally's prison orb. And you try to escape? How obtuse. This orb is unbreakable," Omnicron explained.

"Hmph. We'll see about that..." Xavis said, walking up to the orb wall right in front of Omnicron. He placed his hands on the barrier, feeling it's energy...

Omnicron smirked. Searing pain coursed through Xavis body as he put his hands on the wall.

"NO!" Chloe-Su tried to pull Xavis away from the wall, only to be electrocuted as well.

"Stop!" Finitevus started to move towards Xavis and Chloe-Su.

Isaac reacted quickly. He blasted Xavis, Chloe-Su, and Finitevus away from the wall, as Omnicron started laughing like a maniac.

"Haha! Fools! Not only does this orb absorb your attacks, it will shock you if you attempt to touch it," Omnicron gloated.

Isaac could feel the rage building inside him.

Then, once again, the strange feeling switched places. Now Chloe-Su could feel it, likely making her a bit dizzy.

Omnicron's grin returned, "what's wrong, Grapes? Can't handle a little electricity?" He taunted.

Chloe-Su didn't feel dizzy, but she was very confused. "Huh?"

"Hello?" Calypso answered, innocently. Truth be told, it was a bit disorienting for her too.

"Who are you!?" Chloe-Su exclaimed, suddenly alarmed.

Isaac let out a low growl, but said nothing. His blood was boiling with rage.

Xavis lay half-collapsed on the ground, breathing heavily. Reality glitched around him.

'Come on...' a voice in his mind- the same voice from before- said, 'Show them your power...'

"No," Xavis angrily replied, his glitching somewhat subsiding.

"I'm Calypso... who are you?" The voice responded to Chloe-Su, a bit meekly. She didn't mean to startle her.

"Talking to yourself?" Omnicron said to Xavis.

"Heh. I guess I am..." the pyrochaotic replied, slowly standing himself up. He looked at Omnicron. "But what would either of us know?"

Reens shook her head and grimaced. "Now we're getting somewhere!" She started walking around the orb, trying to find something that could make it disappear. "You're the creep who came up with these hair-brained balls, huh?"

"'Hair-brained balls?'" Omnicron tilted his head. "Whatever do you mean?" He asked.

(Agreed. -Xoph-)

"I'm Chloe-Su," the female Echidna told Calypso.

"You really don't seem like the type to be loyal to your superiors," Dr. Finitevus spoke, his manipulative side getting the better of him.

"Nice to meet you..." Calypso answered, kindly.

Omnicron shrugged, "I am rather angsty, but I am completely loyal to Shadow Galaxia-" he frowned, "-despite my disagreements for our alliance with the Genesis Lord."

Finitevus smirked slightly. "Well... what if I were to tell you that the Genesis Lord may likely betray Shadow Galaxia?" The albino Echidna recalled what Ion had said much earlier in their adventure about the Genesis Lord's possible plans. "If you were so loyal... you wouldn't let that happen, now would you?"

(Should Omnicron teleport them all to where Shadow Galaxia and the Genesis Lord are hiding? And put them in a sort of cell or something? Just curious, because they're captured now and I don't know what you guys think should happen next. - Julia Finitevus)

(I agree to that suggestion. I'm in. -Clairebear165)

Omnicron pondered for a moment, "yes, I've never trusted the Genesis Lord in the first place. I'll suggest this to Lord Galaxia when we arrive at the Mothership."

"Nice job, genius," Chloe-Su said to Finitevus sarcastically.

Omnicron looked up into the sky, a large ship from Shadow Galaxia's fleet hovered over them, casting shadows over the orb. He turned to his prisoners, "This might get a little disorienting." The orb suddenly phased into the ground, disappearing into the shadows, taking everyone with it.

When the orb emerged, they were in a dark room, or so it seemed. The walls and floor around them were the same dark purple as Omnicron. Jagged cell bars separated the Shadowian and the group. Omnicron smirked. "So? Do you like the decor?"

Finitevus looked around but did not reply.

Chloe-Su ignored Omnicron and asked Xavis, "Are you okay? You had quite the shock back there..." She was becoming rather fond of Xavis...

Alaine quietly snuck over to the cell bars at the edge, keeping the others between her and Omnicron. She was trying to see if they were wide enough for her to slip through...

Omnicron frowned, "I guess not," he said, shrugging. "Well, I have to report back to Lord Galaxia. Be good mobians and stay here, will ya?" He walked off, two normal Shadowian soldiers taking his place to keep an eye on Shadow Galaxia's new prisoners.

Still attempting to stay out of sight, Alaine tried to squeeze between the bars.

One of the Shadowians, Blade, looked down at Alaine. He kneeled down and pushed the tiny human back into the cell.

Alaine let out a little hiss, but didn't fight back. She sat down on the cell floor, frustrated. "Hmph!"

"Heh. Feisty little one, isn't she?" Asked the Shadowian known as Claw. Blade nodded, poking at Alaine. "Hehehe. Pokey poke."

"Y...yeah... I'm fine..." Xavis answered, his face reddening slightly. He turned away from Chloe-Su, his feelings towards her were... conflicted. It showed on his face.

Alaine was just about ready to bite the Shadowian's finger, when she had an idea. Distract them. She then stood up, looking at the two Shadowians with an unamused look. "What, you want me to do a little dance or something?" She snapped, trying to get them to talk back and take their minds off the others.

The two Shadowians looked at each other. "That would be fun," Blade said. They both looked at Alaine, "Dance for us, peasant!"

Alaine rolled her eyes. "Oh, alright..." She huffed, obliging as she started to dance around. Despite being so tiny, she was actually dancing in a rather... attractive fashion. She figured making a fool of herself was worth it, if only to buy the others some time. The others might see her doing this.

The Shadowians applauded Alaine's dancing, giggling like little girls. They were immature for creatures of the night and shadows.

Isaac noticed Alaine's dancing, but was then drawn to a fracture in the bars. It looked as if someone else had been here before. The hedgehog looked outside their little cell, almost gasping in surprise. On the other side of the room in another cell was a fox. Even though she had her back turned, Isaac still recognized the red vixen. "No freaking way..."

The tiny human continued as they laughed, hoping to keep their attention on her as long as possible. She had a little, mischievous glint in her dark red eyes.

Isaac gently tapped Alaine on the shoulder, "you can stop now," he said in a bewildered tone.

"Aww..." Blade and Claw groaned in unison.

Alaine stopped, taking a deep breath and stretching. "O-kay..."

Isaac picked up Alaine in his hand and walked back over to the group. "Guys, I have news," he said.

Alaine looked up at him, before crawling all the way up on top of his head. It might have tickled a bit. "Huh? What is it?" The tiny human asked, curiously.

"You probably won't believe this...but," Isaac pointed across the room to another cell, "look who it is."

Xavis looked over to the other cell, and then to Isaac. "I don't know who that is."

"That's Fiona Fox!" Isaac exclaimed, "what on Mobius is she doing here?!"

Reens, a little disoriented from the sudden venue change, drew her sword and held it to her side. "Wait a sec ... if she's with the Destructix, shouldn't the rest of them be here too? Or is she just trying to ploy with our sympathetic nature?" Her scanner hummed, trying to pinpoint unnatural energy signals.

"You?!" Finitevus shrieked angrily. "Stupid fox..." The albino Echidna shook his head. "I told her she'd get herself captured or something if she kept working with Scourge and now look what happened..."

Isaac walked over to the bars and looked around, "It looks like it's just her," he said. "Why would they want just her? Shadow Galaxia doesn't take prisoners unless he has a reason for it. Otherwise, he just kills people."

"Hmph, I told ya to stay Fiona, and what are you doing here?" Keira glared at her. "This is none of your business! You can't just join and switch sides!! Plus, where's Scourge?"

Keira was glaring daggers at the rest, but mostly Fiona. While the fox infront of her, just smirked a sly smirk, and led her to Scourge, with Keira rolling her eyes at her, and following the fox. But before that, she shot the rest a look that said, 'Be careful okay? And stay on guard, just in case this stupid fox tricks me, and attacks you guys too!!'

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Part 13

"I have no idea what you guys are talking about," Xavis said blankly.

Isaac turned to Xavis, "Do you know who the Destructix are?" He asked.

"Never heard of them," Xavis answered, shaking his head, "I don't know. Maybe they never existed in my universe."

"The Destructix are a cross-dimensional mercenary gang," Vesper explained for Isaac, "they're bad news from what I heard." Isaac nodded, "and Fiona Fox is part of the Destructix."

"And traitors," Finitevus added.

"Yea, that too," Vesper said, "lucky she can't hear us. Her cell is on the other side of the room."

"You sure she can't hear us?" Chloe-Su asked, skeptical.

"Why don't we test it?" Isaac stated, walking back over to the cell bars. Blade and Claw weren't paying attention, but rather playing a game of Goldfish out of boredom. "HEY! FI!" Isaac yelled. Fiona didn't even react. "Either she is ignoring us or She can't hear us."

Lunari listened to the conversation while tested the bars, seeing if she could phase her hand through them. "I might be able to get over to her, if you want me to talk to her..." She offered.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Vesper asked, "I mean, I'm not sure if it would be useful to know why she's here."

Blade looked at Vesper, "it's actually very simple why the fox is here. You see-" Claw elbowed his comrade in the gut, "idiot! Do you want them to know Lord Galaxia's plans?!" Blade shook his head in response.

"Aww, come on, you're gonna leave me hangin'?" Alaine said to the two guards, with a wink. She was trying to get them to fess up.

The area where Claw's mouth should have been flushed, "look, tiny human. I think you're kinda cute, but we are not of permission to tell you Lord Galaxia's goal."

"Aww, you're no fun." Alaine huffed, with a pout. She looked like a cute yet grumpy kid.

Lunari was too curious about Fiona to just leave her there. Besides, she knew she could make it there, one way or the other. If the guards spotted her, she could always just phase into the walls, or she could "hide"... She was just about ready to make her escape.

Isaac squirted a small puddle of water onto the floor. The liquid snaked it's way over to where the broken bar was and seeped into the cracks.

Claw seemed a little disappointed, but he went back to playing cards with his friend. Neither Shadowian even noticed Lunari.

Lunari went for it. She phased through the bars, quietly floating over to Fiona's cell. Better to make friends than enemies, she thought.

Fiona didn't notice Lunari at first. She was in a fetal position, and seemed to be deep in thought with her eyes closed.

Lunari floated up to the bars of Fiona's cell. "Hello?" She whispered, trying to keep her voice down. The guards might faintly hear her anyways.

Fiona opened her purple eyes and looked at the ghost echidna, not saying anything.

Lunari waved, phasing into the cell. "How are you?" She asked, trying to break the ice.

Fiona still didn't respond.

"Uhm... My name's Lunari." Lunari tried to introduce herself. The guards or the others would likely hear her at this point.

"What do you want?" Fiona finally asked.

"I-I just wanted to ask why you're here..." Lunari answered, innocently.

"Why would you care?" Fiona replied coldly.

Reens paced, trying to get a better reading on her scanner. "Sheesh ... my scanner's not finding anything that could get us outta here... no energy signals except for the ones from the- er, the you-know-whats," she whispered, making sure the guards couldn't hear her very well.

Claw and Blade were still playing cards, not noticing that Lunari was no longer in the cell.

"Watch this," Isaac said. He slowly put up his hands, spheres of water forming in his palms. The hedgehog fired, both spheres of water exploding on contact with the Shadowian's faces. They fell backwards, knocked out.

"So the one I followed was a hologram," Keira grumbled, as she was inside her cell, in the dark.

Vesper, with some difficulty, squeezed himself through the bars, cringing as one of the jagged edges grazed his body. He flew over and into Keira's cell, "Where have you been? Were you not in the orb prison?" The Nightmare Fairy asked, curious to know why she was in a different cell.

"Nope, and apparently I followed a hologram of Fiona, to find Scourge, and ended up getting thrown in here, but thanks," she mentioned, worn out a little.

Xavis watched Isaac dispatch the two gaurds, and then turned to him. "You could've done that the whole time?" he asked, a bit irritated, "Nevermind, let's just bust out of here already." He walked up to the cell bars, placing his hands between two of them and began to pull them apart.

Eventually, he'd opened a hole large enough for everyone to exit through.

"Yea. But I was hoping that Alaine might possibly be able to get the guards to tell us S.G's plans," Isaac replied, stepping through the hole. "Where did Vesper go?" He looked around, but couldn't see the fairy.

"Sorry, I don't mean to pry... But we need all the information we can get..." Lunari answered Fiona, meekly.

Fiona sighed and turned to Lunari, "I don't know why I'm here," she said.

(Sorry if Fiona is act OOC. I don't know much about Fiona's personality. -Clairebear165)

(She seems to be acting herself to me. Also, can we slow down the role play? Celestia and Nitro are getting left behind. And I'm starting to be left behind too. So can we please slow down? I hope this is not too much to ask. - Julia Finitevus)

Chloe-Su frowned when she heard that part. Why wouldn't Fiona know why she was there?

Isaac walked over to Fiona's cell. The red vixen recognized Isaac and scowled, "Not you again..."

