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STHH the Movie Poster

Sonic The Hedgehog Heroes(also known as STHH or Sonic the hedgehog heroes 1 ) is a film based on the Sonic Franchise. This is the First installment in the film series.An army of ancient creatures threatens to take over the world and the Heroes must unite again to save it. The film features the five Turtles (Sonic,Shadow,Silver,Tails, and Knuckles ) as well as Skye and Amy . The main villains are Dr. Eggman, theStone Captains,Imperator Ix, and the Nocturnus.


After defeating the Dr. Eggman , the Heroes have grown apart. Sonic has gone to Central America to train for a year, Shadow continues fighting crime secretly as the vigilante known as the Shadow Striker, Silver attends beach parties as "Silver surfer", Knuckles defends the master Emerald, and Tails works as tech support over the phone. As he struggles to keep his family together, Master realizes that something strange is happening in Central City.

Video game

  • Sonic The Hedgehog Heroes is the video game version of the movie. The game is available for PlayStation 2, PSP, PC, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, GameCube, Wii, and Xbox 360 game systems. The PSP and Nintendo DS games were identical to each other but not the home console versions, and were given abysmal ratings; and the Game Boy Advance version was entirely separate, but received good ratings in contrast to the other versions. It was lauded for its excellent use of the side-scrolling beat-'em-up style.


  1. Gym Class Heroes - "Shell Shock"
  2. Final fight
  3. His World
  4. Surfing party remix
  5. Never turn Back
  6. Knight of the wind
  7. TMNT theme
  8. Fight for freedom (New Song)
  9. I am Me - crush 40
  10. Dreams of Abolusion
  11. P.O.D. - "Lights Out (Chris Vrenna Remix)
  12. It Doesn't matter - crush 40



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