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Sonic Supremacy is a platformer adventure video game developed by Winduct and published by Sega. The game was first announced on April 23, 2016. The plot focuses on Sonic and his team taking on a familiar enemy from Eggman's past. The game received positive reviews and sold more than 2 million units, making it one of the best-selling PS4 games of 2016 and one of the best-selling Sonic titles of all time

Sonic Supremacy
Winduct, Sonic Team
Sonic the Hedgehog
Playstation 4, Xbox One
Release Date(s)
Jaguar European September 5, 2016

Jaguar american September 14, 2016
Jaguar flagen September 2, 2016

Jaguar Australian September 14, 2016
Platform, action-adventure
PEGI +12 (Violence, Online)
Hideaki Kobayashi, Tomoya Ohtani, Mariko Nanba, Takahito Eguchi, Taihei Sato
Preceded by
Followed by


The game is an action, adventure platformer game which focuses on immersing the player in a super-fast and perilous environment which is enormous in scale and size. It shares similar gameplay to previous Sonic titles combining elements from Sonic Unleashed and The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog series. Players can take control of up to 3 characters simultaneously while having the capability of switching mid-act. Each character has his own unique move set which allows him to access different parts of the same stage and battle different enemies. Some parts of a stage and boss fights require a specific character. Therefore, characters work in unity to complete the stage. Players can bypass some parts of the stage with another character, depending on their move set. Gameplay is also similar to Bayonetta, as players can switch characters depending on the needs of the stage and attack enemies using weapons and attacks in a 3D environment. As in previous Sonic games, the player must collect emblems in order to unlock extra features.

In the game, players must make their way through a stage of two to four acts, followed by a boss and/or a sub-boss while battling enemies such as Eggman's robots and other creatures. Stages in the game are considerably long, complex and expansive, allowing place for both extensive fights and exploration. Certain parts of a stage are speedways where the player runs in extremely high speed while other parts are battlefields where the player must eliminate enemies. Unlike previous Sonic games, players encounter sub-bosses during in-stage action.


Setting and style

Like its predecessors, the game retains its epic scope, dark tone and mature character design. The game features a combination of gothic and baroque architecture combined with futuristic elements.

The story takes place in Central City, where Dr. Eggman is finally defeated and imprisoned by G.U.N. A few months following his arrest, strange terrorist attacks start ravaging Central City, and then continue to expand. It is up to Sonic and his team to find out who is the one responsible for the attacks and what is the link between the attacks and Eggman's capture.


Main title screen


The game immediately begins with a stage and a boss fight. Sonic aids G.U.N. in landing an attack on Eggman's battleships. Eggman takes on Sonic with one of his robots. The two plunder down the sky and fall onto a skyscraper where Sonic defeats him. G.U.N. operatives surround Eggman and cease him. He is taken into G.U.N. Federal Prison where he is kept under close surveillance.

A few months after Eggman's defeat, a bomb goes off in Central City killing hundreds. It is followed by a series of bombings and G.U.N. orders the city to be evacuated. Following the evacuation, Sonic and Tails visit Eggman in prison who informs them that he has been framed and is not responsible for the attacks. To prove his statement he agrees to help the heroes by giving them hints and missions to complete so as to find clues. He sends them to his base to find a journal. There they come across a hooded stranger who attacks them in a robot and steals the journal. Sonic and Tails go after him. Knuckles joins them. They chase the robot into a desolate place known as Forgotten Territories. The mysterious figure escapes in a badly damaged robot and the heroes follow him.

Meanwhile, Shadow is called by G.U.N. to investigate the strange occurances in the city's underground system following the attacks. There he is attacked by an army of Shadow androids but is joined by Rouge and Omega who help him.

The heroes end up in a vast valley of ancient kingdoms where they finally face the hooded stranger in his robot, now upgraded. They are joined by Amy and defeat him. The stranger escapes wounded into a nearby church. The heroes confront the wounded stranger only to be revealed to be Dr. Eggman himself. He explains to them that he has been framed and that a massive war is about to begin. And if Eggman is here with them, then who is the person sitting in the G.U.N. Prison cell? The heroes realize they are in great danger. Amy and Knuckles agree to flee Eggman into a safe haven while Sonic and Tails rush to G.U.N. Federal Prison to warn them of the impeding danger.

Shadow, Rouge, and Omega investigate the underground city and come across a huge robotic army in hibernation. Bombs have been set to blow up in due time. They must quickly warn the G.U.N. forces.

