Sonic the Fighters: Reborn
Yu Suzuki (Producer) Hiroshi Kataoka (Director)
Release Dates
Xbox 360: August, 30, 2014

Nintendo 3DS: August, 30, 2014

Nintendo DSI: August 30, 2014

Wii U: September, 2, 2014
Single Player, Multiplayer
Xbox 360, Wii U, Nintendo DSI, Nintendo 3DS
Xbox 360: Optical Disk

Wii U: Download

Nintendo DSI: Game Card

Nintendo 3DS: Game Card


Twenty years have passed since the championship that pinned Sonic and his friends against eachother. But after Dr. Robotnik created  a new band of Egg Pawns on Mobius, something had gone haywire and programmed the robots to attack more than just what the doctor had ordered. With the Egg Pawns stealing the chaos emeralds and spreading them across the world in locations they had rigged, Sonic set out to find all seven once again. But h
e wasn't the only one given a grand priaze if all the emeralds were given back to a certain unknown man. Dr. Robotnik had sat in wait for the chaos emeralds to come to him as eight brave heroes set out to find all the chaos emeralds. After getting all seven chaos emeralds, the victor is teleported to the Death Egg II where he/she must fight two of Dr. Robotnik's strongest creations: Rocket Metal and Metal-742. After both robots are defeated, the Death Egg II begins to fall from orbit on a crash course with a nearby herd of asteroids. The vctor has the choice of either staying to defeat Dr. Robotnik and get back the Chaos emeralds or flee the scene and risk Dr. Robotnik using the seven emeralds for his own will.

Defeating Robotnik

If the victor defeats Robotnik and gets back the seven chaos emeralds, he/she escapes the Death Egg II and returns to Mobius. All the Egg Pawns end up self-destructing and Dr.Robotnik can be seen flying away in his damaged Egg Mobile as the Death Egg II begins to explode in the asteroid belt. The player lands on Mobius and dashes off after Dr. Robotnik where the story ends.

Not Defeating Robotnik'

If the victor fails to defeat Robotnik, he/she escapes the Death Egg II without the Chaos emeralds and returns to Mobius only to find it overun with Egg Pawns. The victor goes on to defeat all the Egg Pawns only to see Dr. Robotnik flying towards him/her in the sky with the seven emeralds glowing in his hands. The victor realizes their mistake as the death Egg II can be seen back in the sky and not destroyed due to Robotnik using the Chaos emeralds and teleporting the Death Egg II away from the asteroid belt.


Sonic the hedgehog Unlocked
Tails the fox Unlocked
Knuckles the echidna Unlocked
Amy the hedgehog Unlocked
Bean the dynamite Unlocked
Mighty the armadillo Unlocked
Bark the polar-bear Unlocked
Fang the sniper Unlocked
Dr. Robotnik Locked
Metal Sonic Locked
Espio tthe chameleon Locked
Vector the crocodile Locked
Bomb Locked
Egg Robo Locked


South Island

Dynamite Plant

Hexagon Plaza

Ice Canyon

Botanic Valley

Emerald Hill

Sky Fortress

Cloud City

Death Egg II (Upper Level)

Death Egg II (Lower Level)

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