The sky-blue hydrokinetic smirked shyly, "what? Not happy to see me?" Fiona merely huffed in response.

(That's not too much to ask. I'll try to slow down. -Clairebear165)

Keira then walked up to her bars, to look at Fiona and said, "Hi Fiona, what's up, it's me, Keira. Plus, I was looking for Scourge to talk about this whole thing, where is he?"

Keira was mentioning it sternly, like always. "He's somewhere in a dungeon, but I've never seen him. I was hoping that you would find him yourself..." Fiona grumbled, with a hint of slyness in her voice.

"Right..." Keira grumbled.

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(Your pace is fine, Celestia, I was talking to the other rp players.- Julia Finitevus)

Finitevus and Chloe-Su finally stepped through the hole after a moment's hesitation. Something bad was probably going to happen...

Reens was wary, but she stepped through the hole as well. Her scanner stopped beeping, then transitioned into a low-pitched whine. "Aw, fiddlesticks... I was hoping this wouldn't happen. C'mon, you dumb thing..." She fiddled with it, trying to fix it up.

"Need some help?" Chloe-Su asked Reens.

(1: I believe Fiona and Keira were in separate cells. 2: I thought I was controlling Fiona. I was the one who introduced her into the RP. But I don't mind you controlling her. I'm not trying to be rude, just pointing those two things out. -Clairebear165)

(Ok then... Well, the first one is true, and sorry on the second one...-Celestia)

Vesper fluttered over to Isaac, "can you get these two beautiful gals out of prison?" He asked. Isaac nodded, summoning water tendrils and having them grab the cell bars. The hedgehog recoiled, ripping the shadowsteel posts out of it's frame and tossing them across the room.

"Thanks Isaac," Keira nodded. "But now, I have to find Scourge."

And so, she dashed off to find the green hedgehog.

(It's ok. Everyone makes mistakes. -Clairebear165)

"Why is she such in a hurry to find Scourge?" Isaac pondered to himself. "No clue," Vesper replied. "Maybe she has a thing for him? Probably not. From what I heard he is- GAH!" Vesper was cut off mid-sentence when Fiona grabbed him. "You. You're the one who stole my Fusion Shard," the fox growled. Vesper blinked, so she does know what it is, the Nightmare Fairy thought.

"We should get going," Finitevus spoke, "but one of us should go with Keira and make sure she'll be safe."

"I'll go with Keira," Isaac piped, running off to catch up with the angel hedgehog. "HEY! What about me?! HALP!" Vesper shrieked.

Reacting quickly, Lunari joined with Vesper, giving him a burst of strength so he could free himself.

"URGH!" Vesper grunted, freeing himself from Fiona's grip, quickly fluttering away and hiding behind Finitevus.

"There..." Lunari's voice echoed in Vesper's head. "You okay?"

Part 14

"Calypso?" Chloe-Su addressed nervously. "Are you still here? Can you hear me?"

Finitevus rolled his eyes as Vesper hid behind him. "Fairies..."

"Yes, of course..." Calypso responded.

"HEY! You would be panicking if you were my size and stuck in a giant's hand!" Vesper exclaimed, then took a deep breath. I'm ok. Thanks for the power boost, Lunari, he mentally thanked the ghost echidna.

"No, I wouldn't," Finitevus replied.

After literally throwing Ion out of the cell, Xavis joined up with the rest of the group. "Alright, where to now?"

Finitevus did not respond, thinking. Chloe-Su decided to take action.

"Raven, Reens," Chloe-Su addressed, "do you think you can use your cybernetics to locate the Genesis Lord and Shadow Galaxia? Two are better than one."

Lunari chuckled. "I probably would. Anyways, no problem. Anytime..." She answered, just letting the time she needed to recover pass.

"We are in the Shadowian Mothership. Shadow Galaxia has to be here for sure!" Vesper said.

"I can help with that," replied an unfamiliar voice.

Alaine, deciding she had been in enough trouble for today, looked around at everyone to see if anyone had a pocket she could fall asleep in.

Vesper whirled around to see who the mysterious voice belonged too. A Shadowian was standing next to the group's broken cell. "Don't attack," he said.

Chloe-Su's hand went instinctively to her sword but she did not pull it from her scabbard just yet.

The Shadowain chuckled, "Would you really attack an ally?"

"Ally?!" Finitevus repeated incredulously. "But you're a..."

"Not really, 'Doc Finny," the Shadowain said. It started changing, morphing into a purple red-streaked hedgehog wearing a black skull t-shirt. Hecate smirked when she reverted back to her regular appearance, "Never knew I could shapeshift?"

Finitevus could only facepalm in irritation.

"Huh? Who're you?" Alaine asked, curiously.

"My name is Hecate. I'm a friend of Isaac's," the purple hedgehog replied.

"Are we done standing around?" Finitevus asked impatiently. "The guards may wake up any second."

Alaine climbed onto Finitevus' shoulder, as if she was agreeing with him.

"Yea. I've been on this ship before. I think I know my way to the bridge. Follow me!" Hecate said, then turned and ran.

While she was walking, Keira heard running behind her back, and turned to see Isaac behind her. "What are you doing here?" she asked him.

"Finitevus said someone should keep an eye on you. You can't hold off an entire army by yourself," Isaac replied causally. He glanced around at the many empty cells, "we are looking for Scourge, correct?"

Keira nodded in response, trying to walk as quietly as she could, while replying, "True, but I haven't tested their power, but thanks for staying with me." "Anyways, we're going to find Scourge The Hedgehog around here, since he's one of my past allies I've gotten along with. I need to help him out, and I need answers to what's going on here."

"Past allies?" Isaac frowned, becoming a little weary of Keira.

"We are still friends Isaac, don't worry," Keira reassured him.

Isaac nodded, then suddenly stopped. He grabbed Keira by the back of her shirt and pulled her to a corner. Keira had already sensed them, but was late to react. "Thanks Isaac.." Keira whispered to him. "After this, let's continue to go find Scourge, and help him out of here."

Reens fiddled with her arm, trying to silence the whine coming from it. "I would, but my scanner's acting funky," she said with a grimace. "Plus, arm's really not in the best shape. Maybe you should take over, Raven, and I'll try to figure out what's wrong with me."

Chloe-Su then turned to the group and said, "I'll stay with Reens. You guys go kick some butt!" Then she turned to Xavis and put her hand on his shoulder, gently squeezing it. "Until we meet again."

As Chloe-Su did this, Calypso left her, going back to Xavis. They could both feel it happen. It was almost like she had no choice; it happened every single time.

"Y...yeah... When we meet again," Xavis said, his face reddening slightly. 'Alright, Calypso,' he said mentally, moving to the rest of the group, 'What are you?'

Meanwhile, Chloe-Su turned to Reens with a slightly red face and spoke, "Okay, let's look at that arm."

"Oh, how should I put it? A... gift? That's what I was meant to be..." Calypso answered, hesitantly.

'What do you mean, "a gift"? And if that's what you were supposed to be, than what are you now?' Xavis questioned.

"Well, I still am." Calypso awkwardly corrected herself. "I was made as... a blessing, if you will."

Xavis mentally sighed in frustration. 'What do you mean, "a blessing"?' He was getting quite irritated by her lack of an actual answer.

Calypso didn't mean to irritate him; she just wasn't sure how to word it. "I was created by a goddess to watch over and protect the mortals."

'Okay,' Xavis said mentally. At least he had somewhat of an answer.

"Ooh, I know what's going on," Reens smirked as she held her arm out to Chloe-Su. Maybe it's just a loose wire or two. "It really is kinda cute you know."

Chloe-Su chuckled. She learned from her mother many years ago not to deny things like that. She simply wouldn't succeed. "I guess it is. As for your arm, I may have to remove a few panels to see the wiring- I don't see anything wrong on the outside of it. Do you mind?" 

Reens shook her head. "I don't mind, just be careful with the wiring. I don't want to end up with my arm malfunctioning worse." 

"Of course." Chloe-Su gently removed a panel and proceeded to examine the wires. "Here's the problem. Your 485 hexagonal thermocular cable is loose." The female Echidna reattached the cable to its part quickly.

Isaac waited for the Shadowians to past before continuing. He stumbled when he heard someone ranting, "WHY DO I HAVE TO BE HERE?! WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO HAVE A RAY LIKE ME IN THEIR MOTHERSHIP?!?!" The voice wasn't the raspy drone of Shadowian voices. Isaac walked over to where the noise was coming from.

"Whoa!" The whining instantly stopped, and her scanner started working like normal again. "Oh dear Chaos no..." Reens' face turned pale.

"What's wrong?" Chloe-Su asked, instinctively drawing her sword.

"I... I can't tell," Reens grimaced, showing Chloe-Su the screen. "These energy signals... I don't recognize them at all. They might be dangerous..."

"I'm sensing something too," Chloe-Su spoke, looking at the screen. "Wait a minute... I recognize that signature!"

Vesper fluttered over to Chloe-Su and Reens, "What does that signature mean?"

"It's a..." Suddenly Chloe-Su felt her nose was wet. She wiped it and saw that the liquid was blood. "What on Mobius..?"

Vesper looked nervously at Chloe-Su. Whatever the signature meant, it wasn't good.

Reens' face grew paler. "Is that... what I think it is? Blood... but... who's bleeding?"

Xavis overheard Reens and Chloe-Su, and decided to see if he could locate the signature himself... and failed. There was too much interference, too many different energies and signals for him to pinpoint anything. For all he knew they could've been picking up his own signature... or his signature, which was just as likely...

Ion had returned from his capture, barely escaping from the Genesis Lord's prison. He huffed and puffed like he is nearly out of breath. "Sorry... I'm... late... Kind of got caught up on... trying to escape..." he then realized nobody woke him up. "HEY, WHY DID YOU GUYS NOT WAKE ME UP WHEN WE WERE IN THE CELLS!?" He lashed out quite irritated and angry. "I COULD'VE DIED IN THERE!" he growled in anger, with a very ticked off look on his face.

"Xavis threw you out of the cell. You're a tight sleeper, I admit," Vesper replied.

Lunari quickly left Vesper, floating over to Ion's side. "Are you okay? Did you get hurt?" She asked, sounding almost motherly in her concern.

"I'm fine Lunari, just some scratches, nothing too major." Ion said, now calmed down to a lesser degree of anger, he then smiles at lunari, almost like he trusts her and cares for her as a friend.

Finitevus frowned when he heard what Reens said. Blood?

Chloe-Su looked up at the female Hedgehog and responded, "I'm bleeding..." The female Echidna then shook her head. "We've wasted enough time. Let's go!"

Xavis' ears perked up when she said that. "Right," he said, reaching out and touching however was closest to him, transferring Calypso them. (First to respond... or Luna chooses. Whichever comes first).

Hecate teleported in front of Chloe-Su, "Do you want to go to the bridge or not?" She asked with a sly smile.

"What the deuce?!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, stopping on a dime. 

Lunari smiled, relieved that Ion was alright.

Reens face-palmed and shook her head. "If we all get out of here alive and well, it'll be a Chaos-damned miracle."

(*sigh* I should've made it stated, not implied... -Xoph-)

(Oh, sorry... -Luna)

Calypso was starting to get dizzy; changing places so much in such a small time was disorienting for her too. "H-hello? Who's there?" She weakly asked her new host. (Again, whoever responds first. Any takers? -Luna)

"Huh? Isaac, what was that voice?" Keira asked. "I think that sounded like... Scourge?!"

"Not exactly, Keira," Isaac responded. He peered into the cell. Hiding in the corner was a crimson stingray. His eyes were purple, the color of his muzzle and chest was snowy-white, and he wore a purple strait jacket. He looked up at Isaac and grimaced, "oh, great. It's you," the ray snarled. The hydrokinetic hedgehog shrugged, "nice too see you too, Ruby."

Keira looked from Ruby to Isaac, over and over again. Then after that, she scanned the place, while sensing a familiar presence, before taking out her double-sided axe, and charging to that direction, smashing down a door. Keira opened another passageway to that familiar presence. Peering inside the cell with one bed, she saw him. Smirking, Keira just said, "Nice to see ya again Scourge...."

Scourge turned around, and said, "Nice to see ya Keira.. But if you'd please, can you smash these bars?"

"Hmph... Fine.." Keira smashed the bars, and released him, before walking back to Isaac with Scourge behind her.

Isaac gave Scourge a weary glanced, then summoned tendrils off water and ripped the bars off of Ruby's cell hinges. The ray walked out of the rubble without a word. Isaac frowned, "you're welcome," the hydrokinetic mumbled sarcastically. Ruby turned to Scourge, "do you know where the others are being held?"

"I don't know Ruby, since I got knocked out when I and the others got here..." Scourge mumbled, before sending a look at Keira that said, 'Sense where they are!!'

Keira nodded at Scourge before walking towards a corridor with Isaac beside her, while Ruby and Scourge walked behind.