Sonic and Tails reach the prison and come face to face with the fake Eggman who is imprisoned in his cell. The imposter reveals his plan to take revenge on his former mentor. He locks the entire prison and reveals that bombs have been set to blow up the country via underground bases in key positions, including the national airport, the parliament, and the G.U.N. Base. Unless he is brought the real Dr. Eggman, he threatens to blow up the entire prison. G.U.N. decides to bring the real Dr. Eggman for an exchange. When brought, the fake Dr. Eggman unleashes full havoc and attacks everyone with the intent of killing his nemesis.

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While battling the fake Eggman in his Egg Eraser, Eggman hacks into the prison's sequrity system to deactivate the locks while Tails disarms most of the bombs. G.U.N. organizes to flee Eggman in a heavily armed war-train to a new prison. While the heroes weaken the Egg Eraser, the bombs are activated and cause most of the prison to collapse. Shadow uses chaos control to teleport the Egg Eraser to his death and the heroes flee aboard the massive war-train. The fake Eggman survives and puts his next plan to action: thousands of Eggman's robots leave the bases and pursue the train. G.U.N. operatives are dispatched around the country to evacuate the cities and disarm the bombs along with Rouge and Omega. Several of these trains will pass from city to city to take the civilians to safety.

Defeated, the fake Eggman escapes and the heroes, along with G.U.N. and Eggman reach G.U.N.'s ultimate fort, the White Fortress. Many civilians are also housed temporarily there and Eggman is again imprisoned. Helpless, they all watch the bombardment of the cities. A guilt-ridden Sonic makes the choice of finding the villain and taking him on himself. Tails, Knuckles and Amy refuse to stay behind. Before they set off, an imprisoned Eggman reveals the villain's identity and his possible whereabouts. He knows exactly what awaits humanity if Sonic and his team don't stop him. He warns them that a war is coming. The heroes set off to find him once and for all. 

According to Eggman, the villain must be hiding in Eggman's base, exactly where they fought Eggman himself in the beginning of the story. There, the heroes find a hidden passageway that leads to a lab full of secrets. They find a message on a computer screen which reveals Eggman and his assistant 20 years ago, a bald, skinny man with a pointy nose. The heroes exit the lab and find themselves in a small base near a  cliff by the sea. Tails investigates the clues and realizes the villain's exact plan and whereabouts: he is inside the president's residence, the State House.
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The heroes locate him but it is already too late. Disguised as the President, he orders their destruction and declares war against the government. He reveals his true identity to the heroes and introduces himself as Dr. Snively, Eggman's nephew. He traps the heroes and escapes. Shadow, Omega, Rouge, and Amy arrive to rescue them and they all head to stop Snively's naval forces which have begun their assault on nearby cities.

A wounded Snively reveals having kidnapped the president and holding him imprisoned in his robot. He will kill him and activate bombs underneath every capitol unless Eggman is given to him in 10 minutes. Sonic rushes to bring Eggman but he is unable to find him because he has escaped from prison. Snively kills the president and activates the bombs to go off. The fleet also self-destruct and kills almost everyone around. Snively escapes to a frozen land while Shadow, joined by Sonic chase Snively. The rest remain to help and treat the wounded. Sonic and Shadow are separated amidst the snowstorm. Sonic is defeated by Snively and left heavily wounded to die alone in the snow. Sonic is later found by Tails, Knuckles, and Amy who take him aboard Tails' Tornado and leave. While flying they witness capitol after capitol being bombarded.

A few days later, after Sonic has gained his strength, he receives a message from Eggman who informs the heroes that Snively is not acting alone but within a secret organization. He provides them with clues for one last time. The heroes are joined by Team Dark, who inform them that they saw a huge tower in the Arctic before it disappeared in the blizzard.

By picking up the clues, they realize that Snively has recruited old and new villains within his secret organization X-IST. Members include Eggman Nega, Void, Great Battle Kukku, the Organizer, Commander Brutus, Mammoth Mogul, GrimerMetamorphia, Kid Cruel, and a few other villains, familiar and non. The organization X-IST launches at attack throughout the world by taking over Eggman's empire as well as the armed forces of each country. The ultimate battle between heroes and villains has begun. After defeating all the villains one by one, the player unlocks the final story.

Final Story


Snively Supreme Phase I, the game's final boss. Image by Konami.

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow reach Snively's tower in the Arctic for the last stand. Snively unleashes every weapon he has but the heroes manage to get him. Before he loses, Snively activates his tower's true potential, revealing to be a huge bomb connected to an underground volcano. If it goes off it will cause such a large tsunami that will destroy all nearby cities. Snively also reveals that it was he who helped Eggman create his empire but was unrecognized and was forced to spend his life in Eggman's shadow. As the bomb is prepared to go off the heroes battle Snively in his robot.

