Prologue: Station Square

Sonic's racing around all over the entire city town and a super powered gorilla/Harambe notices him.

Super Powered Gorilla/Harambe: "Whoa, incoming!"

Sonic: "Oh I'm terribly sorry, I didn't see you there."

Super Powered Gorilla/Harambe: "Oh that's alright, and by the way, we haven't introduced ourselves yet."

Sonic: "Well I'm Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog, who are you, my new good friend and team mate?"

Super Powered Gorilla/Harambe: "I'm Harambe the Fearless, but you can just call me Harambe, that's what I prefer to be called by other people and Freedom Fighters."

Sonic: "Well, Harambe, it looks like you're on our side from now on."

Harambe: "Oh good, 'cause I got fire power to take those evil robots and monsters down."

Sonic notices an army of evil robots and monsters and goes off on his mission quest.

Stage 1: Downtown Station Square

Announcer: "Attention, everybody, the entire city town's in terrible danger, it must be stopped right away!"

(An instrumental version of Escape from the City is playing in the background.)

Sonic's hover-boarding around on his green hover-board and he avoids crashing right into cars, buses, trees and shrubbery.

Sonic defeats some evil robots and monsters, avoids being run over by a super big truck and finally reaches the Goal Ring.

Sonic: "Alright, I beat that super big truck!"

Stage Clear

Mission Completed

Rank A

Sonic: "That was super fast."

Scene 2: Prison Base Island

Tails is flying around in his X-Tornado and looking for somebody who's in terrible danger.

Tails: "So here I am at Prison Base Island, this must be the place I was looking for."

Jewelry Powered Cat/River (off screen): "Hey, put me down, you nasty evil monster, where are you taking me?!?"

Tails: "That cat girl's in super big trouble, I must kill off that evil nasty monster and save her entire life, operation: tornado transformation!"

The X-Tornado transforms into the X-Walker.

Boss Battle Fight 1: Foglich

Tails: "There you are, Foglich, this time, I'm gonna shoot you down!"

Foglich continues roaring and screeching and flying around and Tails begins shooting at him with his X-Walker and collects 100 rings then continues shooting at Foglich 'til he's defeated and the jewelry powered cat/River's released from his grasp.

Tails: "Yeah! take that, Foglich!"

Tails meets River right after rescuing her from being taken away

Tails: "Well at least he's no longer flying around."

Jewelry Powered Cat/River: "Wow, you did it, you rescued me, you saved my entire life."

Tails: "I know, and I just don't want you to get killed off or eaten by those evil monsters that are lurking about, let's introduce ourselves: I'm Miles Prower, a 2 tailed fox, but you can call me Tails just like everybody in Station Square does, even Sonic agrees to that."

Jewelry Powered Cat/River: "And I'm River the Cat, but you can just call me River if you want."

Tails: "Well, River, come along with me, Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow and the others would like you to meet somebody new in Station Square."

Tails and River go on their way to where Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Gamma, Amy, Cream, Big, Charmy, Espio, Vector, Sally, Bunnie, Rotor, Antoine, Cosmo, Flashy, Speedy, Ally, Sparkles, Shelly, Crasher, Thunder, Forrest, Jet, Wave, Storm, Colgate, Fargle, Rocko, Levanna, Harambe, Lightning and Clover are located.

Sonic: "Hey, Tails, long time no see, who do you have with you here?"

Tails: "This is our new good friend, River the Cat."

Vector: "Hey, nice to meet you, River."

River: "Nice to meet you guys as well too."

Espio: "Good to have you on our side."

Antoine: "Ze pleasure ees all ours."

Meanwhile with Orbot and Cubot, along with Scourge, Mephiles, Bark, Fang and Bean.......

Orbot: "This is super fantastic,"

Cubot: "it's gonna be super surprising."

Bark: "Just wait and see what happens when we bring him back to life."

Fang: "Okay, we're gonna use this technology contraption to bring our boss back to life."

Scourge: "Let's do it."

