Sonic Universe EX
Sega, FTR Games
Release Date
June 16, 2019
Xbox One, PS4, PC
Massively Multiplayer Online Action/Adventure/RPG Hybrid


Sonic Universe EX is a Free To Play 3D Action Adventure/RPG/MMO Hybrid featuring characters from the Sonic Archie Comics as well as a in depth Character Creation allowing for endless character appearance options and class setups, playing Much like the adventure titles with a modern Action MMO game-play style.

Character Creation

This is the most Crucial part of this game, your Character is the main character and can be created with Up to 7 Different Speacies and 5 different Ability Types, you can also choose your character(s) Powers and Origin, or Create Your Own

The Species/Races
again, there are 7 species/races you can use to create your character on the First Release, More Species will be avalable in future Expansions or Updates, the Starting list as follows.

  1. Hedgehogs
  2. Foxs
  3. Chipmonks
  4. Mongooses
  5. Lynxs
  6. Wolfs
  7. Cats

Ability Types
in this Game, you can choose between 5 Ability Types, and each Type has 3 Sub-Types available When reaching a certain Character Level, you can select between the 5 types (3 of them are Base Types, The other 2 are Secondary Types) as well as the 3 sub-types for each Main and Secondary type.

Speed Type

Speed Type characters are your Typical and Common Character Type out of the 5 and is known for going at High Speeds, attacking with Uniqueness and style. the characters start off with 5 Skills within this type, as the main one being the homing attack. The Spin Dash, Wall Jump, and Lightspeed Dash and your own move (which is optional) are also starter Skills.

Speed Demon

Speed Demons are Speed Types who can Break The Sound Barrier and use Skills That are for Speeding Through Mobius and defeating Enemies quicker just by running through them.

Quick Striker

"Quick Strikers" are speed types who use hand to hand combat and Energy Based Attacks, such as Chaos Blast.

Element Bruiser

Element Bruisers are Speed Types who are similar to the Quick Strikers But uses Element Based Attacks instead of Energy Based Attacks. you can choose any element you Desire or use multiple Elements to really change things up.

Power Types

Power Types the Character Type That Are known for powerful Punches and Kicks, unlike The Speed Type, there are only 3 Skills of your choice, depending on what your aiming for.

Power Brawler

Power Brawlers are the Balanced Fighting Characters with Energy and/or Elemental attacks, giving them much more freedom with Chained Combos.

Lock Gunner

Lock Gunners Are Characters who can Wield or Dual Wield Guns, but can only use SMG's, Pistols, or Assault Rifles.


Brutes may be Powerful, but they are Super Slow on speed. these Guys are Tanks and can knock Back his/her Foes. they can also wield heavy Weapons such as a Minigun and a Heavy Lazer Cannon

Flight Types

Flight Types are different Comparing the Speed And Power Types, Characters in this Type Are Capable of Flight at a limited Height, these characters can use items or Gadgets to disarm or defeat Your enemies.


Pilots are known Flight Type Characters who can use Air Mounts to their Advantage, Mounts Such As Battle Planes and Jets.

Mech Fighters

Mech Fighters are basically in two Ability Types one in Flight and the other in Intelligent Types, They can use Battle Mounts. only usable by This Sub-Type.

Sabotage Masters

Another Flight Sub-Type these Characters can Throw Explosives at their enemies, That's basically it.

Intelligent Types (Secondary)

Characters in This Type are Extremely Smart and are known for their Tech Building Skills (mounts, weapons etc.) and are knowledgeable about moves and other things.


Hackers are the most technical with their Skills, allowing him/her to hack Weak Robot type Enemies and have them as Companions and/or Mounts and disable certain Mount weapons.

Weapon Enhancers

Weapon Enhancers are Characters who can Create or enhance material and/or Weapons to give them visual Changes and Increased Stats.

Sword-Fighter Types (Secondary)

Characters In this Type are Known to wield Melee Weapons such as an Axe or a Sword, these characters have special skills that can Be used, Giving that Said Character a Advantage over Characters without a weapon, but there is a price to that as higher leveled Characters who have much more powerful weapons and/or Powers can Overpower Him/Her.

Dual Slasher (Speed Type Only)

Dual Slashers are Speed Type Sword-Fighter Characters who can dual wield One Handed Swords, Giving More Freedom Than Standard Speed Type Characters with Weapon Combos.

Berserker (Power Types Only)

Berserkers are Brutes who go for Heavy Melee Weapons and Armor, instead of Heavy Ranged Weapons and explosives.

Guardian (Flight Types Only)

Guardians are Flight Type Sword-Fighters who can Heal Themselves or Others as well as Damage their Foes with Magic.

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