In order to deactivate the tower-bomb Eggman is brought in to do it on the condition he will be paroled. The heroes defeat Snively after a long and fierce fight. He falls near the crater of the volcano but is saved by G.U.N. who arrest him. Eggman thanks Snively for having built him even more new beautiful weapons to use. Eggman leaves and the heroes reflect on their heroic deeds while watching the sunset at the top of the world.


The game features 5 playable characters. Each character has his/her unique move set which allows players to access different parts of the stage. Several other characters return as unplayable in the game's story, assisting the player in the stage, similar to Shadow the Hedgehog (2005).


  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The main protagonist of the game. Sonic's move set relies on his speed. During gameplay, he can access the parts of the stage that require immense speed; he can run on water, walls, and make very long jumps. By collecting a number of rings, players can activate his special move where he moves so fast that everything seems to be moving in slow-motion.
  • Miles Tails Prower: Sonic's assistant in the game. Tails is able to fly throughout the stages. His special move is using his Tornado plane to access parts of the stage and attack enemies.
  • Knuckles the Echidna: Knuckles is able of gliding and landing strong attacks on his enemies with his fists. He is to be used during combat. He can also climb and dig so as to access underground parts of the levels. His special move allows him to give stronger punches and break through walls.
  • Amy Rose: Amy joins Sonic and his friends on a quest to find the link between the bombings and Eggman's imprisonment. Amy's gameplay is similar to Sonic's although not that fast. She uses her hammer to land attacks on enemies. Her special move allows her transform her hammer into a sailing boat and travel either on land, water, or air in immense speed.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog: Shadow assists G.U.N. in figuring out what is going on with the attacks that have been ravaging the city. His gameplay is a combination of Sonic's and Knuckles'. His special move allows him to teleport.


  • Rouge the Bat: Rouge continues her services as a G.U.N. operative. She assists Shadow on his mission to investigate the bombings and the mysterious happenings around Central City. She acts as a mediator between the heroes and G.U.N.
  • E-123 Omega: Omega joins Shadow and Rouge on investigating the mysterious happenings in Central City.
  • Dr. Eggman: Dr. Eggman serves as one of the game's protagonists and the story focuses a lot on him and his past. He is finally caught by G.U.N. and kept imprisoned, acting as a guide to Sonic and the heroes. It is later revealed that he fled in hiding after being framed by a former nemesis.
  • Dr. Snively: The game's real main villain. He seeks revenge on Eggman for stealing his plans and inventions many years ago. He frames Eggman and steals his entire Eggman Empire within a month. In an attempt to gain the recognition he never had, he starts a war between the Eggman Empire and G.U.N. to present himself as a savior simply by stopping the war he himself created. His plans are ruined when Sonic and his friends team up with G.U.N.. Snively has been redesigned simiarly to Dr. Eggman in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). It is later revealed that Snively has created the organization X-IST by enlisting villains to help him get his revenge in exchange for world domination and payback on Sonic.

Stages and boss battles

List of stages in the game in order of appearance within the game. Boss fight in parenthesis.