"Hey Ruby. If you're here, then Hattori and Sarkkara must be here too?" Isaac asked the crimson stingray. "Yes. We were ambushed by Shadow-wachimacallit's soldiers," Ruby replied before starting to mumble to himself. "Stay here in this alleyway, she said. Nothing bad will happen, she said."

Part 15: The Finale, Part One

"Who else is here Scourge?" Keira asked the green hedgehog.

"Their army, with Shadow Galaxia probably here somewhere, and I don't really know," Scourge muttered. "Sorry, I'm a bit worn out after getting my ass free from there..."

Looking at the hedgehog beside her, and looking straight ahead, Keira had gotten the sudden urge to smash the army with everything she got. But she didn't do it just yet, instead, she kept it in, for the final battle. 'Whatever it is, we all are going to take it down, to ashes...' Keira thought, thinking of the battle ahead.


Meanwhile, Finitevus had gotten sick of waiting for the other team members and ended up alone in the corridors. "Taking too long... I'll have to find us a way out... even if it kills me..." The frustrated Echidna continued to mutter things under his breath as he wandered the hallways aimlessly.

(So... who will have the honors of being the first to notice a certain someone is gone? - Julia Finitevus.)

(Well, Alaine was with him, wasn't she? -Luna)

Hecate suddenly appeared in front of Finitevus, "you don't want to lost alone here. I'll stay with you for the time being."

Meanwhile, back in a random hallway, Finitevus was still recovering from the fright he had when Hecate suddenly appeared in front of him. Poor Aliane was probably startled too. "Why did you have to do that?!" Finitevus practically shrieked, irritated.

Actually, Alaine wasn't startled too badly; she had been napping, and Hecate just woke her up. "Ow..." She mumbled, the Doc's shrieking hurting her ears.

Hecate gave Finitevus a sly smile, but it quickly faded when the alarm went off, "We should get moving," she said before turning and running down the corridor.

"Women," Finitevus muttered before following Hecate.

"I heard that!" Hecate yelled back down to Finitevus.

"Huh? Whaddya mean?" Alaine asked, somewhat drowsily. He might have forgotten about her, she had been so quiet.

"Huh?" Finitevus addressed, still running.

Alaine started laughing, as if she had been kidding.


Ion stands sensing something off, a feeling that something could either merge another world, or reset the timeline... he then smirks. he then looks behind him seeing the Green Hedgehog and Keira. "So, you must be Scourge that Issac kept talking about. excuse me for being in your way... just trying to figure out some... genesis problems..." Ion then frowned. "you remind me of that blue hedgehog i only saw once except... your not him obviously..."

"The blue hedgehog your talkin' about is called Sonic, while I'm his green counterpart," Scourge replied.

"Hm..." Calypso mumbled, confused. Her host hadn't answered her. Why? Usually she ended up freaking people out... (Again, anyone who reacts gets her. -Luna)

Isaac glanced wearily at Scourge before turning to Ion, "yea. This is the Ex-King of Moebius," the hydrokinetic Hedgehog confirmed.

"Hold up," Vesper interrupted. "Fiona is gone. And where is Alaine?"

Isaac looked around. Fiona nor Alaine could be seen. "Guys!" Fiona's voice echoed. Isaac looked up, "what the heck?!" He exclaimed. The red vixen was hovering in the air, seeming like she was struggling to get free from an invisible force.

"Hold on Fiona!! I'll get ya down!!" Keira shouted, as she flew up, smashing the invisible force again and again.

A loud car-screeching noise could be heard, then Fiona dropped to the floor. She quickly got up and was in a fighting position.

Isaac's eyes widened. He recognized that roar.

"What is it?" Keira grumbled, while taking out her axe. "Who cares... I'm changing form.."

Keira changed into her Ultimate Form: Animal Mode, in which she can only talk telepathically, not verbally. Standing in a battle position that's like a scorpion's, she waited.

A Shadow Chameleon materialized before their eyes, glaring at Keira. It let out a loud wail, snapping at the angel hedgehog with it's massive jaws. It was not happy.

"Arrrrrggggiiiiirrrrrrrrraaaaa!!" Keira, as her animal form, roared back, trying to intimidate it. Her axe tail, swung in front of her, protecting her from an attack it might do. (She now stands on four legs, since it's her animal form.)

The Shadow Chameleon gnashed it's teeth together, snarling. It jabbed at Keira with the large, sharp horn on it's snout.

Isaac summoned tendrils of water, ready to act if it became aggressive.

'Isaac, be careful... It's really aggressive...' Keira telepathically to Isaac.

She growled, and clinked her metal parts with her axe tail, showing off how tough her new form is. After a few more show offs between the two monsters, They stared at each other, trying to wear the other one out.

The Shadow Chameleon hissed, letting out a blood-curdling screech before lashing at the angel hedgehog with it's black tongue.

Isaac saw this and exclaimed, "be careful, Keira! That tongue can slice you in half!" The hedgehog struck the Shadow Beast with jets of water. It was just now that Isaac realized something. The breach alarm was going off.

Keira dodged it, pouncing on it, before it pushed Keira off, when the alarm sounded.

"All available soldiers report to Sector 6. Baleful Fugitives have broken free from their prisons and must be detained," a Shadowian's voice boomed throughout the ship.

Isaac silently cursed himself, but continued to blast the bipedal chameleon.

"Shoot... RUSH MODE!" He shouted before he fusion shard glowed, giving him a large boost of speed on top of his current. "Time to Dust this Freak!" Ion gets into a stance as he prepares to skate at near light speed.

Xavis just stood there watching, a hand on his face and a growl of frustration and anger in his throat. He glitched out for a few seconds. "Keep it together... Keep it together..." He told himself.

'Why? Why do you hold back?' the voice in his head asked, 'Why do you refuse to show them your power?'

"I'm not letting you take control," Xavis responded sternly, reality still glitching around him, "Not again."

'We'll see about that...'

"Let's go!! Keira transform into Gyrokira!!" she transformed into Gyrokira, while sensing a dark force from Xavis.

She looked at him, and sent a look at said, 'Control him Xavis...' Then, she flew off to battle. She lashed out her chains in the air, helping some of the fighters destroy the enemies that are gigantic.

"Hello?" Calypso asked, finally figuring out who her new host was. It was Ion. Calypso sounded rather weak...

Chloe-Su noticed something was off about Xavis and she asked, "Xavis... are you okay?"

Reens walked behind Chloe-Su and Xavis, keeping track of the energy signals. "No wonder they're popping up everywhere. I tuned them in to scan for the Shadowian forces. I guess that included monsters?"

If Reens' sensor had been tuned in to everything, it would probably be exploding with warning signals.

"Chloe-Su, I..." Xavis said, turning to face the echidna, his form still glitching slightly, "I'm not okay. I'm very much not okay. But... there's nothing you could do to help me..." Tears began to well in his eyes...

Chloe-Su felt confusion and a deep sadness, but she wasn't about to give up too easily. "I don't give up easily." The female Echidna felt whatever it was she was feeling grow stronger. "Am I feeling the Soultouch, or am I going crazy?"

The Shadow Chameleon let out a loud screech, snapping it's jaws down on Gryokeira'a chains. It yanked on them, slinging Grykeira into a wall. Isaac blasted the monster with a Watet Cutter attack, making small gashes in it's scales. The Shadow Beast roared, swatting the hedgehog away with it's tail.

"I lost my dark form...." Keira said, before she got slammed again into a wall, and blacked out.

"" Xavis sniffled, his body becoming more stable, "This isn't something you could fix... You can't just-" His ears perked up. He suddenly wrapped his arms tight around Chloe-Su, a barrier of solid Chaos Energy forming behind her, which blocked an explosion mere milliseconds later.

A moment passed, and the dust started to clear. "Are you okay?" Xavis asked, easing his embrace on the echidna.

The Shadow Chameleon looked in the directing on Xavis' voice. It charged at him, it's mouth wide open, revealing very sharp teeth.

"Don't you dare!" Chloe-Su stabbed the Shadow Chameleon deep in its chest. "It is the Soultouch." Chloe-Su kept the blade embedded in the lizard's chest as she spoke, "Again, I usually like lizards, but you're an exception, Chameleon." She pulled it out and said to Xavis, "I'm okay. Thank you." "Why can't the Mobian language have better words?" Chloe-Su wished she could say more.

Part 16: The Finale, Part Two

"Is everyone else okay?" Chloe-Su asked, looking around. There was still some dust in the air...

The Shadow Chameleon wailed in pain, it knocked Chloe-Su aside, the echinda's sword still embedded in it's chest. "Enough," boomed an unfamiliar voice. The monster hissed, backing away from the group.

Xavis was quick to help Chloe-Su up. He then looked around for the source of the voice, his eyes red and a growl in his throat.

Standing in the middle of the corridor and surrounded by many Shadowian soldiers was a tall, stout figure. His pupil-less red eyes staring intently at Chloe-Su. The Shadow Chameleon stumbled over behind the Shadowian, black blood dripping from the wound in it's chest. Standing next to the figure was another Shadowian who looked like the others, but had a skeletal tail with a sharp barb at the end. On the leader Shadowain's left stood Omnicron, looking very pleased with himself.

"Let me guess," Chloe-Su spoke, "you're Shadow Galaxia."

The Shadowain nodded, "Correct. And you are Chloe-Su," Shadow Galaxia said.

Isaac formed spheres of water in his palms, ready to fight. The Shadow Chameleon hissed. "Not now," Shadow Galaxia commanded. The monster snapped it's jaws together, but stayed idle.

Ion looked at Shadow Galaxia, having a mean glare looking serious and meaning business. "humph, what? You scared of our presence!? you should be, because we don't back down, not when evil lurks across the universe!" Ion Kept his intimidating glare. "I know this by experience, I lost my old world by the hands of evil and I will not let another one slide!"

"How on Mobius do you know my name?!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, brandishing her sword dangerously. "I'm not even from this reality."

Ion still glares at the eyes of the Shadow Galaxia, waiting for the right time to strike.

Keira stood still on position, with her eyes scanning Shadow Galaxia. She looked at a glaring Ion, and said, "Ion, when we all strike, we do it all together, right?" She was just asking, to make sure that they don't have any tactic that she had missed out on. Since she had blacked out. "Can you help me stand Ion?" she asked him, weakly. "Sorry, I just got knocked out for a while."

Ion might notuce a dark blue energy surrounding his hands, as if egging him on. It was similar to Lunari's energy, but not quite the same...

(Deleted this part cause Reens looked way too emotional here... ~Reens) 

Ion Nods, he does notice his hands and smirks. "Yeah, I knew I had someone helping me from the inside. thanks, whoever merged with my spirit." Ion said

"No problem." Calypso answered Ion, sounding quite confident.


Meanwhile, Finitevus was still following Hecate. "Hey! Can you slow down? I can't run as fast as you, you know..."

Hecate slowed down, but not because of Finitevus request. "Weird...My energy senses say that Shadow Galaxia should be here," she muttered. A Shadowain teleported behind Hecate, holding a black pistol-like gun. He pointed the firearm at the purple hedgehog, and pulled the trigger. Hecate let out a scream before falling limp onto the ground.

Finitevus disarmed the Shadowain and shot him with the pistol-like gun. "Don't you dare hurt my friends!" The albino Echidna checked Hecate for a pulse.

Hecate moaned, trying to lift herself onto her feet but failed and flooped back onto the ground. The Shadowian chuckled, "Echidna, do you even know what that weapon does?"

"Stuns... people...?" Finitevus guessed lamely, growing nervous.

At that moment, Hecate's gloveless hand twitched, starting to turn black. The Shadowian got to his feet, dusting himself off, "No, silly. It turns anyone shot with it into a Shadowian!"

Meanwhile, Finitevus backed away from Hecate slowly. "Messing with genetics is pure madness," the albino Echidna thought. "And just in case..." Finitevus used some of the strength he had left to snap the pistol-like weapon in half. Then he took off down the hall, feeling bad that he was leaving Hecate behind. "But she's not Hecate anymore. This is pure madness...."

"I-is she gonna be okay?" Alaine asked, sounding worried and scared.

"I don't know," Finitevus replied in a whisper, his voice cracking slightly.

Meanwhile, Lunari had taken off in the direction of Hecate and Finitevus, hearing a scream. She hoped she wasn't too late...


"Urgh..." Keira was forced to stand as a mobian on her four feet, as she crawled weakly, without standing up, and after a while she blacked out again. "Guys... Help..."

Isaac took action, grabbing Keira before she could hit the ground. If they were going to fight Shadow Galaxia, they would need all the fighters they could get. But who would make sure Keira would be safe?

(Rosaria's gone to protect a place, and Keira's blacked out, well, I'm sure that Keira will show up.. -Celestia)

Back with Shadow Galaxia and the rest, the lord of shadows raised his hand. The Shadowains around him drew their weapons. Some of them were primitive bladed weapons like spears, war axes, swords, glaives, and sledgehammers. The others were highly advanced plasma rifles. "Should we get the fun started?" Shadow Galaxia asked, drawing weapons of his own; two darksteel haladie with gleaming black blades.

