"I swear to god, Please don't compare me to every other Sonic clone you'll meet. Its like a mind explosion out there, you know! You just need to Enjoy Yourself! ...not like that, but you get what I mean" - One of the Pepsi-hog's quotes that makes no sense as a character

Sonic The Pepsi-Hog, or Pepsi/Pepsi-Kun for short, is a clone of Classic Sonic with a long way with powers that may been used by gods of other universes, or immortals. Its unknown how to kill Pepsi, but whenever he dies he just ends up in a different location.

Tip bit: He actually doesn't hurt people, villains, and etc with his powers. The only reasons are that he believes that there is good in everyone, even villains, and that it'll be a waste of time to use it on a normal battle. This also means that he doesn't fight a lot, and that if he did get himself into a fight, he'll teleport to a different location around the area or just hop into another universe till the said person goes off.

The Character Himself

This weird looking

During the events of Sonic Forces, Pepsi was created as a test subject for Infinite. This weirdly had Infinite having a liking for Pepsi, and try to take of him in the Null Space. After he was defeated, Pepsi was teleport to a whole new universe far away from Mobius. This is where Pepsi grew up to be, and weirdly enough, he became more powerful than a normal test subject.

Character's Attitude:

  • He's seen as a calm guy, but he has the same Attitude as Classic, if not more. Reason saying that is that his home world is compared to a art form called Vaporwave. Which also explains his 90's like look.


  • Chili Steak Bites, a dish where it has nacho like chips, chili, and steak! This mean can also be enjoyed with meat from a pig.
  • Pepsi, duh. But he actually doesn't drink much of it.
  • Vaporwave Aesthetic, Grudge Aesthetics, and that simple 80's, 90's, early 200's, and 70's aesthetic .
  • Exploring different universes, and making friends from those said universes.
  • Memes. Like, he spams them.


  • God Modded characters. (He gets annoyed by them)
  • Boredom.
  • Those typical villians that keep mentioning how "I will end Mobius before Eggman does!" etc.
  • Immortals. He just doesn't really care for them, like at all.

Characters He knows from Mobius:

  • Metal Sonic - During the events of Sonic 4, he kept him not lonely and tried to fix him to talk and whatever. He even told the Flickies about updates on him if he's gone.
  • Dr Eggman - He's more of a grandpa figure to Pepsi. They met when Pepsi found Eggman's base and Eggman mistake him as Sonic. They both got along when they mention on the topic of "Exploration, Machines, and Gems." Eggman even made Pepsi a Spray bottle that smelt like Pepsi, and he used that ever since they met.
  • Espio - He keeps him from being alone sometimes, and would join him with his Ninja training.
  • Knuckles - He mistake him as Classic Sonic when Pepsi was exploring Angel Island to go check out places around the island. They really got along when they both gone Treasure Hunting.
  • Amy Rose - He'll help out Amy with a lot of stuff, like shopping, clothing design, etc. She would normally ask Pepsi about her and Sonic dating and giving tips on how to get Sonic to love him. Most of the time, she doesn't understand what Pepsi meant.

Crossover Characters/Groups he knows:

  • Luigi - He became one of Luigi's friends after helping him find Mario one time.
  • The Kong Clan (AKA, The Kongs from Donkey Kong Country) - He first met Diddy Kong after when he was stuck in a Barrel. After that, the other Kong members notice Pepsi and accept him in the clan. Kind of like a family member?
  • Banjo Kazooie - They have been friend for a long time, and its hard to explain how they met


Main Theme: Vanilla Pepsi (Macross 82-99 Remix [20 speed]) By Saint Pepsi

マクロスMACROSS 82-99 - Vanilla Pepsi -+20% Speed- (Extended)

マクロスMACROSS 82-99 - Vanilla Pepsi -+20% Speed- (Extended)

Phrases he'll sometimes say when this theme plays:

"Aren't you too Radical, Dude!"

"Times Like This, Hit Or Miss!" (Reference to a line from the song: "Run Like This!")

"What makes you so Fast in the first place? News Flash, Blue Boy! You ain't no Flash!"

"You don't surprise me, at all. Lol!"

Mini Boss Theme: リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー (3D BLAST LOL 420 Bootleg)

Modern Computer (3d Blast LOL 420 Bootleg)

Modern Computer (3d Blast LOL 420 Bootleg)

Phrases He'll say:

"Its Your Move!"

"I Played My Time!"

"Time Is Running Out! Make Your Move!"

"We Can't Go On!"

"Till You Understand, Its All In Your Head! So Its Your Move!"

Main Boss Theme: Fun Tonight - Macross 89-99

Fun Tonight

Fun Tonight

Phrases He'll say:

"I wanna be with Yooou!"

"Sailor, Spear!" (Reference to the anime, Sailor Moon)

"If I was a villain, I would've done a much better job than you!"

"Don't Back-Sass Me! Fakah!" (He has trouble saying the word "Faker", so he says "Fakah!")

Main Final Boss Theme: The Madness by EAR

Sonic CD (JP) ReMix by EAR- "The Madness" -Metallic Madness- (-3549)

Sonic CD (JP) ReMix by EAR- "The Madness" -Metallic Madness- (-3549)

Phrases He'll Say:

"We'll Rock The Place Till The Place Goes BOOM!"

"Just like Friday The 13th, You're All Screwed!"

"You have me no choice but to grab my eraser!" (Scrapped line)

"Fun Is Infinite! With Sega Enterprises!"

Pictures of Sonic Pepsi

File:Pixil-frame-0 (50) (1).png

This Picture Shows Pepsi as, as well as his best friend Magic, escaping a God Modded Purge.

Not that much stuff is heard from the picture, other than Pepsi and Magic might have killed at least over 500 OCs during that time.

Oh yeah, and they smelt bad as well.

Rainbow Paradise

This Picture shows Pepsi and Magic exploring somewhere from their home world.

"This palace is amazing! Look at all of its views, its architect, everything about it is pretty wicked!" - Magic, Year: XX01

"You know, maybe they can use this place for something. Like a King or Queen! They would fit in this palace PERFECTLY!" - Pepsi, Year: XX01


This picture is tooken at a unknown area, but its believed to be Sonic Pepsi's house.

"I wonder if the other animals back on Mobius realize that I'm actually a Human? That would be pretty funny once they have a reaction on me. lmao" - Pepsi, Year: XX00

"This is my crib! I don't know what much to say about this place, other than its pretty cool." - Pepsi, Year: XX00

Fun Facts:

  • Sonic Pepsi is actually a human, which explains why he always wears clothes 24/7. Reason behind this is due to him being programmed to have the same body like structure as Classic, but he was programmed to have human male parts. Ew.
  • Luckily, He has a human form. But its hard to find it when he's in his human form because he barely uses it.
  • Pepsi has a Girlfriend, coming from a universe called: "Reality." Her name is Cherry, and she's taller way taller than Pepsi. She's roughly the same height as Eggman. She's kind of looks like the character Sailor Saturn and Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon. Luckily, she wears normal clothes though.
  • Pepsi's Attitude has been compared to not only Sonic, but also other characters, weirdly.
  • Magic is actually a Radioactive Waddle Dee. This explains his color to be much redder than most other Waddle Dees.
  • Pepsi loves music from the 80s, 90s, and early 200's. But he mainly loves songs from the 80s and 90s.
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