Sonic Underground 2: Crusaders of the Chaos Emeralds (a.k.a Sonic Underground Season 3: Chaos on Mobius in Japan) is the third season of Sonic Underground. It takes place about 19 years after the events of Season 1 and 2 of the original Sonic Underground. This time it just doesn't focus on Sonic Underground's search for Queen Aleena, but the search for the mystic Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic Underground 2: Crusaders of the Chaos Emeralds
Created by User:
Writer(s) User:

Alex Hirsch (Not Really)

Director(s) User:
No. of episodes 45
Run time 30 minutes
Rated TV-7
Network 4KidsTV (2012-present)

Nickelodeon (2013)

Netflix (2012)

Starring Roger Craig Smith

Cindy Robinson

Vincent Martella

First aired August 1,2012 (sneak peek)

August 18,2012

Status Season 2 coming in 2013.

Differences between original Sonic Underground

There are several differences between the original Sonic Underground and Sonic Underground 2: Crusaders of the Chaos Emeralds. Some are noticably different, while others are weirder then you think.


In the original Sonic Underground, Jaleel White did the voice of all 3 hedgehogs. This time the characters got voiced by different people, except for Sleet and Dingo. The cast is below.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Roger Craig Smith
  • Sonia the Hedgehog: Cindy Robinson
  • Manic the Hedgehog: Vincent Martella
  • Queen Aleena: Kate Higgins
  • Dr. Eggman: Mike Polleck
  • Sleet: Maurice LaMarche
  • Dingo: Peter Wilds

Vincent Martella, who voiced Phineas Flynn in the Disney TV series Phineas and Ferb, is a new voice to the Sonic series. He voices Manic. Sonia's voice actor was replaced with Cindy Robinson, who currently voices Amy Rose.


New characters join the Sonic Underground, as well as the Freedom Fighters (called "The Resisters") from SATAM. Also people join Eggman in battle.The cast for them is below. There are more to come.

  • Miles "Tails" Prower: Kate Higgins
  • NICOLE: Lisa Ortiz
  • Amy Rose: Cindy Robinson
  • Rotor the Walrus: Dan Povemire
  • Bunnie Rabbit: Ashley Tisdale
  • Knuckles the Echidna: Travis Willingham
  • Antoine D'Coolette: Dan Green
  • Shadow the Hedgehog: Kirk Thornton
  • Sliver the Hedgehog: Quinton Flynn

It's noticed that Blaze isn't in the cast, but Sliver is.


Yes, that's right. Sonic Underground 2 characters get a new clothing style! (Yes, clothes will be added to boys, excluding Sleet, Dingo, Eggman, and Antoine).

  • Sonic: His original red shoes, dark blue vest, sky blue fingerless gloves, jeans, and his medallion.
  • Sonia: Pink high tops, purple sunglasses, her medallion, dark pink T-shirt that says "Fashionata Alert!", pink bracelets,dark purple shorts, and a light pink vest.
  • Manic: Medallion, dark green vest, jean shorts, black shirt that says "Rockin'!", gray and white sneakers, and his earrings.
  • Tails: Gray shirt that says "Mechanical Fox", mechanizied right arm, scanner glasses, jeans, and his normal shoes.
  • NICOLE: Purple beret,dark pink shirt, pink skirt, and black high heals.
  • Knuckles: Normal shoes, mechanizied left eye, jeans, cowboy hat (Sonic the Movie), and dark red shirt.
  • Rotor: Dark yellow baseball cap, dark gray hoodie, gray shoes, and a jetpack.
  • Shadow: Jeans, motorcycle jacket, gray hoodie, Inhibitior Rings, normal gloves, and his normal shoes.
  • Sliver: Normal boots, dark blue ESP gloves, gray shorts, black hoodie, and earrings.
  • Amy: Red T-shirt with a pink heart on it, orange skirt, high heal versions of Sonic's shoes, Piko Piko carrier, and pink shorts.