  • Skyfall (Egg Phantom): The first stage of the game which begins immediately without even a cut-scene. Sonic must destroy as many battleships as possible from the Egg Fleet along with G.U.N. operatives. Eggman takes on Sonic in his Egg Phantom. The boss fight begins in one of the battleships and continues mid-air as the two fall down the sky and onto a skyscraper. Tails assists with his Tornado.
  • Central Control: Sonic and Tails must help citizens evacuate the bombed city. There is no boss.
  • Eggmanland (Egg Soldier): Eggman's base which has been shut down by the government. It seems abandoned but there are still robots attempting to take control. The boss is an Eggman's robot controlled by a mysterious hooded figure.
  • Forgotten Territories (Egg General): A dark and desolate area that used to shelter power plants and factories until something went horribly wrong. Now it is a contaminated place covered in mist and anomalous terrain. The boss is an upgraded version of the Egg Soldier.
  • Distant Plains (Egg Alexander): A vast ancient kingdom with baroque palaces and castles. There are a lot of waterfalls in the stage and underwater canals. The boss resembles a gladiator. It is fought atop a tower and on the roofs of palaces.
  • Deep Drive (Shadow Android Army): A forgotten underground city built several years ago by an unknown scientist and evacuated. The stage begins in the sewers and underground canals of Central City and ends up in the remains of the futuristic city. There are many scattered robot parts, some of which are familiar. Shadow must activate generators to open gates and use light sources to move further. The boss he encounters is an army of Shadow androids which arises suspicion.
  • Cliffs of Mercy (G.U.N. Manhunter): Knuckles and Amy flee Eggman into a safe area to hide while Sonic and Tails head to G.U.N. Prison to find out what is happening. The stage is a vast area with steep cliffs and rocky terrain. There are also valleys, lakes, and vegetation. Much of the action takes place between mountain cracks and cliffs. G.U.N. forces are after Eggman and the heroes. The boss is a G.U.N. robot sent to capture the second Eggman. It is one of G.U.N.'s quickest robots. It consists of a floating torso, two arms and a head, none of which are connected to the torso. It works on auto-pilot and launches rockets, bullets, tear-gas, boulders, and causes earthquakes. He is fought in a steep cliff.
  • G.U.N. Prison Facilities (Egg Eraser): The stage consists of 2 acts. The player takes control of Tails who must wander through the facilities and disarm the bombs under a time limit. It has both interior and exterior parts, as Eggman unlocks the gates by hacking intro the prison's security system. Simultaneously the battle against the Egg Eraser takes place. It is piloted by the fake Eggman who has locked the entire prison. The Egg Eraser has the ability of attracting every G.U.N. robot and weapon  to its core, similar to a magnet, and charge it to the enemy. It is fought inside the prison facilities under a time limit before the entire prison explodes. Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, and Shadow all take him on, with assistance from Rouge, Omega, and G.U.N. operatives.
  • Huge Rush (Egg Brigadier): One of the longest stages in any Sonic game. Huge war-trains by G.U.N. pass from city to city to gather civilians fleeing from the devastated cities. The heroes must must make their way from train to train in an 10000 mile route from city to city, with each hero having a different goal: Sonic and Shadow must guide and protect the main war-train to reach its final destination. Knuckles must make sure each war-train passes safely from every city, Tails must repair the rails, and Amy must protect civilians while boarding the war-trains and attack enemies. The acts for Sonic and Shadow consist of non-stop running and jumping from train to train and from wagon to wagon while destroying an army of robots. The war-trains travel through many different areas such as deserts, mountains, underground canyons, cities, forests etc. The boss is fought by Sonic and Shadow, who are later joined by Tails, Amy, and Knuckles on the Typhoon. It is again piloted by the fake Eggman.
  • Railway Canyon (Egg Spider): A very similar stage to Rail Canyon from Sonic Heroes. It is practically a nearby area of the same canyon but a few years later where some areas have flooded with water and vegetation has sprouted. The boss is a giant mechanical spider robot that attacks the heroes. It is fought on rails.
  • Naval Battery (Snively Shark): A massive naval battle between G.U.N. and Snively's naval forces. The stage is enormous, with Sonic and his team running on water and jumping from battleship to battleship in order to reach the main flagship of Snively and destroy it. Along the way, the player has to take down as many battleships as possible while avoiding the exchanging gunfire between Snively and G.U.N. The stage's atmosphere is intense, with the player moving very fast, avoiding and taking down enemies in the rain, and experiencing the collision of battleships at the epicentre of the battle. The player takes control of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Shadow. Rouge and Omega assist. The battle takes place among the debris of the sinking battleships and in the midst of the war.The boss is Snively Shark, a giant metal shark robot piloted by Snively himself. All characters including Omega battle him by jumping from battleship to battleship, while Tails shoots from his Tornado plane along with Rouge.
  • Blizzard Chase (Snively Snowman): Sonic and Shadow chase Snively in his Egg Snowman in an endless frozen land. As the stage goes on, the player confronts blizzards, snow storms, cracked ice, mountains, etc. Snively releases robots which pursue and attack them. The boss battle takes place within a snow storm in the middle of nowhere. The player is unable to see most of the battle due to the snow and mist and must carefully calculate his/her attacks by listening to the boss's movement.
  • Air Convoy (Great Battle Kukku): The player controls Tails both on his Tornado plane and on foot. The stage is a giant sky battle between federal armed forces and Great Battle Kukku's army. Tails must reach the centre of the battleship and defeat Kukku.
  • Lost Horizon (Void): Sonic races against Void in a dreamy landscape at the edge of a sea. The stage takes place in an ambiguous location, probably an area which Void has cursed and transformed into his own kingdom. There are dark waterfalls, collapsing towers, and purple clouds which are slowly spreading towards a populated city.
  • Maleficent Plain (Eggman Nega, Commander Brutus, Kid Cruel, Grimmer, Mammoth Mogul, The Organizer): The stage is a vast plain with multiple substages where the player takes control of all characters and has to take down all the remaining villains one by one in their mechs. The substages include mountains, labyrinths, devastated cities and forests.
  • Devastation (Snively Supreme Phase I & Phase II): Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Shadow, along with G.U.N. battle Snively's most powerful robot outside of his bomb-tower while it loads. The player runs on water and ice

    Snively Supreme Phase II, the game's final boss. Image by Konami.

    or flies (depending on the character he or she controls) and must land attacks on Snively's robot while simultaneously battling his army of robots. In order to reach him in the air, the player must jump aboard the Tornado plane or to one of G.U.N.'s battleships or choppers to attach him.


