Sonic The Hedgehog: Phantom of Shadows, is a adventure game. If this was real, it would be available on all consoles

Main Story

A new enemy has arrived in Mobius. Not even Sonic, Shadow or Silver can defeat him. His name is Sigma, lord of mavericks. It's up to Renée The Wolf and X The Hedgehog to defeat him. Will they be able to destroy this new threat?

Renée's Story

Renée first encountered Sigma when he attacked her as she was just leaving Cafe Twilight. A mysterious hedgehog named X, distracted Sigma so Renée could escape. Wondering who those two people were, Renée sets out on an adventure to find out the indentities of those two hedgehogs. Along with Riot The Echidna and Natasha The Fox, she learns to use her psychic abilities to their very limit to continue through this danger. Her boyfriend Sardon, helps her along.

X's Story

After discovering his main enemy, Sigma has managed to appear in Mobius, he goes on a quest to find and destroy him. He saves Renée from an assualt from Sigma and continues to try and find him, also trying to make sure Renée doesn't get involved, so she wouldn't get hurt. Learning many new abilities and facing challenges on his way, will he ever manage to defeat Sigma?

Sigma's Story

As lord of the mavericks, Sigma plans to destroy Mobius. Finding out that Renée was one of the guardians of Mobius, he attacks her. He nearly manages to kill her untill his arch enemy, X protects her. Sigma now has two problems, to try and kill Renée and stop X at the same time. With his helpers Vile and Dynamo, will Sigma ever be stopped?

Final Story

Sigma finds Renée again and manages to kill her. Seeing this, both X and Sardon team up to destroy Sigma. Fusing together to make SardX (Zardon or Xardon ^.^), with Sardon's memory of Renée and X's power, their power is strong.

After the battle, Sardon goes over to where Renée is and tries using his power to revive her. X helps and after Renée is revived, both X and Sigma disappear, leaving Sardon and Renée to be together, while Natasha and Riot train, just in case.

Renee's Background Information


Main: Supernatural by Raven Symone.

Meeting Sigma: (Coming Soon)

Activating A Rainbow Scepter: Glider by Rika Komatsu.

Teaming Up With Riot and Tasha: Team Up by Bree Sharp.

Finding Sardon: Don't Wake Me Up by Bree Sharp.

Having Sad Flashbacks: Dance Another Day by Lucia.

X's Background Information


X's Main Theme: Fight X.

X's 2nd Theme: (No idea what it's called but it's in the video gallery lol)

X's Past Theme: Never Ment To Belong.

Sigma's Background Information


Sigma's Main Theme: Reborn (Or something like that :P)

Sigma's 2nd Theme: (No idea what to call this one either, but it's in the video >.<)

Sigma's Past Theme: (No idea for this one >.< Still in the video)


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