Sonic Underground has disbanded. After a fight backstage about who was off tempo, Sonia and Manic left Sonic, alone. Years later, while Sonic is cleaning his house, he finds his medallion. He remembers his final performance with the medallion and puts it on, transforming it into a guitar. Sonia and Manic find theirs and they return to a place where they searched for their mother: Angel Island. They meet Knuckles again, but Sonic remarks that he has been fighting Knuckles for the Chaos Emeralds since 1993. Knuckles has a vision about Queen Aleena visiting the island, and the heroes decide to continue their search.


Season 1

  1. Disbanded/None: Sonic Underground disbands in the pilot episode. Years later, the hogs find their medallions and set out to find each other again.
  2. Angelic Isle/ No Hedgehog is an Island: The way past cool band heads back to Angel Island to find Knuckles the Echidna. Knuckles' vision states that Queen Aleena is on the island, looking for the hogs.
  3. Bounty for a Hunter/ Burning Way Past Cool: Sleet and Dingo are back! After a major discovery of Chaos Energy on Angel Island, the villains grab 2 of the Chaos Emeralds. What happens can be disastrous.
  4. Sleet Unleashed/ Sonic Boom: Reactions to Chaos Energy can be accidental, some even disastrous! Sleet becomes a werewolf, and as the moon rises, so does Sonic the Werehog. Can Sonic defeat Sleet's new form?
  5. Unleash the Dingoes/ Gotta Go Fast: Dingo's reaction to the Chaos Emerald is that he can clone himself! The moon falls, but get ready for some super sonic speed!
  6. Arrested Hog/ Jailbird (new song, lyrics soon): After Sleet is turned into a perfectly detailed clone of Sonic, Sonic himself is caught by the police. Sleet continues to leave Station Square in peril in his Sonic form. Can Manic and Sonia come to the rescue before Sonic is roboticized?
  7. Stop that Dingo!/ Super Sonic Racing: The heroes free Sonic from jail, but Dingo's on the loose!
  8. Dingo's Not-So Magic Show/ Magic of a Villain (new song, lyrics soon)
  9. Where's Tails?/ 4-1-1 (redux)
  10. Missing Fox Lost/ Lookin' (new song, lyrics soon)
  11. Sidekicked/ Made Me Realize (with lyrics)
  12. Super Sonic/ Open Your Heart
  13. Little Fox Found/ Face Your Fear
  14. Emerald Crusader/ Chaotic Crisis (new song, lyrics soon)
  15. Open Water Brawl/ Brawlin' Seas (new song, lyrics soon)
  16. Made in Oregon/ Made Me Realize
  17. Return to Robotropolis/ Metal Scratchin'
  18. Flight to the Death Egg Zone/None
  19. Super Sonic vs. Eggman!/ Reach for the Stars (Season finale)

Season 2

Only 12 of 26 new episodes have been confirmed, while the other 14 are unnamed.

  1. After the Battle/ Cool and Climaxin' (new song, lyrics soon)
  2. Dingo the Magician/ Magically Horrible (new song. lyrics soon)
  3. Magic Gone Wrong/ For True Story
  4. True to the Chaos/ Live and Learn
  5. Sleet's Circus/ Clown Down (new song, lyrics soon)
  6. Escape from Robotropolis/ Escape from the City
  7. Mummyified Pyramids/Mummy Wrap
  8. Fun In The Sun/ Don't Let Your Guard Down
  9. The Price of Freedom Fighters/ Money Can't Buy
  10. Inslaved Friends Part 1/ Never Give Up
  11. Inslaved Friends Part 2/ Where There's A Will, There's A Way (revised)
  12. Inslaved Friends Part 3/ It Doesn't Matter (SA2 Version)
  13. Unnamed Sonic Colors adaption
  14. Unnamed betrayal episode
  15. Unnamed Halloween special
  16. Unnamed desert episode
  17. Unnamed winter episode
  18. Unnamed summer episode
  19. Unnamed Sonic Unleashed adaption
  20. Unnamed betrayal episode 2
  21. Unnamed Back to the Future redux episode
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