Although the game does not feature a multiplayer mode it provides players the capability of online gaming. Players can take control of one of the five playable characters and challenge other players into one of the following modes: Racing, Sky Battle, Treasure Hunt, Chao Protection, and Boss Battle.


The game's development began in 2012 under the title Sonic Unity. It would focus on Eggman being framed and imprisoned by an old enemy and Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles teaming to solve the mystery. Initially, they were to be the only playable characters. Development of the game was hauled a few months later because of the story being incomplete and with gameplay suffering several technical issues.

The game resurfaced in Spring 2016 and development began on April. The game was announced on April 23, 2016 to coincide with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog (2016 film). The game's first trailer was released on May 21, focusing mainly on gameplay, setting, and style. The game's first demo for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One was released on May 28, 2016 to favourable reviews.

During the 2016 E3 presentation, a new demo was released featuring Shadow as a playable character and a number of additional stages and boss battles. New online features were also revealed.


The game's main theme song is called When We Were Kings with music by Tomoya Ohtani and lyrics by Crush 40. It is performed by Crush 40 and played during the game's final boss fight and end credits. An instrumental version is also played during the intro. The in-game music is composed by Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) composers Hideaki Kobayashi, Tomoya Ohtani, Mariko Nanba, Taihei Sato, and Takahito Eguchi.

Sonic Supremacy
Aggregate Scores
Aggregator Score
Metacritic 86/100
Gamerankings 83.79%
Review Scores
Publication Score
Eurogamer 8/10
Famitsu 33/40
GamesRadar 8.1/10
Game Trailers 8.4/10
Gamespot 9.1/10
IGN 8.9/10
Nintendo Power 9.2/10
X-Visual 10/10
Destructoid 8/10 A-


The game received generally positive reception, with fans and critics praising the game's detailed graphics, fast paced action-oriented gameplay, and mechanics. Destructoid awarded the game as ''Best Platformer'' game of the presentation. IGN praised the game's diverse and detailed environments, as well as its focus on few playable characters but with several gameplay capabilities. Gamespot, Eurogamer, and GamesRadar listed the game among the best in the 2016 E3 presentation. In a PlayStation community poll, Sonic Supremacy was voted second most anticipated game of the year. Sonic and the Fountain of Youth was ranked 13th on the same list.

Upon release, critics and players praised the game's immersive, fast-paced and detailed gameplay, action-packed stages and environments, music, and sound design. Snively's character and redesign was seenpositively by critics and fans as a welcoming return of a classic villain in the franchise. Eurogamer called it ''one of the fastest games ever made'', praising its overall gameplay style and focused story. Famitsu gave a very positive rating, noting that ''the controls and camera have never been better''.

The game received negative response from fans and critics for being too dark for a Sonic game. The game's dark story was seen negatively by fans who noted that it moved towards territories that are too much for the Sonic universe. As game critic Skyblade743 noted: "There's dark as in dark, and then there's dark as in places Sonic should never go. This falls into the later category. I'm sorry to sound like IGN, but you can not put terrorism in a Sonic game, no matter how you dress it up. Otherwise, I don't see a problem''.


Year Award Category Result
2016 The Game Awards 2016 Best Art Direction Nominated
Best Music/Sound Design Nominated
Best Action/Adventure Won


  • The game's original theme song was called Living the Speed, but was rewritten to have a more heroic feeling. The title was changed to

    Logo of Sonic Unity

    When We Were Kings, alluding to Sonic and his friends having enjoyed acclaim for their heroism in the previous years but now facing destruction.
  • Began development in 2012 under the title Sonic Unity.
  • Dr. Eggman retains his design from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) and Sonic Adventure 3: GX.
  • The game marks Snively's return to the Sonic video game series after 5 years. He had previously appeared as a villain in Sonic Advance X and in the 2016 anime film Sonic the Hedgehog but in a completely new design and different continuity.
  • All villains appearing in the game as part of the X-IST organization have been heavily redesigned to look darker and more mature.
  • One of the few Sonic games where super forms are not used during the final boss.
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