Keira squinted her eyes. She was awake. 'Who got me?' Keira wondered, while looking at Shadow Galaxia. Her flare burned up, while closing her eyes, abosorbing electric energy from the air. "I'm awake..." Keira mumbled. "Ready for battle?"

She attempted to stand up, but ended up stuck to the ground, until she got her energy back.

Xavis just stood there, arms crossed, eyes closed, and a growl in his throat. Reality was slowly fracturing around him. There was just so much negativity... too much. And he was taking in very bit of it...

The entire ship was slowly becoming warmer...

"Crap.. Can't stand if nobody helps me, and why is the ship becoming warmer by the second?" Keira was lost in confusion.

Isaac helped Keira stand up, "No clue," he said, then turned to Xavis. "Something is wrong..."

"Thanks Isaac.." Keira looked at Xavis, while being helped to stand up, by Isaac. "I think it's from Xavis..", she whispered.

Chloe-Su had enough of waiting and suddenly slashed her sword at a Shadowain. And then she felt a sudden pain in her abdomen as a result of reality slowly being fractured. "What the deuce...?"

"Oww!" Calypso moaned, still with Ion. Reality fracturing seemed to affect her too.

Isaac stumbled, trying to keep Keira on her feet.

Another Shadowian slashed at Chloe-Su with his halberd, a second one throwing a chakram at Xavis.

Chloe-Su barely managed to dodge, and she clutched her abdomen in pain. Her nose started bleeding again as the seconds ticked past.

The Halberd Shadowian swung again, only to be hit by a blast of water and knocked into several others.

"Thanks again Isaac, but I think that we all should help them", she said, having a blasting electricity aura around her, while flying.

She saw Chole-Su in pain, and sent a healing spell, to her while battling. "Fusion Shard!! Heed my call!!" Keira commanded at her Fusion Shard, having it blink in response. "Let me communicate! Shadow The Hedgehog, lend me your power!"

Keira flew into the air, catching a black and red aura, as she got some chaos energy from him. Smirking, she darted off to fight.

Ion dashed into the fight at light speed and hits 3 shadowians in one blow. "Fusion Shard, Lend me your power!" he then shoots a Condensed nuclear energy bolt at 5 more which lands directly in between them.

'Thank you, Shadow..' Keira thanked him telepathically.

She blasted some enemies, before taking some great damage, "Shoot.." she grumbled, when several Shadowians were trailingbehind her.

Keira had to lead herself out, and into the ship, leading the shadowians and trying to fly longer, she ended up skating with her rocket shoes.

Part 17: The Finale, Part Three

Chloe-Su appreciated Keira's efforts, but the healing spell was in vain. The pain just continued to worsen to a nearly unbearable level.

Ion's attacks radiated with the same blue energy as his hands. Calypso's power seemed rather potent...

Xavis- after throwing the chakra back it's owner- saw Chloe-Su in pain, and instantaneously the glitching stopped. He quickly rushed over to her to help. "H-hey! What's wrong?"

'Oh. So it's her...'

"I... can't.." Chloe-Su collapsed to the ground and seemed to briefly be going into shock. She then went unconscious, and lay limp.

Xavis quickly caught Chloe-Su as she collapsed. "C-Chloe? Chloe-Su!" he said worryingly, gently shaking the limp echidna in his arms.

Chloe-Su's mind became partially active after a moment, but she wasn't able to move her body. But it took her a bit to realize that. "Xavis?" Chloe-Su was unaware that she was only communicating telepathically. "Why can't I move? I can't see anything... what's happening??" The female Echidna started to panic, which quickened the process of her mind regaining control over her body.

"I have to move..." Chloe-Su suddenly woke up from her brief unconsciousness, breathing shakily. "I'm okay... what's happening?"

"I-I... I..." Xavis tried to say, his face turning red. His ears suddenly perked up; a plasma weapon was fired at the two- but before it could hit the hedgehog disappeared in a flash of red, taking the echidna in his arms with him.

They reappeared seconds later, in a secluded corridor far away from the battle...

Isaac knocked three Shadowains aside with a sweeping jet of water. I can't keep this up, he thought. Isaac has yet to recover from the fight with the Shadow Wolves at the hotel. Then he remember his other power. Smirking, his body started glowing.

Something in the corridor moved. A dark purple hedgehog-like figure materialized merely three feet away from Xavis. I looked nearly identical to Omnicron, except for her thicker quills and red streaks. The Shadowian gave the brown hedgehog a sharp-toothed grin, "Hello Xavis," she hissed in a distorted tone.

Ion warped behind so quick behind the figure that he did not even notice before smirking. "Sorry, but you won't harm anyone!" he taunted.

The Shadowian's grin faded, "Quick thinking," she admitted, "But it's not going to get you far." The Shadowian whirled around, a black whip forming in her hand. It wrapped around Ion's leg, and she jerked the whip, flinging the hedgehog into the wall.

Ion was flung towards the wall, but he lands his feet on the wall before using it to push him back towards her.. "Think that's clever? Try this for size. ATOMIC BUSTER!" Ion punches her straight in the gut, launching her towards the wall.

The Female Shadowian cringed as she hit the wall, causing fractures upon impact. She quickly pulled herself off the wall and manifested a sword into her hand. "Impressive, but I'm afraid I have to end you now," she said as she thrusted her sword towards Ion's heart.

"BOTH OF YOU STOP IT!!!" Xavis screamed, coming between the hedgehog and the shadow hedgehog, reality beginning to glitch around him once more. He didn't care if he got hit, or was killed, or anything. He just wanted this madness to end.

The female froze, her broadsword dissipated into black mist. Her red emotionless eyes glaring at Xavis.

Chloe-Su was frozen in shock, numb. It was happening so fast...

Ion barely dodged, but stopped after seeing Xavis is some pain.

"You don't have the authority to order me around," the Shadowian snarled.

Xavis just glared back, his eyes a vibrant red. "Perhaps not," he replied with a snarl of his own. He began to slowly walk towards the Shadowian, staring her in the eye. "But then again, nobody should have authority over you... Nobody should be able to control you like you're being controlled right now!"

Reen's scanner was going crazy, and as she tried to avoid the carnage, she accidentally ran into a lever, pushing it down. The lever dropped a large pile of boxes onto a Shadowian. "Oh, whoopsie."

Ion might feel that whoever had merged with his spirit was gone, all of a sudden. She had left after that punch... Uh-oh. The Shadowain might feel a strange new source of energy...

Chloe-Su had enough of it all. "Stop hurting my friends, or you'll have to deal with me!" Her fur started to change to a silver colour, indicating that Onyx Chloe-Su might be taking over again... "And trust me... you don't want that."

"Yeah, you really don't want that! Especially when me or Chloe-Su to become enraged." Ion told her.

The Shadowian sneered, "Do you know who I am?" She asked, her voice now sounding disturbingly like Hecate.

Chloe-Su did not notice this, and continued menacingly, "No. And I don't care." It seemed as though Chloe-Su was undergoing another transformation into Onyx Chloe-Su. She drew her sword and leapt at the Shadowain in a fit of rage.

Part 18: The Finale, Part Four

Chloe-Su let out a sort of snarl as she swiped her sword at the Shadowain, missing by inches. "Fool. You're pathetic. A weakling. A disgrace to your kind..."

Ion growls, his energy is starting to rise at an exponential rate, nearing the power of a hyper state quite quickly. "Don't mess with us mobians, or you will end up hurt!" Ion glared, starting to get really serious and quite irritated. "I am getting tired of all this nonsense! I might just end this now!" Ion's body was covered in dark red aura and his power started to overflow.

Xavis let out a short, pained scream, hunching over and holding his head in his hands. His glitching was becoming worse by the second, his other side showing through every couple split-seconds.

He was practically a walking bomb by now. The slightest provocation could set him off...

And set him free...

Chloe-Su turned around to see Xavis in pain. "Xavis...?" She transformed back to normal and went to him, concerned. 

"C-Chloe-Su... I-I...." the pyrochaotic said in a pained tone, even though he was now quickly stabilizing. 

The Shadowain/Hecate might feel a slight boost in strength, thanks to Claypso's presence. However, Calypso was starting to panic, realizing she was quite literally in the hands of the enemy.

Feeling this surge of energy, the newly formed Shadowian Hecate grinned. She summoned two whips, then lashed them from side to side, sharp blades of energy forming on them. Hecate slung one of the razorwhips at Chloe-Su.

The energy blades had a dark blue tint around them, which would likely give away Calypso's presence.

Xavis couldn't think. His mind was- for the moment- gone. All he was was instinct. And instinctively he moved between Chloe-Su and the razorwhip, taking the hit for the echidna.

He felt no pain, no sense of stupidity, or that it was a bad idea. All he felt was the unbreakable need to protect who he loved.

Even if he didn't know it yet. . .

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"No!" Chloe-Su suddenly felt like something was ripping her apart from the inside and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Xavis?!" Chloe-Su leapt at Shadow Hecate in a fit of pure rage, slashing at her. This time the female Echidna meant business.

Shadow Hecate grinned and backstepped, dodging Chloe-Su's attack and countering with her own, the sharp edges of her whip grazing the echidna's shoulder.

Keira, meanwhile, had already lost Shadow's boost in her power, and was getting weaker and weaker by the minute inside the ship, trying to wear off a group of Shadowians. "Ugh!!" she grunted in pain, as she widen her eyes, seeing that she had gotten chained up. "I hate you guys..."

She struggled to get free, but the chains had just gotten tighter. Trying to use electricity won't work either, because she had wasted all of her last power. Keira had been caged, and had gotten knocked out again, and she got slammed into the metal wall, as the Shadowians stood guard in front of her cell.

Lunari was already out and about, and found Keira and the guards while she was zipping around. One of the Shadowains might notice her faintly glowing spirit.

Chloe-Su leapt at Shadow Hecate again, slashing at her with her sword. The female Echidna felt no pain in her shoulder, and she meant no mercy in her attacks. She was going for the kill.

Meanwhile, Finitevus was still running aimlessly through the corridors, when he saw the guards standing there and Keira in chains. "What on Mobius...?"

Lunari and Finitevus were right about in the same spot. "Shh..." She whispered. "I'm going in." With that, she silently started to float towards Keira.

As she sensed a figure while she had gotten knocked out, Keira opened her eyes slowly to see Lunari. "Lunari?" she whispered, what are you doing here?"

She then realized what Lunari was doing and whispered, "Oh, thanks.. But how do I get out? There are guards everywhere!"

Before she answered, Lunari joined with Keira. Keira might feel a bit of her strength come back to her. "Relax. I'm going to help you recover first, then I'll see what I can do about the guards."

At Lunari's plan, Keira smiled kindly to her, before coming up with at plan, while smirking. "I think I got the plan..."

Keira couldn't see Lunari anymore, but she could hear Lunari's voice in her head. Lunari was helping her from the inside, it seemed. "Alright then. I'll help you from here."

"Ok", Keira nodded.

Charging up her electrokinesis with her regained energy, she threw several from her spot, knocking down some of the guards.

Shadow Hecate screamed when Chloe-Su's sword hit her- and sliced her left arm clean off. The razorwhip disintegrated into a black mist. Shadow Hecate stumbled backwards, black blood dripping onto the floor from her wound.

Xavis up to this point has been in a daze, but Shadow Hecate's scream managed to snap him out of it. "Chloe-Su stop it!" he yelled, running up to and restraining the echidna, "Can't you see it's her? Can't you see it's Hecate?"

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Shadow Hecate hissed, dropping her other whip and grabbing onto where her arm used to be. That's when the ground shook. Two Shadowian's dashed around the corner in a panic. "RUN! The dude-hog has turned into a monster!" One of them screamed.

"She's not Hecate anymore!" Chloe-Su shrieked, struggling. "She's a freakin' Shadowain, there's nothing we can do for her!"

The two Shadowians ran past Chloe-Su and Xavis, still screaming their heads off. Suddenly the wall exploded, sending dust flying everywhere.

Part 19: The Finale, Part Five

"What the deuce?!" Chloe-Su exclaimed as she stopped struggling against Xavis' grip.

When the dust cleared, Shadow Hecate was visibly surprised. Standing in the rubble was a sky-blue leviathan. It had a crocodile-like snout, yellow eyes, and the large spikes on it's back were the same shade of yellow as the creatures eyes, as so was the claws on all four feet. It had a bulky body structure that could glide through water with ease. The monster looked at Chloe-Su, then Xavis, and stopped on Shadow Hecate, its eyes widening.

Reens, who had been quite literally trying to figure out what exactly she could do to help by placing a hole in the floor, stopped and looked up at the beast. "Chaos above!" she yelped, her scanner's points of impact all leading to the same monster. Or perhaps something close to it... "Chaos above Chaos above Chaos above..."

"What was that?" Keira asked. "I sense a strong aura here.."

Breaking the cell open, and dashing with Lunari to go outside, the two saw it, while the others were panicking.

Shadow Hecate reacted quickly, lashing her whip at the monster. It grunted when the sharp edges made a small gash in it's neck. Another crash could be heard as the Shadow Chameleon barged through the hole the Lagiacrus made.

