Game Info
360 PS3
1 2 (Co-Op)
Online Mode
Battle Ship Battles, Hunting, Chao Racing
T (Teen)


Sonic has now defeated Eggman and drove him away into a black hole. But what they thought would be a time of peace.........turned out to be a living nightmire. Eggman has taken over a Galaxy. far far far away from Mobius's Galaxy. Feeling guilty for starting this mess Sonic and Some Friends Take Off for the new Egg Galaxy.


Sonic the Hedgehog- The Fastest Thing Alive, He is back with his arsenal of air tricks like the homing attack, triangle jump and the sonic boost.

Miles "Tails" Prowler- Sonic's bestfriend who is like a brother to him, he is the smartest of the group and has created the Sonic Boom Space Craft to travel to the Egg Galaxy, He is fully playable to enjoy flight and full stages.

Black Hole Princess, Starla: Princess of the Black Hole Galaxy but is now a fugative running from Eggman.

King Comet: The Father of Starla and now a cyber being made by Eggman. He is under he evil madman's controll and not even his daughter can save him.

Chaos: Chaos exist eveywhere! They are the most cutest things in the Universe :D

Amy Rose: Sonic's "Girlfriend" who is jelious of Starla and is keeping an eye on her to keep Sonic "hers"

Silver The Hedgehog: Joining the Gang after Being Stranded in the current time zone. He isnt fast like his two Hedgehog Counterparts but his Psychokenisis and Levatition Ablities Work Wonders.

Shadow the Hedgehog: He's the Power House of the Group, using his Chaos Powers to Boost Ship Statuses, Shadow is an asset to keep!

Cream the Rabbit: She is in charge of Items and Recovery For the Team. She rides with Amy to Find Sonic In the Egg Galaxy


There are 10 Planets, 5 Invaded by Eggman and 5 Are Being attacked by Eggman. In each of those planets are Free-roam Enviroments with Enemies and hazards. Also there are Star Ship Battles Between the Sonic Boom and Eggman's Generals.


  1. Greenhilla: The First Planet, it resembles Green Hill and Emerald Hill Zones. This is a planet under Siege By The Eggman.
  2. Chemica: Resembles Chemical Plant Zone. It is a fully invaded Planet, Eggman's Fleet is based on here
  3. Dustia: A Desert Planet With a Western Style feel to it. Eggman Has Taken over it for its Oil to fuel his ships.
  4. Hollow: A Holllow like planet with a crater that shows how hollow the planet is...Eggman was told that this planet holds very nice materials for his robots.
  5. Nester: An Ice Planet, Eggman never came here in his conquest.....Sonic and the others must find out why on tis cold icy world
  6. Nexia: After learning about the Black Hole Gems Sonic and his team split up on this double planet to locate all 7 of them. Its's called Nexia because of the queen who made one planet of light and one for darkness.
  7. Robotica: A planet Eggman has counqured but robotized into a robot factory. Sonic was told that the Black Hole Crystal was placed in the generator in the planet's core.....
  8. Ruinana: The Ruins of the Old Kingdom lies here waiting fot the Princess to accept her birthright...also her former father is waiting here to Fight Sonic and Shadow to the Finish.
  9. EX3-1 Zone: Eggman's HQ. It is all metallic and hevialy guarded. The Final Battle is About to begin.
  10. Black Dust: ???
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