Sonic CD 510 Beta Music - Title Screen

Chapter 1 Robotnik is out of ideas?

Robotnik was in his lair drawing up a plan for his next attempt at capturing Sonic and his friends …

"No I'm not going to try that again" he scrunches the plan up and then throws the plan in the bin. "Nor that one! He does the same again. "No way i can't believe this!" he sees his board is empty and put his hands to his head and shakes his goggles in irritation... "I've ran out of ideas... No that's Impossible! ARGHHHHH!"

Scratch looks at his master. "Need some help boss Bah ha ha ha"... I wanna help him groans Grounder. I wanna help him! They both glare at each other with their teeth clenched. "Why do I keep you Dim-bots around" he shrugs...

Because you love us Dr. R sir said coconuts happily. "oh I Truly don't.said Robotnik in irritation as he rests his hand on his head in sheer boredom! "Bah ha ha ha obviously he likes me best"

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