Orbot, Cubot, Scourge, Mephiles, Bark, Fang and Bean use their scientific technology and Dr. Eggman's 3D turn around image shows up on their computer screen.

Scourge: "Okay, so we'll just need to watch how he springs right up to life."

The ground begins shaking.

Bean: "Hey, the entire universe is shaking."

The energy source lava's bubbling.

The technology's finished and Dr. Eggman rises up alive from it.

Dr. Eggman: "Ladies and gentlemen, robots and monsters of all stages, I, Dr. Eggman, am back again."

Bark: "Alright, yahoo!"

Mephiles: "Now, boss, it's time for you, me and all of us to snatch up those golden star crystals."

Dr. Eggman: "Splendid, and very soon, I'll create the most powerful golden monster in all of Station Square."

Cut back to the Freedom Fighters by the Station Square science lab..........

Knuckles: "Uh oh, it looks like Dr. Eggman's been brought back to life."

Sonic: "Oh no, not him again."

Knuckles: "I'm gonna go after him and confront him."

Knuckles goes right off on his mission.

Stage 2: Pumpkin Hill 2

(An instrumental version of the Pumpkin Hill theme tune is playing in the background.)

Knuckles moves around then glides right over to the other platform.

Knuckles defeats a few robot and monster enemies, glides right over to another platform and eventually reaches the Goal Ring.

Knuckles: "Alright, I made it!"

Stage Clear

Mission Completed

Rank A

Knuckles: "Not a bad idea for this mission quest."

Boss battle fight: The Egg Vulture

Dr. Eggman: "And so, we meet again."

Knuckles: "Dr. Eggman, I don't know where you were, but you shouldn't've come back sooner or later, I'm still prepared to take you down!"

The battle fight begins.

Knuckles begins doing his attack moves.

Knuckles: "Drill claw!"

Dr. Eggman: "Not again!"

Knuckles: "Power blast!"

Dr. Eggman: "You'll regret this!"

Knuckles: "Hammer punch!"

Dr. Eggman: "That does it, no more of these games!"

Knuckles avoids Dr. Eggman's powerful attack moves.

Knuckles: "Hammer attack!"

The Egg Vulture's now defeated.

Dr. Eggman: "You're gonna pay for this!"

Knuckles: "Oh yeah, beat that!"

Cutscene 3: Metal Harbor

Sonic: "I don't know where Dr. Eggman's been, but he shouldn't've come back sooner or later, I'm still prepared to take him and his army down."

Sonic goes right into action and on his next mission quest.

Stage 3: Metal Harbor 2

(The Metal Harbor theme music is playing in the background.)

Sonic races around super fast while collecting power rings and emblems and chaos drives, then he jumps around on the red and blue springs with the yellow stars on them, then hover boards all the way to the Goal Ring.

Sonic: "Alright, yahoo!"

Stage Clear

Mission Completed

Rank A

Sonic: "That was way too easy."

Cutscene 4: Mission Street

Tails: "Dr. Eggman and his army must be located around someplace, I just wonder what he's up to."

Tails looks right on his portable computer screen.

Tails: "According to my research database, he sent out another evil creature named Striker and that evil dragon must be defeated."

Cream: "So that's what he's up to."

Sonic: "Tails, you keep everybody safe while you find some ways to track our worst enemies down."

Tails goes right off on his next mission quest.

Stage 4: Mission Street 2

(The Mission Street theme music is playing in the background.)

Tails moves around while collecting power rings and chaos drives and defeating some robot and monster enemies, hovers right over the collapsing city bridge and eventually reaches the Goal Ring.

Tails: "Oh yeah, I won the mission quest!"

Stage Clear

Mission Completed

Rank A

Tails: "This is really my entire day."

Cutscene 5: Speed Highway

Tails: "Alright, Dr. Eggman, this time I found you and your army!"

Dr. Eggman: "Well, Tails, wait 'til you see what we're about to do to 1 of your pathetic little friends."

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