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Note: This is for the game, Sonic Maniax .

Sonic is the main character of Sonic Maniax and one of the first characters you play with. (Other being Tails)

Sonic is the fastest character in the game, and he has the most influence on his teams due to his Speed Gene . When he is in a team, it will most likely be a Speed Type team, unless Knuckles, or Tails is with him. (This makes his pair with them a Power and Fly Type team respectively.)

Sonic is an all around character. Although he moves the fastest, he has an average acceleration, and has a average jump height. He brings his Super Peel-Out from Sonic CD, and the Insta-Shield from Sonic 3 and Knuckles with him as well, allowing him to use Shield Abilites.

When activating his Team Action, Sonic will send the player character forwards, similar to a Dash Panel.

X Nintendo Switch Xbox One Playstation 4 PC Nintendo 3DS
Jump Dash B button A Button X Button Z B Button
Homing Attack B + When a reticle is on an enemy A+ When a reticle is on an enemy X+ When a reticle is on an enemy Z+ When a reticle is on an enemy B + When a reticle is on an enemy
Insta-Shield X button while in air X button while in air Square Button while in air X while in air B button while in air
Super Peel-Out While standing, Up and B while standing, up and A While standing, up and X While standing, up and Z While standing, up and B
Somersault Skills X Button while on the ground X Button while on the ground Square while on the ground X while on the ground.


Jump Dash: When Sonic isn't near an enemy or badnik, pressing the jump button will allow him to dash again in the air.

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