A sizable chunk of the wall broke off from the Shadow Chameleon's entrance, and was heading straight for Xavis and Chloe-Su! However, the hedgehog quickly disappeared in another flash of red, taking the echidna in his grasp with him.

They reappeared again a good couple hundred feet down the same corridor. Xavis let go of Chloe-Su and drew his blade, taking a few steps towards the battle- but stopped. Something was holding him back...

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"Xavis?" Chloe-Su addressed nervously, rubbing some rust off the blade of her sword. "You okay?"

Keira had fought again, helping the rest.

Finitevus, satisfied that Lunari was with Keira, wandered a random set of stairs, often skipping steps. Soon he reached the bottom level of the long staircase. "Where to now...?"

Of course, Alaine was still with the Doc. It seemed like she had fallen asleep. She had been in enough trouble today, it was time for her to relax.

Finitevus moved stealthily towards a door, and heard voices on the other side. "What in Aurora's name?!" The albino Echidna moved closer to the door, hearing every word.

"Is the superweapon ready yet?" One of the voices rasped. "How should I know? Besides, we don't have the energy we need to power it," another voice replied. "Our spies said that fox we have in the cells has a Fusion Shard. But apparently it was stolen by a Nightmare Fairy," the first Shadowian said. "How is Lord Galaxia going to duplicate the Shards energy anyway?" The second Shadowian asked.

Finitevus frowned deeply, listening closely. "Duplication of Fusion Shards...?"

"No clue, Indonesia," the first Shadowian answered. "Why don't we go ask Lord Galaxia?" "No, we can't. He's in the middle of a battle with our newly captured prisoners," the second Shadowian said.

Finitevus almost snickered at that, catching himself before he did so. He mustn't give himself away...

"What do we do until Lord Galaxia wins the battle, Switzerland?" Indonesia asked. "No clue," the Shadowian replied. "Of course you don't..." Switzerland said sarcastically.

Finitevus frowned and thought a long moment after that. He should go help the others. The albino Echidna slipped away silently.

Meanwhile, Xavis didn't respond. He just stood there, the only movement in his breathing and in his eyes. He was lost and confused, with no idea what to do next. He was sad and angry and afraid, yet... happy all at the same time, and it all showed on his face. He had just figured it out. "I-I... I..." he choked out, verging on tears.

Chloe-Su couldn't help it. She started tearing up a bit and grasped Xavis' hand. "Hey, c'mon... don't worry about it. Let's go kick some Chameleon butt."

The leviathan let out a roar and charged at the Shadow Chameleon. The two beasts collided, both being slammed into the wall and causing tremors.

"The Fusion Shards' energy? They are gonna fail trying" Ion thought.

"Whoa!" Reens quickly moved out of the way of the two giants, keeping her sword hand at the ready just in case. Hold on a minute, where's everyone else? Oh shoot, we got separated again, didn't we? I'd better get out of the way before I'm crushed!

Suddenly there was a flash of light and Reens was in another corridor, one without a bunch of Shadowians running screaming from a leviathan. "Don't be afraid," a feminine voice spoke. "I'm helping you." Reens would likely realize right away that the voice was speaking to her in her mind.

"Uh, thanks for the save, but who exactly are you? Are you that Calypso person or somebody else? 'Cause you don 't sound like Luna... with all these people having astral projection it's hard to tell who's who," Reens replied, somewhat startled by the quick relocation.

"I'm Jayda-Su. I've been pretty quiet for a while, getting confused and the like. Nice to finally meet you, Reens," Jayda-Su spoke in reply.

Xavis became tense as Chloe-Su held his hand, but only for a moment. He closed his eyes, tears silently breaking onto his muzzle. He took a deep breath before turning around and looking the echidna in the eye. "Alright."

They were standing quite close to each other...

Chloe-Su nodded, releasing Xavis' hand. "Let's go."

'Lunari? Can you hear me?' Keira asked her telepathically. 'I kinda am having trouble with.. Oh crap...'

Keira struggled as she pulled away from the chains. She ran away from the Shadowians, and managed to fire an electro blast at them.

"Roger that." Lunari answered Keira, lending Keira some of her energy. The electro blast had a faint blue aura around it.

"Thanks Lunari!!" Keira shouted, as she smirked at the enemies.

She continued to attack, but with a big power boost from Lunari, in Keira's attacks. Thanking Lunari one more time, she dashed to ram against random Shadowians.

Meanwhile, Finitevus finally arrived at the scene as Keira and Lunari were working together. "What in Aurora's name is happening now...?"

The Shadow Chameleon doubled back when the Lagiacrus knocked it into a wall and it's jaws latched onto the Shadow Beast's neck. The dermal spikes on the leviathan's back sparked with electricity. It was about to release a powerful electric attack.

Ion looked at his fusion shard, trying to hide it's glow with his hand. "Not now, I don't want to get spotted," Ion thought to himself.

Chloe-Su charged at the Shadow Beast, not noticing that the Lagiacrus was going to send out a burst of electricity.

"Wait!" Xavis called.

"Chloe-Su!" Finitevus shouted, seeing this. "Stop, he's going to literally-!"

But his warning can too late. Chloe-Su's blade hit the Shadow Beast's tail, sinking deep into its flesh. 

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The Lagiacrus released a very large and devastating bursts of electricity, shocking the the Shadow Chameleon and the unlucky Chloe-Su.

Chloe-Su was flung backwards, her sword still embedded in the Chameleon's tail. The female Echidna landed on the floor, breathing but unconscious. Her right hand and arm had third-degree burns from the electricity.

The Lagiacrus realeased his grip on the Shadow Chameleon's neck, letting it's limp body crash to the floor. The leviathan noticed Chloe-Su and was immediately at her side. He looked around before taking the unconscious echidna in his jaws, lifting her out of harm's way.

Xavis- in a fit of love-fueled rage- charged at the leviathan. He grabbed Chloe-Su's sword from the dead(?) Shadow Chameleon's tail before igniting his feet and flying up to the water dragon, intent on cutting it's head off. But he stopped himself mid-flight. He noticed something. He noticed that the Lagiacrus felt... familiar. "Isaac," the pyrochaotic said, hovering up to the beast's eye level, "Let her go."

Isaac nodded and gently placed Chloe-Su on the ground unharmed, even though she was covered in small amounts of saliva.

Xavis extinguished his feet, quickly dropping to the floor next to Chloe-Su, letting go of the blades in his hands as he landed. He picked up the unconscious female echidna, practically cradling her in his arms.

Finitevus, who was watching, came over and said, "If she doesn't get medical attention right away, she's likely going to have to have her arm amp-" The albino Echidna stopped mid-sentence, hesitant.

Isaac knew what to do. I've never tried healing burns before... he thought to himself. The Lagiacrus spawned a pool of water in his clawed hand. He let the water run down onto Chloe-Su's arm, trying to use his Hydrohealing powers to get rid of the burn.

The burn slowly disappeared, but Chloe-Su was still unconscious.

Isaac sighed in relief, although it came out in a low growl.

Xavis begun to shake Chloe-Su very lightly, hoping that the movement- along with his heat- would wake her up. "C'mon... c'mon..." he whispered sorrowfully.

Isaac whimpered and gently nudged the echidna with his snout.

Finitevus placed his hand over Chloe-Su's head and started muttering something incomprehensible. After a moment Chloe-Su moaned, but did not wake up just yet.

"I'm afraid her mental activity is quite low," Finitevus spoke. "Her brain has suffered some damage. It should heal, but she might be mentally disabled for a while."

Xavis' heart cracked when he heard this. "No. No, no no no no no," he said as he held the female echidna close, on the verge of sobbing. He glitched lightly, but only for a few seconds.

Isaac snorted and turned back to the battle. The Shadow Chameleon was back on it's feet. Looks like it still has some fight left in it, Isaac thought.

Chloe-Su woke up at that moment. "What's... on... going...?" The female Echidna felt like she had been run over by a freight train. "Anyone get... number... the... on truck??..." Evidently she wasn't able to talk straight, most of it in random fragments. "Xavis... Genesis....... Mom....?..."

Xavis' heart cracked even more. "" He sobbed, holding Chloe-Su even closer. He didn't realize it, but he began pouring out Chaos Energy, and soon the corridor was flooded in a red mist.

Maybe it could help her... Maybe it could fix her... Maybe it could do something... anything...

Chloe-Su's speech starting returning to normal as the Chaos Energy healed her partially. "X-Xavis... what... j-just happened...?"

Finitevus smiled slightly as the female Echidna started to return to normal. "She'll be fine. Maybe suffer some limited cognitive ability, but she'll be alright at this rate."

"It f-feels like... I've b-been crushed by a stinking r-rock..." Chloe-Su's voice seemed rather hoarse.

Isaac strutted up to the Shadow Chameleon, which snarled at him. He bared his teeth, then let out a blood-curdling roar. The monster screeched, then turned tail and ran.

The Lagiacrus walked back over to the group, as the corridor was now empty since his roar scared away both the Shadow Chameleon and the remaining Shadowians. Isaac noticed Chloe-Su and jumped with joy, galloping over to her. Eureka! She's alive!

Xavis' heart lifted, it's cracks slowly beginning to mend. He eased his hold on Chloe-Su, taking a moment to look her in the eye. There were so many things he wanted to say to her, but the words couldn't find his mouth. Instead, he just hugged her, and cried- but not out of sorrow. Out of happiness.

"T-this I w-wasn't expecting," Chloe-Su remarked, hugging Xavis back. Her arm still hurt from the burn, but at least it was no longer in danger of being amputated or worse. 

A low gurgling sound emitted from Isaac's throat. He seemed to be laughing.

"Let me just test something," Finitevus spoke. He held up two fingers and asked, "How many fingers am I holding up?"

"I... d-don't know," Chloe-Su replied, confused.

Xavis was a little disheartened at this, but quickly shook it off. 'She just needs some time to recover... She'll be fine...' he thought, still having yet to realize he was flooding the corridor with Chaos Energy.


Keira and Lunari gave out a victory cheer when the two had defeated all of the Shadowians together. "But where's Shadow Galaxia, Lunari?" Keira tilted her head, asking, as she walked through the corridors.

"Well, I don't know." Lunari replied, innocently.

"Same too, I guess.." Keira answered.

Shadow Hecate happened to be in the same corridor as Keira and Lunari. She looked up he angel hedgehog when she came into view.

"Huh? Wait a sec..." Lunari said, when she noticed Shadow Hecate.

The shadow hedgehog hissed, immediately rising to her feet. Her arm hole had stopped bleeding, it still hurt like crazy.

"Oh crap.." Keira cursed, as she pulled out her axe, but pulled it down, when she noticed Shadow Hecate's arm hole.. "Woah, easy there, want me to heal that for ya?"

Shadow Hecate backed up, "Why would you want to help me?" She demanded.

"Although you're my enemy, I'll still help ya, just trust me, I'm a rebellion, mostly neutral good though... So, I'll ask you again, do you want help?" Keira asked, pointing at Shadow Hecate's arm hole.

"I could probably help with that too... or at least dull the pain..." Lunari offered, though only Keira could hear her. ____________________________________________________________________________________

Meanwhile, Jayda-Su was still joined with Reens. "I apologize for startling you earlier."

"Oh, it's no problem, Jayda-Su," Reens replied, looking around the corridor. "Thanks for saving me, but how are we supposed to help the others from here? I don't even know where they are. Everyone keeps splitting up and I heard yelling and screaming, but what am I supposed to do?!?"

"Good question," Jayda-Su spoke. "During my absence, I managed to locate the generator powering the mothership. Destroy the generator, the ship powers down. And only the auxiliary power will be active, which will merely power the thrusters. We'll have an advantage if there's hardly any electricity."

Reens nodded, though she was sure no one could see her. "Great idea. Lead the way, Jayda-Su! Time to shut down this gigantic hunk of bolts for good." She took out her scanner and turned the volume to mute, then started sneaking down the corridor. She pulled down her goggles as well in order to avoid lasers.

"Head twelve o'clock for about ten metres. Turn right once you see multiple corridors. Then head that way for seven metres and the entrance to the generator should be on your left," Jayda-Su replied, trying to be as accurate as possible.

"Got it, I'm almost there! Wait, did you say left?" Reens skidded to a stop in front of a large doorway. "I think this is it! Good thing I stole a keycard from the Shadowian I accidentally, er, crushed." She slid the keycard through the scanner, and the door gave a soft ping as she opened it. She whistled. "That is one big generator..."

"All that's left is to put in the killcode. Ready?" Jayda-Su asked, mentally chuckling about the part with the Shadowian accidentally being crushed.

A loud click could be heard behind Reens. "I'm afraid I can't let you shut down that generator."

Part 20: Epilogue, Part 1

"Don't move," Jayda-Su spoke, forming an invisible shield around Reens. "Stay there. I'll get rid of him."

Omnicron was standing in the doorway, a Shadowizer Ray pointed at Reen's head. "Back away from the generator,," he snarled.

"I have a shield around you. His Shadowizer Ray can't penetrate it. And just for fun..." Jayda-Su suddenly produced a bright light that could blind any Shadowian. But her shield protected Reens' eyes. "That'll make him a walking mess."

