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This Is A Sprite Video Series that is currently in production

Made By Apallo The Hedgehog

With a mixture of action and alot of comedy with characters from the Mario, Sonic, and Megaman Starforce Series. There are a total of 3 seasons. But the episodes will primere in script form on Sonic Fanon Wiki and then transfrerd onto Youtube in video form.


  • Do not screw up with the plot by putting any fanon characters in here.
  • The Villians will not be in all episodes.
  • No going around a scene just because of something dealing with you. (Ex. You do some thing or say somethung about Amy dieing or turning evil because she's your favorite character.)


Season 1

The Wrath Of Amy Rose - When Sonic Moves out of the Sonic Team House and Makes a new one With Mario, Amy vows to Kill Jonathan and goes into her Dark Form.

Sonic Team Gaming Force Episode 1

Luna Comes To Play '- 'Luna Platz, Student Body President of Geo's School Has Finally Tracked Him Down To Station Square. She is the Resion why Geo Moved in with sonic and mario. When Eggman And The Revived Mr. King capture her and the crew (Bud and Zack) Sonic Forces Geo to help them.

Road Trip -The Trio with Shadow Sonia Silver and Ace and Tails go on a rod trip to the places where sonic went all over the planet Amy comes back from the dead and transforms Sonia and Luna into thier shadow forms messing up thier vacation.

Attack Of The Clones - After thier defeat at the hands of the Force Eggman and King with Dna from the Starforce Characters and from Sonic Shadow And Silver make clones of our heroes. The Hedgehog Clones Die lleaving the Starforce Clones: E- 1 million, Negaman 1million2 HarpieNote and E- 1 million3 Blade to fight thier orgional alternates.

Tails Doll Gang- When Tails Doll Get's The Grim Reaper's Job he looks int the bag of bone's Blacklist and the top 6 people are: Sonic, Mario, Geo, Sonia, Tails, and Luigi. Now With the task of decapating these heroes fallsinto the hands of the world's most evil doll what can he do to kill them all at once?

Attack Of the Clones Episode 2: Revenge of the Clones - The Second episode in the Clone Trilogy. Previously The Force Defeated The HEdgehog Clones and The Weaker Level Starforce Clones in Dr. Eggman and Me. King's Lab which blew up with the 4 toughest Clones, Negaman, HarpieNote, Blade, and ToxicAce; Inside to die but they are back and badder than ever!

Mario & Luigi: Porn For All- When Mario and Luigi Give and idea for the next Lucky Star mature movie but it's been canceled due to a mysterious reasons.

Attack of the Clones Episode 3: Super Negaman

Heroes (Yess these are all Canon Characters)

Sonic (Apallo)

Silver (Apallo)

Shadow (Apallo)

Megaman (Apallo)

Rouge (not the bat) (Apallo)

Harp Note





Luna (Apallo)









Mario (Apallo)

Luigi (Apallo)

Bad Guys

Dr. Eggman

Mr. King


Tails Doll

Tails Doll Red

Tails Doll Blue






Fanon Characters (Must have a sprite seet or Sprite Pic of them)

Dan the Hedgehog (Hero/ Owned by Kakariko Fried Cucco)