Omnicron hissed, dropping the weapon and covering his eyes. "Ack! Why you little-" he was interrupted when a purple energy whip wrapped around his waist. "What the-" he was suddenly slammed into the wall.

Reens hurriedly looked at the controls, confusion etched across her face. "What's the killcode?!?"

"Seven zero four eight nega. My mom actually told me that in one of her stories." Jayda-Su was becoming rather nervous...

Omnicron slowly got to his feet, "Who did that?!" He demanded, frantically looking around. Trivia stepped into view, holding her energy whip in her hand. The Shadowian sneered, "Who the heck are you?!" He demanded again.

Pressing in the killcode, Reens stepped back and braced herself. "I did it ... any minute now ..."

(Claire, do you want the honors of having the power go out, since it's your ship? - Julia Finitevus)

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Something in the generator gave a satisfying click, and it shut down. The entire ship shook and Omnicron looked around in panic. "YOU IDIOT! YOU HAVE DOOMED US ALL!!!" He screamed.

"What a drama queen," Jayda-Su remarked. "Auxiliary power should keep the thrusters working. I don't know why he's freaking out..."

"That's because Reens just shut off all the power," Trivia replied fiercely. The ship lurched forwards, knocking everyone off their feet. "We are thousands of miles in the air, and you thought shutting off the generator was a good idea?!" Omnicron scolded.

"I thought there would at least be auxiliary thrusters! If you don't have those, that's faulty design," Reens pointed out.

"So much for a private mental conversation and this..." It was a bad day for everyone.

"Hey! I'm not the one who designed this bloody ship!" Omnicron shot back. Trivia lashed her whip, it wrapping around the Shadowian's neck. "Enough! We all need to get out of here!" She snapped, releasing her grip on Omnicron's neck. "I'll find the rest of the Destructix. Reens, find the others, get to the hangar and snag a transport ship," she said, turning and running out into the corridor. "I'll meet you there!" She yelled.

"Listen to her," Jayda-Su said. "I'll keep her safe."

Xavis (finally) stopped crying, looking around worriedly as the ship rumbled; he could feel the power draining from the aircraft. The lights of the corridor went out, but not that it mattered. The amount of Chaos Energy he had pumped out illuminated the hallway with a firm red glow. He released his embrace on Chloe-Su, looking her in the eye and asking, "Can you walk?"

"I think so," Chloe-Su spoke.

Reens nodded and ran down the corridors, searching for the rest of her friends. "Everybody get to the hangar! We're busting out of here! Make sure we don't leave anyone behind!" She scanned the interior, keeping track of the power levels. "Ah! A P.A system!" She slid into the room and grabbed the mic, repeating the message.

Jayda-Su joined with Trivia and said, "Follow my lead."

Isaac heard Reens' message and without a second thought, grabbed Xavis, Chloe-Su, Finitevus, and Ion and threw him onto his back. He turned and started galloping down the corridor towards the hanger.

(Okay. So I have an idea: Everyone meets up at the hanger, where they find Shadow Galaxia trying to escape. A short battle happens, destroying most of the escape ships and leaving SG injured, but not quite dead. Xavis stays behind to hold him off and let the others escape, self-sacrificially detonating the ship once they're safe. Yeah? -Xoph-)

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(He'll survive. And I do mean everyone. -Xoph-)

(Let's go with that. -Clairebear165)

Isaac entered the hanger, putting his passengers back down on the floor. He saw Shadow Galaxia and Shadowian troops running towards one of the transport vessels. Isaac snarled, shooting the group with a sphere of electricity.

Alaine was tightly curled up in Finitevus's fur. She seemed scared.

Keira and Lunari were healing Shadow Hecate, when, she saw Shadow Galaxia and the Shadowians, fighting Isaac. "Lunari!! They're fighting!! We got to help!!" Keira shouted, worried. "Oh, and Shadow Hecate, me and Lunari have casted spells for you to heal, so try to stay out of trouble..."

And there the two went, shooting attacks at the group of Shadowians, helping Isaac. "Hey!! Shadow Galaxia!!" Keira smirked at Shadow Galaxia, then she shouted again. "Say hello to my special attack!! LIGHTNING RAID!!"

It instead struck the Shadowians, who might have gotten paralyzed by the special attack. Keira and Lunari made a run for it, since they didn't want to get hit, nor damaged. "Darn it.. Let's scram and lead 'em outside!!" Keira shouted over the panic.

"Augh! Get them, you fools!" Shadow Galaxia commanded. The Shadowians who weren't paralyzed by Keira's attack gave each other worried looks before running off into battle. Isaac roared and whipped his tail, sending several soldiers flying backwards. He hasn't noticed it yet, but the hanger door was open. Trivia shortly arrived with the other members of the Destructix, and a lynx and a panther that Isaac didn't recognize at first.

Finitevus saw Raven and shoved him into a ship. "Guys, over here!" 

Chloe-Su tapped on Xavis' shoulder weakly and pointed to the ship. "We just have to make sure everyone gets on board."

"Trivia, we have to make sure that Shadow Galaxia doesn't escape," Jayda-Su spoke mentally to the purple hedgehog.

Ion dashed past them and got onto the ship. "Just in the nick of time, ehh!"

"Where's Rosaria now? She's supposed to get me the ship?" Keira wondered out loud. "Ehh, nevermind.."

She and Lunari attacked again, this time, with a lot more confidence and range attacks. Keira was waiting for her friend Rosaria, who said that she was going to get a ship for Keira, Lunari and herself to ride in.

However, Lunari was starting to get tired. Keira would likely notice her spiritual energy was starting to get weaker.

"Huh? Lunari? What's wrong?" Keira asked her telepathically, but she then realized, and smacked her forehead again. "Oh yeah!! Sorry Lunari... You just take a rest first, while I'm going to kick some heads!!"

With that, the hedgehog hybrid dashed off, turning into Gyrokira, and slamming the Shadowians into walls with her chains. She casted one on two Shadowians, and smacked them to a random place, but it was a range attack, to keep her energy flowing.

Trivia mentally nodded then turned to Shadow Galaxia, summoning duel daggers. The Shadowian huffed, drawing his two haladie. The purple hedgehog lunged, and the two's weapons clashed.

"Alright... I have enough energy left for one last light burst. I just need to direct it so nobody else goes blind..." Jayda-Su suddenly sent a blinding beam of light towards Shadow Galaxia's eyes- but it took most of the energy she had left. Trivia might notice.

"AUGH!" Shadow Galaxia dropped his weapons and shielded his eyes. Trivia knocked him backwards with the butt of her dagger. Jayda-Su, are you going to be ok? She mentally asked.

"In a minute," Jayda-Su responded. "In the meantime, let's get outta here." However, Shadow Galaxia probably wasn't done yet. He likely had other things up his sleeve.

Shadow Galaxia rose to his feet, picking up his haladie and slashing Triva while she had her back turned. The hedgehog hissed in pain, whirling around and countering with her own attack.

"So much for that," Jayda-Su muttered mentally, trying to regain some of her energy so she could help.

"Guys!" Finitevus shouted. "Are you done squabbling already?!"

"We gotta help Trivia!" Chloe-Su exclaimed to Xavis, jumping to the metal floor. She fell to her knees in an instant, still weak from that electric shock.

Trivia slashed at Shadow Galaxia again, only for the Shadowian's hand to form claws made of darkness. He uppercutted, making deep gashes in the sorceress' face. She screamed, her daggers poofing into purple mist. Shadow Galaxia laughed, "Pathetic! I've seen frostbitten dragons put up a better fight than this!" He taunted.

Finitevus suddenly grabbed Shadow Galaxia by the throat in an attempt to choke him. "Touch her like that again and you're dead!"

Shadow Galaxia simply laughed again, "Shadowains don't have to breath, you know," he said. He slammed Finitevus with a Shadow Claw strike, hitting him nearly in the exact same spot.

"Pah!" Finitevus smirked. "You're dead anyway."

"Xavis!" Chloe-Su called, finally managing to stand up and drawing her sword. "We have to stop Finitevus and Trivia before they get themselves killed!" The sword slipped out of her hand and fell with a loud clatter. Today was a bad day.

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Shadow Galaxia chuckled, "We'll see about that, Finitevus." The claws on the Shadowian's hand grew longer, then striked. Deep gashes were even etched into the albino echidna's torso. Shadow Galaxia kicked Finitevus off him, picking up his two haladie.

Shadow Galaxia might not have noticed that Alaine had crawled off of Finitevus and onto him. '"DON'T HURT HIM!" Alaine's tiny voice screeched, before she bit Shadow Galaxia's back, trying to stay in a spot he couldn't reach very well.

The lead Shadowian felt Alaine on his back and tried to scrap her off with one blade of his haladie. "Grauh! Get off me, you leech!" He snarled. Trivia for back on her feet, summmoning a whip. She was about to have it wrap around Shadow Galaxia and throw him out of the ship when she felt a cold hand on her arm. "Don't hurt my master," Shadow Hecate hissed. Trivia turned her head to look at the armless shadow hedgehog, sneering.

Alaine did fall off, and landed on the ground with a thud. Fortunately the blade had missed her vitals, but it had left some pretty severe, badly bleeding cuts on her hands and arms. For being such a tiny thing, it was a miracle that nothing had been cut off.

Trivia could probably hear a sigh of relief, but from where? It was actually Calypso, who was finally back in friendly(?) territory.

Trivia was so focused on Shadow Hecate that she didn't notice Calypso, or, more importantly, Shadow Galaxia drawing a Shadowizer Ray from goodness knows where. Isaac did however notice this and charged. He didn't make it in time. Trivia screamed when the beam of energy hit her back. The hedgehog collapsed onto the ground, black energy crackling along her body.

"No!" Finitevus cried out.

"No!" Calypso tried to channel her own energy through Trivia's body to try and combat the dark energy, but it likely wouldn't help. This was when she wished she was a free roaming spirit like all the others that were here. She could probably save at least Trivia's spirit that way, she thought, but no; she's trapped and her host is as good as doomed. Her increasing fury made her energy a bit more powerful...

Jayda-Su felt Calypso's presence and became worried due to the fact that they were both trapped inside Trivia, who was at that moment being turned into a Shadowian.

Xavis dropped down next to Chloe-Su and quickly picked her up. He ignited his feet, flying over to the escape ship and dropping the echidna off. "Stay here," he ordered, "You're in no condition to fight." He turned around and saw Shadow Galaxia shoot Trivia, and what was happening to the fellow hedgehog. In what seemed like an instant, the pyrochaotic had flown over and snagged the Shadowizer Ray from Shadow Galaxia, running diagnostics on the gun as soon as it was in his hands.

"So you made a gun that can turn people into Shadowians," Xavis said as he landed, turning around to face the weapon's former wielder, "Why then, would you add a reverse switch?" He flipped the aforementioned switch on the side of the gun, and instantly it's energy felt different. Without thinking he took his aim and fired, first at Trivia, then at Shadow Hecate.

(So wait, if a Shadowizer Ray is set to reverse, what happens when a pure Shadowian is shot with it? -Xoph-)

(I'm not really sure. To Shadow Galaxia, it may just turn him back into who he was before he turned into a Shadowian. But for other soldiers, it would probably destroy them. -Clairebear165)

Shadow Galaxia sneered, "I didn't add a reverse switch," he said, then cursed. "STUPID ARTILLERY DESIGNERS! I told them not to add a reverse switch!" The Shadowian leader drew his weapons, throwing one of the haladie at Xavis.

Finitevus grabbed it before it could hit Xavis. "I will not let you hurt anyone else, Shadow Galaxia. I'll hunt you to the ends of the multiverse if I must. Action must have action." 

Chloe-Su tried to move, but couldn't. Her legs were still too weak. "I hate being helpless..."

Shadow Galaxia seemed to smirk, "How will you hunt me down if you have been eaten?" The Shadow Chameleon materialized behind Finitevus. It snapped it's jaws down on the albino echidna's leg and raised him into the air, letting Finitevus hang upside down.

"How do I get myself into these situations?" Finitevus muttered, pulling out a dart gun and shooting the Shadow Chameleon in the jaw, injecting the knockout substance. Then the albino Echidna pried open the creature's jaws, leaping away once his leg was out. "You were saying?"

"D-Don't sass me, echidna!" Shadow Galaxia stammered. His fingertips grew into long sharp claws made of shadow energy. He slashed at the scientist in a attempt to sever his head.

Finitevus leapt back, smirking slightly. "'Don't sass me' he says! Pah!"

Xavis, gave a bored look to Finitevus, not that he could see it. He walked back to the ship, crushing the Shadowizer Ray in his hand and dropping it on the floor.

"Hey! Are you okay?" Calypso asked Trivia, sounding concerned.

Shadow Galaxia growled, slashing again. "Shut up!" He yelled.

Trivia groaned, and with some difficulty, rose to her feet. I'm ok, she mentally replied. The Anti-Hecate looked at her Prime counterpart, who was unconscious on the floor. She picked her up and brought her into the transport ship. Trivia looked at Chloe-Su and Xavis, "You two keep an eye on her," she said before returning to the battle.

Reens jumped out of the room she was in and headed to the transport ship, but tripped over some wires on the floor. She fell, but got right back up and headed out again. "Doctor! Is everyone else on the ship?" she yelled, looking over to where Shadow Galaxia and Finitevus were duking it out. "We have to go, now! Before everything explodes!"

"Not everyone!" Finitevus exclaimed, dodging Shadow Galaxia and then running to the ship. He would finish this feud later. "Where's that idiot fairy Vesper?!"

Chloe-Su turned to Xavis and said, "If this ship crashes onto a city, millions of lives could be lost. We'll have to destroy it somehow before it does crash..."

Alaine was weakly staggering towards Finitevus, her hands and arms deeply cut, bleeding an almost alien shade of blackish red.

"Gotcha, cutie," Reens smiled as she scooped up Alaine, covering her cuts with her glove. She made it to the transport ship and set Alaine down. "You guys start the ship up! I'm gonna find Vesper real quick and then we'll all be on our way! When I looked outside we were over a field, so if the ship crashes you'll be fine!" Reens ran out of the ship to find Vesper, hoping she wasn't too late.

"OW!" Alaine squeaked, her cuts still stinging and burning. They were starting to hurt even worse than they already did.

Xavis looked at Chloe-Su, then to the departing Reens, then back. "She's wrong," he said solemnly, "Even if it crashes into a field, it could still cause devastation miles across. Or worse, he could survive..." He was- of course- referring to Shadow Galaxia. Suddenly he had an idea. It was dangerous, and stupid, and would likely kill him, but it was the only option he could think of. He looked Chloe-Su in the eye. "You guys leave once Reens comes back with Vesper. I can stay behind and blow this thing mid-air."

"...I..." Chloe-Su knew that Xavis was stubborn. He was going to do it no matter what. "Xavis... I... I love you." She was silent for a moment, then said, "Until we meet again."

Xavis froze as she said it. That simple, three-word phrase. He began to tear up, but quickly shook it off. He had cried enough today. He readjusted his cloak and turned around, looking out into the hangar. "Likewise," he said quietly, though as to what could be speculated. After that he walked out onto the boarding ramp to wait for Reens.

Meanwhile, Vesper was wondering aimlessly through the dark corridors of the ship. He had panicked and ran when the fighting broke out, and now he was lost. "Ooohh, why did I have to run away, stupid, stupid!" He scolded himself.

Calypso, now with Hecate, was conked out. She had changed hosts too many times too fast.

Ion felt a slight sting on his left arm and winced. "Oww."

Chloe-Su wasn't quite sure what to think after she said those three words. All Xavis said was "likewise". "Never mind," Chloe-Su thought, adjusting her shirt nervously. "I guess it won't matter now..." She really wanted to bang her head on a wall right about now.

Alaine looked up at Chloe-Su with sad eyes. Despite how badly she was hurt, she felt worse for Chloe-Su. Poor thing...

Chloe-Su saw Aliane and exclaimed, "Oh you poor girl! Let me help you." She picked up Aliane gently and started to use her powers in an attempt to heal the tiny human.

Chloe-su might notice how strangely dark Alaine's blood was. Like she wasn't human at all... Alaine sighed in relief as her cuts healed. "Thank you..."

Chloe-Su noticed, but said nothing about it. "You're welcome." She set Aliane down on a chair, knelt on the floor and started muttering a chant, most likely a prayer to Aurora. "La nee tra'ntra'na Xavis kara 'Nah-veek-kor ." Aliane might wonder what she was doing.

"Vesper! Vesper? Where are you? We're getting ready to leave! I don't want to leave you behind, okay? Please, let me know where you are!" Reens walked up and down some corridors, treading carefully and lurching a bit from side to side because of the decreasing altitude.

Vesper's ears perked up, "Reens?!" He yelled. He flew to where the hedgehog's voice was coming from.

Trivia continued to hold off Shadow Galaxia, occasionally getting scratched by the shadow lord's haladie. She couldn't hold him off forever. She was getting tired.

Isaac dodged a claw swipe from the Shadow Chameleon, countering with a headbutt to the monster's gut. He spat a orb of electricity at the chamelon, hitting it in the head and dazing it momentarily. Isaac looked at the open hanger door, where there was nothing but sky and a cloud canopy. He then got an idea.

Isaac slammed his body into the Shadow Chamelon, pushing closer to the exit and fired another electricity orb at it, then wacked it with his tail. It stumbled backwards, putting one foot over the edge and nearly losing it's balance.

Now is my chance, he thought. Isaac slammed into it again, knocking the Shadow Chamelon over the edge. The beast wasn't done yet. It bit down into Isaac's tail. He yelped and slipped, tumbling over the edge. Luckily he digged his claws into the floor, holding onto dear life. If the Shadow Chameleon was going down, he would take Isaac with him.

Meanwhile, Finitevus was busy checking Hecate's vitals, frowning when he heard Chloe-Su praying. He glanced at the female as she spoke. "Aurora kanee 'latra 'Nah-veek-kor ranei Xavis. Tra'kanay..." Aliane probably was confused by her chanting.

Hecate moaned and rolled over. Despite missing an arm, she was relatively ok.

Isaac tried kicking the Shadow Chameleon off him. If it doesn't let go, I'll be going down with it, he realized. Isaac craned his head to look at the monster. He charged an electrical shock. Isaac was starting to slip. With his remaining energy, he unleashed a devastating thunder attack. The Shadow Chameleon lost it's grip, and fell. It roared as it plummeted through the clouds.

Isaac was drained of energy. He wasn't able to pull himself back onto solid ground. He needed help and fast.

As soon as Doc Finitevus touched Hecate, he could feel Calypso's presence. How strange...

Alaine looked at Chloe-Su, confused. "Huh?"

Keira noticed Isaac and helped him up. "Are you okay? Isaac?" Keira asked worriedly as she casted a healing spell at Isaac.

Isaac panted, wondering how Keira was able to pulling his large form back onto the ship. He looked at Keira and nodded. He then groaned, collapsing onto the ground and transforming back to his normal hedgehog self.

Nodding back at Isaac, as she looked at him collaspe in exhaustion, Keira heard a ship floating by. Noticing the mobian in it, she whispered, "I'm going Isaac, I'm going on my friend's ship, bye."

With that, she flew off to Rosaria Robotnik herself, and joined her ship. The two helped everyone by attacking the Shadowians, and destroying them slowly by slowly.

Xavis noticed Trivia tiring, and decided to help. He soared over and punched Shadow Galaxia hard in the abdomen, sending him across the hanger. The pyrochaotic landed and turned to face the purple hedgehog. "Get to the ship," he said, then noticed Keira and Isaac and yelled to them the same message. He had his back turned to the Lord of Shadows, and was wide open for attack...

Trivia nodded, running over to Isaac and helping him into the ship.

Shadow Galaxia groaned and got up, using Shadow Force to teleport behind Xavis before hitting him with a Shadow Claw strike.

"GAH!" Xavis exclaimed as he was struck in the back, staggering forwards. The claws had torn straight through the fabrics of his cloak and hoodie, and through his flesh as well. He quickly turned to face Shadow Galaxia, eyes red with anger and a growl in his throat, but he didn't attack. He was waiting...

Finitevus felt Calypso's presence, but said nothing of it. He saw what was going on and said to Chloe-Su and Aliane, "I'm going to go help the others. Stay here." With that, the albino Echidna ran towards them, wondering how he could help.

Shadow Galaxia picked up his haladie and threw it at Xavis. It missed.

Part 21: Epilogue, Part 2

"I was praying," Chloe-Su told the puzzled Aliane quietly. 

"Oh..." Alaine seemed to understand now.

Trivia slumped up against the walls of the transport ship. The mothership shook. If there were windows, you'd be able to see the ground. And the ground was coming fast. "We need to leave. Now," she said. With her remaining energy, she teleported Reens and Vesper into the vehicle. Trivia peered outside, noticing Finitevus running towards Xavis and Shadow Galaxia. "Finitevus! What on Moebius are you doing?!" She exclaimed. 

Finitevus halted, hesitant. Should he? "It was a great run Xavis. I'll be seeing you soon." The albino Echidna gave a wave of farewell, gripped Keira's wrist, and grabbed the door of the ship. He opened it, pulled himself and Keira inside, and closed it."Get us outta here."

"Right," Keira nodded.

"But what about-?!" Chloe-Su couldn't finish. She was too horrified to speak any more.

Trivia limped over to the controls, sitting in the pilot's seat. She pushed a few buttons and the ship whirled to life. The transport vessel lifted off the ground and hovered out of the mothership slowly, gaining momentum over time.

Alaine, pitying Chloe-Su, climbed up onto Chloe-Su's head and started to pat her forehead. How sweet.

Calypso was starting to wake up, and Finitevus could probably feel it. "H-huh?" She asked, sounding absolutely exhausted.

Finitevus felt it and said mentally, "We're safe now. You can sleep if you like." Finitevus noticed Trivia's limping and asked, "Trivia? What happened, are you okay?"

Chloe-Su didn't move a muscle. Xavis meant so much to her and she felt like a total failure for letting him sacrifice himself for their lives. "It should have been me to stay behind. Why didn't I stop him...?"

Calypso obliged, dozing off again.

Alaine continued to pat Chloe-Su. "Hey, it's okay..." She said, though Alaine didn't seem too sure of it herself.

Isaac glanced out the window. The mothership was hurdling towards land at an alarming rate. The hedgehog jerked his head away from the window. The ship hit the ground, the front of the ship exploding on contact. Luckily the hanger was farther back in the ship.

Chloe-Su couldn't help it- salty tears started running down her face, broken hearted. "No... not... not now... please..."

"Trivia?" Finitevus repeated. "Are you alright?"

Trivia nodded weakly, "Yea. Yea, I'm fine," she replied. That wasn't true. Her eyesight was a little blurry, her muscles ached, and her stomach was tied in knots.

"Don't lie to me," Finitevus told her. "You're not fine."

Xavis lurched forward as the ship collided with the earth, the entire structure trembling. He hadn't been expecting it to crash so soon. He was planning on blowing it up while it in the air, where everyone else would be safe, but now he'd have to improvise. He stood himself up and gave a quick glance to Shadow Galaxia before beginning to concentrate...

"Hello?" Chloe-Su might faintly hear in her head. It was Xavis. "Look, I don't have much time. You all need to get as far away as possible, I'm gonna blow this thing and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if you were caught in the blast. And..." he paused for a moment, "I'll see you again soon."

...Xavis stopped concentrating and nearly collapsed. He was exhausted, the claw marks on his back were bleeding profusely and hurt like hell, and he still had a job to do. He looked back at Shadow Galaxia. "So what's your plan now?!" he taunted, moving towards the Shadowian Lord. He slowly began glowing...

Chloe-Su heard and said, her breath shaky, "Get us... out of here... it's gonna blow..." The female Echidna realized the Trivia was weakening. Chloe-Su took Aliane off her head and set her on a chair gently, and told Trivia, "I can take over..."

Trivia nodded, letting Chloe-Su take the controls. She stumbled over to Finitevus, leaning on his shoulder for support.

Finitevus touched her hand gently, concerned.

Shadow Galaxia narrowed his eyes, "I still have one trick up my sleeve," he rasped, staggering forward. His body emitted a dangerous, whispy arua as he started abosorbing nearby shadow energy for one last attack. Shadow Blast.

"Farewell..." Chloe-Su told Xavis telepathically as she piloted the ship out of the hangar. Suddenly the ship briefly moved downward towards the ground (it was outside the hangar by this point) and then it moved steadily forward. "Yow!" The ship started shaking somewhat violently, as if it hit some turbulence.

Trivia felt her muzzle becoming warm and her heart beating faster. She looked up at the albino echidna, tears forming in her eyes.

Calypso was now with Trivia. "Shh... it's alright...." She gently whispered.

"Gah!" Sparks flew from the dashboard and the ship suddenly plummeted downward. Chloe-Su grabbed a lever and pulled. The ship swerved upward- too much unfortunately. "Xavis?? Are you still there...?" Chloe-Su pushed the lever downward slightly, getting the ship to fly straighter.

Trivia buried her face in Finitevus' chest when the ship staggered. She was shaking, her pupils small.

Finitevus held Trivia close, nervous. This was not going well...

"Reens!" Chloe-Su shouted as the ship suddenly shook again. "The hull isn't going to last long like this. We need shields up! Isaac, see if you can get the gravitonic stabilizers on! Raven, see if you can divert power from the life support systems to the thrusters!" Chloe-Su felt her mind going back to Xavis. "Xavis??... Please... say something."

Trivia gripped Finitevus' arm tightly, trying not to have a panic attack. Great Anarchy, Great Anarchy, Great Anarchy, the purple hedgehog repeated over and over in her mind.

"Finitevus, I need you to power the hyperengine somehow!" Chloe-Su called as the ship bounced as if it were still experiencing turbulence. "...Xavis..."

He would respond, but his mental connection to her had been lost. He couldn't hear her. "A trick up your sleeve?" Xavis asked Shadow Galaxia, almost mockingly, "Well, that makes two of us!" He began glowing brighter, pure white Chaos Energy crackling around him.

Shadow Galaxia chuckled, then unleashed a blast of negative energy. It destroyed the remaining ships in the hanger and has taken most of the Shadowian's energy.

Xavis quickly formed a Chaos Shield around himself, protecting him from the Shadow Blast. However, the shield began to crack; it wouldn't be able to hold for too much longer. Fortunately Shadow Galaxia's attack ended before the barrier could break. Xavis lowered his shield, it dissipating into the air. In what seemed like an instant, he had grabbed Shadow Galaxia by the neck, and was holding him several feet in the air. "My turn."

Chloe-Su felt cut off from Xavis. "No... no..." There was suddenly a loud ripping sound of metal as the ship's wing was torn off. The red alert siren was wailing and the hull was weakening...

(Cut to the escape ship landing. Then I'll do the ensuing explosion. -Xoph-)

"EVERYONE HANG ON! We're goin' in for a crash landing!" Isaac exclaimed. The ship dipped towards the ground.

The ship quickly landed outside a forest with a loud crash.

Isaac cringed and held onto the railing, while Trivia still had her head buried in Finitevus' chest.

There was suddenly a defending boom off in the distance. If one were to look, they would see a blinding light in the direction of the Shadowian Mothership. Soon the ground shook, followed shortly by wind, though neither were strong enough to do anything. And as quickly as it all came, it was all gone.

Chloe-Su didn't know what to think. A sudden wave of despair washed over her and she placed her face on the dashboard of the ship, crying.

Suddenly something- more accurately someone- hit the side of the ship.

Onboard Rosaria's ship, Keira and Rosaria were celecbrating, because Xavis saved them all (Keira likely teleporting on board the ship at some point).

Chloe-Su sat up right away and moved to the door, drawing her sword. "One... two... three!" She pulled the door open and looked outside. Cool air swept in the ship from the wind as the door was opened.

(Should Reens and Vesper make an entrance?)

(I think they're on Rosaria's ship. But I don't see why not. - Julia Finitevus)

(Actually, Trivia teleported them onto the escape ship. -Xoph-)

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Outside the ship Chloe-Su would find Xavis, slumped over against the hull. However he was missing his cloak, and his eyes were dark, lifeless.

Chloe-Su found Xavis lying there and let out a low cry. "No... no..." She moved Xavis' body and saw his lifeless eyes. "Xavis...?"

Finitevus, holding Trivia by the hand, came out and saw. "Oh no."

Chloe-Su put her hand to her face, breathing shakily. "He's gone... no... he can't be..." The female Echidna didn't know what to believe. " no... can't..."

Meanwhile Keira and Rosaria, where fixing their plane on a distant planet, after getting their engine shot down. "Oh crap.. I'll be fixing this okay? Make sure the coast is clear," Rosaria commanded.

"Hmph right," Keira grumbled, as she dashed off somewhere.

Trivia covered her mouth when she saw Xavis. She knelt down next to the hedgehog, checking for a pulse. She stayed silent before looking at Chloe-Su and shook her head. Trivia stood back up, unknowingly still holding Finitevus' hand.

Chloe-Su let out a sob and pressed her face in her hands. "Get a hold yourself girl," part of her mind told her. But Chloe-Su stayed where she was.

Suddenly Xavis' eyes flickered static for a few seconds. A sharp, electric whine began to emanate from the hedgehog.

"Hey, I think he's coming to," Reens said, letting go of Vesper for the time being. 

Ion was standing quite far, he had stuff to do. "Heh, I guess we did it. Too bad I was not there to see that last bit." Ion thought to himself, smirking. "I knew things would end for the better, however... I fear we may have to deal with more threats as time progresses. For now, we should relax with the time we have." Ion warps where everyone is at. 

Chloe-Su looked at Xavis, not sure what was happening. "Xavis...?" The female Echidna lended Xavis some of her energy, trying to help the brown Hedgehog to wake up.

The electric whine quickly died down. The entirety of his eyes became a solid black, and soon they were engulfed in walls of white text moving far too fast to comprehend. Boot Instructions. Diagnostics. This was his computer brain coming back to life...

"Come on... come on... you can do it." Hope began to rise inside Chloe-Su.

And suddenly it all stopped. His eyes were pitch-black for a moment, but slowly they started fading to white. His heart started beating. He started breathing. His irises faded in. He closed his eyes tight, cringing as he tried to sit upright, only to collapse back from exhaustion. Xavis opened his eyes, breathing heavily. "I can't feel anything below my neck..."

He was back. He was alive.

"Looks like someone's back from 'Nah-veek-kor," Finitevus remarked.

Chloe-Su hugged Xavis in relief, what he said earlier not registering a moment. "We thought... you were dead... and... wait. You can't feel anything below your neck?" This hit Chloe-Su full force like a freight train and she felt her heart sink. "...You're paralyzed..." But at least he was alive.

"Well, I'll be darned," Isaac interrupted, baffled. He didn't know anyone who could survive an explosion like that. Vesper was sitting in Reens arms, "Kiss, kiss, kiss," he chanted.

Chloe-Su glared at Vesper before looking back at Xavis and saying, "We can fix the paralysis, I'm sure. But at least you're okay. We all survived in the end, didn't we? Shadow Galaxia is dead, hopefully for good. Sure, yeah, the Genesis Lord is still running rampant, but we have all the time in the world. And I never got a chance to thank you for saving us." The female Echidna gave a bit of a sad smile. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, but... I'm not paralaaaAAAHHH!" Feeling from the rest of his body suddenly returned, bringing large amounts of pain with it. Xavis fell on his side, writhing. "It feels like I fell from orbit..." he said in a pained tone.

Isaac chuckled a little and knelt down next to Xavis, healing him.

Trivia was still shaking a little. She realized that she was still holding Finitevus' hand and let go. "I-I..." The sorceress blushed in embarrassment.

Finitevus noticed and blushed as well.

Chloe-Su helped Xavis off the ground carefully. "Fell from orbit?"

"Not this time, no," Xavis responded, leaning against the echidna, "I was just using that... metaphorically..."

"Heh." Chloe-Su wasn't sure what to comment. "Come on, let's get inside. That explosion might have been big enough for the authorities to see, they should be here soon. In the meantime, you need rest." She led the brown Hedgehog inside the ship.

"Yeah... Okay..." Xavis said, following her inside. She was right, it had been a long day and he desperately needed sleep. He made his way to one of the passenger seats, sitting down and adjusting into a comfortable position. He fell asleep almost instantly. Chloe-Su might then notice the vicious, slowly bleeding claw-marks on his back...

Chloe-Su noticed the horrid claw marks on Xavis' back. "Dear Aurora, what on Mobius happened?!" She examined his back briefly and started reciting the Tikal's Prayer spell, trying to heal the wounds.

Trivia averted eye contact with Finitevus. "F-Flint?" She asked.

"Hm?" Finitevus addressed.

Trivia wrapped her arms around Finitevus and pressed her lips against his, blushing.

Finitevus certainly wasn't expecting that, it happened so quickly. He hugged Trivia back as all this occurred.

Trivia quickly pulled away and backed up, still blushing heavily. "U-Umm.." She wasn't thinking. Trivia Ji Hearth, you are so ludicrous! Her mind yelled at her.

Finitevus frowned slightly at this, but said nothing.

Xavis- who was fast asleep- let out a quiet moan as Chloe-Su's healing magic went to work on his back. The claw-marks healed very quickly, however they could not heal completely. They became permanent scars, and nothing Chloe-Su could do would be able to heal them further. At least they had healed up to that point...

Not much later, the authorities came to investigate the huge explosion from Shadow Galaxia's mothership. Several ships landed near the crash site while others searched for any stray debris.

Isaac stepped out of the transport vehicle and watched the authority ships approach the wreckage of Shadow Galaxia's mothership. "They'd better be careful. The equipment might be dangerous," he said.

"Sorry that I missed out on the rest, I kind of... got into a battle of my own..." Ion frowns a bit after looking at Xavis' condition. "How did it go besides... him?" Ion asked, due to Xavis not being able to walk.

"Insanity happened, let's say that much." Chloe-Su touched Xavis's shoulder. "Xavis... the authorities are here. Let's go."

(Do you all want to end with them leaving? We obviously can't continue the rp much longer- it would just be confusing. What do you think? - Julia Finitevus)

(I agree with Julia. It's been a good run. -Clairebear165)

(I'm okay with it. -Xoph-)

Xavis groaned as he woke, standing up and stretched before sitting back down. "Already...?" he yawned. His back felt tingly... but he paid it no mind. "O...Okay. Let's go." He forced himself to stand once more and headed outside.

"You still have the Genesis Lord to deal with," Isaac reminded. He grinned, "I wouldn't mind sticking around to help. But first-" He picked up Hecate and slung her body over his shoulder, "I have to get Hecate home." He walked back out of the ship.

Ruby glared at Isaac, then rolled his eyes, "Us Destructix members gotta get outa here. I don't care if the authorities are native to this zone, I don't wanna get caught," the sting ray pointed out. Sakkara nodded, "For once, Hot Rod is right," she said. The crimson ray glowered at the lynx. Fiona started walking off, "Are you coming or what?" She asked.

Sakkara smirked at Ruby before turning and following Fiona and the rest of the Destruxtic. The stingray let out a low growl, muttering something under his breath and followed his superiors.

Chloe-Su lingered a moment, thinking. "Should I?... I don't see what I have to gain. And I have plenty to lose... but when it's over, if it ever is... we're all still alive." Chloe-Su exited the ship, not looking back.

Isaac watched the Destructix disappear into the forest, then turned to Chloe-Su, "I guess this is goodbye?"

Chloe-Su nodded as she exited the ship. "It is. It was a great run." 

Reens watched Chloe-Su leave, then turned to Isaac. "I guess... I won't be seeing you anymore. I mean, along with everybody else, but still... it was... fun, I guess." She smiled sadly and pulled down her goggles so he couldn't see her start to cry.

Xavis watched Chloe-Su from a tree as she exited the ship, then turning to face nothing beside him. "I... I guess you're right... as always..." he said quietly to thin-air, nearly breaking into tears, "Well... thank you, and... goodbye...... Melissa......" He took a deep breath, wiping his eyes with the sleeve of his hoodie before walking over next to Chloe-Su. "So, what now? 'Cause Shadow Galaxia's dead and his Mothership is destroyed (thanks to your's truly), everyone else is leaving, and... I've managed to come to terms with- and let go of- my past... allowing me to both accept and admit that I..." He paused for a moment, his heart racing. It was now or never. "...That I love you too...... So...... What do we do now?"

Chloe-Su could have sworn her heart skipped several beats at that moment. "What... did he just say... what I think he said?"

(Guys, I'm so lost... -Luna)

Lunari had been drifting about aimlessly for a while now. When she tried to leave Keira before she took off, Lunari ended up getting lost for quite some time.

"Are you talking to yourself?"

Vesper was floating next to Xavis' ear, his arms crossed and one eyebrow raised.

Ion stands in place smiling. he then Closed his eyes and tried to contact Lunari using the Energy Left over From Calypso when she merged her spirit with his for a short while. "Hey, I can only do this Once... but I Have Great news... we won! Lunari" Ion smiled as he said in his own mind. "I am happy, we all are, If you need me... or any of us. Let us know."

Keira and Rosaria were trying to contact the group to help them, since they accidentally crash landed, but I don't think that it was working so well...

Chloe-Su looked at Xavis and hesitantly said, "I guess what's next is I continue looking for my father and we both kick Egghead butt until he's gone for good." Then she was silent a moment. Chloe-Su touched Xavis by the arm and continued, "C'mon. Let's get going. That Egghead butt isn't going to kick itself." 

This short little connection from Ion helped her finally track down the rest of the group. She waved and said her good-byes, and after that she joined with Ion. As if to say I'm going with you.

Ion headed away, heading into a forest that leads towards Knothole. "I heard about this village called Knothole, and heard that it was home to a royal family who has been in contact with... 'Sonic' and claims to know him. I want to know... why is he important besides being THE hero of Mobius.." he thought to himself as he walked, then faded from view.

"Well, Trivia," Finitevus spoke. "I guess it's time to go." The albino Echidna pressed her hand gently.

Chloe-Su then said to Xavis, "And as for our... relationship... I... think we should... I don't know. At this point, I'm uncertain of anything anymore."

Xavis simply smiled. "Well, that makes two of us. I guess only time will tell..." he said reassuringly, gently taking the echidna's free hand. The area around them became a bit warmer, a bit cozier.


With their adventure finally at an end, and the day growing old, our heroes all made their goodbyes to one another and went on their separate ways. It was not the last they would see of each other, no, but only time will tell if their paths shall cross once more. And while they may not have saved the world just yet, their actions have allowed a massive step towards that goal. Now all that stands as a major threat is the Genesis Lord...

The End, for now...

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